May 19th 2013

Dear All,
Greetings from Las Vegas or as the world has calls it – “Sin City!” Remember, “where it’s darkest the light shines brightest!” So Sunday, with just 16 disciples on the Las Vegas Mission Team and 35 visiting disciples from the Phoenix and LA Churches, God blessed the Inaugural Service of the Las Vegas International Christian Church with an incredible attendance of 125! Jason & Sarah Dimitry have done an outstanding job building the foundation of this dynamic new congregation!

Jason, Sarah and Micky welcome anyone
and  everyone to the “Fabulous”
Las Vegas Church!

Also, after having the City of Angels Church Staff Meeting on Tuesday at the top of Mt. Shalom (Mt. Hollywood), our Father answered many of our prayers as He added to our number 12 disciples – three restorations and nine baptisms! And to God be all the glory!

The City of Angels Church Staff on Mt. Shalom!

And now more detailed reports from the different regions of the City of Angels Church…

Elizabeth McDonnell: Greetings from the Ventura Region! We had an amazing House Church Sunday today! In the Ventura/Oxnard House Church, 17 disciples had 47 in attendance! Also, our giving was outstanding as our 36 disciples gave $2,800 for our weekly contribution – about $400 over our pledge!

As the planting for the new Santa Barbara Sector rapidly approaches, God continues to bless our efforts both here in Ventura and in Santa Barbara! After taking a trip to look at apartments where the mission team will most likely live, we were shocked at the blatant wickedness that surrounded the UCSB Campus! The area that my awesome husband Richie & I are planning on living is called Isla Vista. It is surrounded on three sides by the campus of UCSB. (The fourth side is the ocean! Amen!)

The University of California Santa Barbara boasts
an enrollment of 22,000 students!

In six tenths of a square mile resides 17,000 people (most are UCSB students), which influxes to between 30,000 and 40,000 people on the weekends because of the huge party scene! In broad daylight you can see people in a drunken stupor and even partying on rooftops! The crime caused by the influence of drugs and alcohol is so high, that the chance of being a victim of a crime in Isla Vista is 1 in 24! This place may seem crazy, and even dangerous, but that’s why we’re fired-up to go because it’s places like this that need to hear the gospel the most! On a very positive note, Doriene Turner – a sister on the SB Mission Team – has already been accepted to Santa Barbara City College!

Lastly, when I moved to California from Arizona a year ago, I prayed that God would only give me a job where someone was going to become a disciple. After nine weeks of intense job searching with “no luck,” I was initially discouraged! But God always knows what He is doing! I eventually secured a job at the YMCA where I met my boss Rebecca! As a result she came to church and was baptized this past Wednesday night in the Pacific Ocean at 11:30PM! God has given me such a great friend in her, and I’m so excited to see what else God has in store! We love you all so much!

Joe Willis of the North Region: “The fun has begun” in the North Region with our Summer Campaign motto: “To have as much fun as possible, with as many as possible!” We had a great start with Alison getting baptized today!! She has just finished her freshman year at CSUN studying Film. Alison first visited “our church” with Delaney in San Francisco, who she has known most of her life!

Only in a unified movement of churches would
Delaney in San Francisco be able to save
her best friend Alison in LA!

The service started off with the Bible Talk Leader Couples welcoming the church in costume to set the fun mood! Travis Frasier was unrecognizable to some in the church, who thought he was visiting for the first time! Also, everyone was “up to antics” as someone hid my Sermon Notes so I had to start my sermon from memory!

Thank you for all the input from those in the region for “fun group activities!” We are looking forward to such events as visiting the Getty Villa for an archaeological tour, then having a Sunday service onArchaeological Proof For God And The Bible. Also, we are planning to visit the Holocaust Museum, then having a Sunday service on Church History: Where And Why It All Went Wrong. Please pray for us to have a blow-out first Sunday of our Summer Campaign, as this week we are aiming at bringing as many work colleagues and graduating students to our Career Workshop Sunday entitled, How To Excel In Your Careerbased all on God’s principles from Proverbs!

Gabe Reed of the East Region: Greetings from the East Region!!! This week has been filled with so much good news!! Today was extremely special as we celebrated the 55th Birthday of our Region Leader – Victor Gonzalez!

Dearly beloved by many disciples around the
movement, the East Region celebrates
Vic Sr.’s 55th Birthday!

