September 15th 2013

Dear All,
Greetings from Denver! Upon our arrival there three days ago on Friday, the USA Today front page headline was: Biblical Rains Flood Colorado! In that city and its suburbs, a place that usually averages 1.65 inches of rain in September, in a span of five days God gave them 16 inches! The weather historians said that this had not happened for 200 years! However, even more “Biblical” and “historical” was the phenomenal Inaugural Service of the Denver International Christian Church where the 20 disciples on the mission team and 20 visiting disciples witnessed “God pouring out from the Heavens” His blessings as we had an attendance of 171 with three baptisms!

Not even rains and flooding of “Biblical proportions”
in Denver could stop the 171 who participated in
the Inaugural Service of the Denver
International Christian Church!

Jeremiah & Julie Clark and Michael & Dena Sanicola
are the fulltime Ministry Leaders for the
Mighty Denver Church!

Upon Elena’s and my return home to LA, we were very encouraged to hear that in our absence the Lord blessed the City of Angels Church with more than daily additions as we had eight baptized into Christ! And to God be all the glory!

And now more detailed reports from around Los Angeles…

Joe Willis: The North Region Family just keeps growing! We had a fantastic service where Travis Frazier “preached up a storm” aboutChoosing The Right Purpose For Your Life! Then, it was incredible to see Daysha Perkins get baptized! Daysha is the girlfriend of Tanner who was baptized last month! It was great to see her family and Tanner’s family come out to see her make her life-changing decision!

After Daysha’s baptism, she is
congratulated by her family!

Also, greetings from the Sydney Mission Team! With only 13 weeks to go until the send-off, we spent Saturday trying to raise the much needed money to go, and practicing our preaching in front of our new Sydney Church Banners!

Joe preaches in front of the new Sydney
International Christian Church Banners!

Many people have mentioned in the fellowship that they have friends and family in Sydney, as we now have the date for our Inaugural Service – February 2, 2014! I wanted to ask people to email me the details of anyone interested in coming to so I can send them the all the info! Lastly, today, we “welcomed home” our very dear Sydney Mission Team co-leaders Mason & Nathalie Fetelika from their honeymoon!

Capil Marhatta: Greetings from the amazing South Region! Angela, a 17 year old teenager, counted the cost and completely surrendered all to Jesus today when she was baptized! She was reached out to by Jenna, a high school friend who is only one month old in the faith! In addition, Angela’s mom was present and was encouraged to see her daughter come to Lord! Also today, one of our campus students – Kierra Johnson – baptized her mom in our IE Region!

The South Region Sisters warmly welcome
Angela to God’s Family!

Jodwin Surio of the West Region: Service was beyond amazing today! The West Region Teen Ministry had the privilege of leading the entire Sunday Service! Just from the Teen Ministry alone, 13 visitors (parents and friends) came out to support our teen disciples!

Follow Me was the theme of the service with Jim Fenton giving a genuine, relatable, entertaining and certainly convicting lesson! Using “Instagram Jargon,” Jim’s three points were: Follow Me #whenitseasy, Follow Me #whenitshard, and Follow Me #yesyou! 

What impacted a lot of people was the vulnerable communion by Noah Fenton (13 years old) and Serenity Oates (16 years old), who received a standing ovation from the whole West Region! Both shared that at a very young age they had gone through tremendous suffering in trying to find their worth in the world. Both had turned to cutting, alcohol, drugs, impurity and for one, even suicide. But consequently, after studying the Bible, both had found their true worth in being disciples of Jesus Christ!

Other highlights of the service were: a video presentation, which encapsulated the journey of the Teen Ministry since January 2013; a “Candy Poem Reading” by Donna Fenton (with the teens simultaneously giving away candies); an Instagram-inspired photo booth by my amazing wife, Geline; a rousing contribution by Yelena Astanin; and an In This Life “acapella rendition” by Tajai Reed (16 years old)! The service ended with the song Be With Me Lord being sung to the beat of Cups by Anna Kendrick from the movie Pitch Perfect. Please keep praying for all God is doing in the West and with our amazing teens!

The phenomenally creative West
Region Teen Ministry!

Cesar Limon of the IE Region: God has been moving powerfully giving us four baptisms this week! Our first addition was Wednesday night as we all gathered to witness Eyobel get “raised from the dead”in the waters of baptism! Eyobel is a very talented student from UCR that showed that he is ready “to seek and save the lost” as he reached out to and jumped into his first Bible study moments after his baptism!

After Eyobel’s baptism, he joins the IE Brothers
in challenging, “You will be next!”

Our second addition was Veronica, the mother of our baby disciple Paige! After Veronica witnessed all the changes her daughter had made, she knew it had to be God’s power and so she was compelled to study the Bible and get baptized! Our third addition was Sonja, the mother of our sister from the South Region, Kierra! Sonja also witnessed her daughter’s changes but wasn’t sure if it was for her. After studying with Anu, our incredible Women’s Ministry Leader, she saw that God also wanted to use her and that God also had great plans for her and so today at service she was baptized!

