March 10th 2013

Dear All,
Greetings from Los Angeles! This week, we initiated the City of Angels Church Basketball League! The teams are: Bulls (South Central Region), Celtics (South Region), Heat (Central & East Regions), Knicks (Orange County & Inland Empire Regions), Lakers (AMS, North & Ventura Regions), and Thunder (West Region). For the regular season, each team will play each other once. Then in the playoffs, the third and second seeded teams will play for “the right” to engage the number one seeded team for the championship trophy! And of course, there will be an All Star Game! The first week’s results showed “the balance” of the league: the Heat defeated the Thunder 56 – 52; the Bulls overcame a game-long lead by the Celtics 75 – 73; and the Lakers downed the Knicks 60 – 52!

Before every game, the two teams and their coaches
gather at center court for both captains
to pray that the game honors God!

Later that day, I was included on the following mass posting on Facebook from one of my teammates – Miguel De La Rosa, “So today we played our first basketball game against the South Central Region and we lost by two points! It was amazing how competitive it got and yet it wasn’t dirty or out of control! Things like this remind me how incredible the Kingdom of God really is!”

During a time-out, Coach Bartholomew instructs the
Heat while Coach Kirchner inspires the Thunder!

Special thanks to Cory Blackwell and Ryan Keenan for all of their efforts in putting this amazing league together, and for Tony Untalan, who serves as our Commissioner!

Ryan, Cory and Tony have all worked diligently
to create the CAICC Basketball League!

This week, the Lord added 16 to our number – 12 baptisms and four restorations! And to God be the glory!

And now more reports from around LA…

Kyle Bartholomew: Greetings from the Central Region! Today was incredible as four souls were added to the Kingdom! First, Mei – once an incredible disciple who had wandered from her relationship with God because of discontentment – was restored! With tears in her eyes, she vowed to God that from this day forward “He” would always be enough!

Then April, a “Kingdom Kid” – who had drifted far from God – was restored! Recently married, she quickly realized that she needed God’s help and intervention to save her marriage and save her soul. Then that same afternoon, April’s many desperate prayers were answered, as Marquice – April’s husband – was plunged into the waters of baptism! He too saw the need for God to move in their lives and was touched by the disciples who sacrificed to help them. Recognizing from Scripture that he had indeed come to God’s Kingdom, Marquice joyfully proclaimed, “Jesus is Lord” and is now “united in Christ” with April!

Finally, Sophie – a young teen whose parents had fallen away – decided that she didn’t need to experience a life in the world as so many teenagers crave, but rather, she desired only “the abundant life” that God promises and she too was baptized into Christ! Sunday, Sophie’s parents came to church for the first time in years… And following the service, they hosted all the disciples at their home where Sophie was baptized! Pray for us as we strive “to win as many as possible!”  

Rebecca Rico – South Region Intern: What a tear-jerking Sunday! This Sunday, the South celebrated the send-off of the Las Vegas Mission Team! Jason & Sarah Dimitry mean so much to the South, and especially to me! They have imitated Christ in Tim & Lianne Kernan and so have fostered a great sense of family in the region. They’ve inspired me and believed in me, and they are a huge part of the reason that I now have the desire to serve God in the full-time ministry!

Jason gave an amazing lesson today on all that God has taught him from leading the region. Later, we had a Going Away Party for the Las Vegas Mission Team, as all 15 of them leave this week for their “spying out the land” trip, since Las Vegas is only a five hour drive from LA. At the conclusion of the service, many tears were shed, and we left with this Scripture in mind, “It is more blessed to give than to receive… When Paul had finished speaking, he knelt down with all of them and prayed. They all wept as they embraced him…” (Acts 20:35-37) Please be praying for Oleg & Aliona Sirotkin – our new South Region Leaders and the future Moscow Mission Team Leaders, as well as for the “official send-off” of the Las Vegas Team at our All Congregational Service on April 14th!

The Sirotkins – Oleg, Aliona, Sofiia and Lidiia!

