May 12th 2013

Dear All,
Greetings from Los Angeles! To our mothers – a very Happy Mother’s Day, and to all our “moms in the faith” – a very Happy Spiritual Mother’s Day! (Mark 3:35) Paul as well revered this “only in the Kingdom relationship,” “Greet Rufus, chosen in the Lord, and his mother, who has been a mother to me, too!” (Romans 16:13) Incidentally, Rufus’ dad and his mother’s husband was none other than Simon of Cyrene, who carried Jesus’ cross all the way to Golgotha! (Mark 15:21) To honor the many awesome “Spiritual Moms” among us, Elena & I sent-out several texts to encourage them on “their day!”

Also this weekend, the Lord blessed Elena & me as we spent great “family time” with our daughter Olivia (on her first Mother’s Day), with her awesome husband, and with their precious three month old daughter – Scarlett!

“Abuelo Kip” reads “Goodnight Moon” to his
beloved granddaughter – Scarlett!

This week in the City of Angels Church, we were blessed with an attendance of 1,080, a contribution of almost $31,000, and the Lord added six baptisms to our number! And to Him be all the glory!

And now more detailed reports from around Los Angeles…

Chris Chloupek: “HOW YA DO’IN?” from the AMS REGION! Today, we had an “All World” Mother’s Day Service! Select disciples shared with tears of gratitude about their mothers who were in the audience! In the past year, we’ve had six “mother/child combos” make Jesus their Lord in the AMS! As He promised as a sign of the Kingdom, God is really bringing families together! (Malachi 4:6)

Today as well, Joe Brown and our AMS Dance Troop, DRIVEN VISION,performed an incredible interpretative dance honoring “Motherhood!” It was followed by a very creative slide show! After the service, God gave us two awesome baptisms! The first was Heather – our second AMDA graduate and a very talented actress and singer!

The AMS Sisters are thrilled to have another
AMDA graduate – Heather!

Our second baptism was Michael, also in the industry, gives our intern Princeton George, a “run for his money” in zeal! We are so humbled by all the “kindness” of our Father in Heaven, since we only deserve His“sternness!” (Romans 11:22) Truly, THERE’S NO BUSINESS LIKE “SOUL” BUSINESS!

Michael’s contagious zeal for the Lord has
inspired the entire AMS Ministry!

Rebecca Rico of the South Region: “The Lord has done great things for us and we are filled with joy… Those who sow with tears will reap with songs of joy!!” (Psalm 126) All of us in the South Region were so excited to welcome back Lance & Connie Underhill from their trip to Florida! This morning, Lance preached a powerful lesson about The Thrill Of Victory after baptizing his father (Clark) this past week! Many tears were shed as Lance shared with us his fight for faith, bolstered by the support of his children Mike, Alyssa and Joey, not to mention his awesome wife Connie! With joy and tears, Lance then shared about his father’s passing a few days later, yet now Lance rejoices that he’ll see his father again when he gets to Heaven! Then to close his sermon, Lance challenged us to have faith and compete in the games as true athletes for the Lord! (2 Timothy 2:5)

At the end of service, the entire church encircled the outdoor pool at the hotel as Erin Henry was baptized! Met by our awesome brother Steve Morici, Erin brought her car into his dealership and accepted the invitation to come to church! Having grown up in a fundamental community church all of her life, Erin had a heart for the lost (as she understood the Scriptures) and even went on many missionary trips in the past. Despite her involvement in foreign missions, as well as pursuing a degree in nursing, Erin expressed to her friend that she felt as though there was still “something” missing! A week later, she met disciples!

When Erin began the Bible studies, she was finishing the extremely challenging Nursing Program at Azusa Pacific University, but she knew that her relationship with God was much more important! As a result, she would sacrifice her time – even during her finals – to make the 30 mile commute to Long Beach! Erin’s wholehearted commitment to seek after God was evident not only in her time, but also in her humility to learn “the way of God more adequately” from the women who studied the Bible with her! (Acts 18:26) Erin has now found “what was missing” and was baptized today after service!!!

Erin, thinking that she was “buying” a car from
Steve, is instead given the “free
gift” of the gospel!

Melissa Podczerviensky of the South Central Region: GREAT news is that the Singles teamed-up with the Teen & Campus Ministries on Saturday for a very “special” day of tagging for missions! We broke-up into two groups – the first from 8AM – 12Noon and the second from 1PM – 4PM! It was encouraging to see many stay for both sessions!