Our fourth addition was Anthony from our Teen Ministry! Anthony is a cross country runner at his high school and has overcome a lot of persecution from family, as they told him that they would kick him out of the house if he was to get baptized! However, nothing deterred him from making Jesus Lord and so he is now our brother!

Kyle Bartholomew: Greetings from the Central Region! Today was amazing as we added another soul through baptism to the CSLA Ministry! Starr is an incredible young woman, whose heart was responsive to the Word of God since the very first Scripture the disciples read to her! As her studies continued, no matter what she was challenged with, her response was always, “If God’s Word says it, then I’m going to obey it!” Pray for us as many more are on the way!

Mel congratulates Starr after her incredible baptism!

Chris Broom of the Orange County Region: In Luke 1:16-17, the Angel Gabriel comes to Zechariah and tells him of the son that God will bless him with – John the Baptist! Of John, the Angel says, “Many of the people of Israel will he bring back to the Lord their God… to turn the hearts of the fathers to their children and the disobedience to the wisdom of the righteous – to make ready a people prepared for the Lord.” As the Word of God is preached today, the same promises are true for us as we continue to see families united in Christ in the Orange County Teen Ministry!

Last Monday night, around 60 people gathered at the swimming pool by my house to see Corbin baptized into Christ! It all started when Shay Sears, Women’s Ministry Leader of the West Region and future Women’s Leader of the DFW Church, reached out to her sister Lori (Corbin’s mom). Not only was Lori baptized, but Lori’s husband Gerey soon followed and now their son Corbin is united with them in the Kingdom of God! In fact, of the 10 baptized teen disciples in Orange County, over half live with parents who are disciples as well! 

 Full of joy are Corbin, his parents and his two
“pals” from the OC Teen Ministry –
Dylan (left) and Kristian!

Friday night at the Teen Devotional, we saw a record attendance of 42, but that didn’t last long as 46 were in attendance at this Sunday’s Teen House Church Service! Our newest brother Corbin powerfully gave the contribution message and inspired everyone as he shared that if it weren’t for contribution he wouldn’t be a Christian, and if it weren’t for the LA Mission Team – which required money to plant – his parents would have never heard about God’s truth!

Please pray for this incredible ministry, shepherded powerfully by Russ & Lana Preston. Our prayer goal is that the 10 baptized teens can double to 20 by the end of this year!


NEWS FLASH – Jeremiah Clark: Today was the historic Inaugural Service of the Denver International Christian Church! Our theme was A Great Light Has Dawned! So I send you greetings from the Mighty Denver Church – the Light of the Rocky Mountains!

Jeremiah Clark preaching at the Inaugural Service of
the Denver International Christian Church!

“Therefore everyone who hears these words of mine and puts them into practice is like a wise man who built his house on the rock. The rain came down, the streams rose, and the winds blew and beat against that house; yet it did not fall, because it had its foundation on the rock.” (Matthew 7:24-25) With the rain pouring, the streams rising, and the winds of thunderstorms devastating what man has made, the city of Denver has seen the awesome, yet terrifying power of the Lord this past week – with the worst flooding on record! While so many were left paralyzed, the disciples have only taken it higher in order to see God glorified in Denver! Through his “SoldOut disciples,” God used the very same power, which devastated this city to make today’s Inaugural Service inspiring from start to finish!

Typical of our movement services, the singing was angelic and the fellowship was electric as we worshiped together with our friends and family from Denver and with disciples from LA, Phoenix, Washington DC, Dallas and Las Vegas! The power of being part of a completely unified worldwide fellowship was seen as our LA and Washington DC Churches pitched in for the bulletins, the directional signs, and the much needed baptismal!

The incredible song service was led by Jeremy,
Christina, Afa, Tia and Chuck!

Encouragingly, the Lord blessed us with an amazing 171 in attendance! Mike & Dena Sanicola, who brought many friends, moved everyone to tears with their testimony during communion. Then in my lesson, I explained how Einstein determined that light is by definition always moving and he reasoned that there cannot be a ray of light at rest – light is movement! When light energy ceases to move, it is no longer light and in fact becomes darkness! In order to be the “light of this world,” we must be a unified movement that believes in reaching every nation in our generation!

So many hearts were moved by the call of God so we now have a total of 37 studies! We feel so blessed that the Lord graciously allowed us to end our service seeing three more souls added to His Kingdom as Leah, Dre and Ben – all from the Mighty Metropolitan State Campus Ministry – made Jesus their Lord in the waters of baptism! Inspiringly, in the nine weeks of getting the mission team moved in and getting jobs, the Denver Church has now seen eight additions!

