June 16th 2013

Dear All,
Greetings from Los Angeles and a very Happy Father’s Day to all our Dads and “Spiritual Dads!” What an awesome International Day of MERCY! Truly the Lord was glorified around the world during this epic event! Heartfelt thanks go to Nick & Denise Bordieri and all the other MERCY Directors for preparing every “MERCY Ambassador” for this amazing time! Even as the City of Angels Church served the poor and needy, the Lord was adding five more to our number – three baptisms, one restoration and one place membership!

Nick & Denise Bordieri – the Global Directors of
MERCYworldwide – embrace our sister Lisa
Davis – the Principal for Washington
Elementary School – where the
South Central Region cleaned
out all 28 classrooms!

On Sunday morning, Elena & I were so blessed to participate in the Inaugural Service of the Santa Barbara Sector at Santa Barbara City College! Richie & Elizabeth McDonnell are the new full-time leaders of this noble effort, whose vision is to evangelize the almost 500,000 of Santa Barbara County! Using Deuteronomy 9 as his key text, Richie’s sermon – A Great Fire From A Spark – was one of the finest that I have ever heard from a young man just 21 years old! To also be commended are Luke & Brandyn Speckman, who have done an outstanding job of discipling this remarkable couple! Lord willing in January 2014, this sector will become the Santa Barbara International Christian Church!

Richie & Elizabeth are arm-in-arm with Luke &
Brandyn on the beautiful Santa Barbara Pier!

Now more exciting news from around Los Angeles…

Luke Speckman of Ventura: Today the entire Ventura Region met in Santa Barbara for the Inaugural Service of the Santa Barbara Sector! 70 disciples and friends met on the campus of Santa Barbara City College – rated by the Aspen Institute as the number one community college out of the over 1,000 in America! It was an amazing service with incredible singing, sharing and preaching!

The Santa Barbara Sector’s Inaugural Service
was held on the campus of Santa Barbara
Community College – #1 in America!

One of the many highlights was Jose & Liz Corral (born, raised, married and baptized 19 years ago – all in Santa Barbara!), who delivered a tearful communion! They shared their spiritual journey fighting against lukewarmness, worldliness and wealth’s deceit. These temptations led to them moving away from Portland to their comfort zone of Dallas. When they saw how far they had fallen, they moved to Phoenix in 2010 in order to get back to their first love! Now they have returned “home” to Santa Barbara to bring their rekindled fire to this very beautiful but very lost city.

Richie preached a powerful sermon that encompassed conviction, love, humor and Santa Barbara facts that gave to all great encouragement! We are so proud of both Richie & Elizabeth! Finally, we are excited to announce that our dear brother, Dale Bryant, who was converted at ASU and came with us to Ventura last year on the mission team, is now an official “Unpaid Intern” and a student of ICCM! He has been Richie’s armor bearer and right hand man in Ventura and now in Santa Barbara! Please be praying for the Ventura Region, as well as our Santa Barbara Sector, who Lord willing, will become a self-supporting church by January 2014!

The singing at Santa Barbara’s Inaugural
Service was phenomenal!

On Saturday, our MERCY Event was an awesome success here in the Ventura/Oxnard Area, where we had the privilege of serving the Lighthouse Women & Children’s Center this year! After a powerful prayer we broke-up into five teams, each of which were responsible for a different task that day: painting, firewood sorting, shed organizing, landscaping and recycling.

Mike Nicoll and Ryan Keenan are hard at
work painting the Lighthouse Women
& Children’s Center!

The Lighthouse is a place where battered women and children can go to escape, to find safety and to get help to build a better life. They are not government funded because it is their goal to run a Christian-based shelter, and part of their recovery is to learn about the Bible and be in Bible studies! But the price they pay is less funding. So we were there to help support their shelter by making it a place that is more livable. Overall, it was an amazing time of giving back to those in need while bonding with our brothers and sisters!

Kerry Willis: We all had a great time in the North Region as we served in “Operation Gratitude” putting together care packages for US Service Members deployed in hostile regions overseas and for the veterans here in the US! We wrote notes of encouragement and thanks to the soldiers overseas, as well as making “Paracord Survival Bracelets” that are given to the soldiers. These packages are sent to veterans of which some have never been thanked for their service to their country. “Operation Gratitude” sends 100,000+ care packages annually, and we helped send out 3,000 on Saturday!

All of the North Region’s MERCY Ambassadors
had a hand in “Operation Gratitude!”


