June 23rd 2013

Dear All,
Greetings from Los Angeles! With one week to go to reach our goal of $500,000 for the 2013 City of Angels Church’s 20X Missions Contribution, the Lord has blessed us with $486,680! That said, if we would blow it out, the extra funds will greatly help our missions efforts! Also this week with our college students on break, we had an attendance of 1029, and the Lord graciously added 14 more to our number – 10 baptisms, two restorations and two place memberships! And to God be all the glory!

The 2013 Missions Contribution will allow the Spirit
to send-out the Sydney Mission Team led by Joe
& Kerry Willis and Mason & (soon to
be) Nathalie Fetelika!

Another highlight of the weekend for Elena & me was the Saturday morning session of The International College of Christian Ministries (ICCM)! All of the students are working so hard as we have spent the first six months on an in depth survey of the entire Bible! The ICCM exams are quite rigorous, yet the now almost 50 students received exceptional scores! This week, Joel Parlour “set the curve” with a score of 101! This is only the second time a student received a score of greater than 100!

In getting ready to begin leading the Syracuse
Church, Joel “sets the curve” on
the latest ICCM exam!

Also of note, at the 2013 Global Leadership Conference, 88 will receive BA Degrees in Ministry in recognition of their years of experience in serving the Lord as well as for their Bible knowledge and wisdom. Also, after almost 12 months of intense efforts, four will receive their Master’s Degrees – Chris Adams, Tim & Lianne Kernan, and Elena McKean! The Inaugural Graduation Ceremony will be held during our opening session of the GLC on Sunday morning, August 4, 2013! The ICCM was founded last summer in dedication to Jesus Christ. Our ICCM Motto encapsulates all that Jesus is to all mankind: Venia et Veritas(“Grace and Truth” – John 1:14), may the Lord Jesus be this for you!

During the Inaugural Commencement
Ceremony of the ICCM, 88 Bachelor’s
Degrees, four Master’s Degrees
and one Doctorate Degree
will be awarded! 

And now more detailed reports from around LA…

Kyle Bartholomew: Greetings from the Central Region! Today was exciting as Levi & Mel Bartholomew (my awesome younger brother and incredible sister-in-law) placed membership to consider training for the ministry! They came to us from our church in Hilo, Hawaii!

In 2006, the “Bartholomew Boys” (Levi, Kyle and
Evan) heroically stood-up for God’s honor in
Hilo, and from this event God formed
the SoldOut Movement!

Last week, Mark & Kerri Garrido placed membership from the mighty Phoenix Church to train to plant a discipling church in Guam! We here in the Central Region are super grateful to both the Hernandezes of Hilo and Ciaramellas of Phoenix for their generous sacrifice in order to see our world evangelized in our generation!

Capil Marhatta of the South Region: Thursday, we gathered at Seal Beach to celebrate this year’s first married couple to be baptized – Andrew & Mary Nicholas! Andrew & Mary both come from a religious background and have attended churches all their lives. Although they were in lukewarm congregations, they were still hungry for God and were searching for the truth. Incredibly, Mary’s best friend Erin was just baptized last month in the Singles Bible Talk and then immediately reached-out to Mary about her new convictions and new church! After just two weeks of studies, this tremendous couple eagerly accepted the Word and were baptized!

Andrew & Mary experience the joy of
being united in Christ!

Since April 14, 2013 when the Spirit sent out 12 on the Las Vegas Mission Team from our region, God has added 10 souls to our number almost making up for those that God sent to Las Vegas! Continue to pray for us as we are studying the Bible with many others who trying to find the truth and Jesus’ church!

Cesar Limon of the “IE:” “These who have turned the world UPSIDE DOWN have come here also… These all act contrary to the decrees of Caesar, saying that there is another king, Jesus!” (Acts 17:6-7) Greetings from the Empire that is being turned “upside down”for “King Jesus!”

Today was a breathtaking service as we met at a theatre and used an amplified sound system to sing! We took communion after watching the musical UpsideDown and many were in tears, including our very own Evangelist – Argo Arneson! It was our second best attendance ever with 75 people and mostly all stayed afterwards for a great feast and dancing!