“A great light has dawned” in
Leah’s young life!

Lastly, a very special thanks to the Hardings and the DC Church, who have done so much to make the “Rocky Mountain Dream” a reality! And to God be all the glory!

NEWS FLASH – Andrew Smellie: “They will tell of the glory of your Kingdom and speak of your might, so that all men may know of your mighty acts and the glorious splendor of your Kingdom. Your Kingdom is an everlasting Kingdom, and your dominion endures through all generations!” (Psalm 145:11-13) Greetings from New York City, where the saints are Livin’ on the Edge for the Lord!

Today we had the privilege to celebrate the 5th Anniversary of the mighty New York City International Christian Church! The Spirit of God led us in an incredibly powerful service that displayed the mighty acts of God and His everlasting Kingdom! On behalf of the church, we wish to extend a special “Thank You!” for all the heartfelt messages of encouragement that were seen in the Welcome Video masterfully developed by Jake Studer! (check out the full video at:

We were also honored to be joined in our celebration by members of the Syracuse and Boston Churches, including Joel & Courtney Parlour who shared for communion and Coltin & Mandee Rohn for contribution! With 93 NYC disciples present, along with 19 Boston disciples and 15 Syracuse disciples, God blessed us with 224 in attendance and four baptisms: Dominic Williams, Esperanza Gomez and Leon Thomas from NYC and Guillermo Hernandez of Boston!

Dominic and Esperanza will bring their many
talents to the NYC Church!

I was particularly encouraged to have my Dad (Karl Smellie) and his fiance’ Marie join us as well! If all that wasn’t enough, Patrique & I were surprised by a special performance by our AMS Ministry! They performed in our honor a song entitled, Kingdom State Of Mind – a remake of Empire State Of Mind by Alicia Keys! The lyrics (refashioned by Cheryl Chin) moved our hearts as the sisters sang the chorus:

In New York!
Concrete jungle where dreams can come true
There’s nothing God can’t do
God brought truth to New York!
His Word will make you feel brand new

Changed lives will inspire you
Let’s hear it for New York, New York, New York!

Spearheading the evangelization of the Northeastern
United States are the Parlours, the Smellies,
and the Rohns!

Well, five years down and eternity to go! Let us all continue to live a “life on the edge” so we can know the glory of a life without regrets as we hold out the Word of the truth and proclaim Jesus as our Savior and Lord! We love you!

NEWS FLASH – Coltin Rohn of Boston: Greetings from the city of many “Hahvast” fields! I’m so proud of the disciples as everyone is “sold-out” and working together to see Jesus’ Dream fulfilled! I’m especially proud of our two new ministries that were just started this month – the Latin Ministry and the AMS Ministry! They were both fruitful today!

About a month ago, Rafael – who leads our Latin Ministry with his awesome wife Melissa – was sharing his faith radically, yet no one was responding to God’s calling. So discouragement started to settle in. Then he saw two guys walking towards him and quickly prayed, “God these guys WILL be open and WILL want to become disciples!!!” That’s when Rafael met Guillermo, a freshman at Northeastern University! A week later, he started studying the Bible and today he was baptized into the grateful waters of Christ at NYC’s Fifth Anniversary Service!

Guillermo (second on the left) is baptized at the
NYC Church Fifth Anniversary Service!

Last week marked an important time in our short one year history as we “amped-up” the AMS Ministry of the BICC! Today the AMS Ministry was “doubly fruitful” as Will & Chelsea were baptized in the refreshing waters of Sal & Jen Difusco’s backyard pool! Sal & Jen have inspired the entire Boston Church in their servant leadership of the AMS Ministry!

The AMS Ministry is exhuberant at their
first baptisms – Will & Chelsea!

Joel Parlour: Greetings from the beautiful city of Syracuse! First of all, thanks to New York City for inviting us to join them in celebrating their Fifth Anniversary! Courtney & I, along with 13 others, traveled over five hours to join disciples from all throughout the Northeast for this momentous event! A special thanks goes out to George Mak for preaching the Word in my absence! Especially keep in your prayers the work going on at Syracuse University as we now have a study set up with a very open freshman from the football team!

From all reports, George Mak preaches
a terrific sermon!
Ron Harding of Washington DC: Greetings from the Mile High City of Denver, Colorado! The Inaugural Service of the Denver Church will be something I will never forget! From start to finish the Lord used the disciples to accomplish “more than we could ask or imagine!” Tracy & I were so extremely proud of Jeremiah & Julie, Mike & Dena, and the entire team of disciples here in Denver! While God was destroying much of Denver in the floods, the Holy Spirit was building a church of sold-out disciples who are already beginning to turn this city upside down for Jesus!

