May 5th 2013

Dear All,
Greetings from Manila, Honolulu and Los Angeles! Truly, Acts 12:24 is coming alive in our day as “the Word of God continues to increase [numerically] and spread [geographically]!” On Thursday April 25th, Elena & I arrived near midnight in Manila! Even so, most of the Manila Remnant Group welcomed us with a banner and the song, We Love You With The Love Of The Lord! Arriving a few hours later were Kyle & Joan Bartholomew – the Manila Mission Team Leaders!

The McKeans are warmly welcomed
by the Manila disciples!

This “spying out the land trip” was special in so many ways: For Joan, this trip ignited a greater passion to save “her people” – the ever gracious Filipinos! For Kyle, this trip expanded his global vision as it was his first trip outside the USA! Interestingly, even Joan had not been to Manila as she is from the city of Davao on the southern island of Mindanao. For Elena & me, this time deepened our relationships with the Bartholomews, as well as strengthened our bonds with all the sold-out disciples in the Manila Remnant Group which the Lord formed during our visit in November 2012. Especially encouraging were our conversations with John & Anna Malnegro and Gina Dela Peña – the heroic leaders of the Manila Church!

Kyle & Joan Bartholomew are greeted by their future
partners in the gospel – John & Anna
Malnegro and Gina Dela Peña!

Friday night, with the Manila Remnant Group numbering just 14, with the four of us from LA, and John’s older brother Nimrod & his wife Vis both disciples from Davao, we had 40 at our Friday Evening Devotional! Kyle did an outstanding job preaching that “the valley of very dry bones” in any nation can be transformed through preaching and obeying the Word of God into “a vast army” for God! (Ezekiel 37)

Nimrod & Vis flew from Davao to Manila “check-out”
the SoldOut Movement Church led by his
brother John and his wife Anna!

Saturday, Kyle & Joan, John & Anna, Nimrod & Vis, Alvin, and Elena & I rode in a “jeepney” and then prayed over the awesome campus of “UP” (University of Philippines) and the incredible Ateneo University! We also “set our feet” on gorgeous Rizal Park and the famous Old Manila Hotel that served as the headquarters for General Douglas MacArthur in World War II. (Joshua 1:3-5)

While on the UP Campus, Kyle & Joan experienced
their first “jeepney ride!”

Sunday was church! And God made it so amazing, as 20 disciples had exactly 90 in attendance – so many visitors and “thirsty remnant disciples!” The lesson was simply entitled, The Dream and all of us just knew we were living God’s dream – “Blessed are the eyes that see what ‘we’ see!” (Luke 10:23) The Lord blessed us with two tear-filled restorations – Clark & Toni Panlaque!

Clark & Toni are restored to the Lord
by the Malnegros!

Monday morning, we received the text from Nimrod & Vis who had flown back to Mindanao. It simply read, “The SoldOut Movement has arrived in Davao!” Nimrod & Vis are committed to leading this second Filipino Remnant Group! Then, we drove to the Tondo area, where Smokey Mountain used to be. (Smokey Mountain was literally a “mountain of trash” where 10,000 people lived; and since trash is disposed with fire, there was a perpetual smoke from the fires… hence the name “Smokey Mountain.”) Though the people who lived on Smokey Mountain have been moved to government housing, the Tondo area still redefines “poor” for most Westerners!

Tondo has a population of nearly 500,000!

The Bartholomews, John, Alvin, Elena & I all brought gifts to the children of Tondo: soap, shampoo, combs, toothbrushes and toothpaste, and of course, Elena was the most popular as she gave out lots of candy! Afterward, at the sight of so many children who were engulfed in a poverty beyond words that were the same ages of her two sons, Joan cried.

The children of Tondo were so appreciative of the
expression of “MERCY” by Elena,
Kyle & Joan, John and Alvin!

Lastly, we toured Fort Santiago first constructed in 1571 inside Intramuros, which is the original Spanish city of Old Manila! Here we gleaned an understanding of the incredible influence the Spanish culture had for good and evil on the Filipino peoples! Also, we learned a tremendous amount about the Filipinos’ national hero – Dr. José Rizal, who was executed in 1896 for his convictions just outside the walls of this massive fort. His martyrdom was the spark that set-off the Filipino Revolution against the Spanish government. What an inspiration for us all – to believe in a dream for which you are willing to die!

Kyle & Joan explore Intramuros – Old Manila!

Then on our return flight home to LA, we stopped in Honolulu to finalize the plans for Jake & Jen Ramsier to move to LA to train with the Bartholomews and the Manila Mission Team. Also included in the plans, is for Lou Jack & Cathi Martinez to lead the Honolulu Church, and oversee the evangelization of all the Hawaiian Islands and Guam!

Jake, Jen and Kaia Ramsier will be moving to
LA to train with the Manila Mission Team!

These exciting announcements were made today at the Sunday Service in Honolulu by Kyle & Joan, while Elena & I shared about them today back home in LA with the powerful Antelope Valley Sector! In the AV, the Martinezes have gathered the remnant and baptized so many others, which have allowed God to grow this sector from zero last March 2012 to now 53 sold-out disciples! The Ramsiers will serve the Lord in the AV starting in July!