Joel Parlour of the OC Campus Ministry: Now that we are having more House Churches, it has been a great opportunity to raise people up! Today, we had over 70 gather for our Regional Campus Ministry Service! Our new dating couple Kirk & Margie welcomed everyone warmly and many disciples prayed in Spanish, Portuguese, Mandarin, Tagalog and of course English! Then Ryan Lomeli presided over communion and our dear sister Raquel “Rocky” Valdez gave a very moving testimony! Also, there were two campus men baptized! Fabian – of our Latin Campus Ministry – and Diego! Diego is a zealous young man from CSUF. He comes from a very religious background, but totally sees the false doctrine and is fired-up to be a part of the movement of God!

Sal Velasco: Greetings from the Latin Ministry of the Orange County Region! We are so excited that our Lord has blessed us today with another baptism in our Campus Ministry! My cousin Fabian Velasco came to study the Bible with me about three months ago, because his sister was studying the Bible with my wife. He came out because he was having terrible dreams and he knew his life was “going down the wrong path” with bad influences surrounding him. (1 Corinthians 15:33) However, he did not come back to study or attend church until about a month ago when his sin nearly took his life!

From this event, Fabian realized that he needed to get help, so he showed up to church and started studying the Bible with Javier and myself. Also so encouraging to me, is that Fabian’s mother came to his baptism! She shared with me that in the short time that he has been studying the Bible, he has made drastic changes in his character! She has also been moved to study the Bible herself! Fabian now has new dreams and is so grateful for his new spiritual family!

Kirk, Sal and Javier welcome Sal’s
cousin Fabian into God’s family!

Chris Chloupek: Greetings from the AMS REGION! God is starting to bring in the harvest of baptisms! Marita, a successful traveling nurse, was baptized today! After understanding the importance of “seeking first God’s Kingdom,” she decided to not renew her lucrative contract to continue traveling as a nurse. Instead, she will secure new employment as a stationary nurse in LA, receiving less pay, but later eternal treasure in Heaven! There are several more baptisms to come soon! Remember, the party is in Heaven!

Lou Jack Martinez of the AV Sector of the Central Region: Another VERY BAD DAY for the Devil in The AV as JASON & MONIQUE AGUILAR ARE BAPTIZED INTO CHRIST!!! Jason Massman is a great brother – and our Songleader – in the Antelope Valley, and has been around the Kingdom in the Antelope Valley for almost TWO DECADES!!! But as a remnant disciple he hadn’t been personally fruitful for a number of years! Well, we got some d-time and I challenged him to start thinking “outside the box.” After several Thursday night Bible Talks at his home with few visitors, Jason was determined to turn things around! He decided to have a lunch time Bible Talk (on his own dime) where he would provide lunch AND a Bible study from our First Principles Study Series at the Edwards Air Force Base Chapel!

He began to average 12-13 visitors every week, and Jason & Monique Aguilar were two of his very first visitors! They live in California City, about 30 minutes northeast of Edwards Air Force Base, and work on the base!!! They heard the Word of God; they saw the disciples living it out, and the love of the brothers and sisters during Sunday services; and after a sermon about the meaning of URGENCY from God’s perspective (Luke  12:20), they came up to us and said, “We want to be baptized TODAY!!!”

Thank God, we only had The Cross, The Church and Counting The Cost left to do!!! Well, they did all three of these studies for lunch, and at 4:15 PM TODAY, they were BORN AGAIN!!! It is the very first time that Jason Massman had actually met someone, studied the Bible with them, and BAPTIZED them himself!!! And to God be the glory!

Jason & Monique Aguilar are now united in Christ!

Victor Gonzalez: Greetings from the MIGHTY EAST REGION! This past Sunday, we had three more additions – two baptisms and one restoration! One of the baptisms was a young man named Ace, who the Lord allowed me to meet at Mt. SAC Community College.

Ace at one point was the number one basketball player in the state of Hawaii coming out of high school. Initially, he was going to sign with Gonzaga University which is currently the NUMBER ONE RANKED NCAA DIVISION I SCHOOL FOR BASKETBALL! However, God had another plan! He allowed some unfortunate events to happen in his life, so Ace ended up going to one of the top Junior Colleges for basketball in the country which happens to be located right here in the East Region – Mt. SAC Community College! Long story short, the brothers got with him every day until today, when he was baptized into Christ!!! And now he is the star on the East/Central Region Basketball Team – the Heat!