Of course there is no better way to close out the day but with a baptism! Darrell, a student at the University of California Riverside, turned his life“upside down” and made Jesus his King today! His mom shared in tears how grateful she was that he joined us! At the baptism, we were all reminded just how incredible the Kingdom of God really is!

Darrell is welcomed into God’s Family
by the Campus Brothers!

Luke Speckman: Greetings from Ventura! Today we were joined by the North Region for our Leaders Meeting at Marina Park, which is a beautiful, grassy park right on the beach! Joe Willis and I each gave a short charge and then we played a few games of volleyball!

The Bible Talk Leaders of the North and Ventura
Regions enjoy a friendly volleyball match!

Also today, we had an incredible young man named TJ baptized! He is a “Kingdom Kid” who grew up “around the church” and is now in college! TJ’s dad and step mom are disciples in our region! What an joy to see physical family become spiritual family in God’s Kingdom! Thank you all for your continued prayers!

As a “Kingdom Kid” TJ grew up around the church,
but after Sunday, TJ fulfills his destiny and
through baptism becomes
a true child of God!

Joe Willis: Greetings from the North Region! Continuing our “Summer of Fun” this week, we had our “Hawaiian Sunday” with everyone wearing Hawaiian attire! Manu Batson started off our service today with some incredible “Island dancing!” Then we were blessed with a powerful communion by Merari Escalante, whose brother became a disciple last week in the South Central Region! Following, we heard a sermon onScience Versus The Bible.

Afterward, we all headed down to Ventura to join them and the new Santa Barbara Sector for our Leaders Meeting and some volleyball! It was a great day!! Also this week, we saw Garrett Underwood become a disciple! Garrett is a longtime friend of Rahnesha White and Shannon Berry (from the NYC Church), who designs and sells the coolest Christian t-shirts!

Garrett – “who designs and sells the coolest
Christian t-shirts” – will help Joe to dress
more mindful of this century!

Chris Adams: God continues to remind us here in the Orange County that He has “ALL the silver and gold!” (Haggai 2:8) To begin with, Sal & Pati Velasco’s daughter Priscilla heard about our Missions Contribution, and with this awesome heart for missions, she “franchised her first lemonade stand” making over $20 the first time she did it! Also amazing, Katie Jackson (a student) set her sights on raising $2,000 – which is 50X her weekly! Recently, she had given $700, but was unsure where the rest would come from. Then, Katie sold her French horn for $2,100 – which was more than she expected… And she gave that! Then, since she had already surpassed her 50X Goal, she naturally wanted to set a new goal of $3,000 – which is 75X her weekly!

Full of joy is the incredible “Velasco Family” –
Sal, Patricia, Daniella and the enterprising
Priscilla (lower right), who raised
$20 for missions!

Also, with their garage-floor sealing business in full swing now, Tony & Therese Untalan and their fellow “vineyard-laborers” have raised $6,500 and Lord willing will make another $4,000 this coming week! In the Adams’ House Church, we are fired-up about our two Singles/Marrieds Bible Talks and our UCI Campus Bible Talk, all of whom have gone over the 20X Goal already! Of note, Gino & Christina Arizmendi gave 160X (no typo) their Missions Goal after a very generous family member left them an inheritance! And the Freckmann Bible Talk has already surpassed the 120% mark of their group goal and are praying for miracles this coming week!

Finally, in keeping with the heart of discipling the nations, Ryan & Nikki Williams are inspiring the UC Irvine Campus Disciples to have a truly global impact! Several weeks ago, they baptized an Electrical Engineering student named “Leon” from Mainland China. Not only did he go from atheism to giving-up everything by faith to follow Jesus, but he also eagerly accepted the challenge from Jason McNeill to work with three other Mandarin-speaking OC disciples (Hannah, Angela and Abby) to translate the First Principles Study Series into their native language! This will help many of their fellow Chinese to become disciples in the USA, and then multiply into Mainland China, the most populated country in the world with over 1.3 billion lost souls!

Jason and the four Mandarin translators – Abby,
Angela, Hannah and Leon!

