May 26th 2013

Dear All,
Greetings from Los Angeles! On Saturday evening, the Lord blessed us with another terrific session of the International College of Christian Ministries (ICCM) at Kerckhoff Hall at UCLA! We began with the introduction of our newest LA Interns and thus ICCM Students: Debbie Bosch (IE Region), Kirk Hamula (OC Region), Krystal Legarda (OC Region), and Ryan Lomeli (OC Region)! Following, we enjoyed a very tasty Kentucky Fried Chicken Dinner! After some dynamic singing, all 35 students were given a very rigorous exam covering the Books of 2 Chronicles through Lamentations! I’m very proud of the tremendous effort that almost all have made in studying for this exam!

The motto of the ICCM is “Venia et
Veritas” – “Grace and Truth!”

Then after a short break and some sharing, we had our first guest lecturer as Elena & I taught the hour-long class – Jesus And Paul: The Initiators Of The True Women’s Liberation Movement! Our ICCM Session 5 concluded with an hour of deep and heartfelt fellowship! What an awesome way to spend Saturday night!

Professor Elena Garcia-McKean!

Sunday, Elena went to the West Region to welcome back Kacie Comisford during her weekend visit to LA, and I was so encouraged to be with the South Region! Just six weeks ago, the Spirit sent-out 12 of the 16 members of the Las Vegas Mission Team from the South Region. Such a great sacrifice and change of leadership definitely was challenging, but I’m excited to report that the South Region is in amazing “spiritual shape!”

There was so much energy in the fellowship before service as there were so many interested visitors! Then after some powerful singing, Oleg Sirotkin – who hails from Russia and is our future Moscow Mission Team Leader – delivered a remarkable sermon (in very eloquent English) kicking-off the South Region’s Summer Campaign! Also, Clark Burrell with his father in the audience was announced as the South’s newest “unpaid Intern!” Truly, the unified leadership of Oleg & Aliona Sirotkin, Tim & Lianne Kernan, and Lance & Connie Underhill has focused the region on “the only thing that counts, faith expressing itself through love!” (Galatians 5:6)

Oleg, Aliona, Lidiia and Sofiia Sirotkin!

Also very encouraging this last week was the visit of Michael & Michele Williamson, who have done an excellent job in building the London Church! The four of us were all able to “get away” for a day last Wednesday, so Elena & I showed them around Santa Barbara, where we prayed over this beautiful city, as well as the gorgeous UCSB Campus!

Michael & Michele visit the Santa Barbara
Mission with the McKeans where the
four of them pray over the city!

Over the week leading to this Memorial Holiday Weekend, God blessed the City of Angels Church with three baptisms! Please be praying for our bi-monthly City of Angels Church’s All Congregational Service on June 2, 2013, where Lord willing, we will be sending-out the Santa Barbara Sector Planting, which will become the Santa Barbara International Christian Church in January 2014!

And now more detailed reports from around Los Angeles…


It was another BAD DAY for the Devil as SAMANTHA (“SAMI”) MASSMAN was baptized into Christ this past Thursday!!! Sami is the teenage daughter of JASON & SHALINI MASSMEN, who now leadTWO Bible Talks at Edwards Air Force Base!!!

Sami studied ALL the Character Studies, and then decided to go through the First Principles Studies at a very gradual pace. Well, theLORD wanted to teach Sami the lesson of URGENCY (Matthew 24:36-42), so He allowed Sami and her mother, Shalini, to get into aFRIGHTENING CAR ACCIDENT!

Thanks be to God, no one was seriously injured, but Sami got the message and told Cathi and Kayla Martinez, as well as Sara Johns, “I want to go through ALL the studies ASAP!!!” And that’s exactly what they did!!! A very special THANK YOU to our sister AMELIA GOMEZ – now in Orlando – who played an instrumental role in Sami’s conversion, just by staying in touch!!! Please keep those prayers coming up the 14 Freeway to our beloved Antelope Valley!!!

One of the reasons that Sami was inspired to
become a disciple was the outstanding
example of her parents!

Melissa Podczerviensky of the South Central Region: “Those who are far from you will perish; you destroy all who are unfaithful to you. But as for me, it is good to be near God. I have made the Sovereign Lord my refuge; I will tell of all your deeds.” (Psalm 73:27-28) For the past two weeks, God has been moving the hearts of many here in South Central!

