November 24th 2013

Dear All,
Greetings from your sister churches in London, Moscow and Manila! Elena & I just completed a “19 day around the world missionary trip” preaching, teaching and counseling the awesome sold-out disciples in these three amazing Crown of Thorns Cities!

Welcome to London!

Welcome to Moscow!
Welcome to Manila!

London’s European Missions Conference on November 7-10, 2013 was spectacular! This “world changing event” was dynamically led by Michael & Michele Williamson, while George Grima was outstanding as the “behind the scenes” Director! Disciples were gathered by the Holy Spirit from all over Europe – France, Sweden, Ukraine, Russia, Spain, Switzerland, Netherlands, Ireland and of course England!

236 attended the EMC Sunday Service!

All 26 of us from the City of Angels Church in LA were so moved by the zeal and unity among so many nationalities, thus seeing “what prophets and kings longed to see but did not see it!” Of these 26, 10 were ICCM students from our original class of 30!

The 10 ICCM Students who participated in the EMC
experienced a radicalization of their global vision!

In Moscow, on Wednesday night November 13th, God gathered 79 disciples for an incredible worship service! He brought them from all around the 11 time zones that span the Russian-speaking world of the former Soviet Union – Kiev (Ukraine), Minsk (Belarus), Novosibirsk (Russia), St. Petersburg (Russia), and Moscow! Cheers and applause were almost deafening when Oleg & Aliona Sirotkin shared about the EMC and the City of Angels Church!

The “unofficial Russian Missions Conference!”

Fred Muratov – the Moscow Remnant Group Leader – introduces the evening’s program!


Oleg translates for Elena as she shares about the dynamic Women’s Ministry in the SoldOut Movement!


The Sirotkins are greatly beloved by all these disciples who are so fired up that Oleg & Aliona will be coming to Moscow to oversee the planting of churches of sold-out disciples in the 15 nations of the former Soviet Union!

Coming all the way from Minsk, Belarus, Slava
Kapskiy (far right) and his wife Yelena
(second from the left) – a former
fulltime couple – join the
SoldOut Movement!

The Muratovs, Sirotkins, Sobolovs and the McKeans
make the decision to have the Russian-speaking
Remnant gather in Moscow with
the Sobolovs leading!

The Novosibirsk Remnant Group traveled 1,800 miles (3,000 km) to share in the rich fellowship! The  entire church will be moving to Moscow early next year!

Then, it was so humbling to return to the Philippines in the wake of Super Typhoon Haiyan (in the Philippines called Typhoon Yolanda) where it was the strongest storm ever recorded at landfall – 195 mph (312 km/h)! Presently, the Philippine Government has stated that this horrific storm has killed over 5,000 people… with many more sure to be counted in the days ahead! Thank God that though Metro Manila experienced some hurricane force winds, the city was for the most part spared from the destruction seen on the Isle of Leyte where Haiyan came ashore, or the death toll would have been much, much higher!

Typhoon Haiyan was responsible for over 5,000 deaths and for leaving several

Sunday November 17th was the one year anniversary of the Metro Manila ICC Remnant Group! In the fall of 2012, God began this remnant group with just one very courageous sister – Gina Dela Peña! By the end of Elena’s & my visit last November, there were eight sold-out disciples! Today, there are 22 disciples in Manila and 5 in Davao! On Sunday, God blessed us with 72 in attendance!

The Metro Manila ICC was blessed with 72 in attendance for Sunday Service! 

Rose (left) and Scarlet are dynamic and fruitful
leaders in the Singles Ministry!

So many of the remnant disciples that participated in the service expressed a strong desire to join us! John & Anna Malnegro and Gina are doing an excellent job leading the Metro Manila Church!

Nimrod & Vis (left) – the Davao Church Leaders – will
be moving to Manila to join Nimrod’s brother
John & Anna in evangelizing
the Philippines!

Needing some rest, the last couple of days of the trip were spent in Honolulu, where we were greatly encouraged by the fellowship of Lou Jack & Cathi Martinez!

Lou Jack & Cathi, the charismatic Honolulu Church
Leaders, with their precious children –
Christine and Philip!

Our heartfelt thanks goes to Chris Broom and the LA Shepherding Couples who dynamically led the City of Angels Church during our mission trip! Their great challenge was the November 17th Thanksgiving Contribution. With a goal of $90,000, God blessed us with over $105,000! So in 2013, the City of Angels Church sacrificed a total of $735,000 for missions – about 25X our weekly giving! Praise God as well that in the first 24 days of November, He has added 30 to our number – 29 baptisms and one restoration! And to God be the glory!

And now more reports from around Los Angeles…

Mason Fetelika: “Therefore everyone who hears these words of mine and puts them into practice is like a wise man who built his house on the rock. The rain came down, the streams rose, and the winds blew and beat against that house; yet it did not fall, because it had its foundation on the rock.” (Matthew 7:24-25) Greetings from the Great North Region! Nathalie & I had the privilege of leading the region for the past two weeks, as Joe & Kerry were away setting up the church in Sydney, Australia! During this transition as the Sydney Mission Team is leaving and the remaining disciples of the North Region are “stepping up,” God has really been setting the North Region up for even greater victories!

Our fearless leader Joe Willis was fruitful the day before he left to Sydney, as Delbert Stewart was baptized on November 10th! As a Cal State Northridge student, Delbert started to study the Bible, and soon realized that he was in sin – living with his girlfriend! (He even walked out of a Sunday service as we preached the Disicipleship Study,challenging people to give up everything!) Joe and the brothers challenged him to build his relationship with his girlfriend of five and a half years on the Biblical principle to date and marry only disciples! (2 Corinthians 6:14-18) So after much prayer and studying the Scriptures, Delbert encouraged his girlfriend to study the Bible, and by the grace of God, they were married on the 8th in Travis & Cecy Frazier’s backyard! It was heart-warming to see the miracle in which Delbert was baptized, and turned around and even baptized his “now wife!”

Congratulations to Delbert & Norma!

Also encouraging that Sunday the 10th, was the baptism of our second teen – Isabella Mabry! She is the third person of the Mabry Family to be baptized! Maria Garcia met and baptized Victoria (a student at CSUN), her brother Anthony (the first teen to be baptized in the young North Region), and finally – their gorgeous little sister who is only 16 years old – Isabella!

Love continues to blossom in the North as Tanner & Daysha are now engaged! Tanner is the younger brother of Garrett Underwood. (Garrett sold the cool, “disciple-swaggy” Malachi Clothing at the GLC!) During their conversion as a couple, they had to fight incredibly to build their relationship on a foundation that will never be shaken – God! Through perseverance and prayer, Tanner as a disciple, baptized his girlfriend! Though that’s not all! As they answered the call to fight for purity, Joe challenged Tanner to “put a RING on it!” Well, that he did a day after Delbert & Norma’s beautiful wedding, and IN A HOT AIR BALLOON! Thankfully, Daysha enthusiastically said, “YES!”

Tanner & Daysha celebrate their engagement!

Today, it was great worshiping alongside Joe & Kerry again as they returned from their very fruitful and productive trip to Sydney! Nathalie & I would like to thank Travis & Cecy as a young couple like us, wouldn’t have made it through two weeks without their shepherding! Pray for us, as we have a few more friends battling through the Scriptures to join the Great North Region, and God’s Great Kingdom before the Sydney Mission Team leaves!