My personal relationship with Victor goes all the way back to 2010! At that time, most agreed that the East Region was the “weakest region in church.” Victor had served in the Latin Ministry for many years and was asked not only to lead the “very weak” East Region, but to do so in English! Although it was very difficult to lead the region in a language that wasn’t his primary language, Victor & Sonia have taken the East Region to new heights that we couldn’t have even dreamed of! Under his leadership, the East Region grew to the point where it was split into two regions – the East and the Central! Then just last summer, the East Region was able to send-out the Mexico City Mission Team!

Victor wants nothing more than to see people saved, so I know he was extremely happy after service when Angel was baptized! One brother who was key in Angel’s conversion was Jonny Lovo. Last year, Jonny unfortunately had to be disfellowshipped for unrepentant sin. (Matthew 18:15-18) But as many have stated this year, “Jonny has come back as a completely different person!” Angel couldn’t do anything but shed tears as he began to express his gratitude for Jonny helping him to become a disciple! Angel is our second teen baptism in the past month and now gives the region a teen disciple in every grade from 8th through 12th grade!


The AMS Region rejoices with the angels with
the third baptism this year from AMDA – Alicia!



Pete and the sister of his dreams – Ashley!


Lesia Karasova: Very good news from the SOUTH Region! For the fourth week in a row, God blessed our family with a new brother or sister!! This week the Cerritos College Bible Talk was fruitful for the first time after the departure of the 12 South Region disciples on the Las Vegas Mission Team! On Friday evening, Breanna – a very talented but humble young lady – was baptized into Christ in the presence of many disciples! Also, her father, mother and brother were excited to come and share in Breanna’s joy! To God be the glory!

After the Spirit sent-out “the 12” to Las Vegas, the
Lord continues to bless the South Region with
baptisms, the newest of which is Breanna!

Argo Arneson – overseeing Evangelist for Northern Europe and Russia: “He will turn the hearts of the parents to their children, and the hearts of the children to their parents!” (Malachi 4:6) Garret, who was baptized only a few weeks ago, is a great example of how God blesses our sacrifice! Garret gave-up not only his scholarship to Kansas State but also his girlfriend, and because of his radical example, he was able to baptize his father Geoff after our Sunday service!

Seeing his son Garret’s radical repentance,
Geoff joins him in the family of God!

I’m also happy to share with you that God is continuing to bless our brothers and sisters in Moscow, Russia! A great young man Artiem (26) was added to God’s family in Moscow! Artiem was coming to Sunday services for more than a year and after studying the Bible these past several months, he was baptized as a sold-out disciple of Christ! Artiem’s baptism was very encouraging as well to our Novosibirsk Remnant Group Leaders – Tim & Vika Butakov, who were visiting our Moscow brothers and sisters this past week! All the disciples in Russia are encouraged by the faith and hard work of the Moscow Remnant Group Leaders – Fred & Alja Muratov, who are eagerly preparing to welcome and serve the Moscow Crown of Thorns Mission Team in less than two years!

Fred & Alja Muratov – the gallant leaders of
the Moscow Remnant Group!

Tyler Sears: “They devoted themselves to the apostles’ teaching and to the fellowship, to the breaking of bread and to prayer.” (Acts 2:42) Greetings from the West Region! We continue to “live-out” our theme for 2013 “Ka Mana O Ka ‘Ohana,” as we had a Park Service at Cheviot Hills Park! Over 70 people gathered for the fun, food and fellowship – including a game a flag football, a water balloon fight and the barbequing of about 150 hotdogs and bratwursts!

As well, we’ve been working to build unity and “Ohana” (family in Hawaiian) in the Campus Ministry for the entire City of Angels Church! So, this last Congregational Devotional, we had the Campus Ministry Bible Trivia Bowl with the various regions broken-up into teams to try to win this incredible event! Shay & I dressed up as “game show hosts” with a wheel for the contestants to spin in order to see which topic they would be quizzed on and how many points it would be worth! After many rounds of Bible Trivia, it was the Orange County and Ventura Regions who came out on top, winning the “Bible Trivia Cups!” A special “thank you” to all the Region Leaders and Campus Leaders for helping make this event awesome and memorable!

Embraced by the Bible Trivia Game Show Hosts –
Tyler & Shay – the winners from the Orange
County and Ventura Regions raise their
cups to salute their victory!