Last Wednesday at our Men’s Night Out, we had an amazing brother Jesse Herrera restore his heart to God! He has such an amazing zeal for the Lord and an “attitude of gratitude” that is very apparent with his actions! Jesse has been telling of “all [God’s] deeds” as he not only has more than one guest with him at every “meeting of the body,” but a young man whom Jesse reached-out to, Roani, was BAPTIZED into the family of Christ last Sunday!

Last weekend, before Roani’s baptism, we also had not one but TWO incredible women get restored – Princess Brown and Julie Alfaro! Excitingly, now that Julie is back in the battle fighting hard for the Lord, her teen daughter Rebekah is studying as well!

And the fun doesn’t stop there! We had an amazing baptism this Wednesday at our Women’s Night Out! Sharrice Long is a woman of “choice” – and chose to live a life pleasing to God! She was met by Jasmin Jennings in an African Dance Class they attended together. After doing the Discipleship Study, Sharrice came up with her own conviction to break-up with her boyfriend and move-out from the home they lived in together. She was already thinking about giving-up her job and finding a new one, but after coming to the Kingdom, she decided it was a necessity that she look for a new job that will revolve around God!“Mercy, peace and love be yours in abundance!” (Jude 1:2)

The South Central Sisters warmly embrace
their new sister – Sharrice!

Joel Parlour of the OC Region: Today we witnessed the miraculous baptism of Brandon! During his Discipleship Study, Brandon received a phone call that his very ill mother in Denver was in the hospital and having seizures that could make things even worse. We all prayed together and Brandon courageously continued the study. God used this scenario to strengthen Brandon’s faith, because just a few days later his mother was healed and released from the hospital!

Today at his baptism, Brandon shared his gratitude for the brothers and his new family in the OC! I am very proud of the brothers at FJC, especially Adam Blanco, for their perseverance this semester. The three brothers have had six men baptized, tripling it with no fall aways this last semester! God is not only expanding the ministry but strengthening it!

With the baptism of Brandon, the FJC Brothers
have tripled this semester!

As Courtney & I prepare for our move to Syracuse in August, we also have the privilege of overseeing “The OC MERCY Project” on June 15! Of special note, the volunteer coordinator for St. Michael’s Hospice, Shelley, worshiped with our Irvine Sector this morning and then ran a brief volunteer orientation at the end of service to prepare our MERCY Ambassadors for a “Summer Concert on the Lawn Event.” These two groups of at least 30 volunteers each will greatly encourage the patients at several of their Assisted Living Facilities. These patients have six months or less to live, so Shelley was thrilled at the encouragement they would receive from the joyful singing and fellowship of MERCY! We know that on the Day of MERCY God is going to bring them true disciples to reach-out with the genuine love of Jesus!

Shelley of the St. Michael’s Hospice conducts an
orientation for the Day of MERCY!

Chris Chloupek: “HOW YA DO’IN” FROM THE LOVING AMS REGION! We are in the middle of filming our first “Kingdom film” for the168 Film Festival Competition! Please pray for us to win!

On the set for the 168 Film Festival Competition!

On Saturday, Danny Drew & Rebecca Bock were married at the beautiful Pier 42 Restaurant next to the beach! Another of the many highlights of our weekend was having our dear friends Michael & Michele Williamson as our guest speakers. Michele shared powerfully through humility and Michael preached with deep convictions and a humor that endeared everyone to open their hearts to his message!

Mr. & Mrs. Danny & Rebecca Drew!

In conclusion, we will soon finish filming, then comes editing and the scoring of music. The talent, musicians and editor are all disciples in the AMS. God has brought us an independent film team who donated their camera, and the necessary equipment to do this film right. One of the leads in the film is counting the cost to be baptized this week! Pray for us remembering, “There’s no business like ‘SOUL’ business!”

And now more good news from around the globe…

NEWS FLASH – Carlos Mejia“Then Jesus came to them and said, ‘All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me. Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you. And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age!'” (Matthew 28:18-20) Greetings from Santiago de Chile! We are so fired-up to announce the initiation of the Caracas (Venezuela) International Christian Church!

The Caracas ICC gives hope to the 7,000,000
citizens of this politically troubled city!

