Philippians 4:4…13
I’m blown away by the sense of family we have in this church. My wife and I would not have been able to move if it wasnt for all the incredible hearts of the disciples willing to help out in any and every way possible.  With Mandee being 9 months pregnant and a 3 year running around, you could imagine the stress that would be involved in moving at this point… Im happy to say that Philippians 4:13 and 4:4 were the scriptures on everyones hearts as you could tell by their deeds. The joy everyone had as each one poured themselves out for each other is only by the Spirit of Jesus!  In fact i heard it said “we should all move again next year as this was so much fun”! We are truly blessed to be apart of such an amazing spiritual family. To God be all the Glory!
– The Rohn Family
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I’ve never had so much fun moving! The amount of hard work from all the disciples to help move each other made it so easy and fun. The brothers were encouraged (and challenged) by how organized and well packed the other house holds were. Though also we were all greatly thankful for all the people who helped move us in and donate furniture that we needed. Acts 4:32 All the believers were one in heart and mind. No one claimed that any of their possessions was their own, but they shared everything they had. Were all settled now with multiple households in the same area and are looking forward to what God brings to our new neighborhoods. – The Brothers Household!
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The time had finally come. August 30th. Mass move out day. Of course, I had recently moved into the brother’s household only 1 week prior, so most of my belongings were already packed and ready to go again. The past few days I had watched as the other brothers frantically tried to stuff everything they owned into cardboard boxes; a difficult task, which involves many tough decisions. To throw away this old trinket or not. Do you really need to keep all of these old clothes? Well, I could only observe as I felt unqualified to make those kinds of judgment calls for another person.
 Yet the time had come, as I said. I had volunteered in my heart to help out with every one of the seven different houses/apartments that needed to move. It began with a 7am jog to get more boxes from U-Haul for last minute packing. (This would turn out to be a poor decision- sore legs).  Next I took a drive out about an hour away to grab the 24ft. moving truck, our best friend for the weekend. Then, the first house transfer began. Coltin Rohn’s apartment was moved into the truck no problem. Everything even looked like it took up 1/7 of the truck. Perfect! And then we traveled to the brother’s house down the road. This was not so smooth. For starters, not everything was packed yet, which cost us daylight. but the real issue was that once we started moving things into the truck, an unappealing truth began to reveal itself. Amongst the variety of hearts that get exposed during a move, everyone slowly realized that not all 7 houses would fit into this truck at once. In fact, the result was that the brother’s took up the entire rest of the truck. Looking back, its hilarious. At the moment, it was deflating. However, everyone gathered around and relied on the fact that God’s will was being done. All we needed was a simple change of plans. So, day one down. 2 out of 7 houses moved.
Our brilliant leader, Coltin, devised a plan to get a storage unit, acquired at an unbelievably low price, as a way to solve our issue. So after a night of sleep in an empty apartment, Sunday morning began. After Church, we had to drive the truck and unload it into the storage unit. Keep in mind that I am wearing the same clothes as yesterday, and food is a treasure because everything I own is packed up and I have not had a kitchen to use for two days. We unload that without too many issues. Charlton keeps us “entertained” with his new song “I’m a disciple” sung at the peak of his vocal range. And then we move on to the rest of the day’s tasks. With a completely empty truck, we head to the sister’s household, who completely show up the brothers. What a sight to see! the order, efficiency, and completion of packing from the sisters truly embarrassed the brothers. Yet, I was not disheartened, only inspired to work harder. I was in the thick of it all. Standing in the truck, grabbing boxes and items from our hard working family and handing them to Brian Carr, truck stacker extraordinaire. this was the smoothest of days as we traveled from house to house. Sister’s, Dawson’s, Dishauna’s. Nancy’s, and Cassandra’s. What made it all even more fun, was that I joined the small crew of disciples who, for lack of space, were forced to ride from location to location in the back of the truck alongside the packed boxes. A little dark and shaky at times, but no real complaints.
Oh did I say smooth? That is true if you discount the moment where we are traveling on some unknown highway (I am in the rear and cannot see outside), when we hear a loud bang. Then I get a call from Brian, the driver, who says he just hit the NO TRUCKS sign on Storrow drive, and to keep quiet in case police arrive. That was an exciting half hour in the dark, with Rico, Mahleek, Jovani, Thomas, Preston, and Shauna. All we could hear were the sirens of cop cars, but we would later learn that Brian was given a ticket, and police escorted off the highway.
Regardless, Sunday was successful. And I headed back to the empty brother’s place to sleep on the floor. I woke up to the sound of the landlord kicking us out of the place, for it was Monday and our lease was expired. I quickly got back into my moving clothes, now soaked with two days of sweat and ready for a third. It was the final stretch. Completion of the chaotic weekend was in sight. Starting at 10am, we were brought a breakfast from the thoughtful sisters before unloading began. Brian Carr was taken awy to Panama City, and his presence was missed. However, Preston Inkley stepped up in his stead wonderfully. After a few landlord disputes and couch legs being disassemble, the sister’s were moved in. Okay, one down, two to go. A couple more trips – to the storage unit and back, aided by some fast food burgers supplied by Luke Bergeron, landed us with a full truck again and fuelled to continue. Getting to the new brother’s house, down the narrow Chester street road proved to be a large enough task in itself. Our new leader Preston, our new truck driver as well, managed to get right in front of the house. But the final turn for positioning was too much, and he took out a parked car’s tire. The second casualty, joining the Storrow drive sign. The truck maneuvering probably took at least another hour, but once we started unloading, the process was smooth again.
At about mid-day on Monday we hopped into the truck for the final time, to unload the final house. Our evangelist was waiting patiently for us to arrive, while attending to his pregnant wife, Mandee. Once there, you could feel the relief in the air. All we had to do was form that last and most joyous of assembly lines up the three flights of stairs to Coltin’s apartment. All was well. Even when the couch needed a little extra strength and a three man team. Everyone kind of collapsed by the truck. exhausted. And Coltin capped the weekend adventure off with a few pizza’s for the team.
In the end, it was very fun and successful for me. There were a few boxes and items that ended up in the wrong place, and one couch that just wouldn’t fit anywhere. And sure we may still have a few things that remain unpacked in the new places, but we all have new homes in kingdom now. It was a weekend that helped me see and build unity and family. I felt like a leader at times, and I felt like I was confidently lead at others. This was my first time ever moving into the brother’s household and it was unforgettable. – Tim Roseborough
These past two weeks have truly been a great time of faith, fun, fellowship, and flexibility! On Labor Day weekend the whole Boston family helped us sisters move out of four separate households and into one! I’m so encouraged by all of the efforts put in by all of the disciples! Brothers and sisters joined together to complete a task only possible with the strength of Christ: moving 20 people from 7 houses into 4, in just 3 days with 1 truck! (Philippians 4:13) Our household is definitely grateful! We have all been super encouraged being able to build tighter bonds with each other! We’ve already had some trials thrown our way but with prayer and petition God has given us many victories! Please pray for us to be able to be fruitful as a household and to be the light of our neighborhood, which is home to many students from BU and BC!
– The Sisters Household




Much Love!