The Boston International Christian Church will be celebrating their two year anniversary on September 28th 2014! Please join us this month as we focus in making the “Kingdom Strong”. Each Disciple of Jesus if valuable to God, and must be strengthen with God’s word in order for us to fulfill Jesus dream of an evangelized world in one generation! Join us to hear the word of God preached as we inspire everyone with the love God has for us. This month we will be focused on sharing for this upcoming event to see God open the flood gates as many of our friends and family members can join us for a worship service.  



In case you have friends that would like to join us in the Q.T. series, I wanted to make sure you have a copy of it.

“Kingdom Strong” 
Bring Your Neighbor Day 2014
2nd Year Anniversary


ECC 11:1-6, JOHN 4:27-37, 1 COR 3:5-9

Only God is in control of people’s hearts. What responsibility and purpose has God given every disciple?
God will reward everyone according to his labor of evangelism (planting and watering). When was the last time you were instrumental in helping someone become a Christian?
The Bible says that ‘whoever watches the wind will not plant, and whoever watches the clouds will not reap’. What have you let distract you from your purpose of saving souls, and what decisions will you make today to radically change?


PRO 24:11-12, MATT 9:35-10:1-16

Everyday there are thousands of people dying and going straight to hell. Have you had the urgency for the people’s salvation or has your heart got numb to that fact?
Jesus was the ultimate example in having urgency for people’s souls. There are so many needs in the world. Lets make a decision to radically pray for a heart of compassion.
What can you practically do today to begin meeting the needs around you?
Jesus gave us the direction to keep searching until you have found a worthy person.
How do you describe a worthy person?


ISAIAH 61, MATT 28:18-20

God has given every disciple the power to influence a person’s life radically now and for eternity. In all humility, how does that make you feel?
Jesus has given us the charge to go make disciples, baptize them and continue to teach them! How would you feel if you were to be fruitful in the next month?
What decision can you make today in your schedule to set your life up in such a way so that you could be fruitful very soon?


ISAIAH 62, ACTS 5:27-41

The Bible says to allow yourself no rest until Jerusalem is established. The establishing of spiritual Jerusalem today is the establishing of the Kingdom of God in peoples hearts. What has your attitude been toward hard work and spending yourself for others to gain salvation?
The Apostles attitude toward suffering for Jesus was a joyful one. Suffering for Jesus fueled their evangelism even more. Lets make the decision today to have the same attitude and to share our faith with as many as possible!


2KI 7:3-10, 1THES 2:4-8

In the Christian life, there is no neutrality. You’re either: making decisions and changing or your heart is getting harder and will eventually lead to death. These lepers were smart and decided to surrender instead. What are the blessings and obstacles in your life that you need to surrender to God in order to be radically evangelistic?
The lepers also were convicted about accepting the blessings without going back to others to share about the good news. Why is it sin to let a day go by without letting someone know about the good news of Jesus?


2 CHRON 30:1-12, LUKE 14:15-24

With radical evangelism comes much opposition and many excuses from the people.
Why is humility so important as we go out to share our faith?
Why is unity also so important as we go out?
We cannot let the opposition and excuses take away our faith and zeal for saving souls. We must also be careful to not be the ones making excuses for a lack of evangelism!
What excuses do you need to eradicate from your heart to be effective for Jesus?


PSALM 22:12-31, ACT 13:42-52

There will be times during the day and during this campaign where Satan will tempt us to become fearful, lazy, uncaring and give up the fight.
Why is it so important to stay very close to God and his word?
Where does strength, courage, confidence, encouragement and boldness come from?
What will be the result if we persevere?


1 KI 8:41-45, COL 4:2-6

The more we have on our plate, the more we need to rely on God’s power. The great men of the Bible were men of prayer.
It is God who opens the door for our message. God loves when we are devoted and specific in prayer. Why is this so?
Evangelism is so much more than a simple invitation to church. It is also a clear proclamation of the message, acting wisely, seizing every opportunity, and having confrontive and dynamic conversations with others. How are you doing?
Lets make the decision to pray specifically for our family groups and the people we are working with by name and to take our evangelism higher!



God calls every disciple to be a minister of reconciliation. Have you obeyed God or have you run away from it?
When we live in disobedience to God’s word, we quickly begin to spiral downward emotionally, spiritually, socially, and even physically as in the case of Jonah. And sometimes God will send us a big fish to get us to wake up before we are destroyed.
How do you identify with Jonah?
God is a forgiving God and will give us a second chance to repent like he did with Jonah.
If you have not been as evangelistic as you know you should be will you repent now?

DAY 10

2 SAM 23:1-7, MARK 1:14-20, MARK 2:13-17

God will not bless our efforts if we are not being righteous. With righteousness comes security, confidence and emotional stability. Jesus was able to speak the word of God boldly, directly, confidently and effectively because of his righteousness.
How are you doing with your righteousness? With your spouse? With your children? At your job? At home?
Make a decision to confess all your sins to your discipler and to repent so that you can be clean empty vessels for the Lord to use.