And now, a Special Report from our West Region Singles Ministry Leaders – Rob & Burgandie Onekea: This weekend the West Region Singles had an amazing retreat entitled, Sermons From The Mount,based on Matthew 5-7. We had 35 Singles in attendance just for the West Region and in addition several visitors as well! Our weekend finished up with an awesome Sunday service that was led by Jung Ho Lee, Jason Cuellar and Jahmel Fields! The energy of the group was awesome and definitely bonded the disciples together forging some incredible relationships. Please pray that those that visited continue to study the Bible, and prayerfully we will “bear much fruit that will last!”

Chris Adams of the OC Region: Chris Broom and Tony Untalan preached powerful messages today that moved the hearts of so many, and one could say their combined message was: GOD IS ALWAYS WORKING! Over the past year-and-a-half, God has worked powerfully through our Campus Intern, Nikki Williams, using the inspirational discipling of Theresa Broom, my wife Kerri-Sue and Courtney Parlour to build a dynamic, “all-nations” Women’s Ministry at UC Irvine! Jesus does say that if we remain in Him, we will bear much fruit!

So the brothers (myself included!) involved in the UCI Campus Ministry over this same period had literally studied “all the way through” with so many men who did NOT make Jesus Lord. So we have been begging God: “HOW LONG before this promised fruit would come?” Well, the Spirit answered our prayers by sending the baptism “drought-ending-rains from Mexico City” (thanks, Vic!) because today Leon, an engineering student from China, was baptized into Christ!!

In his “pre-baptism mini-sermon,” Leon described going from no faith to 100% faith in just four months. Ryan Williams boldly challenged him to do everything a disciple would do and he would see for himself whether or not the Word of God was true! (John 7:17) From thereafter, you could see Leon tagging, sharing, daily-encouraging, “Bible Talking” – pretty much everything a disciple would be doing except for dating! So today, before he was baptized before a “great cloud of [OC] witnesses,”Leon passionately shared that although his country had the historical, religious background of Buddhism and that he too was once an atheist – he NOW believes in God!

The UCI Men triumphantly end their drought
with the baptism of Leon!

The other amazing way that God is always working is that the OC Region family was able to send-off another incredible disciple – Mallory De la Cruz! Lord willing, Mallory will strengthen the great work Evan & Kelly Bartholomew are doing in San Diego!!

The Spirit sends-out Mallory through the prayers
of the OC Region Shepherds!

Kyle Bartholomew: Greetings from the Central Region! The Teen Ministry struck again today as Miyumi, a young teen, was baptized into Christ! It was amazing as so many showed up to witness her baptism shortly after service. After her parents Beorn & Nadari – who have been faithful disciples for many years – shared about their daughter, Nadari sang a special song that made almost all who attended cry! It was the same song she wrote for her daughter when she was born which was a prayer for her daughter to one day become a follower of Jesus!

“I ‘must-ache’ you two questions…” said
Miyumi’s father Beorn!

And following are the reports from around the globe…

NEWS FLASH – Jason Dimitry of Las Vegas: “Now to Him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to His power that is at work within us, to Him be glory in the church and in Christ Jesus throughout all generations, forever and ever! Amen!” (Ephesians 3:20) It was amazing to see the power of God at work in the disciples as God gave us “immeasurably more than we could ask or imagine” at our Inaugural Service!

The Lord gathers 125 for the Inaugural Service of
the Las Vegas International Christian Church!

Even before the service began, there was such an air of excitement! From the very first song, the singing was electrifying as the Holy Spirit was moving powerfully in the room! Kip & Elena kicked things off with a “heart-warming Welcome” that set the stage for the entire service! Immediately following David Jefferson’s powerful “Opening Prayer” were the incredible restorations of Jesse & Melena Stasher, whose daughter was baptized last week!

Kerryn who was baptized last week, embraces
her parents Jesse & Melena after
their restoration!

After singing, We Love You With The Love Of The Lord to the Stashers, we took our usual five minute fellowship break. When I looked out over the room, I saw that God had given us a totally packed house! My lesson focused on Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount that was entitled, The Sermon That Changed Everything!

After his sermon, Jason reaches out to one
of his visitors who inspires him about
starting an AMS Ministry!

A special thanks to Joel & Courtney Parlour, who helped us to focus on the Cross as they shared powerfully for communion; Cory Blackwell who spoke powerfully for a “contribution sermon” that he entitled, Seed Money; Jeremy Ciaramella, who helped with the Song Service; and to all of the visiting sold-out disciples from Los Angeles and Phoenix, who made this miraculous event even more powerful! We love you and we are grateful!