The saving waters of baptism are stirred as Ace
emerges triumphantly to his new life!

My daughter Liz was restored two weeks ago, and today, my son Ezequiel was restored to the Lord! It is good to live in a household with all disciples!! Lastly, we are so grateful for the International College of Christian Ministries (ICCM)! We have the privilege of sending two of our interns, Gabe Reed & Stephanie Pollard, to attend school there and their growth is evident to all! They lead our Campus Ministry, which has grown from 8 to 19 since they started to attend the ICCM in January! Please pray for us as we are very zealous to save more and more people here in our region!

Argo Arneson of the IE Region and overseeing Evangelist of Russia: “We continually remember before our God and Father your work produced by faith, your labor prompted by love, and your endurance inspired by hope in our Lord Jesus Christ.” (1 Thessalonians 1:3) This last week was nothing short of amazing! Friday night, the brothers and sisters from Novosibirsk, Russia joined us at our Campus Devotional on the big screen via Skype! They were singing together with us, praying for our service, sharing good news and their inspirational conversion stories with us, and even acting out a skit! At the end of our devotional, a young man with great conviction from Riverside Community College was baptized as a sold-out disciple of Christ! Phillip, or “PJ” as we call him, was met by Jason Woody and had to be taken through “Existence of God Studies,” as he didn’t have any faith in God! Truly an answered prayer as RCC students were praying specifically for a young, talented, athletic “white” brother!

Cesar and Jason listen intently as PJ shares
enthusiastically about his new-found
faith in Jesus 
before his baptism!

History was made today! Shaquele, a very talented musician, overheard our dear brother Iggy Odighizuwa studying the Bible with another student on his campus just this past Tuesday. After they were finished, Shaquele approached Iggy expressing his need for God and urgency to get right with Him! Shaquele studied the Bible with the brothers every day this week and was baptized today at our Campus Service at San Bernardino Valley College! Shaquele is the historic first baptism in San Bernardino for God’s new movement! And to God be always the glory!

And now more miraculous news from around the globe… 

John Malnegro: Greetings from the Metro Manila International Christian Church! “The Lord is close to the brokenhearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit.” (Psalm 34:18) We’re all filled with awe before God, as our dear sister Kim Aguila was restored to God and His church! Early January of this year, Kim contacted Kip through Facebook! After writing her back, Kip immediately informed our Women’s Ministry Leader, Gina Dela Pena, about Kim. From that time on, Gina, my wife Anna, and in fact all the sisters have tirelessly been walking with Kim for two months, thus making her into a sold-out disciple of Jesus again! Today, after our lunch together – as this is our custom in the church after the service – we had the sharing about Kim for her restoration! It was very heart-moving!

Draped in a blanket, Kim is “welcomed home” by
the warmth of the Metro Manila disciples!

Plus, I was “extra encouraged,” because both my physical sister Methus and our cousin Kimberly visited us from Davao on the island of Mindanao, a 600 mile or 1,000 kilometer flight from Metro Manila! The timing of Methus’ and Kimberly’s coming was not by chance, as they witnessed the miracles of our service and Kim’s restoration… I believe with all of my heart that God is preparing them for the coming of Jesus’ true church in Davao! Also, I spoke with my mother, Fe, and she shared with me that she already quit attending the ICOC, because of the lack of love and that she no longer sees it as Jesus’ church anymore. She shared in joy that she is waiting for the new movement to come to Davao!

Truly, we praise God for the ongoing miracles, and we cannot wait until late April when Kip & Elena McKean and Kyle & Joan Bartholomew arrive! Prayerfully, not only will they teach and strengthen the Metro Manila Remnant Group, but afterward, the Bartholomews are planning to go to Davao for three days as this is Joan’s birthplace!

Krista Cameron: Bonjour de Paris! God provided an incredible victory with our first ever Women’s Day in Paris entitled, Reves D’un Vie!(Dreams Of A Lifetime!) With three weeks preparation, 10 sisters had 20 friends and visitors in attendance! Heidi Santa Cruz, Sandra Vignault and Prisca Schedeicker powerfully shared “dreams realized” and “broken dreams reignited” through a true relationship with God! (Acts 2:17) While speaking with several of our guests afterward, many of them expressed that the highlight of the afternoon was the testimonies!

