Mercy Worldwide 2012


What an Incredible time as disciples from all over London came together to collect food for the poor. With the help of the Barking Food Bank disciples were able to stand out front of ASDA (grocery store equivalent to Wal-Mart) and ask customers to donate items of food. With in just a few short hours God blessed it with filling two shopping carts and a plastic bin! The day went by so quick as disciples were having so much fun serving the poor in this way. Take a look a some of the photos from this encouraging event.

Disciples Gathering, getting ready to serve the poor:

The Coordinators for the Food Bank Collection, Michael Ochwa and Kia Pope:

Even Our two Pregnant sisters came to help support 🙂 Denise Kukoyi & Michelle Williamson

Ready to get food Donations:

Mary Jane and Coltin showing their skills at asking for Food Donations:

Introducing Michael, Michael, and Michael. All working hard to serve the poor:

Christine, Keithra, Michael and Kia rejoice at the Fruit from the day of Mercy:

To God be all the Glory, Praise and Honor.