In three weeks time, Mason & Nathalie will be landing in Sydney, Australia!

Cory Blackwell: “I will give thanks to the Lord with my whole heart; I will recount all of your wonderful deeds.” (Psalm 9:1) Thanksgiving greetings from the Southland Region! Today Victor & Sonia Gonzalez along with the zealous East disciples inspired the entire region! Service was an incredible spiritual Thanksgiving feast! Victor preached on Opening Your Spiritual Eyes. He pointed out that you can’t see the spiritual things of God with your physical eyes. He challenged us to be sold-out in every way! It was convicting, insightful, and life changing! Sonia shared her life at communion. She challenged our sisters to work harder for the Lord. Her example of having 10 children while disciplining 10 women along with leading a fruitful ministry and being a devoted wife and mother can only be done through the power of God and commitment to our purpose! Thank you Victor, Sonia, and the East disciples!

The past several weeks have been phenomenal! We have had weekly additions along with averaging 150 in attendance! I want to lift up our Teen Ministry as two young men and one young woman were added: Austin is the son of our newest courageous single mom Angie Ayers who was baptized in October; Joshua is Austin’s best friend; and Ceyrena is the daughter of Angie! We also had an awesome man named Ricky Lafrance baptized! There is so much to be thankful for in Southland, but what I love most are the disciples who are giving their whole hearts!

The Southland Brothers do everything they can to get Ricky into the waters of baptism!

Cesar Limon: “Are not all angels ministering spirits sent to serve those who will inherit salvation?” (Hebrews 1:14) Greetings of love from the Inland Empire Region! God has added seven to our number in the last four weeks! All of the seven souls that were added are special, but one that stands out to me is Isaiah Strauther! It has been inspiring to see the angels working in Isaiah’s life. Several weeks ago, Isaiah was approached “randomly” by what could have been an angel and was told that if he is thinking about going to church then, “Think international!” When later on he was approached by our Swedish brother Erik af Klint, who invited him to the INTERNATIONAL Christian Church, Isaiah quickly accepted the invitation and in turn was baptized two weeks later!

Isaiah and his four year old son join the IE
Brothers in their weekly challenge,
“You will be next!”

Not to be outdone, our new sister Amy joins the RCC
Sisters in issuing the same weekly
call, “You will be next!”

Also today was remarkable as Jason Woody preached his going away sermon, A Call To Greatness and inspired everyone to be great for GodWe are extremely proud of him as he is off to the North Region for the final preparations for the leaving of the Sydney Mission Team! And to God be ALL the glory!

Kyle Bartholomew: Greetings from the Central Region! These past three weeks, God has moved powerfully as two have been baptized and one has been restored! First, Gonzalo – the captain of the cross country team at ELAC – was baptized! Then Gilma, an incredible single woman, was restored to her “first love” after studying the Bible for almost a year! Finally, Pablo – a teen that has grown up in denominational churches his whole life – was baptized into Christ after studying the Bible and coming to church for over six months! Please pray for us as many more are on the way!!

Jake Ramsier: Greeting from the AV Sector! The Lord Christ has given us a lot to be thankful for this November! It was a joy to see the AV disciples give far beyond our goal for the 3X Special and best of all six precious souls were baptized: Wole, Joe, Sergio, Mike, Sanchere and Kathy!

Wole is forcefully baptized into the Kingdom!

Kathy, just baptized this past Wednesday, has especially inspired us! At just 16, she showed a very “adult” urgency to learn the Word and obey! With a couple of studies still to do, Kathy pleaded with the sisters in tears Wednesday night, “Can I be baptized right now?” We can see the effect of that heart for God in the fact that both Kathy’s mom and her younger sister are now studying the Bible – and her mom Rocio even brought out a visitor to our Latin Service last night!

Latin service? Yes, the AV now has a Latin Ministry! The Spirit worked through our dear sister Diane in reaching out to her neighbor Adrian and his family which brought Victor & Sonia Gonzalez and their “elite team of bilingual sold-out disciples” up to the AV to study with any and all Latinos!

Finally, we are also celebrating the engagement of Dylan & Kayla! I think Dylan would agree that the Lord has worked a great miracle! Have a great Thanksgiving and please keep sending those prayers up “the 14!”

Richie McDonnell: Greetings! God is doing incredible things here in beautiful Santa Barbara! Last week, God added John to our number through baptism! John is a freshman at UCSB, whom I met on the second day of this Fall semester. He has been coming around ever since, and after studying the Bible for several weeks, John came to the conviction that he was never Biblically converted to Jesus! John is very zealous and has already brought out his roommate – who is now studying – to Bible Talk and church!

John’s baptism gives the Santa Barbara Ministry a
solid foothold at the incredible UCSB Campus!

Lastly, I am very encouraged and inspired by all the hard work and faith of the Santa Barbara disciples through hours of tagging, selling personal possessions, and personal financial sacrifice to give to our 3X Special Missions Contribution! With only 16 disciples, we gave over 4X for our Special Missions Contribution – all by the grace of God! Please keep praying for us, as Lord willing, we will be sent out in January to become the Santa Barbara International Christian Church!

Chris Broom: Greetings from Orange County! God has truly been working powerfully over the past few weeks! Romans 8:28 states, “And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love Him, who have been called according to His purpose.” This was evident at our 2013 New Member Orientation on November 9th as around 60 gathered to celebrate all that God has done! We were blessed to hear from four of our incredible couples in Orange County who were eye witnesses to God’s miracles since the beginning of our movement! Here’s what was shared: Tony & Therese Untalan: Portland – Where It All Began! Russ & Lana Preston: Go Anywhere! Why We Moved To Portland! Chris & Kerri-Sue Adams: Do Anything! Why We United With Portland! Sal & Patricia Velasco: Give Up Everything! Revival In Los Angeles!

The highlight of the evening for me was the sharing of the young Christians as we heard so many incredible stories and new-found convictions! Perhaps most moving is the story of the baptism of our newest brother Jose Rodriguez who was adopted by Russ & Lana Preston last year as a young teen. His biological parents as well as other relatives and friends were at church to witness the miracle! This was an answer to prayer for Jose’s older biological sisters, Erica and Bree, who are both faithful disciples in the OC Campus and Teen Ministry!

Jose’s adoption into the Preston Family led to his adoption into God’s Family!

Finally, God blessed our faith as we blew out our Thanksgiving Missions Contribution! Our goal was $20,571 and we gave $23,103! Not only that, but this past weekend, 56 of our disciples volunteered at the 2013 Graffiti Run in order to get a head start raising money for next year’s Missions Contribution! We can’t wait to see what our God will do in 2014!

Nick Bordieri of MERCYworldwide: “Let your light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in Heaven.” (Matthew 5:16) Saturday and Sunday, November 23 & 24, MERCY Ambassadors let their light brightly shine by serving behind the scenes to help the Graffiti Run Organization hold their Los Angeles Event with over 4,000 participants! The 56 MERCY Volunteers from the OC Region worked tirelessly, joyfully and excellently over the two days!

The OC MERCY Ambassadors gave it all they had
to serve the Graffiti Run over this past weekend!