We gathered at a very BIG intersection off Centinela and La Cienega in the heart of South Central! We made signs together, then circled-up, sang songs and prayed for boldness before hitting the streets! (Acts 4:29-31) We even had a young man named Brennan join us for prayer, who was just hanging-out waiting for his shift to start at work! With over 20 disciples and six more of whom are either studying to be baptized or restored, we raised over $1,300 for Special Missions!

I am so encouraged by the personal victories that all of the disciples had and seeing all “the babies” out there raising money because of their deep convictions to save this very lost world! It was a very powerful day for the family – building, bonding and being BOLD for the Lord! We love you all with the love of the Lord!

Lou Jack Martinez of the AV Sector of the Central Region: Mother’s Day was a “TRIPLE-BAD DAY” for the Devil as my wife Cathi & I were privileged to witness a total of THREE BAPTISMS between the Antelope Valley and the AMS!

As most of you know by now, my family and I will be leaving for Honolulu, Hawaii to lead the great Honolulu ICC in July, and we knew that today might be the last Sunday to visit the AMS! So I remained in the AV and Cathi took the kids to the AMS! Cathi shared with me that the church service in the AMS was tailor-made for our guest as they “showcased their very best” for all the moms in ALL forms of worship: dancing, singing and preaching!!! They capped it off with a fantastic lunch at the Chloupeks’ and two amazing baptisms at the Bonds’ house, where the sharing moved my whole family to tears!!!

Meanwhile “back at the AV Ranch,” we had an amazing Mother’s Day service ourselves with 108 in attendance!!! Clay delivered a heart-wrenching communion; Chad gave a humorous and convicting contribution; and Diana Torres, Milton Cabrera and Nivan Bhalla each shared about how special their moms have been to them over the years! In particular, Diana shared about her big sister Alma Andreasian, and how Alma has always been a “mom” to her growing-up as well as a “spiritual mom,” as Alma led Diana to Jesus and the waters of baptism!!!

Then we topped-off our AV Service with our own baptism of SANDY ROSALES, a beautiful young woman of God who quit her job because they refused to let her have her Sunday mornings off for church!!! Not only did she step-out in faith, but she also struggled with forgiving two people who hurt her deeply: both her father and her ex-husband. In tears, Sandy overcame that struggle and was born-again!!! And not only did she get the forgiveness of her own sins and the gift of the Holy Spirit, but God gave her a NEW JOB as well!!! Our God is truly an awesome God and is always faithful whenever we step-out in faith!!! To Him be ALL the glory!!!

Sandy is completely at peace as she
enters the waters of baptism!

Debbie Bosch of Inland Empire Region: “I will give you a new heart and put a new spirit in you; I will remove from you your heart of stone and give you a heart of flesh. And I will put my Spirit in you and move you to follow my decrees and be careful to keep my laws.” (Exodus 36:26-27) God is truly putting “hearts of flesh” in each of the disciples here in the Inland Empire! The zeal of the disciples is inspiring as Argo, our faithful Evangelist, continues to breathe faith and“heart” into our region through the Word of God!

I am especially excited about what God is doing in our Campus Ministry! Our Friday Night Devotional ended with an incredible UCR student Malenee getting baptized! I met Malenee a few months ago, and God through His spirit has slowly changed her “heart of stone” as she has overcome persecution and doubts! Already, Malenee has become a powerful tool for God’s work – fearlessly preaching the Word! Pray for us as we continue to work hard to evangelize the four million lost souls in the Inland Empire and all the nations in our generation! 

After her transformation, Malenee
is “as bold as a lion!”

And now more refreshing news from around the globe…

NEWS FLASH – Vic Gonzalez: Greetings from your humble missionaries in Mexico City! God has brought the “baptism drought” to a glorious end! Not only has our amazing God given us a great place to meet inside of our budget (AMEN!), but we had an incredible biochemistry student at UNAM named Eric get baptized!

As a new disciple, Eric (second on the right) has a
lot of work to do as the UNAM Campus
has 269,000 students!

Also, God blessed our Singles Ministry with the baptism of a professor at UNAM named Oscar! God has already used him in more ways than one. An old greying preacher once said, “You can baptize your way outta almost anything!” I guess he’s right! Oscar is moving out of his apartment at UNAM and allowing our dear sisters – who have been living at a hostel since the mission team arrived – to move into his place! Up until this point, the sisters have been unable to move into an apartment, because of the distrust of “foreigners” as well as the “housing regulations” in Mexico City!