The AMS MERCY Ambassadors pull together
to help “MEND” their community!

“For you know that it was not with perishable things such as silver or gold that you were redeemed from the empty way of life handed down to you from your forefathers, but with the precious blood of Christ, a lamb without blemish or defect.” (1 Peter 1:18-19) During communion, we had two men share about how the cross has given them the power to break the “generational curses of sin” that were “handed down” to them from “the empty way of life” – a life without God! One brother shared how alcohol had killed his uncle, his father and the other males in his family, as well as how it was killing him until he was baptized into Christ! The other brother shared how the scheme of homosexuality had taken hold of his life, and how he believed the lie that Satan has woven into our society that if you are gay, you were born that way. He is so grateful to the Lord!

Since Sunday was Father’s Day, we had a powerful slideshow of the fathers and their children from our region put together by our awesome sister ThurZday! She also wrote and performed a song! We had another sister Heather sing an original song she co-wrote for the GNN (Good News Network) original film EYES WIDE OPEN that was played for the AMS Region! This GNN short film will be shown at the GLC this year! It is the first of more to come! There’s no business like “SOUL BUSINESS!”


Maria was studying to be a professional dancer in the late 80’s at UC San Diego, and she was well on her way when tragedy struck, and she got severely ill with “UTI.” To save her life, the doctors had to try an experimental emergency procedure which required inducing her into a coma. Unfortunately, Maria was under too long; her brain was deprived of sufficient oxygen; and by the time she was revived, a portion of her brain controlling motor functions was irreparably damaged. Her dreams of dancing professionally would never be realized, and she even had to learn how to walk again!!!

Praise God she became a disciple in September of 1992 in our former movement!!! But by 2010, the lukewarmness and lack of love in her local fellowship had become so all-pervasive, that she could no longer function as a true disciple in this environment. She started to attend a local evangelical church because it seemed to better meet her needs. However, once again, the lack of discipling relationships and sound doctrine really began to negatively affect her spiritually.

Our God is faithful, however, and did NOT forget His “sheep” (Deuteronomy 31:6-8), and so He sent the mother-daughter “Sheep Rescue Team” of Moni Bhalla and Shalini Massman back into her life! When Maria came to her first service at the AV Ministry, she KNEW she was home again at last!!!

Saturday, we celebrated our AV DAY OF MERCY: ANNUAL BACKPACK FESTIVAL 2013, where TWO-HUNDRED (200) local children received fully-stocked BACKPACKS for the coming school year!!! It was Christmas in JUNE! And to God be the glory!

Big Ed organizes the AV MERCY Volunteers!

Joel Parlour of the OC Region: This weekend we had several amazingMERCY Events! Hospice is a program that works with people that are in their last six months of life. Our Latin Ministry went to a hospice care facility where 27 MERCY Ambassadors sang and mingled with 70 in attendance! Their director told Sal that she had been praying for something like this for over a year!

Irvine and Fullerton disciples sang as well in their respective cities! I certainly enjoyed watching some of the residents try to sing along and clap their hands! Some were in tears as we left because of how little encouragement they get aside from the nurses.
Love bridges all generational gaps!

Throughout my childhood, my dad – Roger Parlour – was a hospital nurse by day and a hospice nurse by night. I remember him working around the clock to take care of our family and to bring comfort to dying people. He is a man full of love who denied the desk job and continues to work as a hospice nurse in Boston traveling from home to home touching dozens of lives a week! Happy Father’s Day to the man who has greatly influenced my life and shown me the love of “The Father!”

Joel Parlour’s parents – Roger & Kama – are
incredible examples as they serve as the
Shepherding Couple for the
Boston Church!

Tyler Sears of the West Region – “The Lord your God is with you, He is mighty to save. He will take great delight in you, He will quiet you with His love, He will rejoice over you with singing.”(Zephaniah 3:17) This Sunday, the West Region felt as though God was singing over us! We enjoyed an amazing time of worship, shared the great victory we had for our MERCY Project on Saturday, celebrated the graduation of our UCLA students, honored our fathers for Father’s Day, welcomed Rebecca Rico from the South Region as she placed membership, and concluded the service with two powerful baptisms – Alison and Flealicya!

Congrats to our 2013 UCLA Grads – Walter,
Alton, Hugo and Carol!