Especially encouraging was our guest speaker, Patricia Feumba of London! It was a joy and privilege for the entire church to be able to host her! She preached passionately to the women about God’s plan for each person and how that is achieved through fervently seeking God with all of one’s heart by being totally devoted to His Word. The women in the crowd were on the edge of their seats throughout the entire message!

The speakers for the First Annual Paris Women’s
Day – Sandra, Patricia, Prisca and Heidi!

Demonstrating the impact of this event, the women were enjoying the fellowship so much that we had to ask everyone to leave the room an hour after we ended so the staff could close-up! So exciting, all of the women who attended the Women’s Day are set up to either study the Bible or as Tim Kernan would say, “Get a coffee!” On behalf of all the brothers and sisters in Paris, thank you for your continued sacrifice and prayers that make a church in Paris, France the “dream of a lifetime!”

Steve Ranga: “As a prisoner for the Lord, then, I urge you to live a life worthy of the calling you have received.” (Ephesians 4:1) Greetings from Syracuse, New York! The last three days have been super inspirational, as the Spirit has been pruning and strengthening our congregation! The Spirit used Tim & Lianne Kernan, who are on their way to Canada to renew their American visas, to call us to be committed and hard working in order to evangelize our neck of the woods! It is always super encouraging to fellowship and be challenged by our“partners in the gospel!”

Tim & Lianna Kernan inspired the Syracuse Church
and then drove to Canada to renew
their American visas!

Tim preached a message today entitled, The Second Coming Of Jesus Christ Changes Everything! He reminded the saints that Jesus’ second coming should change our perspective on the things we give our focus to, which should be God, our relationships with one another, and the lost. We thank our God for the sending of the Kernans, as they are helping us to do great things for God and His Kingdom. In the last eight weeks, we have seen four additions and we have already collected over $12,000 toward our April Missions Contribution. Please pray for us to produce [more] fruit in keeping with [our] repentance.(Matthew 3:8)

Coltin Rohn: Greetings from Boston! Today at church, we were all excited to worship God an hour earlier thanks to the time change, as we just couldn’t wait to see each other Sunday morning! The fellowship was electric and many Bible studies were held right after service. We had a great time hearing Janah Cook (who joined the Boston Mission Team from Chicago) share her heart for communion, and then, Luke Bergeron (former leader of the New Hampshire Remnant Group) share for contribution.

Luke & Jessica Bergeron with their two boys currently live an hour away from Boston in New Hampshire. They joyfully travel three times a week to “seek first God’s Kingdom.” They have been praying hard over the past few months about moving to Boston, so they can be with the Kingdom daily and not just three days a week! This past Friday, God answered their prayers, as they found a place in Boston and have signed the papers to move-in!

To seek first the Kingdom, Luke & Jessica are
moving from Manchester, New Hampshire
to Boston, Massachusetts!

Also encouraging was our first trial “tagging” session! While dancing and waving signs for “Special Missions,” the Lord blessed us by raising over 100 dollars in just one hour! So we now know that if we put in the hours, in this way, God will allow us “to plunder the Egyptians!” (Exodus 12:36) To God be all the glory!

Raja Rajan of Chennai: Greetings from the city that has the longest beach in India! Women’s Day is used as an opportunity to uplift the causes of women in India! Our title for this year’s Women’s Day wasWomen 2 Women!

It was held on Saturday evening, and the sisters beautifully decorated the place and made it look very welcoming! My wife did a fantastic job preaching and the testimonies shared by the two sisters were very moving. Going first, Pamela, an older sister in Christ and a professor at one of our universities, shared very vulnerably about her life. Then Devika, a young disciple, brought everyone to tears by her complete openness about the abuse she has been through.

Pamela Marylin and Debs Rajan – dear friends and
speakers at the Chennai Women’s Day!