Lou Jack & Cathi will leave for Honolulu in July!

During the 10 days that we were absent from LA, the Lord added to the City of Angels Church 13 baptisms, 3 restorations and 1 place membership! And to God be all the glory!
And now more news from around Los Angeles…
Rebecca Rico of the South Region: “Very truly I tell you, whoever hears my words and believes Him who sent me has eternal life and will not be judged but has crossed over from death to life. Very truly I tell you, a time is coming and has now come when the dead will hear the voice of the Son of God and those who hear will live!” (John 5:24-25) Last Tuesday, Lance & Connie Underhill – the Shepherding Couple of the South Region –  arrived in Florida to be with Lance’s father Carl. Carl was given only a short time to live due to a debilitating battle with a rare disease called “failure to thrive.”
Carl has had four surgeries in his lifetime, and for years he had not been able to be fully submerged in water because he would run the risk of getting water in his lungs as a result of a tracheotomy. When the Underhills arrived last Tuesday, Carl hadn’t been eating or drinking and was asleep the majority of the time. Feeling hopeless, Lance received an encouraging phone call from his youngest son Joey, who has been serving as an Intern in the Sao Paulo Church for almost two years. Joey encouraged his father by telling him not to give up, and that Carl could still make it! Even their daughter Alyssa who fell away some years ago repeatedly told Lance, “You guys gotta baptize him!”
So now “full of faith,” Lance began studying the Bible with his father for several days, but Carl was unresponsive. The day Mike & Brittany Underhill (Mike is Lance & Connie’s oldest son) arrived from San Francisco, Carl was told he only had a few days left to live. Also “full of faith,” Mike brought an inflatable pool with him! Then miraculously Carl became very lucid! Though Lance and Mike spent four hours trying to baptize him without letting water enter his voice box, with eyes wide open, Carl Douglas Underhill became your brother in Christ on Thursday, May 2nd at 11:00AM!!! The entire Underhill Family has been filled with a “peace that transcends all understanding” and are in awe of God’s great mercy!

Lance (back row, right) fulfills his dream and prayer,
and baptizes his father Carl (front row,
second from the right)!

Amongst other good news, the South Region has been honored to see two other baptisms, Dayana and Erubiel! Dayana, baptized last week, has been the first baptism in Long Beach City College since the Las Vegas Mission Team left, and the Singles have really worked to be united and have been blessed with Erubiel today! And to God be all the glory!!!

After his baptism, Erubiel (second from the right) is
embraced by his new South Region Brothers!

Nick Bordieri of the South Central Region: God has been very gracious to the Marrieds Ministry in 2013, as we are one shy of doubling our number from the beginning of the year from nine to 17! After five months of late nights and very early mornings studying and wrestling with the Scriptures, Jack Frederick’s baptism this past Saturday at Manhattan Beach Pier was truly a celebration! As we began to close-out the studies and count the cost, Jack was like a kid – he was so excited for his baptism and a new life – that he had trouble sleeping the last couple of nights! What is equally exciting is that his wife, Ana, is counting the cost as well and should be baptized soon! To God be the glory!
Jason Woody: Greetings from the Inland Empire Region in the City of Angels Church! This Sunday we had the theme for our service “Quo Vadis” – a Latin phrase meaning “Where are you going?” Argo, the Evangelist in the IE, preached an inspiring lesson entitled, Destination of Your Dreams! With the 38 disciples in the IE, almost 70 gathered to participate in this life-changing service!
At the service, Garrett, a student from Riverside City College, was baptized into Christ! Jesus gives us the radical call “to give up everything!” (Luke 14:33) Garret heard this call from God and not only broke-up with his girlfriend, but also gave-up a full-ride athletic scholarship to a school in Kansas, understanding that to follow Jesus one must be willing to give-up one’s dreams. It was obvious that God was calling Garrett… It turns out he took our dear sister Ashleigh Friends to Prom! After not seeing each other for a few years, Ashleigh shared how inspiring it is to see how God works, as a friend from her “old life” now entered into her “new life!” Please be praying for God to continue to move in powerful ways in the Inland Empire!

Garrett (right) gives up his dreams to pursue
Jesus’ dream of changing the world!

Lou Jack Martinez of the AV Sector of the Central Region: We met Cathi’s cousin, Helena Nichols, and her husband Pete at Tommy Gaines’ 70th Birthday Party last December!!! Come to find out they lived in Palmdale!!! When they came out to their very first service, Helena was BLOWN AWAY by the LOVE and FELLOWSHIP, but even more importantly by the WORD OF GOD!!! Pete was also excited but a bit more reserved, as he served as a lay minister in his own church!

Immediately after their baptisms, Pete & Helena
begin hosting a Bible Talk in their
home in Palmdale!

Well, they decided to study the Bible with us, and after Discipleship, moved by the Holy Spirit’s words, Pete broke down while praying after the study! He realized that he had been taught wrongly, and had been teaching false doctrine, even leading his wife astray! Both Pete & Helena were “cut to the heart,” repented, and were BAPTIZED on our daughter Christine’s birthday, 4-28-2013!!! And now we have a Bible Talk in PALMDALE!!!

