March 24th 2013

Dear All,
Greetings from the saints in Los Angeles! This week, the Lord graciously added to our number five baptisms and one glorious restoration – Chris Bryant, a former fulltime minister in LA!

Cory and Nick warmly welcome Chris into the
South Central family at his restoration!

Saturday in particular was an exciting day of fellowship as the City of Angels Church Basketball League entered the third week of “March Madness!” In the first game, the Lakers (AMS, North & Ventura Regions) bounced back from last week’s loss to beat the up-to-then undefeated Bulls (South Central Region) 61 – 48!

Shay congratulates Tyler after the
Lakers’ big win over the Bulls!

Then the Knicks (OC & IE Regions) defeated the undermanned Heat (Central & East Regions) 80 – 45. Then in a nail-biter, the Celtics (South Region) overcame the Thunder’s (West Region) phenomenal three point shooting (70%  – 14 of 20!) to win in overtime 73 – 66! The day’s high scorers all came from this game: Patrick Gadson (Thunder) 28 points on eight three pointers, Clark Burrell (Celtics) 27 points, and Erik Russell (Thunder) 26 points! So now there are four teams tied for first place with 2-1 records: Bulls, Celtics, Knicks and Lakers!

The Celtics overcome tremendous three point
shooting by the Thunder to win in overtime!

Then on Saturday evening, the 35 students of the International College of Christian Ministries came together for a meal. Afterward, they did quite well on their exam over the books of Joshua through 1 Chronicles, The Disciplined Life, and the Good News Emails. Then we heard the lesson: Structure, Order and Protocol.

Sunday was particularly encouraging for Elena & I as we worshiped with the collective gathering of the Central, West and South Central Regions! I cannot fully express my personal joy in being able to share in the restoration of Chris Bryant! He has become a very dear friend, and I am confident that God will use Chris alongside Cory & Geraldine, Nick & Denise, Megan, Melissa and Miguel to take our South Central Region to even greater heights!

The Central, West and South Central Regions come
together for a phenomenal worship service!

Now more news from around Los Angeles…

Chris Broom of the OC Region: “I hope in the Lord Jesus to send Timothy to you soon, that I also may be cheered when I receive news about you. I have no one else like him, who takes a genuine interest in your welfare. For everyone looks out for his own interests, not those of Jesus Christ. But you know that Timothy has proved himself, because as a son with his father he has served with me in the work of the gospel.” (Philippians 2:19-22) When Theresa & I moved to Syracuse in 1999 to lead the church there, I met a young man named Joel Parlour who at that time was only 11 years old! Just a few years later in 2003, through the work of the Teen Ministry, I witnessed Joel’s baptism! In 2006, the entire Parlour family moved with Theresa & me to plant the Chicago International Christian Church!

Over the years, God has used that family in incredible ways! Today, Roger & Kama (Joel’s parents) serve as a Shepherding Couple in the Boston Church and Brittany (Joel’s little sister) along with her incredible husband Mike Underhill, lead the San Francisco Bay Church!

In 2011, Joel moved here to LA and began to lead the Inland Empire Region with his girlfriend Courtney Irwin, who is now his wife of one year as they celebrated their anniversary this weekend! Through the years, Joel has been a “Timothy” to me, and I can truly say that “I have no one else like him!” He is a dear son in the faith, and one of the most humble men I have ever met! Courtney is an incredible woman of God and has fast become a part of the “Broom family” as well. We are so proud of the work they are doing in the Campus Ministry here in Orange County! Even this week, Breanna, a student at FJC, was baptized at our Friday Night Devotional at Huntington Beach!

Joel & Courtney Parlour!

Today we announced that after the 2013 Global Leadership Conference in August, we will be sending Joel & Courtney to lead the Syracuse International Christian Church! Like Ricky & Coleen Challinor, Joel will return to lead the church that he was baptized in as a teen! Over the years, the Syracuse disciples have sacrificed so much for God’s movement, and we affectionately call this congregation – “The Little Church That Could!” We are so thrilled to send this amazing church a couple like Joel & Courtney, in whom we are so confident that they’ll take the church to heights never before seen in Syracuse! While I will personally feel the loss of Joel’s partnership on a daily basis, I know this is what the Kingdom of God is all about – sending “our very best” “into all the world!”