Quoting their Staff: “We wish we had MERCY Volunteers in every place we hold a Graffiti Run! Everyone is committed to do their best and no one works as hard as the MERCY Ambassadors!” An added bonus, literally, was that the Graffiti Run Organization paid each of the volunteers for their work! The volunteers are committing this money partially to Special Missions and partially to MERCY. In addition, my hope is that like last year, the Graffiti Run Organization will make a generous donation to MERCYworldwide for this year’s MERCYChristmas Toy Drive!

Luke Speckman: Greetings from Ventura! What an incredible month it has been! Brandyn & I were blessed to be able to attend the EMC and also visit the church in Chennai, India, which we oversee! The EMC was amazing and it was so good to visit the London Church! Hats off to the Williamsons for not only putting on a great conference, but building a great church!

After the EMC, the Speckmans admired even more
the Williamsons’ church building
skills and their family!

After the EMC, we spent a week in Chennai! We were greeted at the airport at 2AM with a crowd of 50 disciples singing, We Love You With The Love Of The Lord! For our entire stay, we were served and taken care of like royalty! The church there is remarkably hospitable! We are so grateful for the Rajans and their partnership in the gospel and for the Kernans who spent almost three months leading the Chennai Church while Raja was recovering from his injured back. While we were in Chennai, we appointed two incredible Shepherding Couples: Thomas & Shirly Vijayan and Johnson & Vandana Gona! I know they will be a great help to the Chennai Church as it continues to grow!

“The Chennai Chorus” welcomes the Speckmans at 2AM!

Enjoying sweet fellowship – “Tamil style!”
The Speckmans and the Rajans with the newly
appointed Shepherding Couples – the Gonas
(far left) and the Vijayans (far right)!

We left Richie & Elizabeth McDonnell, the Santa Barbara Sector Leaders, in charge of the Ventura Region in our absence. They did such an exemplary job leading the region! Brandyn & I were out of the country for 16 days, including the Sunday of our Thanksgiving Contribution and the 12 days leading up to it! Richie led the Ventura Region to blow out the contribution, collecting nearly 110% of our goal! They also had two baptisms when we were out of the country!

Today, we had an incredible service back in Ventura! With just over 100 at service, it was our highest attendance for a “non-push Sunday!” We showed a slide show from our travels, which was very impacting to everyone in the region. We closed out the service with the send-off of Bobby and Marcel who are headed to Florida to join the Gainesville Mission Team! Please keep us and the Ventura Region in your prayers!

Marcel and Bobby are greatly honored to be selected for the Gainesville Mission Team!


NEWS FLASH – Jeremiah Clark: Greetings from the Mile High City where the faith of the Mighty Denver Disciples continues to rise higher and higher! God has moved powerfully over the last three weeks as we have seen seven added to our number – three baptisms and four place memberships! Just last week, we had 80 in attendance at our first Bring Your Neighbor Day Service entitled, After the Flood! This was our largest attendance to date outside of our Inaugural Service!

One of the couples that placed membership was Matthew & Marlo Lovacheff. Matthew & Marlo are amazing disciples with the conviction and heart to be part of a unified and sold-out discipling movement! Matthew & Marlo shared how they watched the church they were a part of in our former movement abandon discipling, abandon the global vision to evangelize the world in our generation, and then embrace autonomy. This led to a lukewarm and unloving fellowship in which the region that they were a part of hadn’t seen a man baptized in over two years. Earlier this month, their longtime friends Mike & Dena Sanicola reached out to them and God moved their hearts to visit the Denver ICC. They were so blown away by the faith, love and conviction of the disciples that they decided that week to place membership in the Denver Church and once again embrace the mission!

Over the last three weeks, we saw Rico, a UC Boulder freshman; Christy, an amazing married woman who has wrestled with God for years; and Gabe, a Metro State student all baptized into Christ! Gabe’s testimony was particularly inspiring! Just three weeks ago, Gabe sat in the cafeteria on campus and watched as our Metro State Campus Ministry gathered to pray that God would lead them to those that were open to hear the “good news!” Amazingly, Gabe noticed them praying and prayed a simple prayer himself. Gabe prayed, “Lord, if they are your true worshipers and if you want me to meet them, then I pray that you will guide them to me and that they will share the gospel with me.” Encouragingly, Gabe was the second person that they shared with that day and today he became your brother in Christ!

Gabe comes out of the baptistry ready to vigorously serve the Lord!

We stand in awe of God, for since our arrival to plant the Denver Church in July, He has added 21 to our number in these last 20 weeks! So inspiring, 16 of those additions have come in the last 10 weeks bringing the total number of sold-out disciples in the Denver Church to 41! We love you all and to God be the glory!

With Christy’s amazing baptism, the Mighty Denver
Church numbers 41 sold-out disciples!

NEWS FLASH – Maria Franklin: “The Lord’s hand was with them, and a great number of people believed and turned to the Lord.”(Acts 11:21) So much good news for Chicago and so much to be thankful for to our heavenly Father! First, God’s hand has graciously been with us here as in the past four Sundays 10 precious souls have been baptized into the Lord! One record breaking service was on November 3rd, when five people were baptized on that day! In the Chicago ICC’s history that has never been done before!

Chicago’s record five baptisms in one day on
November 3rd: Anteaus, Brandon, Gabby,
Keneicka and Yanira! 

Today, we collected our Thanksgiving Special Missions Contribution and the disciples gave generously and cheerfully as $55,003 was contributed smashing our goal of $45,976! Amazingly, for the entire year of 2013, through our “tagging” efforts, we raised a little under $51,000 in 13 Saturdays which was used toward two missions contributions, getting people to the GLC, and IGNITE!

The following week, Kofi & Karen were baptized!

November has also been a double record breaking month for the HYPER Teen Ministry as two weeks ago, we held our very first Teen Bible Talk at a high school. Incredibly, the first week, there were 19 visitors, and the second week there were 16 visitors! Surely the harvest is plentiful with teens!

Then the next week, Joe and Chitara
joined the Chicago Family! 

And this week, Greta became Chicago’s tenth
baptism this month – the third off
Columbia’s Campus!

Last Sunday, we had our Thanksgiving Bring Your Neighbor Day Service where 382 were in attendance! After an incredible sermon preached by Jay Shelbrack about Gratitude, we all enjoyed a complete Thanksgiving feast feast with “glad and sincere hearts!” (Acts 2:46) More amazing to us was that today we set a record attendance for a “non-push Sunday” at 387! To God be the glory!

Evan Bartholomew: Greetings from San Diego! God has been so good to His saints here, as He continues to “lead us in triumphal procession” in everything we set out to do! (2 Corinthians 2:14) On Halloween night, Derrick – a SDSU student – was baptized! Therefore, the 25 sold-out San Diego disciples at the start of 2013 were blessed to witness our 24th addition of the year composed of 19 baptisms and 5 placed memberships! Amazingly, over 45% of our church is now made up of new disciples!

Baptized on Halloween night, Derrick – like all true
disciples – strips off all of his masks!

Also very inspiring in the church, has been the heart and commitment of the disciples to raise money for our Thanksgiving Missions Contribution! The disciples worked tirelessly almost every Saturday morning to tag for missions. Through their efforts, we “killed” our goal of $13,990 as we collected $16,805!

