The Book Of Judges!

Our awesome sister church in London, has studied out the Book of Judges! Read more to find out!…

“As the London International Christian Church, we are eager to go into the Bible deeply. Therefore we are studying out the Book of Judges in the Old Testament. The Book of Judges is a great book for us as disciples of Jesus. Because we need to be leaders as we are called to imitate Jesus who was a leader. The word “judge” means “leader.”.”

A Man of Conviction in an Age of Compromise

What if you are woman of God? Then you need to be a woman of conviction in an age of compromise. The following statements give a very clear understanding of the history of God’s people and where they have got to by the time of the Book of Judges.

In those days Israel had no king – Judges 18:1

In those days Israel had no king – Judges 19:1

In those days Israel had no king; everyone did as he saw fit – Judges 21:25

That was those days. Conditions are the same these days – everyone is doing as he or she sees fit.

I believe we live in the Age of Compromise.

Compromise can kill you.

We had an incredible time the past month going to Stockholm to attend the Inaugural Service of the Stockholm International Christian Church! The disciples who came there on the mission team are definitely men and women of conviction and God has been moving powerfully in Stockholm. When Michele and I traveled to the Inaugural Service we wanted to bring a visitor with us to the service. One day in the lobby of the hotel where we were staying, we were saw a man standing next us who looked very Swedish. We shared our faith with him and invited him to church. It turned out the man is Welsh. We got to talk with him and he said he would consider coming. We gave him the information about the service. The next day we went to meet Prisca and Philippe Scheidecker, who lead our church in Paris. I was early at the meeting point and saw Philippe and Prisca talking with a muscular Congolese man. They saw me and said: “Michael, we want you to meet our friend. We’ve talked with him about the Lord and about the church.” The guy and I shook hands and we instantly had this “ebony” connection. He as well considered coming to the church service. Later the day Prisca and Philippe were sitting down with the Congolese man. The Welsh man was walking by and went straight to the Congolese guy saying: “Michael I’ll come to church!” He thought the Congolese guy was me! We sorted it all out, and he came to the church service. God is awesome!

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We will experience this kind of miracle even more in the church here in London and in the churches all over Europe if we do not compromise and if we work as a team following the examples of our judges.

Michael Williamson