Gerson Higgins and his wife Alexandra have taken an incredibly bold step of faith for the Lord, and have decided to align themselves with God’s Word and “His modern-day movement!” The Higgins, being baptized in Los Angeles in 1993, know exactly what a dynamic discipling church in the Kingdom of God should look like! Sadly, because of the rampant lukewarmness that decimated the ICOC, the church in Caracas was among the throngs of former “hot” churches that rejected discipling, made Bible Talks optional, and tumbled into the apostasy of autonomy!

Gerson & Alexandra Higgins make a bold
stand for the honor of God!

We are so proud of Gerson & Alexandra for their faith, vision and valor, thus we are overcome with excitement to have another fellowship of totally “sold-out disciples” in our family of churches here in South America! Yesterday, they held their first service, and with two people already studying the Bible, they have recaptured the dream to evangelize their home nation of Venezuela, the rest of South America, and all the nations in this generation! Please contact these heroes in the faith! (Gerson – Phone: 04142630995 /; Alexandra – Phone: 04143025558 / Also, please stay alert for the announcement of the date of their Inaugural Service!

In like manner, the Spirit has been blazing this week in Santiago! Our Campus, Singles and Marrieds Ministries were all fruitful! First, a zealous young campus woman named Maria Fernanda was baptized! Maria’s sister, Tatiana, took the plunge just one month ago! As Colombian nationals, Maria and Tatiana are more proof that Jesus is building His mission team to Colombia here in Santiago!

With the baptism of Maria, God is moving
powerfully to build the Bogata
Mission Team!

Secondly, Victor, an awesome single professional, was baptized! Victor has a huge heart for God with a personality and smile that equal in size and brightness! Victor’s been lighting-up rooms for some time, but now he’ll be lighting-up the world with the gospel of Jesus!

Last but not least, the Marrieds Ministry struck again with the powerful baptism of Amini, an incredible husband and father of three! His story is just phenomenal! As a true seeker of God, the Lord led him, not by chance, to a grocery market completely out of his way one afternoon as he finished-up that day’s work! There, one of our incredible interns Renail was purchasing some Dr. Pepper, a very “American beverage,” and Amini was moved to strike-up a conversation! Two weeks later, he is baptized as a true worshiper of God!

Amini has a very impressive background! He was born in Kinshasa, Congo, and then he moved to the United States when he was 10 years old! There he was able to receive a Bachelor’s Degree from George Washington University, and then later a Masters from Stanford! With a proficiency in several languages, and an already global vision, Amini is sure to be a powerful instrument for the Lord as we surge forward “tomake disciples of all nations!” And to God be the glory!

From the Congo to the USA to Chile, God has been
preparing Amini to be a prophet for the nations!

NEWS FLASH – Sarah Dimitry of Las Vegas: “I tell you the truth, whoever hears my word and believes Him who sent me has eternal life and will not be condemned; he has crossed over from DEATH to LIFE!” (John 5:24) Greetings from the saints in “Sin City!”

What was once only a dream has now become a
reality – the Las Vegas International
Christian Church!

In the first week after our Inaugural Service, the church gathered together at 10PM on Thursday to baptize Laquisha, a single mother of four kids who “twice over” has gone “from DEATH to LIFE!” She shared publicly how in February of this year, she was on her death bed in the hospital due to a miscarriage. In fact, she was pronounced dead by the doctors! However, God still had an amazing plan for her life, as she was revived back to life! She also shared that she seriously contemplated suicide as she had a severe loss of hope before the Spirit led her to disciples. Las Vegas is sadly the suicide capital of America. What a miracle to truly see Laquisha be brought “from death to life” – TWICE!

We witnessed another miracle on Sunday as we watched our first campus baptism – Maurice! He is a second year Business Major at UNLV! We are also so thankful that as of this week, all the members of the mission team have found jobs! Our hearts are humbled as we see God continue to move powerfully in this dark city! Please keep us in your prayers as many more are studying to get baptized and restored! To God be all the glory!

Maurice is the Las Vegas Church’s
first baptism at UNLV!

Raul Moreno of Sao Paulo: “I tell you, there is rejoicing in the presence of the angels of God over one sinner who repents!” (Luke 15:9) Today was awesome as we had our Bring Your Neighbor Day!(In Brazil, we call it, Bring Your Friend Service!) We made a whole bunch of invites that we passed-out everywhere! God blessed our efforts with an attendance of 113, which is more than twice our membership! After service, everyone brought food for an extended fellowship which gave us time to set-up all the new Bible studies that God gave us!