Last, but certainly not the least, the Mission Bay International Christian Church is proud to release our latest version of our website. Our WebDeacons, along with myself, have spent countless hours to update our website with a brand new logo, articles, sermons, Bible Talk lessons, and more! Since our generation is becoming more and more “sucked into” the net, our hope is to increase our field of positive influence and draw in more and more lost souls. Please check it out when you get a moment: Thank you all for your partnership in the gospel! Have a very Happy Thanksgiving from all your brothers and sisters in San Diego!

The new San Diego (Mission Bay) ICC logo!

Matt Sullivan of Orlando: “Therefore we do not lose heart. Though outwardly we are wasting away, yet inwardly we are being renewed day by day. For our light and momentary troubles are achieving for us an eternal glory that far outweighs them all (2 Corinthians 4:16-17) For many of us in the Orlando Church Family, the last two months of “the light and momentary troubles” seemed too much… YET we chose not to lose heart; we turned to God in repentance; we focused on the renewal of our faith; and we fixed our eyes on Jesus – and there has been a lot to rejoice about!

The Lord added four awesome men to our fellowship in the last three weeks through the miracle of baptism: Carlos, Johnathan, Rocky and Joe – who is the son of Ted & Kathy Green! Each of these men COUNTED THE COST! Joe had to give up everything from his past and totally put his trust and confidence in God rather than himself, while Carlos was persecuted by family, Johnathan was severely persecuted by former friends and had to move out of his house, and Rocky was persecuted by religious family members but all stood the test and JESUS came first! We are very proud of these men of God and their example to withstand “light and momentary troubles in order to achieve eternal glory!

Joe puts his confidence solely in the Lord
and rejoices in his salvation!

Rocky does not become “rocky soil,” but stands
up for Jesus through all kinds of persecutions!

Sunday was also amazing as an incredible sister from Syracuse – Penny Armstrong – placed membership, as well it was our Annual Thanksgiving Special Contribution! Our goal was OVER THE TOP in order to send finances to the movement, propel Orlando forward in the coming months, and to plant Gainesville. The disciples already gave over 15X in April to become self-supporting and a special gift was given to the church unexpectedly to put us at a 30X contribution… Now in order to do all we set out to do, we strove for another 20X contribution! The Lord blessed the hard work, sacrifice, incredible faith and love of the Lord and gave us a great victory of over $46,800 with more coming in! I am so proud of the heart of the Orlando Church! God is amazing and trulystoops down to make us great!”

Andrew Smellie: “Then they asked him, ‘What must we do to do the works God requires?’ Jesus answered, ‘The work of God is this: to believe in the one He has sent.'” (John 6:28-29) Greetings from the “Concrete Jungle” of New York City! Since returning from a powerful European Missions Conference in London, the Lord has blessed our decision “to believe” in His power as we have seen two zealous campus baptisms (Taiwo and Lissete); the inspiring place membership of Janice Bocage; a successful Missions Contribution; and 80 disciples overwhelming the American Red Cross and giving 55 units of blood for our MERCYworldwide Blood Drive!

Andrew preaching with deep conviction
at the 2013 EMC!

The NYC MERCY Ambassadors literally gave their blood for the cause!

Janice’s decision to place membership with the New York City Church has truly been the result of the guiding Spirit of God! As a married woman with two teenage sons, she has been a disciple of Jesus in the ICOC since 1990. However, in 2005 with the ICOC returning to a Mainline theology, she noticed the distance in her relationships and the spiritual lukewarmness in the church. Sadly, Janice even endured her husband falling away.

As her husband began making plans recently to move for his job to Orlando, Janice was desperate to find the church whose convictions had saved her soul! She searched for the Orlando ICOC Website, however on that day their website was down and the internet redirected her to the Orlando ICC Website! From there, she found the NYC ICC information and called the sisters here! After coming to church last week with her two sons, she was in tears and exclaimed, “This is the church that I was baptized into!” Today, as she shared her gratitude in tears, the church joyfully sang, We Love You With The Love Of The Lord, and her son Timothy, who was eager to study the Bible, studied Seeking God with the brothers after the service!

Janice through the work of the Holy Spirit on the internet finds “the church that she
was baptized into!”

Motivated by the grace of God, we exceeded our 7X Thanksgiving Contribution last week! With a goal of $36,331, we collected $38,125 that day, and today we collected even more! With more funds pledged to be given, our Missions Collection should exceed $40,000! Lastly, our first Latin Ministry Service on Sunday afternoon was an exciting success with an attendance of 43 as our dear brother Saul Saavedra powerfully preached about the need to evangelize the world! Please continue to pray for the disciples here in NYC as we yearn to know God and make Him known! And to Him be all the glory!

The energetic NYC Latin Worship Service!

Joel Parlour: “Land that drinks in the [snow] often falling on it and that produces a crop useful to those for whom it is farmed receives the blessing of God.” (Hebrews 6:7) Greetings from Syracuse! It seems as often as snow falls on our city, God bestows blessings over His people!

Since the beginning of November, the Lord has blessed us with two baptisms! Zasha, our newest addition, initially came to our First Principles Class. She immediately saw the difference from her past church experiences and was baptized two weeks later! Just three days after her baptism, she attended our first time Zealots Class for those with the noble ambition of going into the ministry one day. I know God has great plans for her!

Zasha refuses to be “zigzaggy” in her faith and immediately after baptism attends
the Zealots Class!

The following week, we had the honor of witnessing the wedding of Henderson & Sofia Khama! I had never been to an African wedding before, but this was a blast! A couple hundred friends and family came to the wedding and reception where people danced for nearly six hours! Several guests exchanged numbers with the disciples with the intentions of studying the Bible! Being from Liberia, God united them not just in Christ but now in marriage! Marriage truly is a blessing from God!

Lastly, we are truly grateful to our God as He moved in the hearts of the disciples to blow out our 7X Thanksgiving Contribution! With 7X being $17,395, we gave $21,436! And to God be all the glory!

Lou Jack Martinez of Honolulu: So awesome to have Kip & Elena – Cathi’s mom and dad in faith – really encourage the whole Martinez Family by spending a dinner with us during their stop-over here in Honolulu! Additionally, over the last two weeks the Campus Ministry has had TWO (2) AWESOME BAPTISMS, Nick and Brittany, which brings our Campus Ministry to 36 and the Honolulu ICC to 90 sold-out disciples!!!

Brittany’s glorious baptism!

Finally, our Special Contribution Goal was $19,000, but the disciples here really went to work for the LORD and raised $26,775!!! TO OUR ALMIGHTY GOD BE ALL THE GLORY, HONOR AND PRAISE!!!

Jason Dimitry of Las Vegas: The last four weeks in “Saint City” have been phenomenal! Sarah & I had the amazing privilege to attend the life changing EMC! We want to thank our dear friends Michael & Michele Williamson in London and Philippe & Prisca Scheidecker in Paris for being such great hosts!

The day after our return to Las Vegas, we witnessed a miracle in the wedding of James & Becky Mitchell! They have been best friends to Sarah & myself. We feel honored to have walked with them for three years – from when they started dating, to their engagement, and now their wedding! Truly, a gift from God!