Chris Chloupek: “HOW YA DO’IN?” FROM THE AMS REGION! Today was a glorious day for the AMS Region! Alexys Hall and Princeton George, our incredible intern, graduated from FIDM (Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising) with their Bachelor’s Degrees on Saturday! We are so proud of them!

Sunday we witnessed two baptisms! The first was Corinna, who gave-up her career in sports medicine to move to Hollywood to pursue her dream as a singer and dancer! Now she will sing and dance first for our Lord!

After Corinna’s baptism, she inspires all
the AMS Sisters to “dance before the
Lord with all [their] might!”

Nate came next, who played a lead role in our first GNN Dramatic Film,EYES WIDE OPEN that will premiere at this year’s GLC! God is answering our prayers to use the arts to win souls. There’s no business like “soul” business!

Nate, after being surrounded by disciples during
the filming of the first GNN Dramatic Film, has
his EYES WIDE OPEN to the truth!

And now more refreshing news from around the globe…  
News Flash – Tim Kernan, the Director of the 2013 GLC: “Then I said to the nobles, the officials and the rest of the people, ‘The work is extensive and spread out, and we are widely separated from each other along the wall. Wherever you hear the sound of the trumpet, join us there. Our God will fight for us!'” (Nehemiah 4:19-20) Anticipation, excitement, yearning and wonder! These are but a few of the words that I think of when I think about the upcoming Global Leadership Conference!

The 2013 GLC promises to stir our hearts as we
study from the Scriptures about God’s

Every conference seems to go by so fast! What will you do to make this one the most special yet? Will you make the hugs and handshakes a little stronger and longer? Will you plan out every spare moment to get with an amazing brother or sister from around the world? Will you “plan and pray and dream and scheme” with your fellow leaders about the year to come? If you’re single will you meet your future wife or husband at this year’s conference? We know there will be so much incredible fellowship, preaching, teaching, planning and joy at this year’s momentous event!

Here’s who has registered so far – US Churches (119): Boston – 1, Chicago – 10, Dallas – 1, Denver – 5, Eugene – 3, Hilo – 5, Honolulu – 1, Las Vegas – 2, Los Angeles – 36, NYC – 9, Orlando – 6, Phoenix – 3, Portland – 5, San Diego – 2, San Francisco – 9, Syracuse – 5, Washington DC – 12, Other – 4. International Churches (8): Chennai – 2, Kiev – 2, London – 2, Santiago – 1, Paris – 1. This week, let’s take a major stride toward our goal of 1,050 needed for the GLC to financially “break even!”

Tim Kernan and scores of disciples are making all
the preparations for this year’s GLC to be our
best one yet! Will you be there to see it?

Just like in the days of Nehemiah and the prophets, when the trumpet blows we need to all come together to see God fight for us! “The work [of world evangelism] is extensive and we are spread out… and widely separated” all over the world! So let’s charge together with great cheers and excitement to see what God has in store for us this year! Sign up today for the GLC at www.caicc.net! And to God be the glory!

News Flash – Jason Dimitry: Good news from Las Vegas – “Sin City!” Sadly, this is the Electric Daisy Carnival (EDC) Weekend here in the pleasure capital of the world. EDC is the biggest rave in the world. Over 300,000 young people from all over come to partake in the absolute revelry of this weekend!

Every year dozens of people overdose and even die in this event. It was amazing to hear the testimony of our own Jhoally Vallejo who remembered four years ago as she was one of those who overdosed and nearly lost her life at this Satanic festival. It’s nothing short of miraculous to see the radical transformation of this amazingly fruitful Intern who just blew out her first ICCM exam! We are so, so proud of her!!

Jhoally and Daniela – best of friends, partners
in the gospel in Las Vegas and two of the
newest Interns of the ICCM!

Sunday, we had our eighth addition in nine weeks as we saw another talented young person Sidney escape this “corrupt generation” through the saving waters of baptism! Please pray for our summer campaign and goal to double the Mission Team by the GLC!

The gallant leadership of Jason & Sarah
have inspired the Las Vegas Church
to have eight additions in its
first nine weeks!