Also, we began our Summer Campaign called, How The West (Region) Was Won, and passed-out flyers for the entire church! We were blessed with a surprise visit from our dear friends Rich & Steph Hackett from the Eugene Church! They brought their two children – Maddie and Trey; Maddie is a disciple who is going to participate in this year’s IGNITE Teen Event in Portland!

Shay & I feel so loved by the Lord as He continues to bless the West Region in so many ways – five baptisms in two weeks! We feel the Lord has quieted us with His love and has taken great delight in all the West Region disciples!

Alison is the fifth baptism in the last two
weeks of rejuvenated West Region!

And now more reports from around the globe… 

NEWS FLASH – Blaise Feumba, our overseeing evangelist for French-speaking Africa: “The least of you will become a thousand, the smallest a mighty nation. I am the Lord; in its time I will do this swiftly.” (Isaiah 60:22) The Lord is fulfilling His promise in the nation of Ivory Coast about four hours away from its capital of Abidjan! In February this year, our brother Kipre – who had settled in this area with his family during the civil war – saw his wife and two relatives baptized! In April after sharing their faith relentlessly, God blessed the church with eight new baptisms! And then in May, 12 new people were added through baptism to their number!

Last week, because of the increasing number of people studying the Bible in Kipre’s city, Amadou & Angele – the lead couple of the Abidjan Church, Dr. Germaine – the Abidjan Mercy Director, along with a group of four other Abidjan disciples joined this region of 23 baby Christians for a Chariot Of Fire Campaign! Last Saturday, the Lord added to their number 18 more baptisms and two others on Sunday after the service! In total, 20 people were baptized last weekend and the Lord blessed them with 128 in attendance on Sunday! Just in this area from one disciple in February, we now have a church of 43 sold-out disciples!

The 20 baptisms of this weekend in Kipre’s
city are from Abidjan’s newest region
which now has 43 disciples!

In Abidjan, the Day of MERCY was equally amazing as about 450 pupils from several rural primary schools and 50 adults had the chance to receive medication against intestinal worms. These intestinal worms are parasites of about five cm (two inches) long which invade and infect the human body. They live in the bowels and are ingested from eating raw unwashed fruits and vegetables. They also proliferate through poor hygiene and inadequate sanitation. We will have to get back to them in six months as “deworming” is recommended every six months. To our Mighty God be all the glory!

The African drums are signaling that MERCY
has come to this great continent!

Carlos Mejia of Santiago: “Answer me when I call to you, my righteous God. Give me relief from my distress; have mercy on me and hear my prayer.” (Psalm 4:1) Greetings from God’s people in Santiago de Chile! What a privilege it was this week to fast, pray and serve together with disciples all around the globe for this year’sInternational Day of MERCY!

We were able to serve and give “relief” at two different events which were both deeply impacting! We had 10 disciples serving at Santa Clara House, a children’s home which houses adolescents from the age of three months to 15 years! The uniqueness of this home is that every child suffers from cerebral palsy, HIV or was simply abandoned at the hospital by his or her mother. It was truly humbling for our MERCY Volunteers to interact with the children, whom despite all their unrelenting trials, are exuberant with joy just to have company and play some ball for a few hours!

Meanwhile, about a 45 minute drive south in one of the most underprivileged areas of Santiago, the rest of the congregation was volunteering their time and sweat, as a desperately needed “landscape make-over” took place at ECAM, a Foster Care Home that houses almost 40 children! The disciples dug ditches, cut down trees, hauled debris, raked leaves, picked-up garbage and also hosted a basketball tournament for all the kids! After hours of exhaustive service, the disciples returned full of joy and more united than ever! Job & Erin Sterling, our MERCY Directors did more than an exceptional job in leading all of the events!

No matter the difficulty of one’s problems,
God’s MERCY reaches everywhere!

The momentum from MERCY carried right on into our Sunday service, as the singing was angelic and the fellowship was abuzz! The Lord’s“mercy” was all the more evident at the end of service as Jenny, a Colombian national, was brought to the stirred waters of baptism! Incredibly, Jenny was brought out to church months ago by a friend who found us on the internet! Finally, after studying the Bible every day last week, she made Jesus Lord!

The Santiago Sisters share in Jenny’s
excitement after her baptism!

To cap it all off, we are thrilled to announce the marriage engagement of Jose Otero & Daniela Paz! This amazing couple has been exemplary in their personal lives, and moreover, in the absolute purity of their dating relationship! They are all smiles here in Santiago! We believe that the Lord is smiling too, and we can’t wait to get more and more involved in Maximizing Efforts for Relief Care and Youth (MERCY)! And to God be the glory!