After dating purely for three years, James & Becky are now married in God’s Kingdom!

Then on Friday at our Campus Devotional, two of our ICCM Interns started dating! David Jefferson preached a lesson entitled, I Want To Know, and during his third point, he wanted to know if Daniela would be his girlfriend! And she said yes! To top off all these miracles from God, He has added two more souls to our number! Chia, who is the co-worker at Jamba Juice of our awesome intern Jhoally, and Tamika, who is the twin sister of Shamika, who was just baptized four weeks ago! We are so grateful for all that God has done and to Him be all the glory! Happy Thanksgiving!

Ron Harding of Washington DC: Greetings from the Capital of the United States! In the first three weeks of November, after sending out this year 29 disciples to Denver, Dallas, Houston, Boston and Santiago, God has blessed our now 107 disciples with two baptisms and one restoration! Most exciting of the additions was the baptism of Simon Guteng Jr., the younger brother of Naomi and Ruth Guteng! Through the collaboration of the Hilo, Boston, and DC churches, Simon’s baptism marks the completion of an entire family being converted!

With Simon’s baptism, the Guteng Family Five is united in Christ!

Throughout the conversion of these five disciples, we’ve seen the worldwide unity of our movement, the beginning of the movement’s first deaf ministry, and the geographic expansion of the DC Church into the heart of Baltimore, growing from 6 to 13 disciples in the first 8 weeks!

Lastly, motivated by the grace of God, we gave $38,882 for our Thanksgiving Contribution!

Coltin Rohn of Boston: “The people walking in darkness have seen a great light; on those living in the land of deep darkness a light has dawned.” (Isaiah 9:2) Though Bostonians are seeing less light during these Autumn months, they’re seeing more of the “Son” than ever before!

God blessed our Women’s Day as with only 22 Sisters we had 51 in attendance! Thank you Theresa Broom for coming to “preach the Word!” We love you! God has blessed us with five additions this month: three baptisms and two restorations! Restored were Svan & Val Skulason – who were with us in the early days of Portland (2007)! They moved as they sadly thought they would find the same church in Boston with our former fellowship. After years in the desert, they have again found revival in the SoldOut Movement in Boston!

Encouragingly, TJ was baptized last Sunday through the efforts of Charlton, who recently placed membership with us from NYC, and many of the other brothers! Tuesday night, Sherry was baptized into our up and coming Singles Ministry through the efforts of Naamah Armstrong and many of the sisters! Lastly, Kyle an old friend of Mike Belmore’s was baptized after studying the Bible for only two weeks!

Kyle is baptized through the incredibly fruitful Massachusetts Maritime
Academy Bible Talk!

By the grace of God, and the incredible hearts of the disciples here in Boston who are willing to sacrifice in any way possible, we raised $16,400 for Special Missions!

Jeremy Ciaramella of Phoenix: “Therefore confess your sins to each other and pray for each other so that you may be healed. The prayer of a righteous man is powerful and effective.” (James 5:16) We are so grateful that God has been answering our prayers here in the “Valley Of ‘The Son!'”

First we had an amazing a young woman baptized through the prayers and efforts of the campus ministry – Sydney! Her “Berean” heart has served to protect her convictions as she’s been persecuted for her new-found faith by her family. She’s already in and leading studies with women she has met and has become a great joy to our ministry overall!

Sydney’s baptism inspired the entire Phoenix Campus Ministry!

God has moved and shown us His power and grace as we have striven to “excel in this grace of giving! (2 Corinthians 8:7) Josiah & Kristin Smith, our Singles Ministry Leaders, planned and orchestrated an amazing event called Music On A Mission which pulled together some of the most talented local musicians for the cause of raising Special Missions! There was also an exciting “silent auction” at this event which the Smiths were praying would include donated items from several famous sports figures. God answered prayers yet again with an autographed jersey and football donated by Cardinals superstar Larry Fitzgerald and basketball shoes and an NBA basketball donated by Channing Frye of the Phoenix Suns!

The most amazing gift donated to the silent auction was a “R1-LE Superbike” raced by Eric Bostrom & Johnny Rock Page currently listed on eBay and valued well over $10,000! Kristin – a newscaster – was also able to cover the event with a TV spot on the FOX 10 Morning News! Please be praying for the Superbike auction to far exceed our missions goal and if you know anyone interested it is eBay item #291022718079 ( Gratefully yours in His service!

If someone in your family enjoys riding motorcycles then a great Christmas gift – that would help missions – is the R1-LE Superbike!


News Flash – Michael Williamson: “Then I heard what sounded like a great multitude, like the roar of rushing waters and like loud peals of thunder, shouting: ‘Hallelujah! For our Lord God Almighty reigns! Let us rejoice and be glad and give Him glory! For the wedding of the Lamb has come, and His bride has made herself ready.'” (Revelation 19:5-6) What a spectacular weekend we had to start off the month of November as disciples from Kiev, Zurich, Paris, Madrid, Stockholm, Chennai, Moscow, Syracuse, Orlando, New York City, Chicago, San Francisco, Las Vegas and Los Angeles all descended upon London for the 2013 European Missions Conference entitled,GOD ALMIGHTY REIGNS! During this festive weekend, the Lord blessed us with two incredible baptisms and a restoration as 236 gathered for our largest Sunday Service to date!

The 2013 EMC Speakers and Teachers…
and Tim Junior!

There was so much to shout about and be proud of as we kicked off ourSpeakers Dinner Thursday night with hors d’oeuvres and sweet fellowship before hearing incredible good news sharing! Chris Chloupek shared about LA having more than daily baptisms this year; Menno Zoutendijk from Amsterdam shared powerfully about restoring a former Evangelist from the Philippines; my wife (in tears) shared her gratefulness for the partnership in the gospel that comes from a unified movement alongside London now surpassing 100 disciples; and Blaise Fuemba shared about baptizing seven Mainline Church of Christ preachers in Haiti!

The Zoutendijks and the Vermaats – the new Amsterdam Remnant Group Leaders!

Friday morning at the Church Builders Workshop (92 present), Tim Kernan moved us to tears as he shared about his fear of potentially losing his incredible wife and children to Dengue Fever while serving in India! His motivating vision was the REWARD of Heaven!

Through suffering, Tim’s preaching has reached new
depths of understanding God’s sovereignty!

Next Andrew Smellie gave a super convicting charge to lead by example. We then had breakout classes for the men and the women. Given the buzz afterwards, each speaker captured the essence of GOD REIGNING in Numeric Growth, Humility, Building Deep Kingdom Relationships, alongside the fact that WOMEN ARE CHURCH BUILDERS TOO! 

Michele’s vulnerability allows her to touch
the women in her audiences!

Friday night, we baptized the Russian-Swedish student Tim who is completing his Masters in Physics at the prestigious Kings College! Saturday morning, Blaise Fuemba’s tearful speech, Remember Your First Love left everyone in attendance moved beyond words! Saturday afternoon Kip, Elena and myself were interviewed and photographed by London’s largest newspaper THE SUNDAY TIMES!Although the entire interview was negative, I could tell that the reporter was moved at the gracious words that came from Kip & Elena! (Luke 4:22)

Tim – a “Russian-Swede” – after his baptism
volunteered for the Moscow Mission Team!