But the highlight this week was the baptism of Maria do Carmo! She is the mother of Mariana, who was just baptized a month ago through the efforts of our awesome USP Campus Ministry! She diligently studied the Bible for about two months, rejected the false doctrines of salvation that she had been taught for many years, and with a heart full of joy, Mariana surrendered to Christ at baptism! The whole church is fired-up about her conversion!

The Sao Paulo disciples join the angels in Heaven
in rejoicing over the baptism of Maria!

Cassidy Deaves of Paris: Bonjour tout le monde! Today was a particularly sad day for me, as it is my last Sunday service in the Paris Church. It has been an incredible time as I have considered this country home. With coming here in August 2012 on the mission team, there have been lots of victories as well as challenges, but that hasn’t stopped us from preaching the Word of God!

Just a few things I want to share that have been “good news” to me while being in Paris: First on my heart is the first campus baptism – Deanna Lawrence! God didn’t just bless the church, but He blessed me with a best friend in the Kingdom here on earth! She is very talented and has touched all of our hearts! Following after that is when the Grimas came to help Paris with open arms ready to serve, and with that, helped Blessing baptize his wife Eunice! Everyone here will say that the Grimas show the same love of Christ in their teachings and in their actions!

And lastly, the GREATEST to me was when Philippe & Prisca Scheidecker stood-up for God’s honor and humbly “stood in the gap” in the church leadership when Tim & Lianne Kernan were blocked by the Spirit from returning to Paris in November. They have persevered in all sorts of trials while considering it pure joy. (James 1:2-4) I am truly thankful to all the disciples here for their friendships, love and perseverance. I am not only leaving great friends, but I am leaving my family. I’m already counting the days till the GLC to be reunited with this incredible family! Please continue to pray for the Paris Church as I KNOW that God is going to do “more than we ask or imagine!”(Ephesians 3:20)

Cassidy and her awesome
boyfriend Anthony!

Gordo Esparza of Portland: Good news from the City of Bridges! This last Friday night, we were able to pull together and have an All Teen Devo! There we had one of the teens Josh Lopez “preach the Word!” I was so proud of him as he shared his convictions! Also, in the last few weeks, we’ve been studying with a young man named Luis Guerrero who was converted a couple years ago but because of sin he fell away. Miraculously today he was restored to God and is super fired-up and ready to preach and baptize teens at his high school! PIC

The good news doesn’t stop there! Some more crankin’ news from the very fruitful Latin Ministry! My mother, who was baptized less than two months ago, was able to baptize her sister – Maria Garcia! There were so many tears in the room as Maria shared so vulnerably about her life challenges, but how they ultimately drove her in her quest to find God! And to God be the glory!

Maria joins her sister and her nephew
in God’s spiritual family!

Coltin Rohn of Boston: “You will go out in joy and be led forth in peace; the mountains and hills will burst into song before you, and all the trees of the field will clap their hands.” (Isaiah 55:12) If the trees are allowed to clap their hands and praise God, then so are the disciples! That’s why today we had a “party” at church! We are having a blast in Boston, because God’s Dream Is Staying Alive with us! ( We are keeping the dream alive with the Spirit raising-up three new interns: Brian Carr, Mercedes Bonilla and Mahleek Grant! We are so honored to have such amazing disciples give their heart, time and energy into building God’s Kingdom and spreading His dream to all nations beginning here in Boston!

 The Holy Spirit has raised-up both Mercedes and
Mahleek to be Interns in the Boston Church!

We are also keeping the dream alive by raising finances through the efforts of “tagging” in order to not only send Tim Power to Dallas, but also another sold-out brother, who’s soon to be announced! God is moving! Please continue to register for the Called To The Mountain Retreat on June 7-9, 2013 ( and enjoy this preview about our film that is to be released at the retreat! ( We love you all!

Jeremy Ciaramella of Phoenix: Sunday service was a celebration! We sent-off the Corral family to the new Santa Barbara Sector Planting in LA with a prayer and the song, We Love You With The Love Of The Lord!The highlight of the service for me was seeing an amazing couple – Roman & Elyse Alexander – make Jesus Lord today and were baptized into Christ! Tommy Quintanella had invited Roman out to church! After Roman was baptized, it was awesome to see him take his wife’s good confession and then baptize her! Then the whole church gathered for a “love feast” – an awesome BBQ to celebrate! What an amazing day in the Lord! To Him be all the glory!