Tamru Belihu of Addis Ababa: Greetings from Ethiopia – home of 94,000,000 lost souls! Today, we had a very great time! We had two baptisms who were studying the Word of God for three months! They promised to be fruitful and work for the Kingdom of God! By the way, we are in a difficult situation because we were asked by the landlords to add more money on top of the house rent or to leave the house which we are using for church. Anyway we are doing our best and please be praying for us!

Addis Ababa is a sprawling metropolis
of almost five million lost souls!

Coltin Rohn of Boston: “Restore our fortunes, Lord, like streams in the Negev. Those who sow with tears will reap with songs of joy. Those who go out weeping, carrying seed to sow, will return with songs of joy, carrying sheaves with them.” (Psalm 126:4-6) Today was a bitter sweet Sunday! Sweet because Tim Power preached one of the most amazing “farewell sermons” I’ve heard to date… Sweet because the fellowship pulled you in from the moment you stepped-off the elevator on the third floor of the Boston Common Hotel and Conference Center…

And sweet because Rosoph was baptized by Frank Hines, Jibriel Graham, Tim Rosborough and Brian Carr! Rosoph (“Rose-Off”) is our first Haitian baptism! So powerful was his sharing at his baptism as he burst into tears along with his mother (who was in the audience) as Rosoph was about to enter into his new life!

Coming out of the waters of baptism,
Rosoph radiates the glory of God!

At the end of our service, we all shared a sadness and a joy as we celebrated Tim Power and Kevin Carr being sent by the Spirit to Dallas, Texas! Also, we will dearly miss Naomi Guteng who is being sent to Washington DC! As Roger Parlour, Frank Hines, Mandee and I prayed over them before sending them out, we felt the sadness of not having these amazing disciples in Boston, but the joy of knowing they will win so many souls for Jesus in their respected new cities! Before sending them out we gave each a Quiet Time Coffee Mug with the imprint of BOSTON on the side, so they will always remember the first place they made their good confession “Jesus is Lord” and will continue to do so where ever the Spirit takes them! To God be all the glory!

Though the Boston Church was planted less
than a year ago, the Spirit sends out three
of her many additions – Kevin,
Naomi and Tim!

Argo Arneson – the overseeing Evangelist for Northern Europe and Russia: God is continuing to do miracles in Moscow, Russia as there was a great sister Natasha added to God’s family today! She was baptized in our former fellowship in 1995, but fell away from God after the year 2000.

Her husband Oleg who was baptized in 1997 was restored to God’s family a few month ago in our Moscow Remnant Group. They started to attend our former fellowship looking for revival and trying to get restored, but they were greatly discouraged by the doctrinal changes they discovered and by lack of love and commitment they saw. They understood that if they want to be restored to God they had to find a new fellowship of totally committed disciples of Christ.

After being at our Moscow Remnant Group Sunday Service, they found what they were looking for and after studying Bible with the sisters for more than three months, Natasha decided to follow her husband’s example and restore her relationship with God! And to Him be always the glory!

Jay Hernandez: Greetings from the “Waterdogs” of Hilo! Angela & I were so encouraged to visit our sister churches in San Francisco and Portland over the last two weeks! We are grateful for the very encouraging brothers and sisters we have all over the world! However, there is no place like home and it is great to be back with the disciples here in Hawaii!

This weekend was the send-off of our dear brother Stefano Barbis who is moving to LA to get some training, and to help in the Central Region, and then prayerfully he will move to South America as he is originally from Peru! Stefano has been a very fruitful brother here and will be greatly missed. One of my challenges for Stefano was to find one last person to help baptize before he left. He took the challenge to heart and about five weeks ago met a young man named Blake Lewis. Blake was in a very dark and difficult time in his life, and had been sitting in his car in the Wal-Mart parking lot praying for a sign from God. He prayed that if God didn’t show him a sign, he would kill himself.

Our brother Stefano was also praying in the parking lot, “God allow me to find someone who wants to know you.” Five minutes later Stefano asked Blake if he would like to do a Bible study! Today Stefano preached his “goodbye sermon,” and then baptized Blake in the beautiful Pacific Ocean this evening! We serve a very merciful and loving God!

Sobered by the challenge to be fruitful before
coming to LA, Stefano (right) prays and
the Spirit leads him to Blake!

