October 6th 2013

Dear All,
Greetings from Los Angeles! This week proved to be very special for Elena & me as our daughter and son-in-law asked us to keep our eight month old granddaughter for four days! Simply put – Scarlett captured our hearts, as together we watched The Mickey Mouse Clubhouse;played with her in the park on the swings; fed her warm milk, bananas and carrots; read bedtime stories; prayed with her and then rocked her to sleep at night! And yes, we even changed her diapers! (Well to be candid, Elena changed the diapers… and I had quiet times with Scarlett in the mornings!)

Abuela and Scarlett!

The joy of having a little baby around the house made me reflect on God’s joy in seeing His house full of precious “baby Christians!” Pity the congregation that does not share in our Father’s joy! That said, to be entrusted with taking care of His “babes in Christ” is a privilege and one that we should fully embrace! Also, there is much to be learned from “seemingly helpless babies.” The Apostle Peter reminds us of babies’ total innocence when he writes, “Therefore rid yourselves of all malice and deceit… Like newborn babies, crave pure spiritual milk, so that by it you may grow up in your salvation, now that you have tasted that the Lord is good.” (1 Peter 2:1-2) Truly, the Lord is so good to us!

It’s inconceivable but so amazing how much God
loves each “baby Christian,” even more than a
parent (or grandparent) loves their
precious child!

This Fall, all of the City of Angels Church Regions have First Principles Classes for our baby Christians. So, I continue to pray that every one of our members will “grow up” learning to eat “solid food” by masteringThe First Principles Studies and becoming “teachers” – Bible Talk Leaders! (Hebrews 5:11 – 6:3)

Again this week, the Lord blessed the City of Angels Church, as He added 10 more souls to our number – eight baptisms and two restorations! And to God be the glory!

And now more refreshing news from around Los Angeles…

Kyle Bartholomew: Greetings from the Central Region! It was a special Sunday as another teen was baptized into Christ! Over 60 people from four different regions came out to witness Kaycee James, (a Kingdom Kid) move from the darkness to the light! She is the awesome daughter of Damon & Vicky, our Congregational Deacon Couple! Just before her baptism, Kaycee shared about other Kingdom Kids and teens that inspired her to make this joyous decision! But perhaps the most moving moment was when she shared how her parents’ love, positive attitude and faith inspired her to make Jesus her Lord! There was not a dry eye in the crowd as both parents and teens alike were stirred by the Spirit to see miracles like Kaycee in their families! Pray for us as many more are on the way!

Surrounded by her loving family, Kaycee
rejoices in her salvation!

Capil Marhatta: What a glorious day it was in the sensational South Region! Our very own 20 year old young prophet – Sean Valenzuela (a Campus Intern and ICCM student) preached his very first sermon simply titled, Your Relationship With God! The lesson brought many to tears. To close his message, Sean kneeled down and challenged us to beg for God’s mercy! Be praying for Sean as he is preparing to leave on the Sydney Mission Team in December!

Sean preaching at a the South Region’s
Summer Camp Out!

God has given us in the South Region an incredible territory to harvest – the City of Long Beach! Long Beach is the second largest city within greater Los Angeles and by itself is the 36th largest city in the USA! Within two weeks of starting our Downtown Long Beach Singles Bible Talk, we met a young man name Khalid Davis! Khalid has gone through several painful challenges: his dad passing away at the age of 11, his mom recently having open heart surgery, and then even during the studies, Khalid obeyed the Scriptures’ call for purity by breaking-up with his girlfriend!

Clark and Oleg give our new brother
Khalid two thumbs up!

It has been an awe-inspiring time down here in Long Beach as we have seen God consistently add many souls to the Kingdom! And on a personal note, I am so honored to be selected to the ICCM and in time take the gospel back to my homeland of Nepal!

New Intern and ICCM student – Capil Marhatta
with her mom and the McKeans in NYC!