Saturday night, Chris “How Ya Doin'” Chloupek brought the house down with his entertaining sermon, SATAN LEADS THE WORLD ASTRAY THROUGH MEDIA before showing the incredible AMS Film EYES WIDE OPEN!

Chris’ many talents – preaching, counseling and film making – have been given over to the Lord!

Sunday morning there was a range of comments heard in the fellowship. One visitor said, “I’ve never seen such a diverse group here in London that I wanted to join!” One 20 year old disciple said, “I’ve never been to a conference where so many leaders were in tears about the mission!” Also historic, Michael & Maria Hart were appointed as London’s first Shepherding Couple! As well, we appointed Jacques & Jeanette Groenewald as Deacon Couple of Church Governance; Ola & Denise Kukoy as Deacon Couple of Finance, and George & Angelica Grima as Deacon Couple of Special Events!

The Grimas were appointed a Deacon Couple for Special Events at the EMC!

Kip closed the seminar with a fantastic journey through Revelation! His sermon lifted hearts, inspired hope, and challenged us in Europe to have“NO MORE DELAY!” (Revelation 10:6) We closed out the conference with the baptism of a young Indian attorney Samantha and the heartfelt restoration of Hillary Donnelly! God Almighty is truly reigning in the hearts of His people here on the battlefields of Europe!

Rebecca and Angelica congratulate “Sam” after her baptism! 

News Flash – Joe Willis: Greetings from Sydney, Australia! Exodus 14:14 teaches us, “The Lord will fight for you; you need only to be still.” All we can do is stand in awe at what God can accomplish when He wants to and be grateful to be part of His plan!

The Willises and the Clagues praying over Sydney University!

For our “spying out the land trip,” Kerry & I arrived in Sydney on Tuesday, November 12th and our airplane was welcomed to a fanfare of fire engines saluting the airplane by jetting water over it to celebrate the pilot’s last flight, but we took it as a clear sign from God that through these waters Australia will be saved! That afternoon, we had an appointment to see a potential Sunday venue that will only cost us $250/week! The other cheapest venue in the city we found was $2,000/week! Then, we attended an open house for a home that we just saw that day on the Internet. We worked hard into the night to apply for both situations and were given the Sunday venue and our new home the very next day!

Our home’s rent had been reduced by $450/week as no one would rent it and yet it is perfect for us: a 10 minute walk from two of the main universities and a 30 minute walk to the downtown area, which particularly fires me up as I want to initiate a business ministry alongside the student ministry!

Macquarie University is just ten minutes
from the Willises’ new home!

As the week went on, I was able to get with a dear friend of mine Mike O’Grady who wants to get his heart restored! Mike was with us in the church in England and visited us in LA earlier this year and was so impacted by the LA Church! I also was able to study the Bible with a minister from a local church who is leaving that congregation, and as well had several other people contact me from our former fellowship about the start of the new Sydney International Christian Church!

God then blessed us with a great school for the kids and being able to buy a car! We cannot thank our hosts enough, Ian & Margot Clague and their two daughters Isabelle and Hannah, who constantly served us and drove us around, lent us their car, fed us and prayed with us around the key spots of Sydney! Together with them, we have been planning and praying for the church to be set up since we first visited Portland in 2006! It was a very emotional time at points, starting to see our dream come to reality!

With the Spirit’s initiation of the Sydney ICC in
December, the Willises’ and Clagues’ prayers
for a discipling ministry will
become a reality!

Kerry & I want to thank so many of you for all your prayers that God has heard and granted us such a victorious beginning to the work in Sydney! Hard to believe but only three more weeks until we are sent out at LA’s All Congregational Service on December 15th!

News Flash – Tim Kernan: Greetings from Paris, France! In the last two weeks, Lianne & I were granted “the desire of our hearts” to be reunited with our beloved Paris Church Family! After planting the church in August 2012, we were looking forward to attending the 2012 EMC that November. Upon trying to return from England to France, we were denied our visas to continue our labors with this infant church! Much like the Thessalonian Church in the Scriptures which was on its own shortly after being planted, the Parisian disciples were destined to undergo a similar test of faith!

The Paris Mission Team in September 2012!

Indeed it’s during these times of difficulty and testing that true hero’s emerge and our work is shown. Lianne & I are eternally grateful to our dear Philippe & Prisca Scheidecker, the shepherds of the church, who stepped into the gap to lead the church despite great suffering – Philippe’s fulltime job and Prisca’s fragile health because of a successful bout with cancer! Their hearts were revealed during this “Battle for Paris” because despite the fact that Satan dragged many into darkness and snarled ferociously from the shadows they stood their ground… and Prisca in her true fashion snarled back!

The gallant Philippe & Prisca Scheidecker!

The list of heroes must include our dear sister Monica Vasquez who rushed to Paris to be with the besieged disciples without thought for herself! She is a true lioness and protector of the disciples here!

A new heroine in the “French Resistance”
to Satan is Monica Vasquez!

Also numbered among God’s modern day “champions in the faith” are: Anthony a “Kingdom Kid” from our former movement who was restored in the new movement fought valiantly “with his sword frozen in his hand;” our beautiful single sister Sandra who’s faith and zeal despite hardship is so impressive; our daughter in the faith Krista who received a boyfriend in London; Omarr “the Haitian New Yorker” who now loves ministry and wants to be an evangelist; Bernard solid fruit of the Paris Church with a bright future for he was baptized in water and then tested in the fire; Heidi our daughter who is a shining light at the prestigious Sorbonne University; Anais the granddaughter of a French Resistance fighter who is now struggling for France again; and last but not least, Alexandre who was restored last year and has become a close brother to everyone!

I don’t know what time will bring, but if we are faithful and never give up, then this test from God is the beginning of an amazing “legend” and foundation to encourage the Paris Church for generations to come!

This Sunday, in the quirky way of the Paris disciples, we had a “American Thanksgiving Service” and 12 disciples had 30 in attendance! Many of the guests studied right after service and everyone was very encouraged! Indeed this Thanksgiving, we have much to be grateful for!

Anthony and Krista celebrate American
Thanksgiving in Paris!

With tears in my eyes I’m glad to write: It’s good to be together again. Continue to pray for us!

Steve Frazier reporting from Abidjan: “Look at the nations and watch and be utterly amazed. For I am going to do something in your days that you would not believe, even if you were told.”(Habakkuk 1:5) God is indeed doing amazing things in the nations in our generation as we watch our churches growing so fast! Blaise and I arrived a few days ago to Abidjan, Cote d’Ivoire (Ivory Coast) to an amazing warm welcome! As Blaise and I walked through the gates of the Abidjan Airport, we heard singing from what seem to be angels whispering in French, We love you with love of the Lord… The disciples here just took care of us with an unmeasurable generosity!

The incredible Abidjan Church!

We are currently staying with Bekoins, who are Shepherds-in-Training. They are an amazing couple who just like to serve. Through them, I was privileged to have a taste of “bush meat” – squirrel!

We started an incredible Workshop where we had an attendance of 158 people and two baptisms – a sister Larissa and a brother Oulai! I was given the privilege to baptize them!

Steve Frazier (in the background of both pictures) was given the privilege of baptizing
both Larissa and Oulai!