After training the Clarks for five years, the Hardings
are so proud of the Clarks’ labors

for the Lord in Denver!
In Tracy and my absence, Steve & Kithy Ranga took charge of the church! The Lord used them as He continued to bless the magnificent DC Church, as we’ve seen 13 additions in the past five weeks! This week, we saw one of the most heart-moving baptisms I’ve seen in my nearly 21 years as a disciple! Our dear sister Naomi and her sister Ruth (who was just baptized last Sunday) were both able to see their father Simon baptized just hours before Tracy & I left for Denver!

Simon embraces his beloved daughters –
Naomi and Ruth!
Brilliant as his Ph.D. testifies, Simon – who is a program director for one of the world’s largest schools for the deaf – humbly shared how he resisted “the doctrine” they both brought home during this past year’s Christmas break, but he could not resist their “way of life!” Simon did the Light & Darkness Study on Tuesday evening finishing close to midnight. Realizing that he was lost, Simon asked me, “How many studies do I have left and how many hours will it take so I can be ready to be baptized?” I replied, “Three studies and about three to four hours.” His response was, “I will come straight from work and I would like to study until I am ready for baptism!” Then Simon became our brother as he was baptized at 10:30PM that evening! Their mother was also moved to study and she is working past the language barrier of being deaf to come to a “saving faith!”

The DC Brothers in a light moment during the
sharing about Simon before his baptism!
Many of our disciples including our Shepherds – Eric Chapman & Jack McGee, and our other associate minister Bill Hamilton reported that Steve preached an outstanding lesson and led DC in a powerful worship service, imitating the principles our movement teaches in church building! We are so encouraged by the Rangas’ partnership and friendship and we are looking forward to a great Fall harvest in our work together! And to God be all the glory!Greetings from the CyberMinistry of the SoldOut Discipling Movement! One of our greatest joys is documenting the events and the spreading of God’s new movement! It is my pleasure to announce that we have made significant updates to The Biography of Kip McKean – A History Of The Spread Of Christianity In Modern Times! Please take the time to go to and keep yourself up to date with what God is doing!

The roots and history of the SoldOut Movement
are recorded by Ron Harding on!

Mike Patterson of Orlando: “Finally, brothers, pray for us that the message of the Lord may spread rapidly and be honored, just as it was with you.” (2 Thessalonians 3:1) Greetings from the Real Magic Kingdom! God has been moving “rapidly” and we are just trying to keep up! In the last five weeks, God has added 13 additions to our number – 10 baptisms and three restorations! Excitingly, seven of the baptisms have been from our Valencia and University of Central Florida Campus Ministries, while the other six additions are from our Singles and Marrieds Ministries!

During the summer, I reached out to an atheist who came to our Bible studies. After studying some of the Book of John, he wasn’t open, but he invited his roommate Akil to our “Real Talk.” (Our name for Bible Talk!) Akil is a UCF student and decided to study the Bible! He broke up with his non-Christian girlfriend to honor God, and today, he was baptized into Christ! Cornelius, another UCF student, overheard the campus brothers studying the Bible with someone else. Christian Lugo“rapidly” invited him to church. He studied the Bible, saw the truth, and was baptized today!

Cornelius relishes his new life in Christ!

At Valencia College, Meaghan, after being invited by Brandon Farrell (our awesome missionary brother from Mexico City) went to our Real Talk on campus. She “rapidly” decided to become a disciple and today she was baptized!

Meaghan’s love for the truth guides her to become
a baptized disciple “rapidly!”

As if all that wasn’t enough, Jason Dimitry preached today at our Park Service a sermon entitled, The Amazing Race. I was so inspired and blown away along with the rest of the congregation! Truly a “GLC level proclamation” to “pick up the speed” of saving souls!

 A time of prayer during the outstanding
Orlando Church Park Service!

Also with us were Lance & Connie Underhill, some of our movement’s most passionate proclaimers of the need for revival in Florida! Lance, Connie, Jason, Ted & Kathy Green, Cherlyne, Matt Sullivan and Anthony & Elizabeth Eckels all took a mission trip to South Florida Friday and Saturday. Almost 20 met in Coral Springs to see what God will do in the coming weeks. Amazingly 10 more from the remnant just let us know today they want to meet with us and several remnant disciples and some visitors will be coming to Orlando this next weekend to be able to “see and hear” what the Spirit is doing in God’s new movement! Pray for the formation of a South Florida Remnant Group!

Sarah Dimitry of Las Vegas: Good news from “Saint City!” What an incredible week for the Lord! There is an old saying that goes, “When the cat’s away, the mice will play!” In the Kingdom, however, when the Evangelist is away, the disciples just keep on working!!

My amazing husband Jason was sent off by the Holy Spirit with the noble missionary Lance Underhill to start stirring the waters of a possible remnant group in South Florida. In his absence, our powerhouse brother, Emilio Bonilla – who is a self-supporting Campus Intern at UNLV, led the church and did an incredible job! The church did not skip a beat! The Las Vegas Church rejoiced today as we baptized Angie, who is a first year UNLV student! Angie has been persecuted by her religious sorority friends and now two of them are studying the Bible! Please pray for these souls and our upcoming “Back to the Bible” Bring Your Neighbor Day Service next week! As always, to God be all the glory! 