The AMS Dance Troop – DRIVEN VISION!



Luke Speckman: Greetings from Ventura! The Lord blessed us with two more baptisms today – Amber and Stephanie! Amber is a Ventura College student, and Stephanie is the best friend of Monique who was baptized three weeks ago! This gives us eight baptisms in the last three weeks! We began 2013 with 31 disciples in the Ventura Region and now very excitingly, as of today, the Lord has grown the region to 62 sold-out disciples, which is exactly double! God has done so much “more than we could ask or imagine!”

Ventura’s radiant spiritual twins –
Amber and Stephanie!

Also, we are proud to announce that AJ Penedo of the Southland Region and CL Salamanca of the Ventura Region are now dating! AJ came up for an open mic event last night and asked CL to be his girlfriend in a song that he sang! Please keep us in your prayers!

AJ & CL step out as LA’s newest dating couple!

Tyler Sears: “Let’s have a feast and celebrate. For this [daughter] of mine was dead and is alive again; [she] was lost and is found.’ So they began to celebrate.” (Luke 15:23-24) Greetings from the West Region! It was amazing to witness the restoration of Roxanne Likely – a single mother who once served as the Latin Ministry Leader in Orange County!

Roxanne shared powerfully how it was the faith of her son, Mateo, that made her want to come back to church as God was answering his prayers in different areas! I am proud of Roxanne who fought for her relationship with God and was willing to “seek first His Kingdom” as she faced some heavy obstacles. I am equally proud of my wife, Shay, and Kaitlin Kelly as they helped Roxanne to, once again, be “found” in Christ!

Cesar Limon: Greetings of love from the Inland Empire Region! Today was amazing as we had a great RCC student Breyshawn added to our number through the refreshing waters of baptism! It was evident that Breyshawn was made into a true “sold-out disciple” as he had to take a three hour bus ride for every Bible study! Also, good news, we raised $720 tagging yesterday and so we were able to get everyone registered for the Campus Retreat! Pray for the four million lost souls in the Inland Empire! 

Breyshawn joins the ever-increasing number of IE
Brothers, issuing the challenge,
“You will be next!”

Cory Blackwell: God is doing some amazing things here in the Southland Region formerly called the South Central Region! I am still blown away and moved to tears of joy as I write this GREAT news! Today’s service was absolutely amazing! With about 80 disciples, we had just shy of 160 in attendance at today’s service! That means all 160 that participated in the service were able to share in the great victory God has provided for us today! We had three incredible young women make the decision to change their lives!

Sasha Williams was restored to the body today after a about a year of trying to do things her way! Sasha was originally baptized in the East Region, but due to a lack of transparency, her heart was quickly “hardened by sins deceit.” Bitterness crept in and quickly took root, growing into a tree of sin! Spending time around “religious” family members and religious leaders, and living a very worldly lifestyle, she started to see more and more clearly how things just weren’t adding up to the truth. After seeing the person she had become, she humbled herself and reached out to myself via Facebook (yes, it CAN be evangelistic!) and came out to a Women’s Midweek where Megan preached a lesson of Back To The Basics. So Sasha thought about it and decided to do just that! I don’t know where the Spirit will guide her, but I am certain that one day she will make an incredible Women’s Ministry Leader!

At the end of our blow out service, we saw two incredible baptisms! The first was Cyndi! She was met by Richard Cadle who was baptized at the beginning of the year. He invited her out to midweek and this was the same midweek Sasha first came to with the lesson Back To The Basics!At the time she was met, she was living in a Motel 6 selling her body for a living. She shared how she went home that evening after midweek to smoke “one last blunt,” but it just didn’t feel right. She prayed that God would help her leave this life behind and create a whole new one with Him in charge. She started studying the Bible, and when she got toDiscipleship, she was challenged to rid herself of the drugs she had on her from her “hustling days” or they wouldn’t move forward in the studies. Immediately after Cyndi came home that evening, she went straight to the bathroom and flushed everything she had down the toilet! Because of her deep convictions, Cyndi is now your beautiful sister in Christ! She also now has a roof over her head and a stable job!