Then Saturday, it was just an AWFUL DAY for the Devil in the Antelope Valley, as we held our Second Annual Clean-a-thon for Special Contribution! And today, Kip & Elena came up for our Sunday service to make the announcement that Cathi & I will be heading out to Hawaii to lead the church in HONOLULU!!! We are sooo incredibly FIRED-UP!!! But we STILL have much to do right here in our beautiful Antelope Valley, to bring in both our Special Contribution AND THE HARVEST of SOULS!

The AV disciples raise money for the Missions
Contribution through their “Clean-a-thon!”

Chris Chloupek: “How Ya Do’in'” from the AMS REGION! Today, we welcomed “ThurZday” into God’s Kingdom! Yes her name is “ThurZday” with a capital Z! She just graduated from AMDA College and Conservatory of Performing Arts. This prestigious school has been around for 50 years teaching acting, music and dance. Not only does she sing, she’s also now part of the AMS Actors Workshop on Monday nights! Our Actors Workshop has been pivotal in helping to convert several artists!

Our awesome new sister “ThurZday”
was baptized Sunday!

On Saturday, we had a church-wide Father-Daughter Dance! It was very heart-warming to see how true disciple dads spend quality time with their precious daughters. Special thanks to those “spiritual dads” who took to the dance our Single moms’ daughters! Truly, THERE’S NO BUSINESS LIKE “SOUL” BUSINESS!
Victor Gonzalez: Greetings from the MIGHTY East Region!! I am super grateful for the amazing disciples we have here in the East Region! Last week we baptized another student from Cal Poly Pomona named Ezekiel. Gabe Reed and the brothers persevered with Ezekiel for five months and last week we saw him not only come to faith in God, but make his good confession as he entered the waters of baptism!
Lastly, I want to say that I am personally encouraged by the Father-Daughter Dance this past weekend! I want to thank Chris & Sonja Chloupek for this great event! Everything was put together really nicely and I had a wonderful time bonding with my daughter!
Tyler Sears of the West Region: “Therefore, as we have opportunity, let us do good to all people, especially to those who belong to the family of believers.” (Galatians 6:10) Greetings from the West Region! Last week, we gathered at Westwood Park and introduced the West Region’s theme for the remainder of 2013: Ka Mana O Ka ‘Ohana – which means, Powerful Family in Hawaiian!
As well in the last two weeks, the Lord has blessed us with six additions to our “powerful family” – three baptisms and three place memberships! Gabe Agee, Nick Ladonisi and Randy Ackermann were baptized into Christ through the efforts of our Singles Ministry, led powerfully by Rob & Burgandie Onekea. Also, Stephanie Keyes and Oleshia Sanford joined us from the AMS Region; and a very dear brother, Hector Mogollon, placed membership with us from our sister church in Sao Paulo, Brazil after serving as a missionary there for the last eleven months. The disciples waited until nearly 2:00AM last Thursday to welcome him with our Kingdom Anthem, We Love You With the Love of the Lord!

Hector, a missionary for 11 months in Sao Paulo, is
welcomed to his new home in the West Region!

This Sunday, it was an honor to have Michael Kirchner preach the Word to us, as his brother and sister-in-law were visiting from Illinois – the first of either his or Sharon’s family who have come out to visit them since the Kirchners moved from the Midwest to Los Angeles over six years ago! He preached a powerful message about The Conclusion Of The Matter and challenged us through the wisdom of Solomon in Ecclesiastes! Keep praying for the Lord to do incredible miracles through the “family of believers” here in the West Region as we continue to “do good to all people” with each “opportunity” the Lord presents to us!
Joel Parlour: Greetings from “the OC!” Last Sunday, two incredible sisters Letty and Haley were restored! Then on Wednesday, Bree and Kevin (two of our awesome teen disciples who go to the same high school and have been hosting a Bible study during their lunch period) invited Carl Buckner (one of our teen leaders) to come in and share his testimony with the class. Upon arriving to the group that normally only has three to four attend, Carl not only shared his testimony, but performed one of the songs off his album to an audience of over 20 teens! By the time he was finished, even the teacher who sponsors the club was in tears!
1 Timothy 4:12 states, “Don’t let anyone look down on you because you are young, but set an example for the believers in speech, in life, in love, and faith and in purity.” This was our theme Scripture for the Campus and Teen “Led” Service! My incredibly beautiful wife Courtney shared some staggering facts that really prove the “increase of wickedness” in America. Two that really struck me are that four out of every 10 teens inflict self-injury and 1,500 teens commit suicide each year! Truly the youth of America need Jesus!
Many student disciples used their talents to inspire us through poetry and song, but the highlight for me was seeing five incredible young men come forward to preach! Ryan Lomeli (Speech); Nate Carey (Life); Austin Broom (Love); Carl Buckner (Faith) and Adam Zepeda (Purity)! It was the strongest I had ever heard these brothers preach; they all did an amazing job! To close the service, we witnessed Danielle’s baptism! Danielle is the third and youngest sibling of Gregory and Natalia – two campus disciples who were both baptized this semester! Please continue to keep us in your prayers!

After her baptism, Danielle is congratulated by
her siblings Natalia and Gregory!