These are some of the responses we received from the women who attended: “I have never heard women share so openly about their lives;” “I cannot believe someone can overcome such a bad past;” “Thank you for inviting me to something so wonderful;” “It was heart-rendering;” and, “It must have taken a lot of courage to be up there and share.” I believe God has really touched the women who came, and many baptisms should follow! We had a total of 49 women attend! To Him be all glory and praise!

Matt Sullivan of Orlando: On Wednesday, we were able to meet Lucy Vazquez (Theresa Broom’s mother) at the airport, as she arrived from our sister church in Chicago. Then today, we welcomed her as a new member of the Orlando Church, and of course, we sang We Love You With The Love Of The Lord! So great and inspiring to see mothers who are faithful disciples, as all of us are praying for and reaching out to our own mothers!

This weekend as well was the first of two-in-a-row in which we have been granted a permit from the city of Orlando to go tagging! We were fired-up yesterday to get out and work hard for the Lord and we raised $1,003! Today, 28 more disciples went out for just a few hours and God blessed us with an additional $751! We are filled with faith to reach our 15X Special Contribution Goal coming up on April 7th, in order for the Orlando Church to become totally self-supporting in less than a year after being planted!

Matt Sullivan readies the Orlando
disciples to go tagging!

Finally, at service today, we were so encouraged as Will Davenport came to be baptized! Will was met a few months ago as Ray Cholad and Anthony Eckels went to an Open Mic Night. They sat in the open seats near a ukulele case and noticed that the guy performing was great at playing the ukulele and singing. As he finished and sat down, the brothers shared with him. He simply said, “Ok… I will study the Bible. What the heck?”

Will had been noticing that his life was spiraling out of control, that he had no direction, and that he was empty although he is a successful student at Full Sail University! Our new and very fruitful AMS Ministry – led by the Eckels – studied with Will for several weeks, as Will“examined the Scriptures every day to see if what [they] said was true.” (Acts 17:11) Will found the Scriptures to be ALL TRUE and was baptized today! Immediately following, he changed his clothes and then sang an awesome song that he had written entitled, Free! What an amazing day God gave to us!

Maria Franklin of Chicago: “Wives, in the same way submit yourselves to your own husbands so that, if any of them do not believe the Word, they may be won over without words by the behavior of their wives, when they see the purity and reverence of your lives.” (1 Peter 3:1) This week God has blessed His church in Chicago with four baptisms!

Of special note, on Wednesday at Men’s Midweek, we witnessed a powerful baptism as we saw God’s Word of truth brought to life! Elizabeth was baptized about six months ago into our dynamic North Region. Her husband Jessie strongly opposed the decision and tirelessly persecuted her and the church. He even called Barb Shelbrack along with other sisters of the church, and sternly asked them to stop calling his wife, and to leave his family alone! Elizabeth stood firm through the intense trials. Amazingly on Wednesday, Jessie shared with tears how his heart was hardened and embittered with jealousy as he saw the peace, love and reverence of his wife, along with the love of her new-found family of God’s Kingdom! What an incredible example and encouragement to us all that we will witness miracles if we hold firmly to the Scriptures!

The Chicago Church is so encouraged by the fire that is ablaze in the Latin Ministry led powerfully by Juan Carlos & Betty Garcia! On Monday, Ezekiel washed his sins away in baptism! Then on Saturday after gaining conviction from studying the Bible, Jeovanny & Silvia – a couple who had been living in sin – decided to move-out and were married! The disciples worked so hard to put together a beautiful wedding! Then today, Jeovanny was baptized and joyfully proceeded to baptize his new bride Silvia!

Surrounded by the disciples that led them to
Christ, Jeovanny & Silvia rejoice with
their children after their baptisms!

And the party didn’t stop there! Sunday night, we had another wedding – Jacobo & Sonia! They were baptized a couple of weeks ago after moving to Chicago from Alabama and finding the church on the internet! In the last 10 weeks, God has poured out His blessings with 11 additions – 10 baptisms and 1 restoration!

During this very busy weekend, we had a Parenting Workshop on Saturday! Pray for us as we prepare to blow out Special Missions with our first tagging event scheduled for this Saturday! Please also be praying for us as Barb Shelbrack leads the women diligently and faithfully to have an awe-inspiring Women’s Day on April 6th, where Helen Sullivan will be our guest speaker in both the English and Spanish Programs!