John Malnegro of Manila: God blessed us with a total of 30 souls (20 adults, 4 teens and 6 kids) worshipping today! Very special to me at the end of the service, a video presentation was played where each disciple gave an encouraging birthday greeting for me! (I turned 37 on June 24th!) I feel so loved and have become all the more eager to serve God’s awesome Kingdom! This coming weekend, the Metro Manila International Christian Church is so looking forward to the visit of Jake & Jen Ramsier and of course the return of Kuya Kip!

Pray for Jake & Jen as they travel to Metro
Manila to gain an understanding of the
needs for next year’s Mission Team!

Kenneth Chin of New York City: “For who has known the mind of the Lord that he may instruct Him? But we have the mind of Christ.” (1Corinthians 2:16) With our courageous leaders, Andrew & Patrique Smellie, out of town for some much-needed “R & R,” the gospel message still rang-out with deep conviction in New York City! Joshua Koralek, one of our interns, powerfully preached his first sermon! He called everyone to have “the mind of Christ” while admonishing us to free our minds from the shackles of sin and past failures. Many visitors were present and impacted by Josh’s lesson!

Friends and relatives were also present at church to bid farewell to our dear sister Nicole Larocque who leaves New York City tonight to be part of the Denver Mission Team! Nicole delivered a convicting message for communion. She shared her struggle to relinquish the security of a job where she is well-liked and respected in addition to her relationships here in the New York City Church. Nicole has been an incredible example to the NYC Church in her sacrifice and zeal especially in raising funds for Special Missions! Nicole will be sorely missed!

Though the Smellies were away, the NYC Church
had a crankin’ service as Josh preached
and Nicole shared for communion!

Lola Lof of Kinshasa: Greetings from the Democratic Republic of Congo during the preparation of the 53rd Anniversary of the independence of our country which will be on June 30th! This coincides with our next All Congregational Service of this month so we feel free to announce this event and hope to move heaven and earth to make it special!

Yet, this week, the Holy Spirit moved me to Kikwit where I went to encourage our sister church! This awesome new congregation is led by an incredible couple – Good & Cathy Kekwana! I was warmly welcomed by the Kwekanas and the rest of brothers and sisters. I’ll never forget all the tremendous moments spent together with Good & Cathy and their awesome daughters – Ketsia and Delia who are twins.

Lola (right) is welcomed like “an angel of God” 
by Good, Cathy and the twins!

This young church counts 10 brothers and 4 sisters and most of them are students who are crankin’ to “forcefully advance” God’s Kingdom! This Sunday, we were happy to see 33 attended the service! Of note, one lady Catherine was plunged into the waters of baptism! It’s awesome to have an awesome God in His awesome Kingdom!

Matt Sullivan of Orlando: “And now, compelled by the Spirit, I am going to Jerusalem (Phoenix and LA), not knowing what will happen to me there. I only know that in every city the Holy Spirit warns me that prison and hardships are facing me. However, I consider my life worth nothing to me, if only I may finish the race and complete the task the Lord Jesus has given me – the task of testifying to the gospel of God’s grace.” (Acts 20:22-24) Prayerfully prison is not awaiting the awesome “Orlando 5,” but we are confident these amazing disciples will be “testifying to the gospel” and that they love the Lord and His Kingdom so much that they would even endure prison!!

Allen Copper, Johnny Cortez and Chris Jones will be going to the South Region of LA, while Brittany Miller & John Smoot will be going to Phoenix! The Orlando Church is so excited to be sending-out our first “missionaries” to help build-up the movement! There were lots of tears and lots of joy during the sharing at the Send-Off Party, as these wonderful disciples will be sorely missed! The most moving was seeing our recently baptized brother Louis embrace Allen Copper, who met him, and freely weep in the arms of his best friend! Then to see OJ Nduka weep and embrace Allen, whom he met and has discipled since last year! Only in the Kingdom!

“The Orlando Five” – Allen, Johnny,
Brittany, Smoot and Chris!

Anais Laurent shares about the Day of MERCY in Paris: Dear brothers and sisters, “Know MERCY, Non Merci?” This last Saturday was so encouraging as we had our first ever Day of MERCY! It was particularly interesting because the phrase “Know MERCY” in English sounds just like the phrase “Non Merci” which in French means, “No thank you!” So we had a fun time explaining to people what we’re all about! It proved to be a great evangelistic tool!