Angie’s baptism inspired the entire
UNLV Campus Ministry!

Evan Bartholomew of San Diego: “Jesus looked at him and said, ‘You are Simon son of John. You will be called Cephas’ (which, when translated, is Peter).” (John 1:42) The disciples have been moving here in the “City of Motion!” This past week was particularly encouraging as we were able to see two brothers added to the Kingdom of God! Ironically, both new brothers share the same name as the first century Apostle – Peter! Since they were both baptized in the same week, and both baptisms occurred late at night after marathon Bible studies, the disciples affectionately nicknamed the two Peters – “First and Second Peter!”

Second Peter comes to life!

Jay Hernandez of Hilo: Aloha from the Waterdogz! This week has been another terrific week here on the Big Island, as the Waterdogz did some great work against Satan! On Monday, Aukai, a 17 year old freshman at UH Hilo from Las Vegas, was baptized! It is great to see his zeal for God and his love of the fellowship and singing to our God!

Marley and Loa’a are fired up to have made
Aukai into a sold-out disciple!

Throughout the week, our campus and singles were working especially hard for today’s service as it was our Young Gunz Sunday! We had our second largest attendance ever as 96 came out to church! Loa’a Pine and Nathan Reed did a masterful job preaching the Word for us today! Pray for the Waterdogz to strike again!

Maria Franklin: “But thanks be to God, who always leads us in triumphal procession in Christ and through us spreads everywhere the fragrance of the knowledge of Him.” (2 Corinthians 2:14) God continues to lead us triumphantly here in Chicago! The week was kicked-off by Marchon’s baptism! Marchon is yet another addition to the Dawson Family as he is Leslie’s nephew! He is a student at Truman College majoring in Business Administration and Criminal Justice. Amazingly, he had studied the Bible five years ago, and was not ready then. This time, he has not only made the decision to be a sold-out disciple of Jesus, but his ex-girlfriend is currently studying the Bible with our wonderful sisters in San Francisco!

This weekend, Nana and Maiya diligently spearheaded Chicago ICC’s first ever Singles Retreat held in Wisconsin! Also, the Latino Ministry had their annual camping trip as well! It is reported that there were 92 in attendance at the Spanish Service despite the rain today!

Today’s English Service was electric! Chicago was incredibly privileged and honored to have Cory Blackwell as our guest preacher for service! It is with heavy hearts that we welcomed him to Chicago as his nephew passed away last week, and Cory came to do the eulogy. However,“God determines the exact times and places,” and so we are confident that Cory’s powerful message entitled Accept The Challenge was undoubtedly the message God had for all! So many of Cory’s family was present at service, and their hearts were moved.

Cory and his dear partners in the gospel
Jay & Barb Shelbrack!

Service was closed inspiringly by Jenny’s baptism! Jenny is a 16 year old junior in high school! She stirred our hearts as she shared her excitement to now live with God in the light! She is an amazing addition to the Teen Ministry and her best friend, mother and sister were present and are all set up to study the Bible this week!

Jenny’s enthusiasm for Jesus has touched
her family and her best friend!

Lastly, a remnant couple who live just outside Toronto contacted Kip to connect with our movement! Please pray for Harvey & Nenette as they are striving to keep “the dream alive” in Canada. In the last few weeks, they have “Skyped in” to watch our services and to be a part of our fellowship. In the next few weeks, a number of disciples from Chicago will travel up to have a worship service there and to begin a remnant group. If any of you know any “thirsty souls” in the Toronto area, please contact us so we can begin to grow this new and exciting remnant group!

Finally, we had one more very special addition as Dustin & Amanda Miller are proud parents to their second daughter, Brielle Amaya-Rose! Everyone is doing great!!

Lou Jack Martinez of Honolulu: “In His teaching, the Islands will put their hope!” (Isaiah 42:4) The Mighty Hand of God is AT WORK in the Islands!!! We have worked through our 70 studies to 48 people who want to be disciples of Jesus Christ, and have set up TWO Chariot Rides for this Friday and Saturday to bring in the HARVEST!!!

But one young man, SHAWN BROOKS – from Fairbanks, Alaska – did not want to wait, so we counted the cost with him right after the BT Leaders Meeting, and we BAPTIZED HIM AT MAGIC ISLAND here in Waikiki at 8:00PM tonight!!! 

Shawn is baptized at beautiful Waikiki!