There were two other services in Cote d’Ivoire who also had an attendance of 86 in Korezouzoua, and an amazing 15 in attendance in Biankouma with one small Bible Talk of two disciples, Bamba and his wife Christelle!

The whole church here eagerly awaits the coming of our dear heroes from the Kinshasa Church, Micky and Lola who have been instrumental in building our former fellowship in French Africa! Pray for all of French-speaking Africa to be evangelized!

Raul Moreno: “Give thanks to the Lord, for He is good; His love endures forever.” (1 Chronicles 16:34) Greetings from São Paulo! The Lord has blessed us with Wellington and Daniela being added to God’s Kingdom through baptism! Daniela is an awesome college student, and Wellington is the husband of Janaina who is a disciple in the church! Janaina’s prayers were answered with his conversion as he has been coming around for two years! He even studied the Bible when the mission team first arrived, but was not open at that time. This comes to show that we should never give up on people as the Lord can open anyone’s heart!

The Sao Paulo Campus Ministry continues to be abundantly fruitful with the
baptism of Daniela!

Janaina’s “unfading beauty of a gentle and quiet
spirit” won her husband Wellington to Christ!

Also, it was great to have Sameer & Loidy Frenzley from the great LA Church visit for a week in São Paulo! They are great disciples and great friends to Lynda & me and the entire congregation as this is the second year they have come to visit! To finish off, we had “one for one” in attendance today as the 74 disciples here had a total of 150 out for church! We love you with the love of the Lord!

Raul takes Sameer out to sample some of the local delicacies!

Carlos Mejia: Greetings from Santiago! We are so happy to be able to share and give thanks for all that God has been doing here through His Spirit, and we eagerly anticipate all the great news from around the globe!

In the past four weeks, six people have been baptized into Christ! God has definitely encouraged us in our initiation of an English Ministry as it bore its first fruit when Yamin, an awesome teen was baptized! His mother and two brothers are inching closer and closer to the waters of baptism, as they follow the example of the youngest!

Other exciting news is a young women named Lizette who was just baptized today! Lizette was invited by two brothers to our recent Woman’s Day! She was blown away and quickly made the decision to study the Bible! Lizette was reached out to at the prestigious Catholic University, the top school in Chile, but in just a couple of weeks she’ll be heading back home to the United States to continue her studies at the University of Chicago! We are so grateful for the Chicago brothers and sisters, for their unity in the Lord in receiving our sister, just as they did with Britanny, an awesome sister who was also baptized here in Santiago, and is now cranking away in the Windy City! What a sweet fellowship we share in the SoldOut Movement of God!

Lizette opens her eyes to the beauty of the Kingdom!

Please be praying for our upcoming Central & South American Missions Conference on February 14-16, 2014. Please register! Go to our website

Gina Dela Peña of Manila: Three weeks ago, our country was badly hit by the strongest typhoon ever – Yolanda! Thousands died and hundreds of thousands lost their homes. But truly God works even in bad situations! (Romans 8:28)

Masah, the wife of our brother Arnold who lives in Ifugao (about 8-10 hours drive from Manila), was restored last Sunday! A few years ago, Arnold & Masah were advised by their doctor to move from Manila to live in the province because of their children’s poor health. Masah eventually was overcome by “the worries of life” and started missing church. When the remnant was formed in late 2012, our brother Arnold joined us and started sharing with Masah about the wonderful things that God was doing in His new movement. Masah attended a few of our services and started studying the Bible, but her heart was hard and unresponsive… until after Typhoon Yolanda hit our country!

Kurt, their youngest son, asked her what would happened if Typhoon Yolanda would have had hit Ifugao instead of Tacloban. Masah was stunned and fearful and had the realization that she is not ready to die because she is not right with God. Masah also thought about her children’s salvation. So when Arnold told her that the McKeans are visiting Manila, she’s decided to come together with their children in spite of their financial difficulties. At the airport, while waiting for the McKeans, Arnold approached me and shared how Masah had expressed her heart wanting to get right with God. After getting together with the McKeans and Bible studies, Masah was restored back to God’s family last Sunday!

Arnold & Masah travel about nine hours one way just to attend church! They will be moving to Manila early next year!

Weng, who is in the process of getting restored, invited Jenny (an active member of our former fellowship) to come to worship. When Jenny heard that the McKeans were coming, she was eager to meet them personally and was blown away by their humility and warmth as the McKeans hugged her when they arrived in the lobby of the hotel! Jenny attended our church service that Sunday and was inspired, convicted and challenged after hearing the message! She approached me and told me that she wanted to place membership and “no more delay” in reviving her relationship with God. We got together and studied the Bible after church. Jenny said that it seemed like she fell asleep for years and now she’s ready to be a sold-out disciple of Jesus once again! After“counting the cost,” we officially welcome Jenny Monforte into our spiritual family last Sunday!

On Sunday, Jenny (left) placed membership from our former fellowship and Masah was restored!

Tamru Belihu of Addis Ababa: Greetings from Ethiopia! We were blessed with two baptisms in the last four weeks! One of the baptisms is from a family member of a brother who was baptized just three months ago, and he is studying with others in his family who should be baptized soon!

Eugen Sobolov of Kiev: Keep on loving each other as brothers. Do not forget to entertain strangers, for by so doing some people have entertained angels without knowing it.”(Hebrews 13:1-2) Thousands of thanks to God who allowed many of the Kiev disciples to visit two sister churches in November – London and Moscow! In London, ten disciples from Kiev were able to participate in the fantastic European Missions Conference organized by the London International Christian Church! We were deeply touched by incredible lessons of our brothers from the UK and US – like Kip, Michael, Blaise, Chris Chloupek, and many others – as well as experiencing the true love of the London disciples who greeted us, drove us, fed us, and showed us a real example of Christ’s love!

Eugen was greatly moved by all the speakers at the EMC!

Just after the EMC, Julia & I flew to Moscow where we saw another “bunch of fired-up disciples!” Several of the disciples from Kiev came – mostly the ones who were rejected for UK visas! We were shocked by the energy of Kip’s lesson (translated by Oleg Sirotkin) from the book of Ezekiel!

And thanks to our God Almighty because on Wednesday November 20th we witnessed the baptism of Nastia – a single nurse from Kiev! Nastia was invited about two months ago at her work by our brother Alex, who works in the same clinic as a doctor. Nastia was very, very inspired by God’s love and decided to be baptized immediately! But as soon as she decided it, she had strong persecutions from her family and friends. Thank God that after two months of battle, the Spirit overcame the flesh and Nastia was baptized in the Dnipro River’s cold waters!

Julia leads Nastia to the Dnipro River to be baptized into Christ!

Kirill Karasyov of Moscow: Greetings from Russia! God has given us such a great month here in Moscow! First of all, on October 30th, we had an addition – a powerful young man Sergey was baptized! He came to Moscow a couple months ago from a small town trying to get a better job and a better life. He was invited by a young disciple Maxim, who himself was baptized shortly before! So, mighty single brothers studied the Bible with him over the past month, and finally Sergey repented, was baptized and then God gave him an amazing job – “go and make disciples!” 

Sergey came to Moscow to better his financial situation, but instead he found his purpose was to make other peoples lives better through Christ!