Roman’s & Elyse’s hearts are filled with grace and
peace as they are united in the Lord!

Matt Sullivan of Orlando: “The wind blows wherever it pleases. You hear its sound, but you cannot tell where it comes from or where it is going. So it is with everyone born of the Spirit.” (John 3:8) This past Thursday, the Spirit blew an incredible missionary family into Orlando from Mexico City: Brandon & Peggie Farrell and their three amazing children – Amanda 14 (a disciple), Esther 11 and Johnathan 9!

This sold-out couple has been on the mission field self-funded since 2007 when they gave-up everything and moved to Paramaribo, Suriname as missionaries in the Mainline Church of Christ. After several years, I asked them to move down to Santiago, Chile and to help us continue to rebuild the Santiago Church… And that they did! Giving-up all once again they went on the Mexico City Mission Team with Vic Jr. & Aurora and gave their hearts to start yet another congregation!

It was awesome to have about 25 disciples meet at the airport on Thursday and sing to the Farrells, We Love You With The Love Of The Lord, and then pray with them. Today we were able to welcome them in front of the entire church and honor these missionaries in the Lord. It has already been great to have the Farrells here and we are confident that they will continue to give all they have to build the Lord’s church!

The Farrells are a welcomed addition
to the Orlando Church!

In addition, Jennifer Dennis was baptized today from the AMS Ministry, led by Anthony & Elizabeth Eckels. After returning to Ohio from the Army, she read the Bible daily for three years trying to understand God’s purpose for her life. She decided to move to Orlando to have a new start in her life with her main goal in mind – to search for God! She met a disciple, Tiffany Taylor, who lived across the street and began studying the Bible with her! After much persecution and ridicule from her family, she decided to make Jesus Lord! She was so grateful as she cried at her baptism that she was like the Ethiopian eunuch, who was searching so hard and simply needed disciples to explain to her the way of salvation. Jennifer is the mother of Brook (8) and works as an insurance rep for Florida Hospital. It is so inspiring to see the Lord’s Spirit blow more “super open hearts” into the Orlando Church!

Jennifer’s conversion inspires the AMS Sisters!

Nimrod Malnegro of Davao City: For our first service after our Inaugural Service, we had 12 in attendance today on the great Island of Mindanao of the Philippines! Rod led the singing and gave the welcome. Vis read a psalm for our communion. I preached about Seeking God.My mother and sisters were with us again!

Nimrod & Vis (center) are discipled by John & Anna
Malnegro (left) and Kyle & Joan Bartholomew!

So encouraging, Rod, Dina, Vis and I along with our son Lance did our quiet time together at People’s Park. We had an awesome time singing, reading Psalms and “praying our hearts out” to God. We had breakfast together afterward. The good news is that Dina shared how much she missed having times like this with disciples, and Rod expressed his gratefulness that his wife is opening her heart once again to God’s Word! Rod & Dina and Vis & I are all looking forward to meeting-up with Kip as well as Jake & Jen Ramsier at the end of June in Manila!

Evan Bartholomew: Greetings from the saints in San Diego! This week was nothing short of miraculous, as on Thursday evening, we were able to see the inspirational marriage and baptisms of Kevin & Iesha! Kevin & Iesha were originally brought to church in Honolulu by Kevin’s cousin Curtis Valdez, who now serves as an Intern for the Central Region of the City of Angels Church.

At the time they visited the church in Honolulu, Kevin & Iesha weren’t open to studying the Bible. However, after moving from Honolulu to Colorado and then to San Diego, and with the news that they were pregnant with a little girl, they decided it was time for a change! Curtis once again invited them to church. This time, they joyfully came and quickly linked-up with the disciples!

As part of their repentance, we laid before them the Bible’s command that they have a righteous and pure relationship with each other, and then get married ASAP! This was particularly challenging for Iesha, since she had been dreaming of a big wedding ceremony, which included many of her family and friends from Hawaii! Her mind was quickly changed, however, after studying out Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross. Kevin & Iesha rushed to get their marriage license, and shortly thereafter, with an attendance of eight people, including Curtis and his wife Morgan as their witnesses, I was honored to marry them in front of the fountain at our apartment complex!

Having proved their “repentance by their deeds” (Acts 26:20), we then proceeded to count the cost with them. An hour-and-a-half later, they were both baptized in the hot tub! God is awesome!