Jose & Daniela find true love in the Kingdom!

Ricky Challinor of Portland: Good news from the City of Bridges!!! This week was awesome as our dear sister “AB” received her Masters Degree in Accounting! AB is the incredible mother of Owa – the outstanding UCLA football player, Iggy – a tremendous Intern in the IE Region of LA and a student of the ICCM, Iho – her son that took third in the nation for wrestling, and her youngest Osa – who at 15 is 6’2″ and took fourth in the nation for wrestling! All four of these phenomenal young men are SOLD-OUT DISCIPLES! It was inspiring as over 30 disciples attended AB’s graduation! As she received her diploma, it is no surprise that she received by far the best applause! AB is the ideal of a great mother and an awesome woman of God!

Owa and Iho are so proud of their mom’s
new Master’s Degree in Accounting!

Of course on Saturday, we were privileged to serve with MERCY! We were able to paint the entire cafeteria and a classroom at Rigler Elementary – an impoverished school in NE Portland. Even though the temperature was extremely hot, the disciples joyfully picked weeds and cleaned-up the school while filling bags of trash!

On Sunday, we were privileged to have Jay & Angie Hernandez with us! Jay gave an incredible message entitled, What’s In It For Me? We then had an awesome young man Miguel baptized in our Latin Ministry! I’m so proud of Marcos & Elisabeth Lopez who lead the Latin Ministry!

Miguel is another outstanding young man baptized
through the efforts of Marcos and
the Latin Ministry!

Lola Lof of Kinshasa: Greetings from the Democratic Republic of Congo! We, as imitators of Jesus the Messiah, have followed the steps of our Master as described in Matthew 25! Our hearts were largely opened when it came to our attention that there is a small hospital called ”Salem” and on the other side is built a private school, where one could not walk easily to attend the hospital as was the same case for the school boys because the road is muddy and dirty. However, thanks to our ministry MERCYworldwide, the sold-out disciples of Jesus sacrificed their time, energy, materials and finances to buy bags of sand and so forth in order to get it cleaned-up and passable! Many people came to see it and appreciated the great job done there! Everyone could say, “God bless you people who did it!”

Passionate hard work is synonymous with
being a MERCY Ambassador!

Let’s talk about the miraculous worship service we had on Sunday as 350 attended! Of note, we were happy to welcome our brother Thomas who was baptized into the body of Christ! To God be all the glory!

Earl Jones: What an amazing Day of MERCY the San Francisco Bay MERCY Ambassadors so enjoyed! God decided to bless us with not one, but two projects! Our first project was with the San Francisco Recreation and Park Department, where we served in restoring a very special garden from being “choked-out” of life! We put on our gloves and pulled-off the ivy from the flower bushes and cut the blackberry thorns that were choking them. The park supervisors, Bill and Norman, were encouraged by the massive piles we had collected by the time we were done!

MERCY weeds out the thorns from this
gorgeous San Francisco Park!

Our second project was with Uhuru Furniture, an Economic Development Program of The African People’s Education & Defense Fund (APEDF). “Uhuru” means “freedom” in Swahili and the program is celebrating its 25th Anniversary! The program supervisor, Joel, said we were the largest group they’ve ever had work with them! The mission of this non-profit organization is to “develop and institutionalize programs to defend the human and civil rights of the African community, and to address the grave disparities in education, health, healthcare and economic development faced by the African community.”  We served by being “sent-out two by two” (like Jesus did with the Twelve) to hang flyers on door handles within designated neighborhoods. Each flyer informed the community that they could donate or buy furniture and all the proceeds would go to APEDF. The MERCY Ambassadors managed to hang hundreds of flyers on door handles!

Earl & April strategize San Francisco’s
next MERCY project!

Lastly, we came together to have a wedding for Jesus & Rosa who were just recently baptized! We were all privileged to eat burria (a type of beef) tacos cooked by our amazing Latin sisters! Please pray for God to continue to work powerfully!

Mike Patterson: Greetings from Orlando! Saturday was an incredibleDay of MERCY as the Orlando Church donated tons of clothes to a homeless shelter as well as provided a feast for everyone there! We were all pleasantly full after we grilled angus beef burgers served with mac and cheese, orange slices, cooked spinach, chips and water!

As with Jesus feeding the 5,000, no one went
home hungry after Orlando’s Day of MERCY!