Lastly, we had an amazing teen baptism to close out the service! Marisa is the 14 year old sister of Jen Gayton, as well as the daughter of one of our more mature disciples – Rose. It always brings me to tears to see families unite in the Lord! Marisa has been studying the Bible for almost a year and today built the conviction to make Jesus Lord of her life! She shared excitingly how she is going to become “God’s new princess!”

The three mighty Southland Sisters –
Marisa, Sasha and Cyndi!


NEWS FLASH – Andrew Smellie of New York City: “Those who had been scattered preached the Word wherever they went. Philip went down to a city in Samaria and proclaimed the Christ there. When the crowds heard Philip and saw the miraculous signs he did, they all paid close attention to what he said. With shrieks, evil spirits came out of many, and many paralytics and cripples were healed. So there was great joy in that city.” (Acts 8:4-8) Greetings from “the city – and church – that never sleeps!”

There was “great joy” in the worship service today as three more souls came to be baptized – Amber, a 17-year old City College of New York (CCNY) freshman majoring in Psychology; Omar, a single professional from Brooklyn; and Yvette, a single professional from Harlem! Each one of these baptisms represent an incredible miracle of faith and patience from the disciples involved! I am particularly grateful for the faith of our sisters, who loved Yvette for over a year before she finally made the decision to make Jesus Lord! To God be all the glory!

Amber, Omar and Yvette are warmly welcomed
into the NYC Church Family!

The Lord has also blessed our efforts to begin a Philadelphia Remnant Group with newly baptized disciples Jesse Leseur and Belinda Turner as the first Bible Talk for our Movement began this past Friday with five visitors! The Northeast USA is being evangelized for God’s honor! We love you!

“The Spiritual Liberty Bell” rings once again
as the Philadelphia Remnant Group
“proclaims freedom!”

Sarah Dimitry: “Some sat in darkness and the deepest gloom, prisoners suffering in iron chains… Then they cried out to the Lord in their trouble and He saved them from their distress.” (Psalm 107:10,13) Greetings from “Saint City!” This Sunday was historic for the Las Vegas Church as we had three graduate from Chemical Recovery! We are so proud of our Shepherding Couple-in-Training, Jesse & Malena Stasher, and our soon-to-be married, James Mitchel, who all persevered to find a deeper healing from their past “chains” through this incredible ministry! I know they are the first graduates of many more to come in this very dark city!

We were also inspired to watch the miracle of MiMi break through her“chains” and be baptized! Even though it was very painful when her ex-boyfriend Brandon (now of the West Region of LA) broke-up with her as he studied the Bible, this made MiMi really think about her life. She then decided to get right with Christ by surrendering all and making Jesus truly her Lord! It was awesome to see her tears of joy for her new found freedom! To God be all the glory!

The Lord adds to the “Saint City Church” another
awesome sister – MiMi!

Coltin Rohn: Greetings from the Movement in Boston! “But while he was still a long way off, his father saw him and was filled with compassion for him; he ran to his son, threw his arms around him and kissed him.” (Luke 15:20) God wants to throw His arms around every fall-away! Today, God threw his arms around Lisa as she was restored to our God and Father! Thanks to the efforts of Ted & Sheila Karonis (who have known Lisa since 1980) and Cydnee Hines who helped Lisa come back to God wholeheartedly!

Veteran Sisters – Sheila and Cydnee – gently
restore Lisa to her “first love!”

Also, God added another to our number through the waters of baptism! Deshauna confessed “Jesus is Lord” after weeks of studying the Bible with Jasmine Graham and several other mighty women of God! Deshauna was reached out to by Mercedes Bonilla and Sharon Green at a “T-Station!” God is moving, even on public transportation!

Deshauna is dearly loved and appreciated
by all the Boston Sisters!