It looks like the LORD will be bringing in an ABUNDANT harvest in September and October, as we are imitating our brothers and sisters in the Las Vegas ICC by hosting our own “BACK TO THE BIBLE” Bring Your Neighbor Day and International Potluck, on September 29th!!!  And if TODAY was any indication of our BYND – since we had our BEST ATTENDANCE of the year with 140 – we’re gonna BLOW IT OUT!!!

Pray for Honolulu’s Bring Your Neighbor Day!

And speaking of blowing it out, our Campus and Singles got together to “Tag” yesterday for three hours and raised $1,600 for Special Contribution!!! Additionally, Foodland and the Western Union Foundation are going to MATCH THESE FUNDS with another $1,600through their annual “Give Aloha Program,” giving us a total of $3,200for our Thanksgiving Special already!!! And they are going to MATCH anything else we raise until September 30th!!!

Lastly, a big thanks goes out to Mason & Nathalie FETELIKA who during their HONEYMOON inspired our CAMPUS MINISTRY by preaching on Friday night!!!!! “ONE HUNDRED FOR HAWAII!!!” 

The Honolulu Disciples give a “SoldOut Movement
Welcome” to Mason & Nathalie upon their
arrival for their honeymoon!


Blaise Feumba of London reporting from Port-au-Prince, Haiti:“‘Son of man, can these bones live?’ The hand of the Lord was on me, and He brought me out by the Spirit of the Lord and set me in the middle of a valley; it was full of [very dry] bones… He asked me, ‘Son of man, can these bones live?’ I said, ‘Sovereign Lord, you alone know.’ Then He said to me, ‘Prophesy to these bones and say to them, ‘Dry bones, hear the Word of the Lord!’ So I prophesied as He commanded me… [The bones] came to life and stood on their feet – a vast army!” (Ezekiel 37:1-10)

This is how our Haitian Brothers and Sisters go
to church – in a local taxi called a “TAP TAP!”

Haiti was created by former slaves who in 1804 revolted against their cruel French masters and created their own republic. In the 1820’s, the French punished the Haitians for claiming their freedom by demanding payment for the slave colony in the sum of $20 billion! The country did not finish paying off their “independence debt” until 1947! Haiti was put in a bad place economically from the start. What followed were decades of dictatorships and bloody regimes, including a brutal American occupation from 1915 to 1934.

The 2010 Earthquake destroyed 60 percent of the country Infrastructures. The ongoing Haiti cholera outbreak is the worst epidemic of cholera in recent history, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. After the 2010 Earthquake as of August 2013, it has killed at least 8,231 Haitians and hospitalized hundreds of thousands more! Since the outbreak began in October 2010, more than 6% of Haitians have had the disease!

From this desperate land, our God heard the tearful prayers of Alexis Turgeau – a Mainline Church of Christ preacher in Port-au-Prince. God sent Alexis to the 2013 Global Leadership Conference, where upon studying the Scriptures saw that he had not been baptized as a disciple. So, on Wednesday, August 8, 2013 a day after the GLC,Alexis was baptized into Christ! Then after three weeks, the Spirit sent him back to Haiti where I joined him on September 5th. God called us to “prophecy to these bones!” After witnessing the miracles this last week where the Lord gave us seven baptisms, all preachers (five of them from the Mainline Church of Christ!), my faith in the “resurrection” of Haiti was ignited!

Alexis & Maryse Turgeau – the Lead Couple
of the Port-au-Prince ICC and of the 
other four Haitian Churches! The solemn baptism of Maryse!

So beginning last Monday, upon Kip’s advice, I started the First Principles Series with the “newly baptized preachers.” Every morning, I met with them until about 2PM to build a leadership team that could propel God’s movement throughout Haiti! Then after my time with the leaders, for the remainder of the day I studied the Bible with about 10 other people going to bed after midnight each night! Amazingly, the Lord added to our number nine more baptisms this week! Two sisters on Thursday, Suzette FRESNEL, the beloved wife of one of the seven preachers, and Ginette LACHOIR, who became the wife of our new brother Jean Joseph DAUDIER last Saturday, when we celebrated the First Wedding of the Port-au-Prince International Christian Church!

The Port-au-Prince Disciples rejoice after
the baptisms of Suzette and Ginette!

This Sunday after the service, we drove about an hour-and-a-half outside of the city to witness the baptism of seven more souls! Alexis saw his dear wife MARYSE baptized into Christ! Then, Anel MAGOFFY who was baptized last week saw his dear wife MICHELENE baptized! And then, Joel GERMAIN also witnessed the baptism of his wife JEANINE!

A prayer circle of the seven who will
be baptized moments later!

So exciting is that another Mainline Church of Christ former preacher, Savanel DESIR was baptized with his wife ENITE! Also, Bonel AURELIEN and Cevelma REGIS were also baptized!

Counting Alexis, Savanel becomes the ninth
preacher to be baptized as a sold-out disciple! 

Enite, Savanel’s wife, was baptized that same day!
Joel & Jeanine Germain, the leaders of the
Chantal ICC with “30 would-be disciples!”