Luke Speckman: Greetings from Ventura! The Lord blessed us with an awesome campus baptism last Tuesday! Jessica is a Ventura College student who studied the Bible with our three Campus Interns! Kiana (moving to the OC Region this summer) quickly took Jessica under her wing, helping to make her into a disciple as well as her new best friend!! Please pray for us as we prepare to send-out and plant the Santa Barbara Sector next month to be led by Richie & Elizabeth McDonnell! Also a special thank you to Chicago and Phoenix who are sending disciples there to help make this happen! We love you guys!

Elizabeth, Kiana and Ashley rejoice with
Jessica as she enters the Kingdom!


And now more news from around the world…
NEWS FLASH – Gina Dela Peña: Greetings from Metro Manila ICC! “The Sovereign Lord declares – He who gathers the exiles of Israel: ‘I will gather still others to them besides those already gathered.'” (Isaiah 56:8) When we as the family of believers are unified with the same heart, convictions and purpose, many SOULS will be saved!

God used Gina’s faith to inspire the gathering of
the courageous Manila Remnant Group!

The Manila Church had an amazing time with the McKeans and Bartholomews! We had an incredible Sunday service! People from all different parts of the Philippines (Ifugao, Cebu, Davao, Bulacan, Cavite & Laguna) gathered, as God blessed us with an amazing 90 in attendance!
Nimrod & Vis (a couple from the Davao ICOC) also came and have made the decision to take a stand for God and have officially joined God’s movement! They had their first devotional in Davao on Wednesday evening with Kyle & Joan Bartholomew and they had 20 people in attendance! Their “Inaugural Service” will be May 19th!
Another amazing and inspirational story is of “Emmy,” an Indonesian woman who was met through Facebook by our brother Mike Brooks from the Chicago ICC. Mike quickly connects Emmy with Maiya Eubanks who in turn, introduces Emmy to Nathalie Moningka – an Indonesian sister! Immediately, Nathalie started studying the Bible with her through Facebook and Skype. When Emmy heard from Nathalie that we have a church in Manila which is the closest SoldOut Movement Church to Indonesia (1,700 miles/2,700 km!), she decided to come to see the church in Manila to finish her Bible studies!
Nathalie contacted me and introduced Emmy through Facebook. Timing her arrival to coincide with the visit of the McKeans and the Bartholomews, Emmy flew to Manila and was blown away by the love of the disciples! After 10 days of staying and studying the Bible, Emmy was baptized after our church service today! Emmy understands that in order for her to mature in her faith, she has to move to Manila since there is still not a SoldOut Movement Church in Indonesia. Emmy has taken the challenge and we are now awaiting for her return soon. Emmy went away rejoicing and fired-up to share her new found faith and relationship with God with her family and friends in Indonesia!

After traveling from Jakarta to Manila, Emmy meets
Elena, Vis and the entire Manila Church! After ten
days of Bible study and seeing the love of
the disciples, Emmy is baptized!

Truly, God is gathering people around the world – young and old, men and women! We are in awe of all the miracles that God has been doing here in Manila! Let us keep the fire burning as we preach the Word and see this nation be evangelized in our generation and TO GOD BE THE GLORY!!!
Jason Dimitry of Las Vegas: “‘Truly I tell you,’ Jesus replied, ‘no one who has left home or brothers or sisters or mother or father or children or fields for me and the gospel will fail to receive a hundred times as much in this present age: homes, brothers, sisters, mothers, children and fields – along with persecutions – and in the age to come eternal life.'” (Mark 10:29-30) Greetings from the “Entertainment Capital of the World!” God has truly blessed the mission team as they have left their “homes,” and now the brothers and sisters have officially moved into their “new homes” minutes away from UNLV!  
Encouragingly, Jhoally received her work permit and has just been offered an office assistant position at Roseman University of Health Sciences by the Director, Jesse Stasher – who “just happens” to be studying to get restored! Also encouraging, the disciples have all signed-up to hand-out 5,000 flyers before the Inaugural Service, putting our hope that all hard work turns a profit! (Proverbs 14:23)
Lastly, we are so excited to announce that the Las Vegas Church welcomed its first addition, Becca Lamperle, who was fully restored to the Lord this past Sunday! Please, pray for the baptisms and restorations that are close to making Jesus their true Lord. We are fired-up to be in the battle for “Sin City” as we work for a harvest “A HUNDRED TIMES” what was sown!

Pray for the Inaugural Service of the Las Vegas
International Christian Church on May 19th!

Carlos Mejia: “As the sound of the trumpet grew louder and louder, Moses spoke and the voice of God answered him!” (Exodus 19:19) Greetings from Santiago de Chile! It’s been an incredible week! Lucy & I were so inspired to visit the awesome “Crown of Thorns Church” in Sao Paulo and to spend quality time with Raul & Lynda Moreno, our dear friends and partners in the gospel in South America!
One of the many highlights of our trip was meeting the 16 disciples that have joined us from a sector of the ICOC led by Renato & Maria Jose Tria! We shared many hours with Renato & Maria Jose bonding and sharing how our awesome God by His grace has restored our faith, and is restoring many former ministry couples to Him and bringing them into His new movement!  
Lucy was invited to speak to the women on Saturday for an inspiring “afternoon tea!” I had the honor of preaching at Sunday service! God is truly using Raul & Lynda powerfully to build a dynamic, loving and sold-out church in Brazil!
On May 25, Lucy & I will celebrate our 15th Wedding Anniversary! Since Argentina is on the way back from Sao Paulo to Santiago, we decided to stop in beautiful Buenos Aires for a couple of days to enjoy this wonderful city and celebrate the years God has given us together. As disciples, we are always about our purpose and with that heart, Lucy & I were able to “scout out the land” for our future church planting! It is very exciting to “dream and scheme” for every major city to have a church of sold-out disciples!