At the very end of the service, the now 20 members of the Las Vegas Church (we have had three restorations and one baptism!) signed The Las Vegas Evangelization Proclamation. This is a vow that we are all making to God to evangelize “Sin City.” It reads: On this nineteenth day of May in the year of our Lord two thousand thirteen, we the members of the Las Vegas International Christian Church issue this proclamation not as members of a local community church, but as citizens in the Kingdom of God. 

Each of us sixteen disciples came together by the blood of Jesus, the Spirit of God, the truth of the Bible and a mutual conviction that charges each sold-out disciple to complete the evangelization of all nations in this generation. On this day we vow to imitate our ancient brother in the days of Nehemiah to diligently, faithfully and wholeheartedly build our part of the wall in Las Vegas, which for now is known as “Sin City.”

We vow to sacrifice everything, whether it be finances, time, relationships, our personal dreams, and even our very lives, that we may fulfill God’s dream for all people to have the opportunity to be saved through a knowledge of the truth. (1 Timothy 2:4)

We sign this vow with the words of our Lord Jesus deep in our hearts. As it was written, “Let your ‘Yes’ be ‘Yes,’ and your ‘No,’ ‘No.’ Anything beyond this comes from the evil one. (Mathew 5:37) Our answer to this Great Commission is “Yes!”

The Las Vegas Evangelization Proclamation is
signed by every sold-out disciple of
the Las Vegas Church!

The reaction to the service was amazing as many are set to study the Bible! The LV Mission Team celebrated by going out to see Iron Man 3, and on the way out I was able to share my faith with Phil Ivey, who is the “Tiger Woods of the Poker World!” Truly, God is doing “more than we can ask or imagine,” and Lord willing, one day the city will be known as “Saint City!”

NEWS FLASH – Nimrod Malnegro of Davao City, Philippines: Good news from the Inaugural Service of the Davao City International Christian Church! God is truly amazing for bringing families together at our Inaugural Service! My mother Fe, who was a disciple, came with my sisters Alpha and Divine, who were campus disciples, also with our two other sisters Methus and KC! My Aunt Vicki came with three of my cousins and their kids! So special to me, Rodelito Sazon, my best friend who reached out to me 18 years ago and who also helped me reach out to my younger brother John, came with his wife Dina, their sons, three nieces and his father-in-law Tatay Al, a former disciple as well! God blessed us with a phenomenal total of 33 special people in attendance!

With just three members of the SoldOut
Movement – John, Nimrod & Vis, an
amazing 33 gather for the
Inaugural Service of
the Davao Church!

My “little brother” John, the Manila Remnant Group Leader, gave a powerful message on what the “real church of Jesus” should be like! I led the singing (which was a first for me!) and my wife Vis shared at communion about how graciously God changed her and is still changing her life! Rod gave the offering message and today we’ve set up a time with him to work on his restoration! My sons – Michael and Maverick – helped with the ushering too! It was so inspiring to see people I love worship the Lord together with us! We are so excited for the many incredible things God is about to do in our city in this generation! Please continue to pray for us as we strive to hold on to Jesus’ teachings and not waiver on our stand to preach the truth!

The Malnegro Brothers – John (left) and Nimrod –
have awesome partners in the gospel
in their wives – Anna and Vis!

Matt Sullivan of Orlando: “Jesus replied, ‘The hour has come for the Son of Man to be glorified. I tell you the truth, unless a kernel of wheat falls to the ground and dies, it remains only a single seed. But if it dies, it produces many seeds.'” (John 12:23-24) These past few days have been incredible! The sisters, powerfully led by my wife Helen, have worked so hard in the Lord this month for Orlando’s2013 Women’s Day entitled, Priceless. Theresa Broom gave all her heart and “blew it out” with her speech – moving many to make decisions for God! In addition, her mother, Lucy Vazquez (72 years young) shared her testimony with great confidence and helped many women to see that God is to be their Priceless Peace! So many sisters brought visitors and one sister, Linda Rose, had 15 women come with her! In all, 37 sisters had 109 women at Women’s Day!