Ighodaro Odighizuwa: Greetings from the Inland Empire Region!“Then He led me to [San Bernardino]…. and He said to me, ‘This water flows towards [San Bernardino Valley College] and wherever it flows it brings life!'” (Ezekiel 47:6,8-9) The Mighty Spirit of God has flowed into San Bernardino and has brought life to a dead soul, as Adrian Kelly was baptized at our Beach Campus Devotional on Friday night!

Adrian is a great example of perseverance, as he overcame tremendous persecution to be baptized! His parents were totally unsupportive of Adrian’s studying the Bible and so called his uncle (who is a pastor) to try to talk him out of making Jesus his Lord. But the persecution only fueled Adrian’s desire to get baptized, as he remembered from the Bible that persecution is a sign of being a true disciple! Secure in the truth, Adrian went ahead and was baptized in the powerful Pacific Ocean! We too were almost baptized with him, as a huge wave came from God to make sure he was FULLY submerged! We are praying that the Spirit of God will continue to flow through the Inland Empire bringing more and more dead souls to life!

Lou Jack Martinez of the AV Sector of the Central Region: WHAT A BAD DAY FOR THE DEVIL IN THE VALLEYS as disciples from theNorth Region’s San Fernando and Santa Clarita Valleys and theAntelope Valley met together for an INCREDIBLE ALL-VALLEYS SUNDAY SERVICE!!! You can rest assured that our new North Region is in very capable hands, as Tyler Sears led the way and PREACHED THE WORD to us all!!! Tyler talked about The Dream That Changed The World and had us all deeply moved, convicted and inspired! Each one of us left the Cal State Northridge campus “transformed” to do great things for God!

Shay Sears, Travis & Cecy Frazier, David Caldwell, Deunte Ford and the rest of the North Region disciples made all of us from the AV feel like family – and we all had a wonderful picnic in the park to follow our amazing service! We have now formed a GREAT BOND with the North Region and are committed to helping them build up a great House Church in Santa Clarita Valley, as this is the valley on the 14 Freeway that connects us both!!! Please continue to pray for the harvest in the Valleys!!!

Tyler & Shay Sears – Dallas Mission Team Leaders: Will you not revive us again, that your people may rejoice in you?” (Psalm 85:6)We would like to formally announce the initiation of the Dallas/Ft. Worth Remnant Group in July 2013! According to Wikipedia, with almost 7,000,000 in population, Dallas/Ft. Worth is the fourth largest metropolitan area in the United States and home to twenty Fortune 500 Companies! There are 36 colleges and universities: most notable are University of Texas – Arlington, University of Texas – Dallas, and Southern Methodist University. As well, the city boasts one of the best economies in the USA, making it a vibrant place for employment!

The Dallas/Ft. Worth Remnant Group will be led by our dear brother and friend Tim Power of Boston! Several other disciples from the SoldOut Movement will be joining him including the Ramirez family of Washington DC! Other disciples from our former fellowship have already contacted us, as they so badly desire to “revive again” their heart for God, His movement and His mission of “making disciples of all nations!”

Tim Power – the Dallas/Ft. Worth
Remnant Group Leader!

Our plan is for the Dallas/Ft. Worth Remnant Group to “set aside” their weekly collection to “off-set” all the costs of the official planting. Then, Lord willing with the necessary funds in hand, we (Tyler & Shay) will join them in either December 2013 or April 2014 with the rest of the mission team, thus formally planting the Dallas/Ft. Worth International Christian Church! If you have any interest in being part of this incredible team, or you are a remnant disciple with an interest in joining us, please contact us! (Tyler Sears – 626.991.8243 /, Shay Sears – 626.253.0764 / In the meantime, please pray for this momentous effort and check out the Dallas/Ft. Worth International Christian Church website:! And to God be all the glory!

The Dallas/Ft. Worth Remnant Group
will be initiated in July 2013!