Excitingly, the Boston ICC is now officially meeting at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Cambridge – right off the Charles River! Also, this weekend, we will be having our Campus “Camping” Retreat called Hidden Treasure!And Lord willing, on November 2, 2013, we will host a beautiful autumn Women’s Day entitled, Fearless with Theresa Broom as our guest speaker! This will take place at our “new home” – the Hyatt Hotel! Pray for the “hahvast” fields here in Boston as we have 35 people studying the Bible!

The Hyatt Regency Hotel on the Charles River is less
than a mile from Harvard, MIT, Northeastern and BU!

Mike Patterson: The entire Orlando Church is getting ready for our International Day and 5K Run for Special Missions this Sunday by asking for donations from friends and family. We challenged every member to write down a list of names of any friends or family and simply call them to ask to be sponsored for the run. It has been awe-inspiring to see God bless these efforts! Truly “if you ask you shall receive!”

While our fearless leaders (the Sullivans) were in Phoenix speaking at their Marrieds Retreat, we had a fiery service! The lesson was on The Secret Of Being Content as the Orlando Church has been pruned recently and is facing different challenges. Yet by faith, we know that God is working to make us even more fruitful and that we “can do all things through Christ!” Despite growing pains and pruning God added two amazing additions through the waters of baptism today!

Mike & Chenelle Patterson led the Orlando Church
in the Sullivans’ absence! In just two months they
will lead the Gainesville Mission Team!

Miguel came to our Park Service a couple weeks ago skeptical of this “new church” his friend Meaghan had joined – baptized three weeks ago! He saw how much she had changed and actually thought maybe the church was a cult. His heart was instantly melted by the love and he immediately started studying the Bible! And today, Miguel was baptized!

Miguel first came to the Orlando Church thinking it
might be a cult, but found it to be the
Kingdom of God!

Also, Alex is a UCF student who was baptized today! She was met during our “50 A Day Campaign” by three different sisters the same day! So she sensed God was seeking her and she came to devotional that night. Today before her baptism, everyone was moved as Alex shared in tears how she had never seen how she put Jesus on the cross with her sin! Keep praying for us that “God opens the floodgates” for our International Day and 5K Run Service this coming Sunday!

Jeremy Ciaramella of Phoenix: Greetings from the Valley of “The Son!” The Vow was the theme for the 2013 Phoenix Marrieds Retreat! The time away was very refreshing and unifying for all of our Marrieds Ministry! It was in beautiful Sedona, Arizona and we were honored to have Matt & Helen Sullivan as our keynote speakers! Matt & Helen’s faith, direct preaching, and powerful example called all of us higher!

The Sullivans return to Phoenix where they brought
a Mission Team from Portland in 2006!

While the Marrieds returned home, the Singles, Campus and Teens gathered for Young Guns Sunday! Here as well, God gave us an incredible victory as we had “one-for-one visitors!” We are so grateful for our two interns, Rico Jones and Janelle Rushen, taking charge of this service, and for all the support the Campus and Singles Ministries provided in caring for the many children of the Marrieds Ministry during the retreat! Please pray for a harvest in Phoenix! We love you with the love of the Lord!

Mike Underhill of San Francisco: “As the rain and the snow come down from Heaven, and do not return to it without watering the earth and making it bud and flourish, so that it yields seed for the sower and bread for the eater, so is my Word that goes out from my mouth: It will not return to me empty, but will accomplish what I desire and achieve the purpose for which I sent it.” (Isaiah 55:10-11) It’s relieving to know that everywhere in the world this Scripture rings true and even in San Francisco we get to see God’s Word accomplishing His desires!! This week for the first time in the SF Bay Area, we held regional services for three different regions: Berkeley, San Jose and San Francisco! In the same room where we originally met as a church, it was so inspiring to see that now we filled it with one of three regions!