The Holy Spirit – while growing the Orlando Church – is also blowing the “winds of change” to every part of our church and the movement! We have been reminded here in Orlando of Jesus’ teaching in John 12 as all of us have recommitted to dying to ourselves to follow Jesus thus living-out the “Kernel Principle!” Excitingly, yesterday we announced the sending-out of four awesome disciples: two to the South Region of LA and two to Phoenix! We will joyfully be sending to LA our amazing “animal on campus,” Johnny Cortez, and our faithful & fruitful brother who was sent here from Phoenix – Chris Jones! In addition, we wrestled in prayer about who to send to Phoenix and God provided a very talented “up and coming dating couple” – John Smoot & Brittany Miller!

In addition, we announced our two Summer Interns: Justin Powe & Airielle Genesis! This amazing dating couple has become a right hand to both Mike & Chenelle Patterson by giving all their hearts! We are confident that they will continue to fulfill the “Kernel Principle” and produce MANY seeds on campus this summer!

Lastly, I was moved to tears to have Mike & Chenelle come up on stage with me to make a very special announcement: In January of 2014, the Orlando Church will be sending 10 disciples along with 10 from around the movement to plant the Gainesville (Florida) International Christian Church, which will be led by the Pattersons! This amazing city is home to the Florida Gators at the University of Florida (UF), where so many of our powerful and heroic brothers in our former fellowship were converted from in the early days of the Crossroads Movement. I still remember the 1985 Florida Evangelism Seminar where 5,000 met on campus at UF to further the plans of getting a Campus Ministry started in every university in the USA!

The Discipling Movement will return to
Gainesville in January 2014!

Then after 1 1/2 years of training in Gainesville by building-up a powerful church, Lord willing in the summer of 2015, the Spirit will be sending the Pattersons to plant our first church planting in the Caribbean –Kingston, Jamaica! When this was announced, the entire congregation exploded in applause and excitement, and my prayer is that you will too!

Lord willing, Kingston will be planted in the Summer
of 2015 and will serve as the “Pillar Church”
for the Caribbean!

Michael Williamson: Greetings from Heathrow Airport in London! We are on our way this Sunday afternoon to visit the saints in Los Angeles! Today at church, 135 gathered and witnessed another added by baptism to our number! Fesum is a single professional from Ethiopia, who claimed Jesus as Lord on Sunday! Our fearless Bible Talk Leader Jacques Groenewald together with Martin Scott (a recent “veteran” who moved-in from Ireland) worked very hard for Fesum to become a true disciple of Jesus! See you in LA!

Martin welcomes Fesum to the Kingdom of God!

Julie Clark of Washington DC: Greetings from the Capital of the United States! What a day for the Lord! I’m so proud of the 49 women of the DC Women’s Ministry who made such a huge impact on the 111 guests who attended our Annual Women’s Day which was entitled and truly was Unforgettable! We spoke of the daily power of remembering the Cross and the devastation of forgetting about it!

The mother of Sara Carnes (Sara is our dear sister who is giving-up everything to be on the Denver Mission Team!) came out for her very first event. Afterward, she approached me and said, “I thought my daughter had joined a cult. But as soon as I walked in, I felt the spirit of God. The fellowship was so refreshing to see. I am now in complete support of my daughter going on the mission team to Denver and I’ve decided to support her financially as much as I can!” The women stayed for almost three hours after the event doing Bible Studies and sharing very sweet fellowship!

Then on Sunday, inspiringly, we were able to see two baptisms! The first baptism was from our University of Maryland Campus Ministry – Reynard, the second UM student baptized in the last two weeks! Then one of our upcoming Bible Talk Leaders – Christopher Carrothers – baptized his friend Elliot, an urgent and zealous young single man was baptized at 1:30AM in the morning on Wednesday! To God be all the glory!

Eugene Soboleff of Kiev: “But thanks be to God, who always leads us as captives in Christ’s triumphal procession and uses us to spread the aroma of the knowledge of Him everywhere.” (2 Corinthians 2:14) Thanks be to God who blessed the Kiev Church with a newborn Christian! All of the Kiev Church gathered together at the river embankment to celebrate the baptism of Yuriy! He was seeking God for a very long time, attending many churches but could not find the “movement of God.” After he was met by disciples, he “received the message with great eagerness and examined the Scriptures every day to see if what disciples said was true” and was baptized four weeks later!

Yuriy, a true seeker of God for years,
is found by God!