Now more news around the globe…

NEWS FLASH! Raul Moreno of Sao Paulo: “At the present time there is a remnant chosen by grace!” (Romans 11:5) God’s plan has always been to gather His faithful remnant, so that God could bless the earth with the knowledge of Him! (Isaiah 11:9-12) In 1987, the Sao Paulo (International) Church of Christ (ICOC) was planted. By 2001, this vibrant congregation numbered 3,200 disciples with an attendance of 5,000, as well as having planted six other ICOC congregations around Brazil!

However, at the “Unity Meeting” in LA in November 2002, the ICOC returned to a more “Mainline Church of Christ theology” abandoning the Biblical teachings of Kip McKean upon which the ICOC (Boston) Movement had been built such as discipling, a central leadership and Jesus’ vision of the evangelization of the nations in this generation. In fact, the return to Mainline theology was so complete that the Sao Paulo International Church of Christ changed its name to the Sao Paulo Church of Christ! Also vividly underlining this damaging departure to Mainline theology, the Porto Alegre (Brazil) ICOC was totally disbanded when her leaders told the members to go to a Mainline Church of Christ.

In February 2003 just three months after the “Unity Meeting” where the ICOC Central Leadership was dissolved and called “unbiblical,” the Kreite Letter became the match that set-off an explosion of bitterness throughout the world in “what was left of the ICOC.” So, not only did the former Sao Paulo ICOC Church fall to 800 members, but they became autonomous and most who stayed grew “lukewarm.” Then a short time later, its 12 sectors separated and became autonomous from each other as well!

One of those sectors – the East Sector – became the Artur Alvin Church, which was led by Renato & Maria Jose Tria. Since Renato has always believed that there needed to be “a movement” to evangelize the world, it is not surprising that certain leaders in the Sao Paulo Church of Christ tried to fire the Trias, but “Renato’s” congregation stood by him! Then, a little over two years ago, Renato reached out to Kip on Facebook! From that time, Kip, Lynda & I have studied the Scriptures with the Trias about God’s remnant through the centuries.

So it was very exciting last week when Renato & Maria Jose courageously called their whole church of about 90 “on the roster” to join God’s new movement! Although this was their membership on paper, only about 40 were attending Midweek Services showing its true membership. Unfortunately, the Financial Board did not want to be called back to “total commitment,” and they opposed Renato by coming to the front and speaking out loud to the church after Renato made this announcement last Sunday! For the last eight days, they have conjured up terrible lies about Renato’s & Maria Jose’s characters, and have“poisoned” many in the church. (Acts 14:2)

That said, for us in the Sao Paulo International Christian Church, today was historic as Renato & Maria Jose Tria officially joined God’s Modern Day Movement by placing membership along with five other courageous souls! The Trias are “heroes in the faith” throughout Brazil, as they have been in the fulltime ministry for 15 years! God used them to plant the Recife (Brazil) ICOC Church; to lead the Belo Horizonte (Brazil) ICOC Church to over 500 disciples; as well as leading various sectors in the Sao Paulo ICOC Church!

Raul, Lynda, Elena & I stand in awe of God as He
has gathered Renato & Maria Jose Tria
into His new movement!

Sunday was amazing! The group that came from Renato’s congregation was so happy! One of the mothers told me that she felt like how she did the very first time she came to church! Renato & Maria Jose were happy too! We gave them a huge basket of fruit saying that they will see much, much more fruit to come! Pray because at this time we are “counting the cost” with each disciple from Renato’s church, who wants to place membership in the next few weeks! Truly, God is gathering His remnant!

Now fulltime with us, Renato and Raul will be
partners in the gospel in evangelizing the
200,000,000 lost souls in Brazil!

Ricky Challinor of Portland: Good news from the City of Bridges, as well as Boise, Idaho – the City of Trees!!! This weekend, Coleen & I traveled to Boise to encourage the Boise Remnant Group. Our time here with these five incredible disciples has been fantastic!

The leaders are Rob & Rachel Hart – an incredible couple that has been listening in on the internet to SoldOut Movement preachers, and over time, built-up the convictions to step-up and form a remnant group! The other couple is Randy & Barbie Pratt who were long-time members of a community church in the town of Emmett near Boise. They are absolute servants and have an incredible heart for God and the truth, as they were baptized just recently by the Harts! Of great encouragement is the last of the five disciples, Mary, who is the mother of Barbie and recently baptized!!!! They are fired-up and ready to begin evangelizing Idaho!

