“When the Lord restored the fortunes of Zion, we were like those who dreamed.
Our mouths were filled with laughter, our tongues with songs of joy.
Then it was said among the nations, “The Lord has done great things for them.”
The Lord has done great things for us,
 and we are filled with joy.”

Psalm 126:1-3


The Lord has truly restored the fortunes here in Boston. This Sunday marked our two-year anniversary service since planting the Boston International Christian Church back in September of 2012! I am so grateful for this church! Not only has everyone become close friends to my wife Mandee and I, but have truly become family! Thank you for letting us serve you these past two years and for giving us your hearts along the way. There’s no place we’d rather be!


While up on the top floor of the Hyatt hotel, God allowed us to have the overseeing Evangelist from New York City, Chris Broom and his wife Theresa, come and lead us in some of the most inspiring lessons.  His Sunday sermon was fittingly entitled “Kingdom Strong” taken after our campaign title which had the church outward focused for the past month. With everyone working together God blessed 43 disciples (+3 visiting disciples) with 59 adult visitors, giving us a total of 117 in attendance, our largest service to date!

This was the perfect audience for Chris to come and preach to. Chris helped us understand there is a creator from his hilarious visual, “the Banana” or as he eloquently informed us “The atheists worst nightmare”. (You have to watch this sermon). Chris then helped us all understand what makes the Kingdom of God strong! His explanation was simple: God, the Word of God, Loyal Disciples, and Love is what makes the Kingdom Strong!

So many people were moved by the love, the fellowship and of course the lesson (watch online now). But one man was moved more than anyone else, his name is Jose.


Jose is married with three kids and has been longing to get right with God for a long time.  After coming across Charlton Bergado twice, Jose figured it was God trying to get his attention, so he decided to come out to church. Jose instantly started to study the Bible and make radical changes. Seeing for the first time that the best way to change his circumstances was to start by changing himself. And this he did! Once Jose was fully repented and made into a disciple he confessed “Jesus is Lord” and was baptized at the end of our service!Untitled2

But this was just the beginning of what God had planned…

Wednesday was the start of our “1st Principles Class” which is designed to help solidify our convictions as Christians, unify us with each other, and of course multiply us.

Well before we could end the night two wonderful souls came to be baptized! Tyrell and Armine! Both university students and both have been looking to have a close relationship with Jesus. As Tyrell shared, “I know I’m not worthy of this, but I’m ready to have my sins forgiven! Tyrell is truly grateful for the gift of salvation. Armine moved us all when she shared before coming to Boston for school she prayed to God that she would become a “true” Christian, not just one who would go to church on Sunday but not live the lifestyle the rest of the week. God answered her prayer as she confessed “Jesus is Lord” (every day of the week) and was baptized after our 1st principles class.


But the “good things” don’t stop there. Today Jhoally flew into Boston from San Francisco to be apart of the family here. Out of everyone, Brian is most fired up as they have been dating since July of this year. Oh yes, ”God has done great things for [these individuals] them.” But join us this Sunday and shout and say “the Lord has done great things for us!”


To God be all the glory and praise!


Coltin L Rohn