With Eric as a student and Oscar as a professor at
UNAM, the Scriptures are fulfilled, “Your young
men will see visions and your old men
will dream dreams!”

Now, Oscar is moving in with the brothers, who a few weeks ago moved into the house of the older brother of a recent convert named Jose. Please keep us in your prayers as today God showed us His power and His glory! A big hug to all our brothers and sisters working with all their might around the globe! And “Feliz Día de las Madres” to all the physical and spiritual mothers out there!

Vic & Aurora on the beautiful UNAM Campus!

NEWS FLASH – Jason Dimitry of Las Vegas: “I tell you the truth, anyone who has faith in me will do what I’ve been doing!” (John 14:12) It’s been great to just do what Jesus does here in Las Vegas! In the three weeks since the LV Team has landed, the result has been nothing short of amazing as we already have 20 studies going with many of them moving forcefully!

Today at service, the 15 Mission Team Members had an amazing attendance of 40! That’s almost “one for two” visitors! Today, we also celebrated our very first baptism of the Las Vegas International Christian Church – Kerryn Stasher!

Jhoally and Daniella welcome into the Kingdom the
first fruits of the Las Vegas Church – Kerryn!

Kerryn is the daughter of Jesse & Melena who are studying to be restored! Lord willing, Jesse & Melena will be restored this Sunday at our Inaugural Service! Please continue to pray for our great God to blow-out this momentous occasion!

The front of the Comment Card for next Sunday’s
Inaugural Service of the Las Vegas
International Christian Church!

Ron Harding of Washington DC: “As a mother comforts her child, so will I comfort you; and you will be comforted.” (Isaiah 66:13) We here in DC are certainly “comforted” as God continues to bless the work of the incredible DC disciples now averaging nearly two baptisms a week! With an attendance approaching 200, the Lord blessed us with a spectacular Mother’s Day which was filled with tears, tears and more tears!

There were tears during our special Mother’s Day presentation where ALL of the children in the audience went to the front, grabbed a carnation, and presented it to their individual mothers! There were tears during the fellowship break where we greeted all of the mothers! There were tears from Tracy and the audience as she sang Inseparable to them and to her beloved mother who has passed! There were tears from visitors and from the great number of remnant disciples visiting as we learned in the sermon how God uses mothers in Teaching Us Greatness by teaching us: To Comfort Like God Comforts; To Sacrifice Like Jesus Sacrifices; To Multi-Task And Be Effective;and To Be Willing To Go Anywhere, Do Anything, and Give-up Everything for our [spiritual] children!

Then to close-out this amazing service, we all were moved to tears again as Ruth – a freshman from the University of Maryland – made Jesus her Lord and was saved in the waters of baptism! So powerful was her testimony that when she told her parents of her decision to leave their church to be a part of God’s true Kingdom, her parents told her to never come home again! It was inspirational to watch a daughter be willing to give-up her relationship with her mother on Mother’s Day to gain a relationship with her Father in Heaven and her new spiritual family! (Mark 10:28-30) We “know by faith” that “in time” Ruth’s convictions – like Jesus’ convictions – will bear much fruit in her family! (Acts 1:14)

Like her Biblical namesake, Ruth leaves
her family to be in God’s family!

We are looking forward to witnessing the Holy Spirit send-off the first wave of the Denver Mission Team in just two weeks! God is so very good!

Jeremiah & Julie are the gallant leaders
for the Denver Mission Team!

Maria Franklin of Chicago: “As apostles of Christ we could have been a burden to you, but we were gentle among you, like a mother caring for her little children. We loved you so much that we were delighted to share with you not only the gospel of God but our lives as well because you had become so dear to us.” (1 Thessalonians 2:6-8) This week God inspired us with two amazing additions!

On Tuesday night, Nelly was baptized into Christ through the loving and persevering efforts of the Latin Ministry! Our fruitful sister Lupe reached-out to Nelly early in this new year. Nelly wrestled with God and the Scriptures to build deep convictions on the Word over traditions due to her Catholic background and now, not only is she a disciple, but her husband is also studying the Bible!