In my absence from Portland, the dynamic duo of Richard Caoile and Ted Green “tag teamed” the sermon from which we have heard great reports! Also of encouragement was the baptism of yet another teen girl Lizbeth – a sophomore in Tigard High School! Her mother is a disciple in the Latin Ministry, and of note, Lizbeth is a very talented soccer player! Please be praying for us as we strive to change the Northwest!!!

Gordo and Erin embrace Lizbeth
after her baptism!

Carlos Mejia: “So the Word of God spread. The number of disciples in Jerusalem increased rapidly!” (Acts 6:7) Greetings from Santiago de Chile! God has been moving powerfully down here in South America! This week, three more souls have been added to our number – Jorge, Francis and Magaly! Jorge’s sister, Maria, was just baptized a few weeks ago, and when Jorge visited the church, he was blown away by the love! He studied the Bible and “rapidly” made decisions to change his life for Jesus!

Magaly, is the mother of one of our amazing young sisters Connie, who was just baptized last October! It’s awesome to see families brought together in the Lord!

Fulfilling the dream and prayer of so many disciples
to see their moms enter the Kingdom,
Connie baptizes her mom – Magaly!

Though not related to anyone in the Santiago Church, Francis, an incredible young doctor from Colombia, was baptized! This young woman has already had a “felt impact” in our congregation, and we are excited to see God work in her life in the months ahead! Also, last Friday, we had an amazing Young Christians Devo! The spirit was just flat electric! It was awesome to see just how much the “Word of God [has] spread” in Santiago! And to God be the glory!

The Santiago Sisters and Francis
rejoice in her salvation!

Mike Underhill of San Francisco: “I will lead the blind by ways they have not known, along unfamiliar paths I will guide them; I will turn the darkness into light!” (Isaiah 42:16) Today was a great day for the San Francisco Bay Church! God allowed us to see Lydia’s “darkness”turn into to “light” through the waters of baptism! When invited to our “Food For Life Talk” two weeks ago, Lydia almost did not attend, as the path seemed too “unfamiliar” to her. However after her first personal Bible study, there was no doubt in her mind that a relationship with God was what she was longing for! Inspiring as well, Lydia is our very first disciple at Berkeley City College!

Like her namesake, Lydia is destined to
impact many women for Christ!

Maria Franklin from Chicago: “Now He who supplies seed to the sower and bread for food will also supply and increase your store of seed and will enlarge the harvest of your righteousness.” (2 Corinthians 9:10) God is indeed increasing the storage of seed for us to be able to supply an incredible harvest for our 15X World Missions Contribution! This week, God enabled us to raise over $3,000 with only 37 disciples on the “tagging field!” Of special note, our dear sister Katie was working hard, when a “good Samaritan” approached her on foot and wrote out a check for $200 on the spot! Amazing!

Today, service was phenomenal! Jay Shelbrack preached a mighty and humbling sermon calling us to have the compassion of Jesus! Jay shared the staggering statistics of homicide in Chicago, and called us to have the heart of Jesus by “weeping for this city!” He also challenged us to be motivated by Jesus’ example by “going the extra mile” with Special Missions, as well as our upcoming 2013 Women’s Day!

At the end of service, we closed with the inspiring baptism of Angel! Angel will be starting Dentistry School at UIC this Fall! Angel was originally reached out to at UIC by our beloved sister who went out on the San Francisco planting, Sharmayne! Angel shared how she had studied the Bible last year, but was not ready to be a disciple. She began studying the Bible once again, but this time had already made the decision to be a disciple, as numerous times in her Bible studies, she humbly stated, “I have no option. I have to follow God!” Praise God for her convictions!

God’s angels are rejoicing over our
new sister – Angel as she stands
with her husband and baby!

Now more good news from the AMS Ministry… This Sunday, we had a visitor named Kiera, who participated in this year’s American Idol! Kiera not only loved the service, but studied the Bible right afterward! At our Thursday Open Mic Night, we had amazing performances, and to God’s glory, there were more visitors than disciples! Lastly, Theo, who co-leads the AMS Ministry, was met on the street by an influential director of many productions, who has worked with Tyler Perry and Tom Hanks. While talking with Theo, Walt offered him a role in one of his upcoming productions! Pray for God to open up many more doors for Chicago’s AMS Ministry!!!