Raul Moreno of Sao Paulo: “The wind blows wherever it pleases. You hear its sound, but you cannot tell where it comes from or where it is going. So it is with everyone born of the Spirit.” (John 3:8) The Lord blessed the church this week with the baptism of Gemima! She actually studied the Bible about a year ago and finished all the studies, but at that time decided she was not ready to be baptized. A few weeks ago, she came back from a six month internship in Lisbon, Portugal. The first thing she did upon her return was go to church, as the sisters had stayed in touch with her during that time showing the love of Christ to her!

Amazingly, the time away from the church and seeing how “messed-up” peoples’ lives were without Jesus being Lord, cemented Gemima’s convictions that she had to become a disciple. Today, she became our sister in Christ! She is a student at USP University and is studying Arabic. Who knows? Maybe the Spirit will blow her one day to the Middle East to be a missionary for Jesus Christ!

Bella, Raul & Lynda’s daughter, rejoices with
the sisters after Gemima’s baptism!

Ricky Challinor of Portland: Greetings from the City of Bridges!!! Today was an especially powerful service, as we had a young woman named Frida baptized! Frida is the first teen girl baptized, and of special note is a senior at Hillsboro High School from where Gordo and I graduated!!! She is a powerful, fiery, young Latin girl who is the eldest daughter of Osvaldo – a prominent Bible Talk Leader in the Latin Ministry! It was incredible hearing her share that she didn’t want to live the life the world had to offer, but wants to dedicate her life to helping other teen girls follow Jesus! Please be praying as there are five other teen girls studying the Bible that were impacted by her baptism today!

Ron Harding: Greetings from the Mighty DC Church! Today was an extremely powerful service, as we studied from the Scriptures about The War To End All Wars. Noel Garcia also shared for communion the experience of his father agreeing to studying the Bible while on his death bed, then retracting two days before his death. Noel literally brought everyone to tears as he shared the deep convictions he has gained from that life-changing experience. Many made comments that it was the most heart-moving service they had ever experienced!

While Tracy & I were in Chile for the amazing Central & South American Missions Conference in mid-February, a young man – with an extremely religious background from the University of Maryland named Ola – was baptized! I was very proud of Jeremiah and the Campus Men for their tireless work in helping Ola overcome the false doctrines that plagued his life and their focus on building a solid foundation of faith before his baptism.

Earlier this week, Ola was walking on campus and overheard a Bible discussion for the group on campus from his former denomination. As Ola described it “his heart burned and went out to them,” because he could hear how far from the truth their teachings were! Moved in his heart by compassion for their lost souls and acting in respect like a “veteran” disciple, he hung around until they were finished, approached the leader, and shared his faith about God’s true Kingdom. He went on to share his personal testimony about how God had saved him from his powerless life of religiosity. Just two days later, that campus leader came to Bible Talk… and now she is studying the Bible to become a true disciple! What a phenomenal experience to watch a three week old Christian become so powerful in the Lord!

Just as exciting is the geographic expansion of the DC Church! Not only has the Lord blessed us by growing to now seven house churches in the DC metro area, but He has extended “our reach” all the way to Nashville, Tennessee, who on Sunday had their first Remnant Group Service!

Jeremiah Clark – Denver Mission Team Leader: Greetings from Nashville, Tennessee! It has been such a powerful and impacting past few days with Michael & Dena Sanicola! What a miracle it has been to witness God heal and inspire the Sanicolas, as they have now “officially joined” God’s SoldOut Discipling Movement! They valiantly served the Lord full-time for many years in Sao Paulo, Denver and Los Angeles! So exciting to my awesome wife Julie & me is that the Sanicolas have accepted our invitation to become full-time “partners in the gospel” in planting a powerful discipling congregation in Denver, Colorado! So many tears of joy have been shed over the last few days, as we have dreamed together while making “noble plans” to evangelize that great city! (Isaiah 32:8)

It has also been a joy to build a great friendship with Mike & Dena’s sons Giovanni and Michael Jr.! This weekend, Michael Jr. began studying the Bible and wants to “earnestly seek God with all of his heart” and become a sold-out disciple of Christ! Greatly impacted by Richard Enyi from the DC Campus Ministry, Giovanni has also made the decision to study the Bible! This faith-building weekend concluded with a powerful worship service today, as we saw 11 people gather in the Sanicolas’ living room! God is truly moving in amazing ways in Nashville and in the soon-to-be planted Mighty Denver International Christian Church!