Then, the Campus Ministry, dynamically led by the Millers, welcomed Yuri into the Kingdom on Friday night after devotional as she was baptized in their bathtub! Yuri is a sophomore at UIC majoring in Chemistry! Yuri received much persecution from her family for her bold stance for Jesus even today before she came to church! Encouragingly, she has stood firm through all these trials and is an incredible addition to the UIC Campus Ministry!

Today, we had a wonderful, heart-warming service as we celebrated two very special aspects of the church. It began with a heartfelt communion message by three dearly loved sisters. Maria (Latin Ministry), a Single mom along with both of her daughters, Araceli (Campus Ministry) and Janette (Teen Ministry) shared how incredible it is to be brought together in their family through the Cross!

Maria and her two disciple daughters – Araceli and
Janette – share their lives in a very solemn
yet powerful communion!

Then, all the graduates in order from Graduate School to Middle School were honored before the congregation and awarded with a certificate and a Dunkin’ Donuts Gift Card! For this Spring we had 18 graduates – 13 of those from our Campus Ministry! Immediately following, all of the mothers in service were gifted with a beautiful rose! We each received them with a joyous smile! Keep us in your prayers and Happy Mother’s Day to all the wonderful mothers God has graced us with in His precious Kingdom!

Leaders among the mature Singles, Eileen and
Sandy receive roses on Mother’s Day!

Raul Moreno of Sao Paulo: “Blessed are the eyes that see what you seeFor I tell you that many prophets and kings wanted to see what you see but did not see it, and to hear what you hear but did not hear it!” (Luke 10:23-24) Happy Mother’s Day to all! This Sunday, the Sao Paulo Church held a festive celebration as we honored every mother in the crowd with: a “Mother’s Day Sermon;” a communion message shared vulnerably by an awesome disciple who is a mother – Ana Cristina; a rose at the end of service; and an artistic dance performance for all the mothers done by the children in the congregation! All the mothers were very encouraged to say the least!

But for me, the highlight was to see the baptism of Caiu! He is an engineering student at USP University and he is fired-up to win his campus, his city and his country for Jesus Christ!

Caiu is brought into the Kingdom with deep
convictions to evangelize Brazil!

Ricky Challinor of Portland: Greetings from the City of Roses! This morning, we had such a fun Mother’s Day Service, as we handed-out a rose to all of the incredible mothers in our congregation! One of the many highlights of the service was the restoration of a great mom – Jaime Wessels! After her restoration, it was incredible to see her in the fellowship losing no time going after visitors and setting-up studies! It’s awesome to see people come back strong and ready to take on the world! Of encouraging note, Jaime was the 20th addition of the year so far, which puts us just over weekly additions!!! Pray that the many people studying will make Jesus Lord!

Since their collegiate days in LA (above), Ricky &
Coleen have blossomed into incredible
church builders!

Michael Williamson: Greetings from London! God blessed us this week as Tim “The Comeback King” Kernan, Kaspar Tambar from Stockholm Sweden, Phillippe & Prisca Scheidecker, Anais Laurent (originally on the London Mission Team) together with several other disciples from France, all traveled in for a celebration weekend with the London Church!

Great friends, Kaspar, Tim and Michael are once
again united during Tim’s recent
visit to London!

Tim was masterful! He encouraged the church from Friday through Sunday, with a series of witty, challenging and inspirational speeches that had disciples buzzing and “Facebook posting” all night! Tim vulnerably shared his heart concerning all the challenges with planting the Paris International Christian Church alongside inspiring the congregation to be urgent in his incredible Sunday sermon entitled, The Second Coming Of Jesus Christ!

Phillipe gave a heartwarming communion, while George & Angelica Grima excited all the marrieds with their “commercial” highlighting our Marriage Retreat in Brighton next month entitled, Dancing With Your Star!

After service, Tim was able to encourage so many disciples including a great married couple that we’ve been reaching-out to for some time who “just so happens” to be from Canada! It felt like the entire church and their visitors came to the Leaders Meeting after service – in fact we had almost 100 in attendance! It’s nice when visitors ask, “What does it take in this church to become a leader?”

Another highlight of the weekend was the announcement of this year’s second new dating couple – MJ & Yomi! There are several international people studying the Bible, so please keep us in your prayers. Michele & I can’t wait to see and worship with the City of Angels Church in two weeks!

London’s newest dating couple – Yomi & MJ!