Coltin Rohn of Boston: “Whenever the cloud lifted from above the Tent, the Israelites set out; wherever the cloud settled, the Israelites encamped.” (Numbers 9:17) The cloud of the Lord has moved in Boston! Today, we celebrated our last Sunday at the Benjamin Franklin Institute, and it was a service to remember! We will now be meeting at 40 Trinity Place – right across the street from the new John Hancock Building! The singing was vibrant! Probably because Sal DiFusco (former Evangelist of the Boston ICOC AMS Ministry) started “The Song Leaders College” hosted at Berklee College of Music, where he works as an Associate Professor! After 10 classes, those who pass will receive a special certificate!

Today, with a couple people out of town, the Lord blessed us with 52, eight of which were disciples in the old movement coming to visit us and worship God! Tim Power then preached a “conference level lesson” for Leaders Meeting simply entitled, Evangelism! I’m so proud of Tim and the man of God he has become since his restoration last summer! He’s not only my brother, but my dear friend. We are all going to miss Tim when the Spirit sends him to Texas this July! Also, God allowed us to raise almost $600 this past Saturday for missions through the efforts of “tagging!” To Him be all the glory!

Anais Laurent of Paris: Bonjour mes frères et sœurs! God has indeed shown Himself to be great here in Paris! We are so excited as this past week our dear sister Carine was baptized!!!!!!!! She used to take a salsa class with our sister Sandra, but recently fell out of contact until Carine “happened to walk by” the cafe where we have Bible Talk! (Acts 17:26-27) Since then, her heart to give-up everything and let Jesus truly be Lord has been so inspiring that her mom is now studying the Bible and several of her friends have already come out! To God be all the “gloire!”

Carine is congratulated by her mom
who is studying the Bible!

Michael Williamson of London: Amidst the coldest March in 50 years, the London disciples are all on fire to raise money for Special Contribution! Saturday, several disciples braved the freezing hail, sleet and snow, as well as several public transportation service interruptions, to “shake buckets” (tag) at London’s famous KINGS CROSS Tube Station.

Our new campaign entitled, Changing Lives 2013 has begun to move hearts here in LONDON. Before he was a disciple, Jamal Raoul, at one point had no faith in God, sold and used heavy drugs, alongside living in a pretty run down squat – typically a building or home taken over by the homeless. Thanks to the efforts of the Campus Ministry, he became a sold-out disciple and is currently an Intern!

The Changing Lives flier with Jamal
as the inspiration for the donation
of money to the London Church!

We approached local businesses asking for support and donations to help the London Church hire more young people needing mentoring support and direction not to mention severe cases like Jamal. One business has donated clothing that we are selling, other businesses have requested we stop by and collect donations, and this Saturday we raised about $500 on the street in just a few hours of shaking buckets! Of course our most hardworking bucket shaker Saturday was Jamal highlighting his gratefulness at being “forgiven much!” (Luke 7:47)

However, God taught us all a lesson at the end of our campaign. A homeless man approached us asking for money… I reluctantly gave him the change in my pocket as did all the other disciples, which to be honest had me feeling a little unsettled. He then approached everyone in the Burger King requesting money. After collecting from everyone, he proceeded to walk out… but he put ALL that he collected in one of the brothers buckets! Pray for us as we are counting the cost with two UCL students – one studying Law and another studying Medicine!

Evan Bartholomew: Greetings from San Diego, where two more souls were added to the Kingdom this weekend! First, a 19-year-old named Daniel was baptized in the frigid waters of Mission Bay on Friday night! He was met by Bobby Merritt and Kensey Perkins at a restaurant right after church, and then quickly began studying the Bible! Though once being a persecutor of Christianity, Daniel was so “cut to the heart” byThe Cross Study that he went and rented The Passion Of The Christ video and watched it by himself that night at midnight!