So, in just 10 days, the Port-au-Prince Church has grown from one sold-out disciple (Alexis) to 16! Truly, “These bones can live!” The Lord is bringing Haiti back to LIFE and a “VAST ARMY” of the Lord is forming, ready to free this nation from decades of darkness! To Him alone be ALL the glory!

Omarr Theranciel: Bonjour from Paris! What an encouraging week as God has been giving us vision and refining our hearts! This weekend was the very first retreat for the church here, titled, Ville de Lumiereor City of Light inspired by Matthew 5:13-14! Paris is historically known as the City of Light, but ironically there is so much darkness! We have been given the challenge and opportunity of bringing the light of truth to every soul in Paris! The retreat was an amazing time of fellowship as we sang, played games, but most of all, heard some impacting messages that challenged us to sacrifice more for God and the lost as we “let our light shine!”

Philippe Scheidecker preaching at the
inspirational Paris Retreat!

The Paris Retreat was a time for deep
spiritual bonding!

Equally encouraging this week is the arrival of out sister Verena! She was originally baptized in the AMS Ministry in Los Angeles, and she has returned home to complete her studies in business and marketing. We are excited about the impact that she will have with her friends and on her campus! Please keep us in your prayers as we gear up for the months to come and kick-off our Fall Campaign “to win as many souls as possible” for Christ!

Eugene Sobolov: Greetings from Kiev, Ukraine! During the last two weeks, we are privileged to witness people coming back to our Father’s Kingdom! Previous week, we saw Aliona sharing her story from the stage. She was baptized at the age of 18 in 1993 and left church one year later. All these years she was wandering in the dark without hope, depressed by hard work and broken relationships. Suddenly, God sent two brothers to the department store where she worked as cashier, and they invited her to the Bible Talk! Thank God who gave her the faith to repent after almost twenty years of blindly wandering in the darkness! 

Julia helps to restore Aliona to her “first
love” of our Father!

Sunday, God showed us another miracle! We saw Vova come back to God! As Aliona, Vova was baptized in 1993. Vova and his wife were overseeing the Kiev Remnant Group for year and-a-half in 2007-2008. Very sadly, he started to believe in “another Jesus” (2 Corinthians 11:4) and fell away two years ago. Thank God, he was always in touch with disciples and could see the difference between “sold-out discipleship” and “lukewarm Christianity!” And praise be to the Lord who gave him repentance!

Vova – the former Kiev Remnant Group Leader –
is restored to the Lord by Eugen!

Carlos Mejia of Santiago: “May God be gracious to us and bless us and make His face shine on us – so that your ways may be known on earth, your salvation among all nations.” (Psalm 67:1-2) This week’s Sunday service was truly inspiring as we celebrated ourInternational Day and our Sixth Anniversary as a church! The Lord’s face “[shone] on us” as we had 191 in attendance! Here in Santiago, there are 16 nations represented in the church which include: Congo, Liberia, Haiti, USA, Suriname, Puerto Rico, Mexico, El Salvador, Dominican Republic, Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Argentina, and of course Chile – a staggering number considering the size and geographical location of Chile!

During the service, it was thrilling to hear all of our “ambassadors” share with such passion about their native lands, which harbor millions and millions of lost souls, ripe for the harvest! We are now more deeply convicted than ever to evangelize all of these nations in this generation! Following the service, all were really excited about the amazing culinary feast of foods from these 16 nations!

This week, there were two people baptized into Christ! On Sunday, Fabian was baptized! Fabian was met on campus a few months back by Job Sterling, but wasn’t quite ready to give up everything. But thanks to God’s great mercy and patience, Fabian took the plunge and is now your brother in Christ!

Fabian is a welcomed addition to the very
fruitful Santiago Campus Ministry!

Elida Flores, our awesome Shepherdess, was able to baptize Julieta whom she personally met, studied with, and baptized! Now together they have become a force in their neighborhood!

The adorable Santiago Sisters wrap their arms
(and towels) around Julieta!

Michael Williamson: “My heart rejoices in the Lord; in the Lord my horn is lifted high.” (1 Samuel 2:1) Cheers Mates! What a wonderful weekend in London! Firstly, we would like to thank every church leader in the movement for taking the time to write their Good News Email reports! We now understand much better the “blood, sweat and tears” behind all of the incredible miracles that kindle our faith! This week, the church in London will be tallying the “summer grades” to see who received “top honors” for knowing “What’s Going On In God’s Movement,” as we conduct a weekly GNE graded quiz for all Staff participants! Again, thank you so much for refreshing our hearts and drawing the remnant to London!