Mike Underhill preaching to the San Fran House
Church in the same place where he used to
preach to the entire San Francisco
Bay Church!

Also, on the college campuses of SF State and UC Berkeley, the Campus Ministry was so grateful that God opened the doors for us to be officially recognized as clubs on both campuses!

Only in the Kingdom does the Bear lie down with the
Gator! Congrats to our newest Campus Clubs!

Finally, the most awesome thing was when God’s Word accomplished Daisy’s baptism! Daisy is an SF State student who “clinged-on” to God’s Word and the disciples who delivered it to her! Even though a past boyfriend was used by Satan to attempt to pull her away from God, and then multiple false religious groups tried to convince her to wait until she was “33 years old like Jesus” to get baptized, Daisy told everyone she only cared about what God thought and was baptized in the Pacific Ocean today! There’s nothing like seeing God’s Word accomplish the purpose for which it was sent!!

With zeal in her heart, Daisy is planted by God
into the San Francisco Bay Church Family!

Lou Jack Martinez: “We loved you so much that we were delighted to share with you not only the gospel of God but our lives as well, because you had become so dear to us.” (1 Thessalonians 2:8) With a huge chunk of our ministry at the wedding of Renzo & Orianna Pruiett in Hilo, we still had an awesome service of 114!!!

The disciples here are doing an AMAZING job of loving and taking care of each other, and ALL the new disciples are nearly done with ALL THEIR FOLLOW-UP STUDIES!!! As we prepare for our first New Christians Orientation this month, we’re also working through approximately 60 Studies at various stages, which means virtually ALL of our disciples ARE IN STUDIES!!! 

Not only that, but the disciples are cranking through the First Principles Classes, and the FIRST question on each quiz is always, “Did you do a study this week with someone you met this week or last week?” The correct answer? “Yes!” That’s keeping ALL the disciples on their toes and “takin’ it to the streets!!!” Additionally, whenever and wherever possible (and appropriate), we’re doing our studies “in public,” which means we’re reaching out to a whole new crop of “eavesdropper fruit!!!” Please keep praying for the abundant harvest coming to the Islands! ONE HUNDRED FOR HAWAII!!!

Honolulu’s First Principles Cover!

Jay Hernandez of Hilo: Aloha from the Big Island! God provided a tremendous weekend here in Hilo! First on Saturday, we witnessed the wedding of Lorenzo Pruiett & Orianna Sanborn! Then Sunday, our thriving Campus Bible Talk, which began the school year with only five Waterdogz, saw Robert baptized bringing their number to eight members now!

Robert and the UH – Hilo Waterdogz!

Amanda Miller: Greetings from Chi Town! It was an incredible week here in Chicago! We are so grateful to our leaders Jay & Barb Shelbrack for all of their hard work and always calling the church higher through their example. As they were in Toronto along with Anthony & Maria Franklin this weekend, we had the privilege of hearing three different men preach the Word! Victor Montano preached about Work Produced By Faith; Theo Dawson Sr. preached about Labor Prompted By Love;and my amazing husband Dustin Miller preached about Endurance Inspired By Hope.

We concluded the service with a young man named Danny making Jesus Lord of his life! Danny is the first single to be baptized from our newly formed Central Region and was met by our dear sister Erica Madrigal while she was praying. Danny was so impressed as he watched her pray to God! Even though Danny was quite religious, he was convicted by her boldness! In time, Danny radically repented on a heart level and was baptized! We also had another addition today, as Korban Smith delivered a baby girl!!

Danny inspired by Erica’s bold example
forcefully enters the Kingdom!

Ricky Challinor of Portland: Greetings from the City of Bridges! This week has been awesome as we had our annual “Party in the Park” – our Club Day at PSU! God totally worked as we were able to share with hundreds of people and so many phone numbers were enthusiastically given to us! It was especially encouraging as the religious club – set-up right next to us – sent us multiple people who were interested in studying the Bible, because they were only a “prayer group!”