DAY 11

JOSHUA 4:21-24, MARK 5:1-20, 2 PET 1:8-9

God has blessed our lives in so many ways. God has performed many miracles in our lives and has changed our lives so radically!
Make a list of 20 things you are grateful for.
Why is it important to share this with the people we are reaching out to?
Why is it important to always remember what the Lord has saved us from and how the Lord has blessed our lives?
Lets make a decision to share our faith at a much deeper level.

DAY 12

2 CHRON:20 1-17, MARK 16:12-20

We are in a spiritual battle everyday against the forces of evil. But ultimately we must understand that the battle is not ours but God’s.
We loose faith when we decide to take the battle in our own hands.
How is your faith?
In what ways have you given Satan a foothold to steal your faith?
Jesus rebuked his disciples for their lack of faith and their stubborn refusal to believe and got them back focused on evangelism.
What practical things can you decide to do to get your faith to grow?

DAY 13

2 CHRON 32:9-23, LUKE 12:1-12

Satan will do everything he can to try to take away our confidence. He will try to tell us many lies to discourage us and to paralyze us with fear.
Are you doing okay or are you feeling fearful and discouraged?
Jesus encourages us to not be afraid of those who kill the body but to fear and respect God.
How is your prayer life? Are you connecting at an emotional level with God?
God loves us, cares for us and is always with us!
Make a decision to cast all your anxieties on the Lord so that we can continue to acknowledge him before all men!

DAY 14

MATT 3:1-12, JOHN 3:22-24, MATT 11:7:14

John the Baptist was a radical man with a radical message! He was totally focused on baptizing as many as possible! Jesus spoke very highly of John the Baptist and yet said that the least in the kingdom of heaven was greater than he! Jesus was saying that we all have the potential to do more than John the Baptist!
Are you being the prophet in your workplace or as you go about your day that the Lord knows you could be?
Would you define your evangelistic efforts as ‘forcefully advancing the Kingdom’?
What is keeping you from being the radical, forceful man or women of God?
Decide to get open about it and to get the help so that you can repent and do great things for God!

DAY 15

NUM:25:1-13, ACT 4:8-31

Phinehas, Peter and John were men who were zealous for the honor of God. They were men who were fueled by deep conviction about sin and righteousness.
Have you been willing to stand up and stand out for the honor of God or have you shrunk back from the opportunities God provides?

Where are your convictions about the one church, sin, salvation, repentance, and baptism? Are they biblical?
Have you been willing to challenge the religiosity of the people around you or are you being sentimental?
Decide to pray more earnestly for boldness and the courage to have the hard talks.

DAY 16 

PSALM 25:1-5, PSALM 27:1-3, JOHN 12:37-50

Our relationship with God needs to be one that fuels us with hope and confidence all day long.
How have your times with God been?
Have you been consistent and taking this quiet time series seriously?
Have you been superficial or have you let the word of God really sink deeply in order to really change you?
Would the people around you say you have changed evangelistically?

DAY 17

JER 17:5-8, JOHN 15: 1-17

The Bible says that we are either blessed or cursed. It all depends on where we put our trust. God or man.
What are the fruits of your first seventeen days of this campaign. Are you blessed or cursed?
God desires for us to be fruitful and he will prune us in order for us to be fruitful.
He will prune us in order to show us that we can only be fruitful if we remain in him.
How is God pruning you?
Has your evangelism been fueled by your love and obedience to God and your love for others?
Or simply because someone told you to do it?

DAY 18

PHIL1:12-30, 1COR 9:19-23

Paul had the right perspective on life. To live is Christ and to die is gain! To die would mean that he would be in Heaven with the Lord but to live meant fruitful labor in evangelism. It also meant helping as many brothers and sisters be successful in their evangelism!
Have you gone the extra mile to serve the people you are working with to become Christians?
Have you been encouraging to the disciples around you who might not be doing as well as you and who could use help in their evangelism?
Lets make the decision to make the time to love and serve other disciples and the lost.

DAY 19

JER 1, ACTS 26:12-32

We have been appointed by God to carry his message to a lost world. If we are silent than God is silent. Yet it can be very challenging to be the voice we need to be. But on the other hand we need to be incredibly honored and grateful that out of the 5 billion people in the world God would choose us to be that voice.
Have you been grateful for the calling you have received or have you been focused on the challenges?
Do you realize that God uses you to get out his message and if you keep silent than God is silent?
Have you been stealing the opportunity for people to know God because of your silence?
Lets decide to be grateful and to be motivated by the gratitude to share with as many as possible!

DAY 20

1 KI 18:16-39, 2COR 4:1-6

Elijah was looked at by king Ahab as a troubler of Israel. Someone you do not want around if your desire is to sin and not be godly. Paul was also a man who laid it out truthfully and plainly.
Have you been plain and direct with the people you are studying with and the people you disciple?
Have you laid out the word of God as it is or have you watered down the word for fear of the response?
Lets decide to be workman approved by God who correctly handle the word of truth.

DAY 21

ISAIAH 40:27-31, REV 12:10-11

This is your last day of the series.
Has your Faith and vision of what God can do in your life increased?
Have you been refreshed and renewed by God’s word?
What have you been able to overcome in the last 3 weeks by the power of God’s word?
What are some decisions and plans you can make to continue to grow in your faith and in your evangelism for the rest of 2014?