Secondly, we were so inspired to see Kip & Elena and Oleg & Aliona Sirotkin for a few days from November 11-14, 2013! They arrived to Moscow directly from the EMC! Disciples from Moscow, Minsk, Kiev, Saint Petersburg, Novosibirsk and LA got together for our “unofficial conference!” For 40 disciples, we had 39 visitors! Everybody was inspired and challenged by Kip’s preaching The River Of God about God’s plan for the Moscow Church from Ezekiel 47! During this “unofficial conference,” God gave us a new vision and challenge: disciples from Russian-speaking cities should move to Moscow before the mission team will come to help strengthen the church! So, please pray for this plan!

“Christ destroyed the dividing wall of hostility,” therefore the Russian Disciples are one
even with the American Disciples!

Thirdly, just today at a meeting of the church, a mature woman Tatiana was restored! She is 57 years old! She was baptized in 1997 in our former movement. Unfortunately, she left the church very soon in 1998. During the next few years she tried to be restored, but since 2003 every time she visited she saw more and more lukewarmness and indifference towards her… So only this month, “quite by accident” (Acts 17:26-27), she heard about God’s new movement and decided to come! After the first service, she immediately started to study the Bible and even brought another former sister who is now studying Bible as well! Today everybody was touched by her amazing story!

Our dear sister Tatiana (right) is restored to the Father!

Vic Gonzalez: Greetings from the plentiful harvest field of Mexico City! Recently, we have witnessed the “life change” with the baptism of an incredible single woman, Yesy Carrillo! She’s a special needs teacher here in Mexico City. Her boss Araceli came to her baptism and said, “I have never seen someone change so much! I am so proud of you; your God is the real God!” She later came to church! Pray for Araceli.

Yesy’s radical life change brings glory to God!

Please pray also as we are working tirelessly for our Toy Drive. We have five “Christian bookstores” helping us! We are dedicating a full day on December 21st to the presentation of the toys to an orphanage. We will be having clowns and live music at the event! Lord willing, it will be nothing short of historic!

Last Sunday, we had the privilege of meeting an inspiring disciple, Marjory, and her husband Marcelo from Sao Paolo, Brazil. Even while on a short vacation, Marjory’s commitment to God was evident as she and her husband graced our service with their presence! Afterward, we visited the 42-story Torre Latinoamericana to view the city from above, and then went to dinner together. It is so encouraging to have disciples from other church plantings visit!

Marcelo & Marjory share the breathtaking 42-story
view of “DF” with the Gonzalez Familia!

God’s Kingdom is truly amazing! Pray for the harvest of souls in this amazing city “El DF!” Happy Thanksgiving to all the disciples Stateside!

Alexis Turgeau of Port-au-Prince: Greetings from the four congregations of the INTERNATIONAL CHRISTIAN CHURCH in Haiti! Today Jerry Charles was baptized in the afternoon after the worship service! I studied with him all the “FUNDAMENTAL (FIRST) PRINCIPLES!” He will now proclaim daily the true Jesus and His true doctrine of salvation! Pray for the Haitian disciples to multiply throughout this great nation!

After his baptism, Jerry joined Alexis as his newest partner in the gospel!

Debs Rajan: Greetings from the City of Chennai, the Detroit of India which produces more than 40% of the auto parts and motor vehicles in India! A rapidly developing city by all means but amidst its growth there are a lot of pockets in the city where poverty thrives, where a means to good education is hard to come by – truly a city in need of mercy! Therefore, it is with great joy that the Chennai International Christian Church has appointed Nivan Bhalla as the Mercy Director for the whole of India! This awesome brother is well connected with the pulse of this country and with the movement!

The Chennai Brothers congratulate Nivan (center)
on becoming the MERCY Director for all India!

It was a time of great rejoicing for the church as the Lord blessed us with Ammu and Hannah our new baptisms! Hannah, who is an orphan was told to leave the orphanage, when she turned 18. Both Ammu and Hannah are grateful for their new family – the Chennai Church – and were invited by Elizabeth our newest intern!

Hannah (third from the right) is enthralled with
her Chennai Sisters knowing they will
never desert her!

The church was so excited to have had Luke & Brandyn visit Chennai! The disciples were very touched by their personal sacrifice to pay a visit and to encourage them. While they were here, our first Shepherding Couples were appointed! The disciples were nourished by the Speckmans’ sharing the Word and love! Raja & I are so looking forward to seeing all of you at the 2014 Winter Workshop!

Best of friends for eternity – the
Speckmans and the Rajans!

Dear Brothers and Sisters, Truly we are witnessing the evangelization of the nations in this generation! Though there are a few “sold-out disciples” in the Mainline Churches of Christ and some in what’s left of the ICOC, the SoldOut Discipling Movement is the only clear hope for this lost and dying world! Typhoon Haiyan’s death toll of over 5,000 greatly saddened me as we do not yet have a SoldOut Movement Church on the Philippine Island of Leyte, so consequently these unfortunate souls died without even having a chance to hear the gospel. What saddened me even more was that during our time in Metro Manila, I had to share with this noble remnant congregation that the Manila Mission Team must be delayed six months to a year because even with our movement’s great financial sacrifices, there seemingly will be a lack of funds for this effort in 2014.

Kyle & Joan Bartholomew – the Manila Mission Team
Leaders on the University of Philippines Campus!

The Scripture most on my heart is, “How then can they call on the one they have not believed in? And how can they believe in the one of whom they have not heard? And how can they hear without someone preaching to them? And how can they preach unless they are sent?” (Romans 10:14-15) It costs money “to send” people to preach the gospel – mission teams! In the SoldOut Movement Family of Churches, the majority of our giving does not go to building magnificent cathedrals but goes toward the supporting the men and women who are called by God and thus sacrificing their lives to preach the gospel fulltime. This charge includes the raising up of young future evangelists and women’s ministry leaders.

The November ICCM Session at SBCC where now
75 students are diligently pursuing
their BA Degrees in Ministry!

Of tremendous encouragement, through the SoldOut Movement’s financial sacrifice, the Holy Spirit has sent out five Crown of Thorns Churches – Santiago (2009), London (2010), Sao Paulo (2011), Paris (2012) and Mexico City (2012)! Lord willing, in just three weeks, not only will the Gainesville, Florida Mission Team be sent out from Orlando, but also our sixth of the 12 Crown of Thorn Cities – Sydney, Australia – will be sent out as well! It may surprise many disciples that the tickets alone to fly this small 12 member mission team from LA to Sydney costs around $20,000! Planting and sustaining each of the Crown of Thorns Churches is expensive – but from an eternal perspective more than worth it!

Let us pray that Moscow and all the Crown of
Thorns Cities have discipling churches
in the next four years!

In closing, let me commend the entire movement for your incredible financial sacrifice in 2013! This sacrifice will have planted Las Vegas, Denver, Gainesville and Sydney, as well as inspiring new remnant groups in Dallas-Ft. Worth, San Antonio, Houston, Davao, Amsterdam, Guatemala, and Caracas! Let us together pray that the Lord will “open the floodgates of heaven” to give us the funds to go to the remaining six Crown of Thorns Cities – Manila, Moscow, Chennai, Cairo, Hong Kong and Johannesburg – as soon as possible! And to God be all the glory!
Much love,