Carlos & Lucy celebrate their 15th Anniversary
while dreaming about sending a mission
team to Buenos Aires!

Back home in Santiago, “The voice of God [has] answered [us]” once again as an awesome young lady named Tatiana was baptized! Her younger sister is studying the Bible daily and is soon to follow! The church is growing stronger and stronger as each day goes by, and the message is ringing out through all of Latin America “louder and louder!” We believe that there are yet to come many remnant, or “veteran” disciples from all over South America, joining God’s modern day movement, and of course many powerful baptisms! Please pray for all of South America as we blow the “trumpet” of the Lord!

There are “smiles all around” after
Tatiana’s baptism!

Evan Bartholomew: Feliz Cinco De Mayo from your brothers and sisters in San Diego! The spiritual harvest of fruit has been ripe for the picking over the last couple of weeks! Last Sunday, we were able to see two zealous young men get baptized – Tyler and Chris! Tyler is a student at San Diego State University, and Chris is a recent graduate that works currently as a civil engineer! Both new brothers have been changed radically by the First Principles Bible Studies, and are excited to join God’s new movement!
This week was equally exciting as Amy – another student at SDSU – was baptized! Amy stumbled upon the Kingdom (Matthew 13:44) when her now ex-boyfriend made Jesus Lord and was baptized in the OC Region at Cal State Fullerton! Amy spent some time “[kicking] against the goads” (Acts 26:14), but finally gave in to the calling of the Lord and decided to turn herself in! My wife and the sisters in her Bible studies did a fantastic job studying and counting the cost with her, as she now shares their same convictions and heart!

The San Diego Sisters celebrate Cinco de
Mayo with Amy’s baptism!

So far this year, all of our new Christians have stayed faithful to the Lord! Please keep us in your prayers as we are working hard to bear “fruit that will last!” (John 15:16) To God be the glory!
Jake Ramsier of Honolulu: Aloha from Oahu! It’s been an incredible two weeks for the Honolulu Church with the arrival of both the Bartholomews AND six new campus disciples added by baptism!
We are so grateful for the hard work and love of Kyle & Joan Bartholomew! After serving our brothers and sisters in Manila and Davao, they came “home” to Honolulu to encourage us in so many ways! Most exciting for everyone was the announcement that Lou Jack & Cathi Martinez will soon be serving the Lord in Honolulu! The family here can’t wait to welcome the Martinezes in with the “unusual kindness” of the Islands! (Acts 28:2)
Of all the six students baptized recently – Blayne, Jamal, Andrew, Charlie, Camea and Janeen – our two newest sisters, Camea and Janeen, will always stand out in our memory. Studying the Bible at the same time, they grew so close that they insisted on being baptized simultaneously! It is so inspiring to see their gratitude not only for their salvation, but for the joy of sharing it together! Praise God for His salvation and the joy of sharing it!

Our newest Hawaiian disciples! (Camea and Janeen
are the two kneeling; Blayne is at the far
left, and Jamal is on the far right!)

Lola Lof of Kinshasa: Greetings from the spiritual warriors of the Lord in the Democratic Republic of Congo! What an amazing week as we had our All Congregational Service this Sunday! Yet early in the morning, it was very hot but we were glad to see 335 people in attendance! After some electric songs, prayer and announcements, we heard the sermon entitled, God’s Arm (“Zorora” in Hebrew) Is Not Too Short! ( Isaiah 59:1) To experience different roles of God’s “zorora” in our lives, four points were taught: 1) To Save Us; 2) To Help Us; 3) To Heal Us; and 4) To Bless Us.
One of the most exciting aspects of the service was the restoration of our brother Pierre, and what a coincidence to see him celebrate his 60th birthday! So the church sang to him Happy Birthday! Of note, the waters of baptism were stirred as Khadi – a lady in the School of Medicine at the University of Kinshasa – and Moise were baptized into the body of Christ! To conclude, we would like for you to keep us in your daily prayers as the Kinshasa Church is sending me to our sister church in Kikwit to strengthen our brothers and sisters who are fighting to save souls for the great Day of the Lord there! To God be all the glory!
Coltin Rohn: Greetings from Boston! So much “good news” in the last 14 days! First, God blessed us with Cory Blackwell visiting to speak at our Men’s Forum – What’s Inside Of You! Thanks LA for letting Cory come as he refreshed the hearts of all the saints!
Secondly, so encouraging was the place membership of Ted & Sheila Karonis! Baptized in Boston in 1982, they gave their house to the church and then moved with the mission team to Los Angeles in 1989! Now both are “strong and very courageous” as they are going after Jesus’ dream a second time, already hosting a Bible Talk in their home to build Jesus’ Church and to evangelize the nations in OUR generation! I’m very excited for our friendship and the way God is going to use this amazing couple!