Mike Underhill of San Francisco: “There you saw how the Lord your God carried you, as a father carries you, all the way you went until you reached this place.” (Deuteronomy 1:31) It’s been so comforting to see God pick-up the church here and carry us in His arms by bringing to SF three very effective church leaders in God’s movement to help us in countless ways. Chris Broom came at the beginning of May; Matt Sullivan came last week; and Ron Harding has spent this past week with the church! There is a refreshed spirit and strengthened vision inspired in the Bay Area by these three mighty men of God!

On Friday night, God blessed us as we saw Richard, a Ugandan physician, become our brother in Christ! He is an amazing man with a wife and four kids back in Uganda. He just earned his Master’s Degree at UC Berkeley in infectious diseases and is working on a cure for AIDS.Richard has to return to Uganda at the end of this month because of his contract with his Ugandan employer. Therefore, our Intern – Aaron Vischichini – has been discipling Richard that upon his return to Uganda he must start a true church of sold-out disciples! It was so inspiring for Aaron and all of us in the Bay Area when Michael Ochwa, a London disciple from Uganda, called Aaron to tell him there are many people in Uganda contacting him to find-out when there will be disciples sent to Uganda! It looks like God has a plan to send some ahead of schedule! We’re all so glad to be a part of His SoldOut Movement!

Richard counts the cost and is willing to pay the
price to plant a SoldOut Movement Church
in his homeland of Uganda!

Andrew Smellie: “See to it brothers, that none of you has a sinful, unbelieving heart that turns away from the living God. But encourage one another daily, as long as it is called Today, so that none of you may be hardened by sin’s deceitfulness.” (Hebrews 3:12-13)

Today the church in New York City rejoiced as we saw the powerful restoration of Mark Burton, a NYU PhD candidate in Clinical Psychology! As well, we were blessed by the place memberships of two incredible sisters who were baptized in NYC: Alaina Crockett – who is back in town from the prestigious Newhouse School program at Syracuse University, and Ashley Lathon-Kimbrough – a design student at the Parsons New School for Design –  who was studying abroad in London! A special thank you is due to our sister churches in Syracuse and London for shepherding these dear sisters over the past year!

Alaina and Ashley return better equipped to
help build the NYC Church!

The church was reminded of the reality of the spiritual battle as Mark shared vulnerably about the “walls” he had set-up in his heart due to past hurts in our former fellowship after he was first baptized in 1999. Sadly, his need to protect himself led to an independence and a cynical heart that was saturated with mistrust! Mark now believes that discipling relationships in the church are commanded by God and thus vital and necessary to protect us from having a “sinful, unbelieving heart” as we keep our eyes on the Lord!

“Dr. Smellie” cures Mark of RTD!

Thankfully, Mark was able to overcome one of the most dangerous “nosocomial infections” in the church – the “Religiously Transmitted Disease” (RTD) of bitterness! A nosocomial infection is acquired by a patient while under medical care in a hospital, and is therefore an incredibly resilient bacteria, due to its ability to avoid destruction by anti-bacterial cleaners present in a sterilized facility. Likewise, disciples of Jesus can be in danger from catching a “RTD” – e.g. the heart sins of worldliness, independence and rebellion – that are dangerous and remain alive even within the church! Please pray for us as we begin this new series on Religiously Transmitted Diseases to protect the church – God’s hospital – from attacks on the inside! We love you!

Maria Franklin of Chicago: The harvest of souls continues this week as God has favorably blessed us with three more additions! The Latin Ministry is on fire, as they had two additions today! A couple of weeks ago we shared about our new brother Moises, who had eight relatives studying the Bible. Today, as a result of his faith, Felipe was restored to his “first love” as he had fallen away 10 years ago! Immediately after, Leticia – Moises’ wife and Felipe’s mother-in-law – was baptized!

Our third addition of the day was Jenny! Jenny is our sister Peggy’s physical sister! Encouragingly, Peggy was reached-out to and baptized by Brittany Underhill their first semester in college six years ago! Since then, Peggy’s husband and now sister have been brought “out of the darkness and into His wonderful light!” In addition to all the excitement from the harvest, we are gearing-up for the Send-off of the “Santa Barbara Five” this coming Sunday, as well as the wedding of Cornel Buckner & Tia Williams! Keep us in your prayers!

Peggy (left-center) becomes a “double sister”
to Jenny (right-center)!