Sunday was our Annual International Day! We were blessed to have 232 in attendance! We opened up today with a welcome with multiple disciples welcoming everyone in their own language translated into English! We heard Russian, Spanish, Italian, Japanese, Nigerian and a special dialect Purepecha from the highlands of Michoacan, Mexico! After that was a major highlight during the announcements as I was able to present our new translation equipment to the Latin Ministry! They were so thankful!

After the service, we had a feast fit for kings as there was SO much food! To end out, we were able to have a number of performances. Of note, there was the “spoken word poetry” from “Dmo” (Daniel Morales) and “Kray Kray” (Kristina Reeves), and a unique rendition of Poor Wayfaring Stranger by Aaron Turner, Macque Linder and our baby brother Junior! Please pray as we have many studying the Bible!

Kelly Bartholomew: Greetings from sunny San Diego where God’s light is shining ever so brightly! This week has been an amazing week, as the disciples here have fully embraced the challenge of raising money for our upcoming Thanksgiving Missions Contribution! On Saturday, about 20 disciples gathered to tag for five hours in which God blessed us with our highest amount raised yet – $1,071! It was so encouraging to witness the disciples being a “light to the world” (Matthew 5:14) as their joy was evident to all who gave!

Also very special was Raquel’s transition from darkness to light as she made Jesus her Lord and entered the saving waters of baptism at today’s service! Raquel’s baptism was the result of about a month of Bible study where she wrestled with the Scriptures to get her heart right! She is a dynamic senior at San Diego State University, and because of her fighting spirit, she is destined for great things in the Kingdom of God! Please keep us in your prayers as you are continually in ours!

Encouraged by Raquel’s changes, her mom
eagerly supported her baptism!


NEWS FLASH – Blaise Feumba, the Overseeing Evangelist of Haiti: “The least of you will become a thousand, the smallest a mighty nation. I am the Lord; in its time I will do this swiftly.” (Isaiah 60:22) The Lord’s promise of swiftness has been fulfilled in the Lord continuing to build our four Haitian Churches, as five more souls were added to God’s Kingdom this week through baptisms! Our four baby churches had a total of 148 people in attendance! So only 28 days after the Inaugural Service of the Port-au-Prince International Christian Church, 24 additions have been counted through baptisms!

Haiti and the Dominican Republic share the Island of
Hispanola – the only Island Christopher Columbus
visited on all four of his voyages!

Please be praying for the church in Port-au-Prince who is still struggling to find funds for a venue for their weekly meetings!

Jean-Louis Lousbert preaching in a school room that
for the present time is the home of the
Port-au-Prince International
Christian Church!

Michael Williamson: Greetings from your brothers and sisters in London! This year’s theme for the European Missions Conference is inspired by the amazing book of Revelation! The title GOD ALMIGHTY REIGNS was chosen based on Revelation’s theme that in the end God and His people will reign victorious! The writing describes very vivid and horrific pictures of the fate that awaits those who deny God contrasted with the joy and happiness rewarded to true disciples! The Apostle John takes us on a roller-coaster ride using “Apocalyptic literature” to symbolically paint numerous scenes of God’s wrath against the Dragon, the Beast and the False Prophet in His vengeful protection of His remnant! (Rev 12:17 KJV)

Register now for the 2013 EMC!

Our goal is that everyone who attends walks away challenged, motivated and inspired to pursue with even greater vigor the evangelization of the nations in this generation! Please register now at:http://www.londonchurch.org.uk

Victor Gonzalez Jr.: Greetings from the plentiful harvest field of Mexico City! God has blessed us once again! Before service began, we witnessed the baptism of Maximo and his wife Leonor! They are the parents of Juan, one of our recent converts.

Juan, who was just recently baptized, fulfills the
dream of many disciples by baptizing his
parents – Maximo & Leonor!