Cory welcomes fellow “veteran” disciples – Ted &
Sheila Karonis and their wonderful
daughter, Joy!

Thirdly, the baptisms! Last week, Alan was baptized! Alan originally was brought out by Tim Power – the future leader of the Dallas Remnant Group! And a first for me to see, right before Alan was baptized, he gave a “four-point sermon” on why he is getting baptized! (Watch on our YouTube page!) This week’s baptism was Tim! Tim was met at Boston University by Mahleek Grant! Mahleek is our “secret weapon” on the campuses of Boston as he’s “so cool” that he makes friends with everyone! Tim quickly connected with Mahleek and after making Tim into a sold-out disciple by taking him through the First Principles Studies, Mahleek baptized Tim after Leaders Meeting!

Mahleek and Brian are ecstatic after
Tim’s glorious baptism!

Many other great things are happening but I do not have the time to talk about Record Attendances, New Christian Orientation, Kids Kingdom Ministry Training, Vulnerable Communions, Revolutionary Leaders Meetings, Interns, Visiting Disciples or the Outstanding Christians but let us all praise our awesome and powerful God for what He is doing here in Boston!
Philippe Scheidecker of Paris: Bonjour de la Ville des Lumières! (Hello from the City of Lights!) I am proud to report that for our Special Contro we collected more than 5,700 € ($7,400 USA)! And since there is still plenty of “Egyptian money” left (10 million of inhabitants in Paris is quite a potential!), we decided to join the effort of the LA Church and do another Special Contro on June 21st!
I am excited for the coming weekend, because I will be able to hug my dear evangelist and father of the Paris Church – Tim Kernan, who will be in London next Friday! Skype and long distance phone calls are ok, but there is nothing like being able to practice 1 Peter 5:14 – “Greet one another with a kiss of love” – after eight months of being apart!
Ricky Challinor of Portland: Good news from the City of Bridges!!! Today was great as it was Cinco de Mayo!!! Being that our Latin Ministry is over 40 strong now, we had our entire service in Spanish! Marcos Lopez who leads the ministry preached to an attendance of 220!!! We then had 30 minutes of dancing and singing from our “musically talented” brothers and sisters in the Latin Ministry! The Latin women sacrificed as they made over 1,000 tamales!!!!!
Another highlight were the three baptisms today! A newlywed couple, Jesus & Rosa Coloa and Ru Fernando, a PCC Sylvania student – our first guy baptism at that campus! Pray that God continues to work powerfully through His disciples!
Michael Williamson of London: We had an incredible worship service last Sunday, as the Lord blessed the church with our first baptism from the Middlesex University Bible Talk in North London! Tosin is an incredible guitar player, who has showcased his amazing skills at the last few Open Mic Nights along with his incredible semi-professional, “funk fusion, gospel band – ‘Phil 3’ (pronounced feel-free)!” He shared vulnerably how glad he was to finally have the Holy Spirit’s power living in him to enable him to live the radical life of a disciple! It’s safe to say our newly baptized brother definitely “feels free!” Also, with a 15X Goal of $48,870 US dollars, we raised $53,205 for the Lord’s work!

Full of the Holy Spirit, Tosin expresses his
gratitude to the Lord for his salvation!

May 4th was a very special day for the sisters in London as we celebrated our Third Annual Women’s Day entitled, The Search. God’s glory shined brightly, as He blessed our 34 sisters with almost 80 visitors – 110 total attendance! One dear sister, Coral McNichols, a single mum and mother of one of our teen disciples Simone, lives over an hour away in Oxford. She hired a mini-van and brought out 12 personal visitors, including her mum and two sisters!
Our main speaker, Maria Hart did an outstanding job sharing vulnerably about searching for God in the midst of life’s storms, including the painful loss of her third child. Prisca Scheidecker (who leads the Paris Church with her husband), Kia Pope and my wife Michele, also shared their testimonies along with a beautiful song and dance performance by the campus sisters. They were able to set-up Bible studies with many of the women that attended!

Maria Hart was outstanding in delivering the
London Women’s Day lesson entitled,
The Search!