This week, God blessed the London Church with three incredible additions! The first was single, Indian professional named Ralph, who was baptized in the late 90’s in the Dublin International Church Of Christ! But sadly, he fell away. The pain was exacerbated as many were unwilling to maintain a friendship with Ralph given his fallen away state. However God is faithful! Martin Scott, who recently moved to London from Ireland, kept in contact with Ralph and informed him that God’s Movement was back! Ralph visited our Park Service two months ago, and immediately after service said simply “This is where I need to be!” With renewed faith, Ralph went back to Ireland, and turned in a letter of resignation, and today, he was restored to God!

Ralph and the London Brothers imitating LA’s Inland
Empire Brothers in giving the call to the
remnant, “You will be next!”

Our next addition is classic! Gabriel was street preaching at Stafford Station – near the site of last year’s Olympic Stadium! When our brother Blaise Feumba saw him and not only congratulated him on his boldness, but then challenged him on the spot if he was ever made into a disciple! Gabriel responded, “Disciple? I haven’t even heard of being made into a disciple?” (Acts 19:2) Blaise along with the East London brothers then challenged Gabriel to meet the next day to study. From that point on, he committed to meeting with disciples literally every day for three weeks. Encouragingly today he made Jesus his Lord and was baptized!

As Jacob wrestled with the Angel, the London
Brothers playfully grab Gabriel
before his baptism!

The third addition was more than special! Jacques & Jeanette Groenewald have served as pillars in the London International Christian Church since the remnant group days. Their faith, hard work, loyalty and sacrifice for the Kingdom have been remarkable! God blessed their faithfulness and prayers as this Sunday night Lisa-Marie Groenewald was born in North London weighing 3.46kg (7lbs. 10oz.)! Our hearts are truly rejoicing in our great God! See you at the EMC!

Amadou Sountoura of Abidjan: Greetings from the nation of Ivory Coast! This week, we had meetings in the cities of Abidjan, Kore Zouzoua, and Azaguié! The Lord blessed us with a total audience of 253 people and four baptisms: Odette, Yannick, Genevieve and Zoko! Pray as so many want to become true Christians!

Koualou and Franck baptizing Zoko!

Tim Kernan: Greetings from Chennai in the State of Tamil Nadu India, the homeland of the incredible Tamil culture! In India, there are more than 60 million Tamil people, mainly located in Southern India. There are also about 17 million more Tamils living abroad with significant populations in Sri Lanka and Malaysia. That makes the Tamil people the world’s largest “stateless nation!” Tamils are predominantly of Hindu background, however, there are also large numbers of Muslims and denominational Christians.

Originally, Tamil people inhabited and ruled the Tamil Homeland; however, they were annexed into British India during the colonial period. The Tamil language is one of the eight oldest known languages which are Arabic, Hebrew, Sanksrit, Latin, Greek, Egyptian Hieroglyphs, Middle Chinese and Tamil! The Tamils have been referred to as “the last uninterrupted classical civilization on Earth!”

Tim and the Chennai Brothers enjoying
some scrumptious Tamil cuisine!

This week on campus, we had 16 guests in attendance at our MCC Campus Bible Talk led by our Intern Roger Green! Then with an attendance of 40 at Campus Devo, we were so excited to announce our own mini version of the “Crown of Thorns Project” dedicated to putting a Bible Talk of sold-out disciples on all 16 of the most prominent campuses in Chennai!

The Friday Night Campus Devo
at the Kernans’ place!

So far in the last six weeks, we have had nine incredible additions! However of special note was the touching restoration of our brother Johnson this weekend. Johnson was baptized almost 17 years ago. Sadly, he had lost touch with God and went back to his life of sin. It was a great inspiration for the whole church to hear how our brother Raja – despite his own back injuries and extremely busy life – got in there and prayed together with Johnson for 26 days in a row at 5:30AM and moved his heart back to the Lord! It was an incredible tearful victory for the Lord! Thank you Raja for your amazing heart for the remnant!

Also, good problem! We have officially outgrown our current service location and we will now prepare to move to a new air-conditioned spot that seats 250 people! On a personal note, I want to thank all the disciples here in Chennai who encouraged my son Junior on his 5th Birthday, and also the disciples from Paris and the South Region of LA who sent videos, songs and messages! “Missionary Kids” are a special breed and maintaining their relationships all over the world is so important to their happiness!

Tim Junior’s 5th Birthday Bash!

Though the days are filled with fruitful labor for the Lord, my family and I are having “the time of our lives!” Everyday I smile because of the joy the Chennai disciples have brought to my heart! Much love from all of us in the dynamic Chennai Church!

The “unofficial” Chennai Church Volleyball Team!

Having lots of fun, our Volleyball Team
after our first win!

Dear Brothers and Sisters, Truly the Inaugural Service of the Denver Church was incredible! Be praying for the upcoming church plantings of Sydney, Santa Barbara and Gainesville that will happen in just five months! “May the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ, and the love of God, and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit be with you all.” (2 Corinthians 13:14)
Much love,