Prisca Scheidecker: Greetings from Paris! Philippe & I are back in Paris after an incredible week with our amazing sister church in London! We are so grateful for our friendship with the Williamsons and their support! First, I had the privilege to share at their Women’s Day! The sisters in London did a wonderful job and had many visitors! Vera, a friend of mine, came from Cambridge to attend as well, and she was very impressed by the love and openness as we shared our hearts with the women who participated! Many of them decided to study the Bible! What a glorious day!

Later that week, Philippe arrived in London with our children and other Paris disciples! We had such a great bonding time as a family with the London Church! Philippe & I also had the privilege to share at Sunday service during communion! However, the highlight of the week for me and many others was of course the arrival of our beloved Tim Kernan! We were so fired-up after not seeing him – the planter of the Paris Church – for now seven months! Our daughter Rebecca cried and when she saw Tim, she ran to be hugged in his arms! She had missed him so much and so did we!

Since the Kernans were denied visas, Philippe &
Prisca have valiantly led the Paris Church
for the last seven months!

During Campus Devo that evening, as well as last Sunday service, Tim preached powerful sermons, sharing with us the lessons he learned from God during those seven months after being prevented from coming back to Paris! It is so encouraging to see how – even in the midst of trials – God’s plans always prevail! (Proverbs 16:4) To Him be the glory!

Pictured are Tim & Lianne the evening before the
Paris Inaugural Service! Pray that the Holy
Spirit opens the door to France soon!

Jeremy Ciaramella of Phoenix: Greetings from the Valley Of “The Son!” Today was an amazing service, not only was it the best attendance so far this year of 176 (on a non-push Sunday), but we also had the privilege of hearing the hearts of Elizabeth & Richie McDonnell – the soon-to-be fulltime leaders of the new Santa Barbara Sector out of Los Angeles!

Richie & Elizabeth at his ASU Graduation!

Richie was in town as he graduated from Arizona State University (ASU) this past week! Richie & Elizabeth were both baptized in the Phoenix Church making it very special for our church family to hear him preach a powerful and mature sermon from the Book of Galatians! Clearly, he has grown so much in his faith and in his handling of God’s Word. Elizabeth’s communion was very vulnerable and touching! She shared how she was empty and very depressed despite all her successes – in drama, modeling, national honors in arts and academia – and even found herself suicidal at one point! It was around that time God moved through disciples and she found the way to true confidence in the grace of God and became our sister in Christ! Many of those visiting were impacted by Richie’s preaching and moved by Elizabeth’s communion and now want to study!

Today, not only did we celebrate Richie’s graduation, but the entire Phoenix Church also rejoiced over the graduation of Brittany Bulerin from ASU and Nubian Thomson, who graduated from nursing school! (Romans 12:15)

So encouraging to us all, the Lord has moved to raise-up new Singles Ministry Leaders, Josiah & Kristen Smith – who were married just a few weeks ago! Also, fortifying to our faith, the Holy Spirit is sending-out more disciples from the Phoenix Church… Chad & Rae Lynn Wilson have answered the call to support the Denver Church Planting and are moving there next month! Please be praying for us in Phoenix as numerous seeds are being “planted and watered” in the hearts of many who are now studying the Bible!

Just a few weeks after their wedding,
Josiah & Kristen become the
Singles Ministry Leaders!

Blaise Feumba – overseeing Evangelist for French-speaking Africa: “Those who had been scattered preached the Word wherever they went. Philip went down to a city in Samaria and proclaimed the Messiah there.” (Acts 8:4-5) One of the disciples who“had been scattered” after the civil war in the nation of Ivory Coast is named KIPRE! He settled in a town about five hours outside of Abidjan. Like Philip, he preached the gospel to his wife and to the entire town!

Two months ago, Amadou & Angele – the Lead Ministry Couple for our Abidjan Church – traveled there to study the Bible and “count the cost”with several people. Charlotte, Kipre’s wife, and two others were baptized to start a house church in the city! Three weeks ago, eight more people were baptized and attended the conference that we had in Abidjan entitled, SEEK FIRST GOD’S KINGDOM. They all went back rejoicing and eager to share their faith with their relatives and friends!

This week, Amadou & Angele and two other sold-out disciples returned to study with over 20 people and amazingly 12 more disciples were baptized and added to the Lord’s Church and our young movement! So in just two months, from one man with a vision to win his town to Christ, we now have 23 sold-out disciples and a brand new region of the Abidjan Church!

“The 12” new disciples who were baptized
this week in Ivory Coast are unified
in the Spirit!