Then, after church, we witnessed yet another baptism – Priscilia! She is a federal agent! Priscilia moved into the sisters’ household a few weeks ago, and since day one, she has been a huge servant to the sisters! At her baptism, she expressed in tears her gratitude for God’s mercy. It was very impactful, and even moved some of the visitors to tears! Please pray as we are working tirelessly to harvest souls in this amazing city – “El DF!” See you next week!

Priscilia – back in uniform after her baptism – will
“shine like a star” as a Federal Agent in DF!

Raul Moreno: “A new command I give you: Love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another. By this everyone will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another.” (John 13:34-35) Greetings from São Paulo! The Lord blessed us last Friday night during our Campus Devotional as Juliana was baptized into Christ! When she saw the love of the disciples, she understood why she was studying at the prestigious USP University. It was not to get a degree but to get to know Christ and to become a winner of souls! In fact, she had become disillusioned by the university and how everyone is just thinking about money and partying and thus have no real purpose in life. Now, Juliana has God’s purpose for her life!

Juliana, while attending USP became disillusioned,
but God had appointed that place and
that time to find Him!

Also, the São Paulo Church wants to thank Matt & Helen Sullivan for the love in the amazing Orlando Church, as they went out of their way to show the love of Jesus (John 13:34-35) to our campus brother Danilo! As it turns out, Danilo’s mother and brother went to Orlando to go to Disney World for vacation. Danilo emailed Matt asking him if he could send someone to greet his non-Christian mother and brother at the airport.

Not knowing Danilo, but knowing that he is a brother, Matt himself and a group of disciples went to the airport and greeted Danilo’s mother and brother. They were completely amazed and shocked to see this level of love! All the bad attitudes and criticalness that they had toward the church has now dissipated! We are counting the days to have them back so they can start studying the Bible. Thank God that we have a Movement around the world with this level of love!

Danilo enjoys a light moment with his
awesome girlfriend – Carol!

Krista Cameron: Bonjour de Paris! We are so inspired by the victories that God has brought and is preparing through the efforts of our campaign, A La Vitesse De La Lumiere (At The Speed Of Light),which concluded this morning through an incredible worship service inspirationally led by Philippe Scheidecker! Our mighty little church has given their hearts as one unified body to win the lost souls of our city! In two weeks, God has given us 300 new contacts to share His love with, and several new friends are studying the Bible! Thank you for your continued prayers and sacrifices to evangelize the world in our generation! We love you!

Gerson & Alexandra Higgins of Caracas: We are so impacted by God and all the souls that He is bringing from everywhere in Venezuela! God brought us Angelica Rivero to come work for us at our restaurant. She was looking for work, but what was revealed quickly was that God brought her to us so she could be baptized! She is now your sister in Christ!

The Caracas Church gathers around Angelica to
encourage her after her amazing baptism!

God has also brought us many other studies, among them Manuel Rondon – who lives in Orlando! Not by chance, Manuel is visiting his mother here in Venezuela. Now, Manuel’s mom is also studying the Bible and all this has moved Manuel’s heart so much that he does not want to go back to Orlando! Please pray for Venezuela and all of our studies!

Carlos Mejia: Greetings from Santiago! “For when I preach the gospel, I cannot boast, since I am compelled to preach. Woe to me if I do not preach the gospel!” (1 Corinthians 9:16) Thanks so much to all the brothers and sisters that have contacted us here in Chile as part ofThe Call Your Missionary Program! We will need your continued support in all missionary fronts!

Today, the Lord has been moving powerfully here in Chile as we had our first English Service, and with 12 disciples God gave us 12 visitors! There are approximately 25,000 Americans living in Santiago and many more in different parts of Chile so there is a huge need for this second service, just as in the States there is a need for a Spanish-speaking Ministry in most cities!

Also so encouraging was the baptism of an incredible young woman named Gloria! Jose Andres & Pillar have built an incredibly dynamic ministry in the South Region ever since going to the GLC for the first time and being injected with faith! Please keep in your prayers our Central & South American Missions Conference on February 14-16, 2014 here in Santiago!