Then on Sunday, God was moving powerfully as we had 145 people on a non-push Sunday! Our AMS Leaders – Anthony & Elizabeth Eckels – are continuing to “forcefully advance” their ministry, as today, they had the WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment) Head Referee on the NXT Program in attendance with his family! We were also honored to have Jim Fenton and his family visiting from the LA Church, as well as other members of his extended family from both Florida and Georgia filling-up two whole rows!

Jim preached an all-star sermon on the parable of the lost son warning us of the lies Satan tells us about the world. We were blown away by the “deep Bible nuggets” shared, and the call to not buy into Satan’s lies. Truly inspiring to me was witnessing Noah and his mom Donna Fenton share communion with the church, because I too was baptized at 13!

The Campus Ministry in Orlando is so on fire! Seven months ago, I was privileged by God to meet a UCF student named Justin Powe who was a youth leader in another church. In time, both he and his girlfriend repented, became baptized disciples, and now serve as our Campus Interns! Motivated by his love for “the Truth,” Justin then reached-out to another youth leader named Zach and his girlfriend from his former church about two weeks ago! Zach was challenged by Jesus’ call to true discipleship and radically repented by giving-up his old church, breaking-up with his girlfriend (who is on the worship team at their former church but is now fervently studying the Bible), and was truly baptized into Christ today! Zach has dreams of preaching the Word of God, and after his “pre-baptism sermonette,” we were all excited about the prosperous future God has planned for this young man!

Zach is welcomed to the Orlando Family
by Chris, Justin and Mike!

Andrew Smellie: “In everything I did, I showed you that by this kind of hard work we must help the weak, remembering the words the Lord Jesus Himself said: ‘It is more blessed to give than receive.'”  (Acts 20:35) This year, the New York City MERCY Ambassadors were once again inspired to take the challenge of serving the underprivileged and damaged areas of Queens, Brooklyn and Staten Island! Under the direction of Drs. Kenneth & Cheryl Chin, our MERCYworldwide Coordinators, four significant projects were completed throughout New York City! Eighty-seven volunteers participated in gardening projects as well as helped in post-Hurricane Sandy restoration projects that are currently still ongoing in Staten Island!

Mike & Pam O’Donnell – one of New York
City’s Shepherding Couples – show
the younger disciples “how
to get it done!”

Perhaps dearest to our hearts is our First Annual MERCY MakeoverProject on our MERCYworldwide Day of Service! This year’s MERCY Makeover was presented to our dear sister Marilyn LaRose. Marilyn is a cancer survivor who studied the Bible last year and was baptized on March 25, 2012, all while undergoing chemotherapy. Her perseverance, joy and bubbly cheerfulness in the midst of obviously trying circumstances has been a source of inspiration to the entire church! As shared last week, on the Sunday preceding the Day of MERCY, Marilyn was presented with a huge certificate in a format similar to a Publisher Clearing House Check!

In a mere twelve hours with twenty-three disciples working in shifts, Marilyn’s apartment was transformed into a bright, cheerful, warm and inviting home! Special thanks are due to our Singles Ministry Intern, Joshua Koralek, who spearheaded this effort and went above and beyond to procure hundreds of dollars worth of donated items to completely redecorate her home! The ear-to-ear grin and gasps of delight from Marilyn on seeing the result of the MERCY Makeover were well worth the hard work and sweat of the disciples! The words of Galatians 6:10 rang true, “Therefore, as we have opportunity, let us do good to all people, especially to those who belong to the family of believers.” And to God be all the glory!

NYC’s MERCY Makeover Crew!

The finished product!

Sarah Dimitry: Greetings from Las Vegas!! “A wife of noble character who can find?” (Proverbs 31:10) Well, evidentially James Mitchell found such a woman in Becky Hazen! It was an honor and privilege for Jason & me to be there for this amazing couple two years ago when they first started dating! Then to see them lead an absolutely pure relationship and get engaged at beautiful Mt. Charleston is a treasure we will always hold dear in our hearts!

After pleasing God by going on the Las Vegas
Mission Team, God gives James & Becky
the desires of their hearts!

Another honor is to be able to serve the poor as the MERCY Ambassadors for MERCYworldwide! The church gathered together at a neighborhood near Lake Mead to collect non-perishable food items to donate to the needy in the community. Knowing disciples were at work in similar projects around the world made the Day of MERCY all the more amazing!

Only disciples know how to have PURE fun!