Ricky Challinor of Portland: Good news from the City of Bridges!!! Last Saturday was a great weekend as we had a New Members Orientation in our English Ministry on Matthew 7:24-27 – Building An Eternal Foundation! It was great to see all of the young Christians with their SOLD-OUT hearts!

There is also good news from our Alakanuk (Alaska) Remnant Group valiantly held down by Jim & Deana Blowe! Jim being a man of heart and love has wanted to help the people of this village of 703 (Wikipedia), as there were 10 suicides this winter and even the death of a child!

After a great talk, we set a plan for him to “plunder the Egyptians” and use programs and the state to bring in money and supplies for the village. Because Jim’s commitment to Christ stands-out like a shining star, the city asked him to be on the City Council! After a few weeks of work, Jim uncovered an embezzlement of a half-a-million dollars!!! Money that will eventually come back to the village! On top of that, Jim has worked out to have the elders and the children of the village have meals donated to them every single day! Please keep praying for the saints in the Northwest!

Carlos Mejia of Santiago: Greetings from Chile! We are so fired-up to celebrate with Alfredo & Alejandra Anuch their Sixth Wedding Anniversary! This couple is truly amazing as they powerfully lead the East Region of the Santiago Church! Alfredo, being a right hand to Raul Moreno for many years, has lead an exemplary life in every area, along with Alejandra! They are incredible examples in “life and doctrine” and they have huge hearts for God! We are excited to announce that Alejandra will now be a full-time, self-supported Intern in the ministry!

Heroes in the faith to the Santiago Church –
Alfredo & Alejandra Anuch!

Along with her, Anita will also be an “unpaid Intern!” What’s incredible about Anita is that she was just made Head of Pediatric Care in one of the biggest hospitals in Chile! This is very rare for women of her age, and being from Bolivia, it’s doubly rare for a foreigner to be raised through the ranks so quickly! But through hard work and the Holy Spirit, we see awesome things happen! We are very proud of our sister and we know that though she is an incredible doctor, her true passion has been shown in healing the “spiritually ill” of Santiago! For we know that “it is not the healthy who need the doctor, but the sick!” (Luke 5:31)

The Lord raises-up Anita “for such a time is this!”

Frank Hines of Boston: “The Lord will guide you always; He will satisfy your needs in a sun scorched land… Your people will rebuild the ancient ruins and will raise up the age old foundations; you will be called Repairer of Broken Walls [and the] Restorer of Streets with Dwellings.” (Isaiah 58:1-12)

Today was another great day of God moving powerfully in the Boston International Christian Church! Our fired-up Evangelist Coltin Rohn challenged us through the Book of Joshua for the Boston Church to be on its knees in prayer, relying on God like never before. In Joshua 9, Israel was deceived by the Gibeonites because they failed to inquire of God. Coltin challenged us to be men and women of God who trust God and not our own wisdom.

We were also inspired by an incredible communion message from our sister Lana Douglas. Lana was one of the “30 would-be-disciples” who helped start the Boston Movement in 1979. After retirement, Lana moved to New Hampshire and expected to be a part of a devoted church. However, she found the church was not focused on God and lacked a strong spiritual commitment; a standard she held to for over 25 years! After nine years of praying and being in a spiritual desert, God answered her prayers with the church planting of the Boston International Christian Church! Ted Karonis, who also retired and moved back to Boston with his lovely wife Sheila, closed-out the service powerfully calling the church, no matter what their age (spiritual or physical), “to keep swinging for the Lord!”

Our service ended with an inspirational baptism from the Mass Maritine College, Mike Belmore! Mike was met by our awesome brother Preston Inkley. Mike took the challenge to study the Bible while attending a fundamental community church and leading a group Bible study. He could have “passed” on the opportunity to learn! Instead, he took the challenge to become a greater student of God’s Word and is now a true disciple of Jesus!

Like Apollos, Mike learns “the way of God
more accurately” and becomes a
baptized disciple of Jesus!

The Boston ICC is proud to present this year’s Campus & Young Singles Retreat entitled, Called To The Mountain featuring our three Northeast Churches of the ICC: Boston, NYC and Syracuse! It will be held on June 7-9, 2013! Please register soon at!

