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Vision: The AMP (Arts, Media, Professionals) Ministry is a group of Sold-Out Disciples wanting to take their broken dreams to fulfill God’s dream- evangelizing our generation throughout the four corners of the earth. Our ministry is simple- using our talents to draw in as many people in the world to have the conviction to become sold-out disciples

The Rules:

  1. Heart Above Talent (Rom 12:1-2)
  2. Zero Tolerance for Pride and Contempt (Luke 18:27)
  3. Dream the Impossible (Mark 10:27)

How will we do it:

  1. Plan by Presentation, Rehearse (Outlet) via 39 Fordham, and Write Down by recording all sessions/individual assessments
  2. Take and Run with our vision (Everybody has talent)
  3. Take an Outlet
    1. Jam Sessions and create
    2. Song Leaders seminar


1 Sam 16:14-18,21 and 23 = Gigs, Reputation, Skills at a Professional Level

Become a leading Sphere of Influence 1 Tim 4:8-9 [10]

Short Term: benefit concerts, setting up events
Long Term: web audience, 2016 Kingdom Talent Show via GLC, Mission Team (Touring)

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