Jeremiah Clark: Greetings from colorful Colorado – home of the Mighty Denver Church! Last Sunday with only six members of the team in Denver, they met at Chautauqua Park, a beautiful park in the shadow of the University of Colorado Boulder. This week, we had another powerful Park Service and welcomed the arrivals of newly married Afa & Tromila Maile of DC, Chad & Raelynn Willson of Phoenix, and Jim Becker of Los Angeles! Encouragingly, my wife & I and the rest of the amazing team from DC will arrive in only 10 days! We are so grateful and encouraged to spread the gospel in the “Mile High City,” where we are inspired by being one mile closer to our awesome God!

The Denver Mission Team Disciples have
“mountain-moving faith!”

Raul Moreno: “Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look after orphans and widows in their distress and to keep oneself from being polluted by the world.” (James 1:27) Greetings from the Sao Paulo Church! It was very refreshing and exciting for us to participate in our Annual Day Of MERCY along with all our sister churches around the world! We had two events excellently coordinated by our awesome MERCY Director, Joao Sousa.

First, we went to a Children’s Cancer Housing Center where we provided not only material needs, but the love, encouragement and “fun” that only true disciples of Jesus can give! The children were so fired-up to have so many disciples playing with them and giving them special attention and love!

The MERCY Ambassadors bring
“faith, hope and love” to
Sao Paulo’s children!

Secondly, we went to an orphanage center for abandoned children who have special needs in the area of mental retardation. The disciples worked very hard doing a lot of the cleaning and “heavy lifting” in assembling many posts, tables, chairs and banners, as the institution was preparing for a day of fundraising. The employees of the institution were astonished at our unity and collective hard work! These children are so precious in the eyes of our God and everyone who participated was moved to see God’s grace in their own life and in the lives of others! Finally, we decided to continue our MERCY work every month with the Children’s Cancer Center providing MERCY Ambassadors to love the children and provide material things that the institution needs. God is so very merciful!

The Children’s Cancer Center is so grateful to have
been touched by the compassion of
the Sao Paulo Disciples!

Kithy Ranga of Syracuse: Early Saturday morning, 42 Syracuse disciples with a unified heart to serve the communities met at Barry Park for an awesome time of prayer and singing! 16 disciples headed to the beautiful heartland of upstate New York, to the fields of “Matthew 25 Farm” to plant beets, carrots and radishes. The Farm depends on volunteers to plant and harvest acres and acres of vegetables and fruits that they donate back to local food banks. This group headed-up by our powerful leader, Steve Ranga, joyfully spent the day practicing the Farm’s mission of Matthew 25:40, “Jesus said, I tell you the truth, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers of mine, you did for me.”

Another 14 brothers & sisters, led by Bible Talk Leaders Rod Carter and George Mak, headed to the Salvation Army Cab House Commons complex of one city block. The facility grounds needed a “spring refresh” to clean-up leaves from last Fall as well as all sorts of debris. The volunteers – armed with rakes, brooms, shovels and trash cans – proceeded to clean the entire perimeter of the complex! An additional project consisted of pressure washing the brick facing of the Administration Building.

The third group of 13 women, headed to the Rescue Mission of Syracuse. This group was led by our MERCY Coordinators, Penny Armstrong and Kathy Hanam. We started with a determination to follow Philippians 4:18, “May our loving acts of service be a fragrant offering, an acceptable sacrifice, pleasing to God.” The ladies had a special time of bonding with each other and the Volunteer Director, Lisa DeAngelo, as we tackled sorting 200 lbs of new clothing donations. The Syracuse ICC also made a donation to sponsor the cost of sending one under-privileged child to their Summer Camp! And to God be all the glory!

Maria Franklin of Chicago: “Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights, who does not change like shifting shadows. He chose to give us birth through the Word of truth, that we might be a kind of first-fruits of all He created.” (James 1:17-18) Happy Father’s Day to all the fathers and fathers in the faith on this special day! This week, our heavenly Father has graciously added two more souls to his mighty Kingdom in Chicago! First, on Friday night, Emily was baptized into the Campus Ministry through the efforts of the North Region! Emily is a Chinese student pursuing her MBA at Loyola University! She tearfully shared her gratitude for our fiery Chinese sister Helena, who reached-out to her!

With Emily’s baptism, the Hong Kong
Mission Team continues to grow!