A new start for Kevin & Iesha as they are
married and baptized in the
same evening!

Barb Shelbrack of Chicago: God gets all the glory as this has been a fun-filled weekend! The weekend started with Marcos & Elizabeth Lopez from Portland visiting as our guest speakers for our Annual Latin Fest. They challenged and encouraged the Latin disciples on Friday night, and then Saturday was a full day of food (which was amazing), dancing and activities for the kids! Marcos closed-out the weekend with a powerful Sunday sermon for the Latin Ministry!

Next, because of the Tia Williams (Dawson) & Cornel Buckner Wedding, so many family and friends from San Francisco and Orange County flew into town, including Mike & Brittany Underhill! The Sunday service was a special treat as Mike did the sermon on Unsung Heroes; Cornel shared communion; Anthony & Lisa Fellis did contribution; and the dynamic trio – Carl Buckner, Theo Dawson Jr. and Christina Dawson – sang! Also, Mike Ferer was restored! Then to close down the service, Joe Chiappetta and Chris Wooden prayed over the “Fabulous Five” that we are sending to be on the Santa Barbara Mission Team: Jason Collier, Dara Teamer, Dori Turner, Ka’Sella Matiere and Bria Henderson! To say the least this was an uplifting and faith-building service with an attendance of 370!

Chicago’s “Fab Five” are going to Santa Barbara!

Then Sunday evening, we witnessed the uniting of Cornel & Tia in marriage! The room was packed and the energy was high as this couple is so dear to all of us. On a personal note with all of this happening, our youngest daughter, Candice, graduated from high school this weekend! (It was very special as Tracy our daughter was here from Orange County!) Candice will be attending Illinois Institute of Technology (IIT) in the Fall as her goal is to start a Bible Talk there and evangelize that campus for God! A “BIG” thank you to everyone that worked so hard to make this weekend so glorious for God!!

Robbie Craddock of the San Francisco Bay Area: Greetings from the Great City on the Bay! This past week was filled with many incredible victories for the Lord! On Friday, we witnessed an incredible teen, Justin Picciano, get baptized into Christ! Justin is the son of Lisa & Anthony Fellis, two amazing missionaries on the San Fran Mission Team! Justin marks the first teen baptism here in the Bay and is passionately developing a vision to evangelize his high school and his extended family. I personally am truly grateful for him as he has become a little brother to me!

San Francisco’s first teen baptism – Justin!

Next, the church was graced to have two amazing shepherding brothers preach the Word on Sunday. Gary Ochs and John Zamora preached about the War of the Heart. This opportunity was due to Mike Underhill being away in Chicago for the Buckner Wedding! All the reports coming in have been saying how amazing it was! This couple has become so dear to us all and we are beyond excited for their union!

Congrats to Cornel & Tia Buckner!

Speaking of weddings… Ashley & I will be getting married this June 8th in San Jose, California! We can’t wait to see so many coming to the SF Bay Area to join us in this great moment of our lives! Much love from your brothers and sisters by the Golden Gate!

Debs Rajan: Greetings from Chennai! “The Sovereign Lord declares He who gathers the exiles of Israel: ‘I will gather still others to them besides those already gathered.'” (Isaiah 56:8) God is continuing to bless our Campaign! Prathap, who has completed his Masters in Social Work from the prestigious Loyola College, was baptized today! He was seeking the truth and rejoiced at his baptism that his sins were finally forgiven! Prayers have been answered, as we now have crossed the barrier of 70 disciples here in Chennai! Please continue to pray for us to be used by God to gather His people!

The Chennai Brothers hit the beach again
with the baptism of Prathap!

Dearest Brothers and Sisters, The 2013 Global Leadership Conference is just a little over two months away! Please register as soon as possible as we have incurred several expenses already. Also, to receive the extraordinary rates for room rentals, we need to book at least 500 room nights at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Garden Grove, California as this is the facility that will host most of the GLC!

This year’s Global Leadership Conference
will be held on August 4-6, 2013!

Also, pray for the Clarks, Sanicolas, Hardings and Elena & me as we head to Denver for the “spying out the land trip” later this week! The Denver Mission Team will be officially sent-out at the GLC, and will celebrate their Inaugural Service on September 15, 2013! And may “the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ be with your spirit.” (Philemon 25)
Much love,