Last Sunday, this same new region had 130 in attendance! (A video will be soon released on Facebook with pictures!) Please keep them in your prayers as they dream and work hard to have a church of over a 100 disciples by the end of 2013! To our Mighty God be all the glory!

Mike Patterson: Greetings from Orlando! With Matt out of town preaching the Word at our sister church in San Francisco, I prayed that the Spirit’s fire from the pulpit wouldn’t stop over the weekend. Our Friday Night Campus Devotional was “hot” as I preached a sermon that Kip had done called, Summer Slump Or Summer Surge! Kip tells the true story of him seeing a church that had a sign saying “Closed for the Summer.” This reflects the religious world’s views of the church, but certainly not in God’s Kingdom!

As our college students had gone home for a couple weeks of vacation and are now returning, we found ourselves in a “summer slump!” Encouragingly, in this lesson even Jesus had a time in His ministry where there was nothing happening – “no miracles!” (Mark 6:5-6). After all, as Kip preaches, “Where there is no faith, there are no miracles! However, where there are miracles, there is faith!” Therefore, imitating Jesus’ faith and corresponding action in the Scriptures, I called the ministry to start preaching the Word again! (Mark 6:6-7) Pray for us to see many miracles of baptisms as the summer session begins at UCF this week!

Kithy Ranga: “May you be made strong with all strength that comes from His glorious power, and may you be prepared to endure everything with patience.” (Colossians 1:11) Greetings from Syracuse! Mothers throughout the world were shown how much they are loved and appreciated today! As well, the mothers in the Syracuse Church were filled with happy emotions, as they were showered by their kids with words of affirmation, songs and wonderfully decorated cupcakes! When the song by Boys To Men entitled, Mama was played and our children gave-out cupcakes to their awesome “moms,” all of us in the congregation were filled with tears!

Most encouraging, a single mother named Chevella was baptized into Christ! She has three teenagers – two sons and her daughter, who is now studying the Bible with the Teens! To God be all the glory!

Coltin Rohn of Boston: This week, Mandee & I headed to New York City for some “good discipling time” with the Smellies! What a great church we have in the Big Apple! Thank you to both Andrew & Patrique for becoming spiritual parents in the gospel to us! During our absence, Roger & Kama Parlour did an outstanding job taking care of the church! I’m so grateful for them being our Shepherding Couple along with the help of Frank & Cydnee Hines!

So encouraging this last week is our brother Preston! Preston has taken a courageous stand in his position in the military since his baptism in December. Preston was supposed to be sent overseas as a gunner this July. Interestingly, after many talks with his superiors about his new convictions and how he can no longer be a gunner, Preston was advised to speak with the Chaplin on base. Preston then shared his convictions with the Chaplin, and the Chaplin was so moved that he asked Preston to serve as an “Assistant Chaplin” for the remainder of his time in the military! God is moving! Please continue to pray for Boston!

After his baptism in December (above), Preston
takes a courageous stand for the Lord
and is victorious!

Andrew Smellie: “For this is what the Lord says: ‘I will extend peace to her like a river, and the wealth of nations like a flooding stream; you will nurse and be carried on her arm and dandled on her knees. As a mother comforts her child, so will I comfort you; and you will be comforted over Jerusalem.'” (Isaiah 66:12-13) Greetings and salutations from the saints in New York City! Today we honored our mothers and the entire Women’s Ministry as we celebrated Mother’s Day! The Lord also “comforted” those who have lost their mothers with the peace that He loved them more than we ever could!

Due to the efforts of our Manhattan Singles Ministry, God’s “comfort”was also extended to Alan Francisco, a Computer Engineer, who was officially restored to God’s Kingdom today! Alan was first baptized into Christ in 1998 through the efforts of the San Francisco ICOC, yet sadly fell away due to his pride and became an atheist! Today, he shared powerfully that living without God was something he would not wish on anyone! Special thanks are due to the San Diego Church as they referred Alan to us when he first moved to New Jersey to be closer to his family!

It was remarkable to watch Alan’s demeanor change as we have been studying the Book of Romans and examining the grace and love that we have received through being part of the family of God! Alan’s rekindled appreciation for the Kingdom was shown as he traveled two hours each way for Sunday Services, Singles Devotionals and Midweeks, joyfully spending up to $12 each way in order to “seek first the Kingdom!”Please pray for Alan as he is in the process of moving closer to the city, and for God to help us to plant a “New Jersey Sector” of the New York City Church soon!