Daniel’s baptism was unlike any I’ve ever seen! After being “dunked” and walking back to the shore, the brothers told me that they felt like they were “kicking fish” as they walked out to do the baptism. Since it was night, they couldn’t see where they were stepping… Upon investigation with a couple of flashlights, we discovered hundreds of jellyfish in the water where Daniel was baptized! Amazingly, similar to Shadrack, Meshach and Abednego, none of the brothers were stung!

Secondly, we were able to see Greg baptized at the end of our service today! Greg is an awesome guy who comes from a Pentecostal background. It was such an amazing testimony to the power of God’s Word to see how quickly Greg repented of the false doctrines that were so prevalent in his life. He went from “feeling” saved, to “knowing” that he is saved through the Scriptures! (Jeremiah 17:9) Awe-inspiring, Greg is the first addition to our “older” Singles Bible Talk that was just started last week! Thank you for all your prayers! God is moving powerfully here in San Diego!

Coming out of the darkness of false doctrine, Greg
celebrates coming into the Kingdom of Light!

Matt Sullivan of Orlando: “I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.” (John 16:33) God is awesome! Two weekends in a row we went tagging with our permit in hand and passion in our hearts and God blessed us greatly for our Special Contribution! That did not come without a cost and a little“trouble” as last weekend we were yelled at and cursed at for about 30 minutes! However, we “turned the other cheek,” and God blessed our humility as we made almost as much as the week before – gaining a total of over $3,300 for the two weekends!

We were also super encouraged Sunday to hear six brothers speak the Word of God powerfully and with deep conviction! “Back in the day,” we used to have Young Guns Sundays and hear the young, “up and coming” guys preach. Building on this idea, we decided to have a Young AND Antique Guns Sunday… and it was amazing!

Starting off for communion our “Young Gun” Jonathan Smoot of our Campus Ministry gave one of the most moving talks sharing his life! Then one of the “Antique Guns,” our Deacon – Kevin Hunt, gave a hilarious and convicting contribution talk. Then the four preachers came out – Justin Powe, a UCF student, spoke powerfully about the vision a young or old disciple is to have and how they must dive into the Word. Then, our “Young Gun” Chris Jones, another campus brother, spoke powerfully about the vision that campus brings to the church as they did in Acts 19! Then one of the new disciples – but a bit more “antique” at 33 – Jedediah Sweetser spoke powerfully about the role older men must have in the church from Titus 2, and that they should continue transforming as in Romans 12:2 – which is tattooed on his arm!

Finally, our passionate “old school remnant veteran,” Curtis White rolled in on a wheelchair – for affect only as he rides his bike about five miles a day at age 58! He then jumped-up and took the pulpit by storm preaching one of the most passionate, fiery and powerful sermons I’ve heard about the need to keep up with Jesus because we ARE going to evangelize the world in our generation! He has been in the battle since 1988 and is more fired-up now than even then! With the 111 at service today, the visitors were blown away and so many new people started studying the Bible!

We were moved to see another come to be baptized on Tuesday morning, Stephanie, a UCF student! Though Stephanie had stopped studying for a while, after the horrific suicide and attempted mass murder at UCF on Sunday night very near her dorm, she was even more urgent and literally did whatever it took to become your sister and is now 100% sold-out to God!

Then closing the service today, we were encouraged to see the baptism of Ivory from the newly formed AMS/East House Church led by the Eckels! She was invited at a toll booth, but put the invite aside. A bit later, she saw another invite given to the person working before her and just decided it was time to “seek God with all [her] heart!” She did and was added to our number today! God is amazing and we have now had 39 baptized in our first seven months since the church was officially planted! Truly, the harvest is ripe… We will have “trouble,” but no worries – Jesus has “overcome the world!”

Andrew Smellie of New York City: “Each one should use whatever gift he has received to serve others, faithfully administering God’s grace in its various forms.” (1 Peter 4:10) What an inspiring day in the Lord! We celebrated our first church-wide “Discipler Appreciation Day” (DAD), where everyone in the church was able to encourage the men and women in their lives whom God is using to help “present them perfect in Christ.” (Colossians 1:28) It was first initiated last year for the sisters by Cristell Fortune, a campus student in the church who is preparing to graduate with honors from NYU! It was heart-warming to see the love of the disciples as they handed out gifts to share their admiration for one another!