The day started off with the campus and singles ministries getting together to make lunch bags which the whole church handed-out to the homeless in central Paris. Next, we jetted off to a local blood bank where all those who were able boldly faced needles and doctors to donate blood which is so desperately needed since French restrictions severely limit the number of people who are qualified to give blood.

Sandra and Omarr literally “shed their blood”
for the cause!

Of special note, we are so proud of our new MERCY Coordinator – Sandra. In her own words she was “really honored” to be able to serve God in this way and we are so encouraged to see how she has raised-up to organize this, and prayerfully many future MERCY Events! Please continue to pray that the love of Christ will shine through us as we reach out to the lost souls of Paris! “Gros bisous de Paris!” (Big kisses from Paris!)

Maria Franklin of Chicago: “See, I set before you today life and prosperity, death and destruction. For I command you today to love the Lord your God, to walk in obedience to Him, and to keep His commands, decrees and laws; then you will live and increase, and the Lord your God will bless you in the land you are entering to possess.” (Deuteronomy 30:15-16) What an incredible week! First of all, there was our fundraising efforts to help get our three amazing teens out to IGNITE! On Friday, God blew-it-out as we raised $280 through our Teen Bake Sale!

The Spirit IGNITES the Chicago Teens!

Then on Saturday, it was so encouraging to continue to see the support of the church as disciples tirelessly “tagged” all day knowing that all the proceeds would go towards IGNITE! God overwhelmingly blessed this tremendous sacrifice by allowing us to raise over $2,700 through “tagging!” Also on Saturday, the Chicago Church shared in the wedding of Josue & Mari Pili, who had been married in the world and then divorced. So inspiringly, through the grace of God and discipling from the Word, Josue & Mari were reunited this time in Christ! At the wedding, it was so encouraging as their daughter sang to encourage them in their new life together! Praise God for His Kingdom!

Today at church, it was also inspiring to witness Dorvell’s baptism! Dorvell is the husband of our dear sister Tatisha who was baptized a few months ago through the Marrieds Bible Talk – fruitfully led by the Economos! Dorvell shared with deep gratitude for the men that taught him the way of truth. Although his father was a pastor and his brother is a pastor, and he attended church religiously most of his life, Dorvell soon realized that he knew of God, but didn’t know God! He then declared with conviction among many witnesses, “Jesus is Lord!”Encouragingly, Dorvell is the 92nd addition since the 18 disciples on the San Francisco Mission Team were sent out from Chicago a year ago this week! God is so good!

By Tatisha setting a godly example, Dorvell
is inspired to be baptized!

Ricky Challinor of Portland: Good news from the City of Bridges!! This last week, “Co” & I were able to be with Tony & Therese Untalan who came up from LA, as Co’s sister Tesoni graduated from the University of Oregon!

Today for service we were able to have a great Park Service – “Portland style” as it ended up raining!!! But we worshiped God none the less! The highlight was that the Latin Ministry prepared a feast of food in an effort to fundraise money toward IGNITE! They raised over $1,000!

With his armor-bearer’s protection, Ricky
obeys the Scripture to “preach the
Word in season and out of season!”

Good news as well in our Remnant Group in Alakanuk, Alaska with Jim & Deanna Blow! As winter came to an end in Alakanuk, the ice broke apart as it always does but ended up flooding the village with over five feet of water! Many homes were destroyed and even their city fuel tank cracked! Jim got on the phone and was able to manage getting life vests donated for all 800 plus people in the village!

On top of that Homeland Security will be coming in to help repair damages and is going to give $3 million worth of food and equipment to last the entire village for two weeks in case of another emergency! Because Jim & Deanna have been “an angel sent from God” to the people, many have asked them for Scriptures for encouragement! Please pray for fruit!!! Pray also for IGNITE which is only a few weeks away!!!

Ron Harding: Greetings from the capital of the United States! After her baptism at our historic International Day, Cheryl Holmes immediately began going after her longtime friend and Kingdom Kid, Yolanda Gales – the daughter of our beloved Julius Gales! It was so inspiring to see Yolanda restored last week!