Steve Ranga: Greetings from Sunny Syracuse! Spring is in the air, the best weather that God has to offer in Syracuse after winter’s famous “white stuff” named SNOW! Thank God for seasons! A spring wedding really celebrates the idea of new beginnings and fresh starts. Gary & Nicole received favor from the Lord and became “one” as they committed themselves to each other in marriage. The wedding took place in the open air next to a golf course in perfect 75 degree weather with a gentle breeze!
Please continue to pray for the leadership transition in Syracuse as Joel & Courtney are coming from LA to lead this awesome congregation, as well as for us, as the Spirit is sending us to the Mighty DC Church! We are truly grateful for the Kingdom and are truly blessed to make this move to get further training to help to evangelize this world in our generation!
Jay Hernandez of Hilo: Greetings from your brothers and sisters on the Big Island of Hawaii! Today was another tremendous day for the Lord and for us, as the “Waterdogs” were once again able to stir-up the Pacific Ocean for God’s glory by baptizing Burton Wallen! It truly was a great encouragement to my soul as I believe God answered a specific prayer of mine to be able to baptize a friend this year. Burton and I are the same age (46); we love sports; and we have kids all about the same age for which I was specifically praying! Chris & Mahe Directo (one of our Shepherding Couples) first met Burton and his wife Denise through their kids. They have been coming to things on and off for a little over a year now, but today Burton made Jesus Lord of his life!
Additionally, last week was our Special Missions Sunday. With a goal of $26,200, God truly blew it away as over $30,000 was collected! We love you with all our hearts!
Jeremy Ciaramella of Phoenix: Greetings from the Valley of the Son! Today was an amazing “International Missions Church Service!” The welcome featured brothers and sisters who greeted us in the language of their homelands and/or heritages – Uganda, Mexico, Chamorro (Guam), Samoa, Puerto Rico, Germany and of course the USA!
God worked miracles today as we had the honor of seeing our sister, a single mother, Vanessa Garcia restored! God also worked in the heart of our dear brother Jamal Ellis. He read from Psalm 51 powerfully during his restoration, humbly apologizing to his God and the church family. We were all encouraged today to see these two disciples come back to God and to also celebrate Santana DeJesus’ graduation from the CR Ministry!

Sandy congratulates Santana on
her CR Graduation!

Adding to the spirit of Missions Sunday, there was a huge surge of excitement when we announced that Phoenix is sending Mark & Keri Garrido to Los Angeles to walk with Kyle & Joan Bartholomew in order to prepare them to plant Mark’s homeland of Guam! We are also excited that our dear brother and sister Jose & Liz Corral are going to move to Santa Barbara to support the new planting in that city! The Holy Spirit said, “Set apart for me Barnabas and Saul for the work to which I have called them.” (Acts 13:2) Truly, God has allowed us to set these brothers and sisters apart in answer to the Holy Spirit’s calling! To our God be all the glory!
Andrew Smellie of New York City: “When the Lord brought back the captives to Zion, we were like men [and women] who dreamed… The Lord has done great things for us, and we are filled with joy.” (Psalm 126:1-3) God has continued to bless the saints here, as we have seen three souls baptized in the last two weeks! Last week, through the efforts of our Bronx Ministry, we were blessed to see the first fruit of our Latin Ministry, as Rocio Polanco, a single Teaching Assistant, became our sister in the faith after months of battling through the Scriptures!

So many NYC Sisters were instrumental
in helping Rocio find the Lord!

This week, two more sold-out disciples were baptized into the Downtown Manhattan Singles Ministry – Stephanie Sanchez and Ava Williams! In addition to these incredible miracles, God has also blessed the efforts of our disciples in setting an example for our community, as our dear sister Carolina Martinez – a City College Campus Student who was just recently elected a “Senator” for her class and Vice President for Community Affairs – was just selected as a Fellowship Recipient from the prestigious Colin L. Powell Center for Leadership and Service at the City College of New York! Carolina was awarded a scholarship of $10,000 per year for two years! You can see her interview on ABC Eyewitness News (at 1.26 minutes into the segment) at: ( We are very proud of our sister as she shines to glorify the Lord!  
The NYC Church is also excited to hire our dear brother Kwaku Sarkodie as a Campus Ministry Intern this summer and to get our present ministry interns to “full-time” status! With these goals in mind, please pray for us as we have announced our faithful goal today to increase our weekly contribution from $4,600 a week to $6,000 a week to support our vision and faith to “forcefully advance” God’s Kingdom throughout New York City and Long Island! Truly, “The Lord has done great things for us, and we are filled with joy!” We love you!

Kwaku, who is beloved by so many around the
movement, becomes a full-time intern!

Maria Franklin of Chicago: “Lord, the God of Israel, enthroned between the cherubim, you alone are God over all the kingdoms of the earth. You have made heaven and earth. Give ear, Lord, and hear!” (2 Kings 19:15-16) Today, our amazing Evangelist preached a mighty and humbling lesson on Powerful Prayer teaching the congregation on: Prayers Of The Pure, Prayers Of Faith, Prayers Of Humility, Prayers Of Purpose, and The Power Of Prayer based on the powerful example of King Hezekiah in 2 Chronicles 29-31 and 2 Kings 19-20. It was one of the most inspiring lessons I have ever heard! God has indeed answered our prayers and graciously “opened the floodgates of heaven” as the Chicago Church’s Missions Contribution Goal was $76,875, but God gave us over $96,000!