After an excellent service featuring George & Angelica Grima of Paris who shared for contribution, we had our first-ever AMS (Arts, Music & Spoken Word) Showcase to raise money for missions! The best performers of our monthly “Open-Mic” sessions performed to a packed house, featuring singers, dancers, poets, instrumentalists… disciples and invited non-disciples! In a word, it was fantastic!

The AMS Showcase invitation of
the New York City Church!

The closing song was sung powerfully by our sister Erica Felder, who sang a “remake” of the recent Academy Award-winning James Bond theme song, Skyfall, (co-authored by Jonathan Pedican) calling people to “not fall” as “we save the world together!” This event was so powerful that people came off the street to hear what was going on! As God would have it, two girls from Paris, France came in, were introduced to the Grimas, and discovered that one of them lives nearby to where the Grimas live in Paris! They are now excited to come out and visit our sister church there! Truly, New York City has got talent!!! And to God be all the glory!

George & Angelica Grima of Paris encouraged
the Smellies and the entire NYC Church!

Jeremy Ciaramella of Phoenix: Greetings from the Valley of “The Son!”“Don’t you have a saying, ‘It’s still four months until harvest?’ I tell you, open your eyes and look at the fields! They are ripe for harvest.” (John 4:35) We are so grateful to God working through the Women’s Day here in Phoenix! It was absolutely inspiring as 41 sisters had 67 guests! Brandyn Speckman of LA preached powerfully about God’s PRICELESS love and how women should strive to have Mary Magdalene’s tearfully grateful response to it! 37 of the guests at Women’s Day checked on the response cards that they either wanted to study the Bible, attend church, attend a Bible discussion or take the “three week challenge” – attending all events for three weeks!

To finish off this momentous day, Lala – a single mother of four beautiful children – was baptized! Interestingly, that same day, we received a notice that a guest had posted a message to our Phoenix ICC Facebook page, “Thank you so much for opening your doors to me for the 2013 Women’s Day! My neighbor invited me and I feel so blessed I was able to attend and hear such amazing journeys some of these women have gone through. Absolutely amazing! Thank you!”

Lala’s baptism was one of the highlights
of the awesome Phoenix Women’s Day!

Raja Rajan of Chennai: Greetings from Southern India! Last Sunday, we had a record “non-push” attendance of 107, while meeting in family groups! So exciting is that three more souls have been added to His Kingdom! Varun, a young man of 17 years, who ran away from home after fighting with his parents was desperately seeking God. When his parents heard the news that he is becoming a Christian they too wanted to celebrate! Today, our first baptism was Felix – a sophomore from the prestigious Madras Christian College!

Triumphant in Christ, Fredrick,
Yesuraj and Felix are jubilant!
Next, Vignesh – who just graduated as an Aeronautical Engineer – also entered the waters of the Indian Ocean to be baptized into Christ!

With their smiles as bright as the sun, Aneesh,
Aaron and Vignesh are now brothers in Christ!

Excitingly, more great news from the New Delhi Remnant Group! Evelin, the mother of Neha and Barkha, made the decision to become a Christian and was baptized! Please continue to keep the 1.2 billion lost souls of India in your prayers!

Dearest Brothers and Sisters, Jeremiah 23:3-4 is being fulfilled again in our day! “The Lord declares, ‘I myself will gather the remnant of my flock out of all the countries where I’ve driven them and will bring them back to their pasture, where they will be fruitful and increase in number. I will place shepherds over them who will tend them and they will no longer be afraid or terrified nor will any be missing!'”

So exciting this month are the many “veteran” remnant disciples that God has gathered from the nations into His new movement: Mike & Dena Sanicola placing membership in DC and becoming a fulltime couple on the Denver Mission Team; Chris Bryant, one of the most dynamic preachers in our former fellowship being restored; and Renato & Marie Jose Tria and the incredible Brazilian remnant disciples joining us in Sao Paulo! Let us pray that “they will be fruitful and increase in number” as they in turn help our Father bring all the remnant from “all the countries” into His new movement so that none “will be missing!”And to Him be all the glory, honor and praise! Amen!
Much love,