One year ago, 74 disciples decided that we were going to train all of the people and raise all of the money, and send-out an entire mission team in imitation of our great LA Church! In adding 70 to our number in one year, growing the attendances to nearly 200, and giving almost $150,000 to worldwide missions, we like those in Nehemiah’s day have“worked with all our hearts” for Sunday’s send-off of the Denver Mission Team!

For the Denver Send-Off, Jeremiah preaches
a “GLC Level Sermon!”

It was a worship service for the ages! So fitting was the presence of Andrew & Patrique Smellie, the original planters of the DC Church, who were in town for the wedding of Mikey Mathis & Colleen Mackay! Andrew touched everyone’s hearts in the contribution, commending the church for its extraordinary sacrifice! The singing was so powerful that a woman staying in the hotel heard us from the lobby – one floor above us! She came down, stayed for church, and said, “What an amazing service! I’ve never before seen a church have a world-wide focus and actually send-out another church!” She ended up sitting between Tracy and the Smellies! It turns out she lives in New Jersey, right where the Smellies plan to start a ministry at the end of this summer! Also, our brother Arthur Whittle was restored!

With the performances from the Denver Mission Team members and Jeremiah’s powerful preaching, I felt like I was already at the GLC! I am so proud of the DC Church and honored that God has allowed our church and me to see such amazing miracles, which others in ages past“longed to see!” To Him be all the glory, honor and praise!

The zealous and a bit “zany” Denver Mission Team!

Mike Underhill of the San Francisco Bay Area: “This means that anyone who belongs to Christ has become a new person. The old life is gone; a new life has begun!” (2 Corinthians 5:17 NLT) Friday night, the San Francisco Bay Church witnessed the new beginning of Tye’s spiritual life! A few months ago, Tye saw she needed to make some major changes in her life after God had made it crystal clear. After reading a fortune cookie that said, “Try something new,” she decided to give-up her “GM financial job” and comfort in Arizona to move to San Francisco!

When she arrived in San Francisco five weeks ago, her housing plan fell through. Through God, she stumbled upon a sister’s apartment advertisement on Craig’s List! When arranging a time to meet up, Tahlia invited Tye to midweek. After the service, Tye was in tears as she said, “This is the reason I moved here!” Tye immediately started studying the Bible and through tireless prayer, personal study and repentance, Tye embraced the “new life” God had in store for her and was baptized! And to God be all the glory!

Debs Rajan of Chennai: Greetings from India “where Satan has his throne.” (Revelation 2:13) Thank you for all your prayers. Raja is doing better… He has started to move around the house and can stand for 10 to 20 minutes. He needs to strengthen his muscles in his back and legs. Though Satan has attacked my dear husband and leader, God has been very good to us!

Pray for the Rajans and the Chennai Church to
withstand Satan’s assaults! Pray specifically
for Raja to regain his health!

The Teens are having a lot of fun in their summer holidays, and in all their events they’re having many visitors! Roger – our Intern – and Mishal, a campus student, have been doing an awesome job leading the Teen Ministry! Today we had Xavier, another teen, get baptized! Raja & I are so looking forward to being with all of you at the GLC!

Samuel and Denny rejoice with Xavier (center)!

Dearest Brothers and Sisters, The 2013 Global Leadership Conference is fast approaching! Please register today! Also, next week, there will not be a Good News Email as I will be returning that Monday afternoon from Manila. Please keep Jake & Jen Ramsier and myself in your prayers as we will be “spying out the land.” Lord willing, the Ramsiers will serve as the number two couple on the Manila Mission Team which will be led by Kyle & Joan Bartholomew! (Joan is the older sister of Jen – both amazing Filipina Sisters!) Also, keep Elena in your prayers next weekend, as she will be in Gainesville, Florida for her 40th High School Reunion! Then on Sunday, she will travel to Orlando to spend time with Helen and Chenelle!

Having just graduated from high school, Elena (left)
is baptized through the efforts
of her sister – Carmen!

Thank you for your partnership in the gospel, and may “the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ be with your spirit.”
Much love,