Last week, the Lord blessed us with two baptisms and this week on Saturday, Danielle, a 17 year old teen was baptized! Our beloved sister Janette reached out to Danielle in their Spanish class, where they both attend the selective Jones College Preparatory High School located at the heart of downtown Chicago! Danielle’s humility to the Scriptures and ardent love for God led her to declare “Jesus is Lord” in the FRIGID waters of Lake Michigan immediately following our “Ultimate Frisbee Teen Devotional!” It has been such a joy to my husband Anthony and me to be a part of a fruitful Teen Ministry! God has been so merciful to us as He has given us four new additions in the last two months, and we believe “even greater things” are yet to be seen in this wonderful ministry! (John 14:12)
Last but not least, Moses from the Latin Ministry was baptized today, on Cinco de Mayo! Moses was invited to the church by a former ICOC member who is now going through the restoration studies! Moses has eight family members currently coming to church and studying the Bible! We love you all! Keep us in your prayers!
Aaron Viscichini: “Don’t let anyone look down on you because you are young, but set an example for the believers in speech, in life, in love, in faith and in purity.” (1 Timothy 4:12) Greetings from the San Francisco Bay International Christian Church! The Lord Almighty brought the house down in our first ever Campus/Teen Sunday! Our young, campus disciples set an incredible example by leading a fiery Sunday service with 103 in attendance – over 50 visitors! (Our highest attendance since our Inaugural Service in September!) God spoke powerfully through everyone involved – especially our mighty missionaries Robbie Craddock and Cornel Buckner, who preached about Setting An Example For The Believers and Watching Your Life And Doctrine Closely! It truly was an “EPIC” Sunday Service!

Over 50 visitors attended the Sunday service
of the San Francisco Bay Church!

Raja Rajan of Chennai: Greetings from India! God has sent His angels to strengthen the hearts and bless the efforts of the disciples of the Chennai International Christian Church! Last month was our best ever as we saw 10 souls added to God’s Kingdom of which five were added in the last week!
Of special note was Rakesh from Madras Christian College. He hails from the state of West Bengal and has a dream to spread the gospel to Eastern India! We also had Dhiraj & Anita, a young dynamic couple who made Jesus their Lord! Please continue to pray for us as we press on toward 100 disciples before the year ends!

Aneesh and Felix are thrilled for Rakesh to be
raised-up to take the gospel to Eastern India!

Ron Harding of Washington DC: Greetings from the Capital of the United States of America! This past Sunday, the DC Church held our First Annual International Day on the National Mall between the Lincoln Memorial and the Capital Building! However, our faith was severely tested when we arrived at 6AM to find out that the city had booked a Nike Marathon and had a three block security perimeter completely surrounding us, keeping anyone from coming in until after our 11:00 starting time for service! The police were yelling at us and telling us to stay away from the very area where we were supposed to have service! So at 7AM, the 50 disciples that were already there pulled together and prayed for the victory we had all worked for…
The disciples spent from 8AM to 12Noon handing out the 1,000 leftover invitations, 500 Women’s Day invites, and about 600 business cards, while our ushers kept handing out our 400 bulletins for the day and pulling people in for the service! Our historic service finally began at noon with a “28 person multi-lingual Welcome!” During the service, God laid out to all of DC a glimpse of what “The Church in the Bible” looks like! Despite the one hour delay the marathon imposed on us and the rain which came during our food festival, 110 disciples had 508 in attendance!!!! We closed-out the service with the baptism of a “Kingdom Kid” – Cheryl Homes!

The “28 Person Multi-Lingual Welcome” to the First
Annual International Day Service!

With the grandeur of the moment, the breath-taking Capital Building seemed to be backstage to the power of God changing people’s lives in the middle of arguably the most influential city in the world! The highlight for me personally occurred in the middle of my lesson as one of the very policeman who was yelling at us in the morning, drove his car from his posted area and drove right-up behind me during the part of my lesson where I was saying, “No matter how many bills are passed and politicians and false preachers say homosexuality and gay marriage is not a sin, it doesn’t change the truths of the Bible!” We later found out that the officer moved behind me to show his presence to protect me from any “would-be over-reactionary people” in the streets! God is so good!

Ron preaches at the National Mall to
over 500 people!

A youth psychologist, Devante – who had just completed the Light & Darkness Study and then attended the service – was so moved by all that he saw and heard that he said he wanted to be baptized that night! He did the Cross Study right there on the National Mall, but his uncle passed away Sunday evening. So, he immediately rushed to New York City to help his family prepare for the upcoming funeral. After taking care of his families’ immediate needs and remembering Jesus saying in Luke 9:60, “Let the dead bury their own dead,” Devante told his family that since the funeral wasn’t going to be for a few days, he needed to go back to DC and get his life right with the Lord! Devante studied all day Tuesday and was baptized late Tuesday night! We here in DC stand in awe of the power and grace of our incredible God! You can see pictures, a video of the entire service, or just the lesson at!
Dearest Brothers and Sisters, The Filipino revolutionary Dr. José Rizal wrote, “Man ought to die for his duty and his convictions… I have always loved my poor country and I’m sure I shall love her until my last moment. Should men prove unjust to me, I shall die happy, satisfied with the thought that all I have suffered, my life, my loves, my joys, my everything, I have sacrificed for the love of her. I wish to show those who deny us patriotism that we know how to die for our duty and conviction.” Rizal did die for the “Kingdom of the Philippines,” so how much more should we have the heart to die for the dream of spreading the “Kingdom of God” to all nations in our generation?

The mural inside of Fort Santiago of Dr. José
Rizal’s martyrdom for freedom!

So be encouraged that from San Francisco to Santiago, from Portland to Paris, from Chicago to Chennai, from DC to Davao, the Word is being preached! Let’s all be praying for the Inaugural Services in both Las Vegas and Davao on May 19th! And to God be all the glory, honor and praise! Amen!
Much love,