The theme for the 2014 CSA Missions Conference

NEWS FLASH – Tim Kernan: Greetings from Chennai, India! This was an awesome week for the Chennai Church as we had two amazing baptisms! Satish is a hard working student at Loyola College which is one of the top colleges in India, and Gowtham works in chemical manufacturing! We can’t wait to see how God uses them to reach even more people with the gospel!

Pradeep, Chennai’s youngest Bible Talk Leader,
sporting a bold haircut to compliment his
bold preaching on campus!

Also, today was a day to remember for the Chennai Church as we formally recognized our first “Shepherds-in-Training” – Thomas Vijayan who was baptized right here in Chennai in 1994 and Johnson Gona who was baptized in 1996 in Delhi! In many ways, they have already had an incredible heart for the young, the aged, the physically ill and the spiritually weak. However, they will now formally begin to train to fulfill this role and eventually be appointed as Shepherds! Lord willing, in the next few weeks, their respective wives Shirly and Vandana will be appointed “Shepherdesses-in-Training!”

The Chennai Church Leadership – the Rajans,
the Gonas, the Vijayans and the Kernans!

The role of the Shepherding Couple is so critical to any ministry. In Titus 1:5-11, Paul tells Titus, “The reason I left you in Crete was that you might put in order what was left unfinished and appoint [Shepherds] in every town, as I directed you… He must hold firmly to the trustworthy message as it has been taught, so that he can encourage others by sound doctrine and refute those who oppose it… For there are many rebellious people, full of meaningless talk and deception… They must be silenced, because they are disrupting whole households.”

Indeed its clear from this Scripture that the role of shepherds is more than caring for the weak; it is also actively pursuing false doctrine, bitterness, resentment and anything else that hurts the unity and love that God expects in His church! From a godly shepherd bitterness can run but it can’t hide! I have every confidence that Thomas and Johnson will lay their own lives on the line to protect not only the Chennai Church but also the Movement of God worldwide as well!

One of the greatest needs in the church here in Chennai is to build a strong connection to the rest of the movement. This is one of the biggest areas of opportunity for the church to grow since most of the members don’t know any disciples outside of India except of course the McKeans, Brooms and Speckmans who are so dear to the church here. If anyone is interested in having a Chennai disciple “pen/email pal” please contact me at tim@usd21.org and I will be very happy to hook you up with the right disciple here in Chennai! Continue to pray for our harvest month which is off to a festive start!

The first CyberMinistry Meeting with Denny, Roger,
Raja and Tim discusses creative ways to reach
out to the Indian Remnant and to connect
the Chennai disciples to the rest of
the SoldOut Movement! 

Dearest Brothers and Sisters: Let us rejoice that there are so many new “babes in Christ” around the world! We indeed have been given the responsibility from our Father to take care of these priceless souls. So just as Elena & I found out that Scarlett did not have socks or a jacket in her suitcase, we gladly bought our little granddaughter not only these needed – yet unplanned items – but we also gave her a Minnie Mouse doll!

For Elena & me, “It is more blessed to give
[to our granddaughter] than to receive!”
Scarlett’s smile after receiving a new
coat, new socks and a new doll put
immeasurable joy into
our hearts!

Likewise, in God’s movement, there have been some “unforeseen expenses.” Therefore, in November in the USA Churches we are taking up an “extra multiple” for our Thanksgiving Contribution to cover such unforeseen expenses such as Blaise going to Haiti where scores have been baptized; the hospital bill for Lianne and Junior Kernan in Chennai; and the “extra” expensive challenge of sending out the 12 disciples on the Sydney Mission Team! Let us remember the promise of 2 Corinthians 9:11, “You will be made rich in every way so that you can be generous on every occasion, and through us your generosity will result in thanksgiving to God!” And to God be all the glory! Amen!
Much love,