Raja Rajan of Chennai: God continues to bless our efforts in India! Last week was so special, as we had two more sisters baptized! Gomathi was met by our single sisters – Divya and Devika. They went to her house to follow-up on her but Gomathi was not home. They found out that Gomathi’s son was admitted in the hospital as he was suffering from brain fever. So, they went to the hospital, shared God’s Word, and prayed for her son. Gomathi’s son was healed and because of this miracle, Gomathi wanted to come to church! Her mother and husband were against her, and they hurled vicious insults at her! Yet, Gomathi stood-up to these persecutions and studied the Bible! Seeing her life transformed, her husband was present on the day of her baptism!

 Gomathi (center) enters the Kingdom with deep
conviction and 
overcomes incredible

The best and the most exciting news for Debs & I was to see our own daughter Shefali get baptized! Let me close “Chennai’s good news” with Psalm 128:1-2, “Blessed are all who fear the Lord, who walk in His ways. You will eat the fruit of your labor; blessings and prosperity will be yours.” May I always fear the Lord and walk in His ways!

Raja & Debs rejoice as they baptize their
daughter – Shefali!

Shefali (with a white flower in her hair) basks in
the radiance of the fellowship!

Dearest Brothers & Sisters: And now a very special announcement from Tim Kernan about the 2013 Global Leadership Conference to be held on August 4-6, 2013 – “Appoint the Levites to be in charge of the tabernacle of the covenant law – over all its furnishings and everything belonging to it. They are to carry the tabernacle and all its furnishings; they are to take care of it and encamp around it. Whenever the tabernacle is to move, the Levites are to take it down, and whenever the tabernacle is to be set up, the Levites shall do it.” (Numbers 1: 50-51)

Greetings from the “Global Leadership Conference Headquarters” here in sunny California! We are joyfully preparing for our momentous gathering of our worldwide family entitled, Prophets And Kings… Longed To See What “We” See!

2013 Global Leadership Conference!

Allow me to introduce you to the GLC “Levites” who are working so diligently to set up our conference! Our dear bother Lou Jack Martinez is this year’s GLC Song & Stage Master, who will be hands on managing all that happens on the stages at the conference! Our incredibly talented sister Shay Sears and “her chosen ladies” will serve to register and welcome over 1,000 expected attendees! My dear friend Ryan Keenan “counts the shekels” and keeps a close eye on our budget! Jose Otero is the “skilled craftsman” (Exodus 31:1-6), who has produced all of our artwork including the t-shirts, folders, banners and the opening video! Sal Velasco is overseeing Health & Safety for all attendees. Rob Onekea and “his roadies” from every LA region will handle the Audio Visual set-up and take-down for every class and session!

In addition, Lance Underhill, Joel Parlour & Alton Liu will handle all transport duties! Evan & Kelly Bartholomew will supervise the room set-ups, as well as the coordination of all the venues, classes and meetings ensuring that everything is in order. Damon James is in charge of the “mighty Ushers” in their red shirts, who will guide our flock to all the classes throughout the conference. Richard Lewis is sending out all the visa letters to speakers and members who are coming in from abroad! Sean Valenzuela and Rebecca Rico are taking on all the printing, shipping and packing of the folders and t-shirts!

Also, Mike Purdy and “his team” will conserve the memories for us with powerful photography. Alejandro Penedo will record all the lessons and have them online throughout the conference! Capil Marhatta and Bridget Martin are executive assistants who will be helping and serving all the GLC Staff throughout the conference. Last but by no means least, my lovely wife Lianne will be helping to oversee the needs of all the “Levites’ wives” to make sure that they will be well taken care of! Our work is a “labor of love,” as we serve our mighty God and the brothers and sisters. Can’t wait to see you all at the GLC!

Lianne, Rebecca and so many others are making
all the preparations for an historic GLC!

An awesome opportunity has come from the creativity of Tim Kernan. In an effort to raise “scholarship monies” for the students of theInternational College of Christian Ministries, we are asking for donations of “$15 dollars or more” to receive a cap embroidered with the ICCM logo, or to receive a t-shirt with the inscription of the ICCM logo we are asking for a “$20 donation or more!” You will be able to purchase them online or at the 2013 Global Leadership Conference!

Tim Kernan – the Director for the 2013 Global
Leadership Conference!

What a tremendous week of thrilling news about all that the Holy Spirit is doing around the world! Let’s keep praying for each other – especially our new congregations in Las Vegas and Davao City, our other 2013 mission teams to Dallas, Denver and Sydney, as well as for the GLC! And “to Jesus Christ be glory both now and forever! Amen!” (2 Peter 3:18)
Much love,