Another awesome prodigal son – Alan – is
restored to the Lord!

I was also proud of the financial sacrifice of the church today, as we were able to “comfort” a dear mother in our fellowship. The NYC Church took up a special “love offering” to support a sister who was able to overcome her battles with cancer without having health insurance, yet was in danger of losing her home if she could not come up with a $2,700 payment this week! The church responded by collecting a “love offering” of $2,827, while also giving their pledge to God as we collected another $5,336! All of this after our Missions Collection in April! We – like Alan – are so very grateful to our God for His gracious zeal to “extend peace to us… and the wealth of nations” as well!

Rachel (Bond) McGee: “But we were gentle among you, like a nursing mother taking care of her own children.” (1 Thessalonians 2:7) Happy Mother’s Day from Santiago de Chile! Today was so encouraging as we were able to celebrate all of the incredible mothers that we have in the church!

This Mother’s Day was particularly exciting for Jared & me as we are expecting our first child in just three weeks! On Saturday night, most of the Women’s Ministry gathered together for my baby shower! I was floored by how incredible and elegant the shower really was! The food, decorations, and the gifts were more than I could have hoped for! It was so helpful to receive so much needed advice and words of encouragement during a time of sharing. I felt extremely loved and honored by all of the sisters! It was also so encouraging to have so many women come that are studying the Bible! I love that even at a baby shower, the Kingdom of God is advancing! A special thank you to one of my “mothers in the faith,” Lucy Mejia, for being the hostess of the evening and making sure everything was so special!

Showered with love, Rachel and her baby are
honored by all the Santiago Sisters!

Following an incredible Saturday night, we had a blow-away Sunday church service! God blessed us with several visiting campus students, singles, marrieds and of course moms! During service, all of the children of our Kids Kingdom came through the aisles to pass out a red rose to each of the mothers! It was so precious!

The dynamic Santiago Campus Ministry
Leaders – Jared & Rachel McGee!

Then, to end the service, we had one more added through the waters of baptism – Romina! Romina is an answer to prayer for her friend Alejandra, one of our sisters! So encouraging to all was to see most of Romina’s family at service!

Romina’s baptism was Alejandra’s answered prayer!

Also of special note, very late last Monday, Elizabeth was baptized! Elizabeth is a campus student at our very fruitful INACAP Campus. She was met over a year ago and invited to Bible Talk. She denied the invitation, but God kept working in her life. Just one month ago, our newest Campus Intern Connie Cordero, shared her faith with Elizabeth, not knowing this was her second invitation. Elizabeth accepted and immediately started studying the Bible! She recently quit her job and stopped taking an English class that is already paid for, just to “seek first the Kingdom of God!” Elizabeth is now your sister! Please keep us in your prayers!

Raja Rajan of Chennai: Greetings from the nation of 1,220,800,359 people and counting… as you read! On Sunday, we celebrated Mother’s Day! The kids did an outstanding job by presenting a dance and every mother in the church received a photo frame handmade by the children of Kids Kingdom! Then we had the Single Sisters perform a special a’cappella song dedicated to all the mothers!

The Single Sisters singing a’cappella in
honor of all the mothers!

God continues to hear the prayers of the disciples and bless our hard work. We are absolutely not worthy, but His grace only makes us work even harder! (1 Corinthians 15:9-10) Last week, God washed away the sins of three more souls – Gaipu, Wilson and Arul!

Tamil, Arul and Simon shout for joy after
Arul’s breathtaking baptism!

These new brothers are an extraordinary group of men: Gaipu has completed his graduation from Loyola College; Wilson is a young Engineer; and Arul works for Cake Park! Thank you for your many prayers. All glory and power to Him alone!

The Chennai Brothers rally behind
Wilson after his baptism!

Dearest Brothers and Sisters, Let’s continue to pray for the 2013 Global Leadership Conference entitled, Prophets And Kings – Longed To See What “We” See!

The 2013 Global Leadership Conference!

The registration cost for this year’s exciting conference is $160. Also, in order for us to receive “free facilities” at the Garden Grove Hyatt Regency Hotel for the duration of the seminar, we need to fill at least 500 room nights. So please, if at all possible, stay at the Hyatt Regency Hotel for a relatively inexpensive $125/night. You can register at the City of Angels International Christian Church website: And may “the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus!” (Philippians 4:7) And to God be all the glory! Amen!
Much love,