Heroes in the faith to so many, Michael & Dena Sanicola
join God’s modern day movement! Both Giovanni
and Michael Jr. are studying the Bible!

Carlos Mejia of Santiago: “And these signs will accompany those who believe: In my name they will drive out demons; they will speak in new tongues!” (Mark 16:17) It’s awesome to be a believer, as it’s awesome to believe in a God who is so powerful! God has blown us away here in Chile, as He “accompanies” us everywhere we go, showing many powerful “signs” that He is with us! The demons of this world attack us, but in His name, we drive them out!

Today, our dear brother Carlos Gallardo was restored to the faith! Carlos is a “hero in the faith” to many, as he stood firmly by Raul Moreno in starting a remnant group when the ICOC went back to a Mainline Theology. Over these past two years, Carlos has battled many“demons” in his life, but today he took a stand against Satan and we are so fired-up to have our brother back! Equally inspiring was the display of God’s power in two of our young preachers, Job Sterling and Jared McGee! They preached the word powerfully in their “new tongues” of Spanish, and the Word moved all of our hearts! It’s easy to see the power of God when we believe, and it’s awesome to believe! Let’s drive out the demons!

Jared & Rachel McGee are dynamically leading
the very fruitful Santiago Campus Ministry!

Andrew Smellie: “My brothers, if one of you should wander from the truth and someone should bring him back, remember this: Whoever turns a sinner from the error of his way will save him from death and cover over a multitude of sins.” (James 5:20) Greetings from New York City, as we are in the midst of “Spiritual March Madness” for the Lord! This week was incredibly inspiring: 1) The Campus and Singles Ministries raised almost $1,000 fundraising for missions; 2) We began our Evidence That Demands A Verdict Apologetics Serieswith over 80 souls in attendance at the City College of New York; 3) Our Chemical Recovery Ministry was initiated and is lead powerfully by Josh Koralek and Megan Studer; 4) Several of our friends are studying the Bible and are close to the waters of baptism; and 5) We are beginning an exciting new series on Sundays on The Book of Romans!

Today was another joyful day in the Lord as we celebrated the tearful restoration of a dear brother, Steve Almonte! Steve is an internet business owner in affiliate marketing who was first baptized back in 1998 in the Campus Ministry of the Washington DC ICOC, yet sadly fell away in 2005. After several years in Poland as an English teacher, he returned to the United States to pursue his interest in internet marketing. Today, he wept openly as he shared about the privilege to return to the Lord“with all his heart and soul!” In response, the church cheered and then sang, We Love You With The Love Of The Lord!

Steve, a charismatic and adventurous soul, is brought
back to the Father by Andrew and Josh!

Please pray for the NYC Church as we highlight the Men’s Ministry this Saturday by hosting our First Men’s Forum entitled, What’s Inside Of You? from Mark 7:20-23! Our guest speaker will be Ron Harding from our sister church in Washington DC! Please pray for God to bless our efforts to pack the house through our numerous commitments so far! God gives us the strength to do it all! (Philippians 4:13) And to Him be all the glory!

The New York City Men’s Forum Program!

Dearest Brothers and Sisters, Very interestingly, though the City of Angels Church is “giving” 10 disciples to the Las Vegas Mission Team, this week God added 14 to our number more than “replacing” those that He is sending-out! Truly, we just cannot out give God! “Now He who supplies seed to the sower and bread for food will also supply and increase your store of seed and will enlarge the harvest of your righteousness. You will be made rich in every way so that you can be generous on every occasion, [which] will result in thanksgiving to God!” (2 Corinthians 9:10-11) Therefore, with this as our conviction, let us all continue to draw close to our Father in Heaven, as our March Pledge Drive in LA unfolds, and the rest of the movement readies themselves to blow-out the April 15X Missions Contribution! And to God be the glory!
Much love,