Also, today at service, Janette boldly proclaimed “Jesus is Lord” in the“presence of many witnesses!” Encouragingly, Janette is the daughter of our brother Moises in the Latin Ministry, as well as the“first-fruit” of the Central Region that was established just last week!

On a final note, our Annual Day of MERCY was undeniably a great success! This is the third year in a row that we have served those with developmental or mental disabilities through MERCYworldwide‘s partnership with Neuman Family Services and El Valor! It was incredible to serve 206 of these residents!

Throughout the different homes, there was dancing, games and barbecuing! Encouragingly, Curtis, an older man who usually avoids eye contact and most social interactions with people he doesn’t know, suddenly decided to show one of the MERCY Ambassadors his room that he had just cleaned himself. The residential staff who knows Curtis very well exclaimed, “Wow! I can’t believe he let anyone into his room!” At the end of the day, Curtis, a man of very few words, summed up the experience with a big thumbs-up and a wide grin as he said, “Thank you for the cook-out! Great cook-out! I’m full.” We pray all of your hearts were refreshed as ours were as we lived out Jesus’ words, “It is more blessed to give than to receive!” (Acts 20:35)

The MERCY Volunteers put together that
joy comes from serving others!

Jacob Beas: Greetings from the Mighty Eugene Church! It was an inspiring weekend here as Saturday we were able to gather together to serve for our Annual Day of MERCY! The entire church had so much fun and was incredibly fulfilled at The Relief Nursery, an organization that serves at-risk pre-elementary aged children. And today we were able to conclude service in the best way… with the baptism of Erin Debailo! It was a tremendous victory for many, especially the sisters who have stayed in there with her, as Erin has been studying the Bible off and on for years and was finally ready to make the commitment to make Jesus her Lord!

God brings joy to “the little children”
through MERCY!

John Malnegro: Saturday, the Metro Manila International Christian Church disciples, alongside the representatives of Tugon Organization of Ateneo University (The Harvard of the Philippines), spent quality time playing, dancing and eating with the 16 girls and nine babies of Meritxell Foundation, which is comprised of either abused or abandoned children. We have committed to visit them every month and will help in whatever form! So exciting because we look forward to not only working together with the Tugon Organization in their charitable works, but also in studying the Bible on their beautiful campus thus becoming “partners in the gospel” with them!

A Wonderful Filipino Feast!

Today, God blessed us with 29 souls in the worship service! “Kuya Kip,” we are so excited to see you next week along with Jake & Jen Ramsier!

Coltin Rohn: Greetings from Boston! “But He said to them, ‘I have food to eat that you know nothing about.’ Then His disciples said to each other, ‘Could someone have brought Him food?’ ‘My food,’ said Jesus, ‘is to do the will of Him who sent me and to finish His work.'” (John 4:32-34) Happy Father’s Day to all our “Father’s in the faith!” I am personally grateful for my father Earl Rohn for teaching me, training me, discipling me and helping me be the man that I am! Thank you Dad for all the patience (long-suffering) you poured out to me. I love you! As well, I’m also grateful for Mike Patterson, Matt Sullivan, Chris Chloupek, Raul Moreno, Michael Williamson, Andrew Smellie and Kip for believing in me and being “spiritual fathers” to me in our common faith.

God blessed our fast on Friday as we were able to serve our local community with cheerful hearts and great attitudes on Saturday morning! Thank you to our Lead Ambassadors: Mercedes Bonilla (“Mercy” for short!), Ted Karonis, Frank Hines and Roger Parlour for making it such a great day!

Boston’s Lead MERCY Ambassadors!

Today we had a “Pledge Sunday!” Each member was given the opportunity to increase their weekly giving to help the work here in Boston! God allowed us to raise our pledges a whole $400 dollars per week! And we gave over $800 dollars more then we pledged! That’s with only 36 sold-out disciples! God is helping us finish what His son started 2,000 years ago! And to God be the glory!

Evan Bartholomew of San Diego: “A generous man will prosper; he who refreshes others will himself be refreshed.” (Proverbs 11:25) This past weekend was truly “refreshing” as about 25 volunteers gathered to serve in San Diego for our Third Annual Day of MERCY! We were able to join forces with Shoot To Cure. Shoot To Cure is a charity that raises money in order to find a cure for Huntington’s Disease – a rare debilitating brain disease passed on genetically that can rob people of their ability to walk, talk, eat and think.

The event was amazing, and the disciples gave their whole hearts to helping in any way they could! The Director of the Event even commented, “I’ve never seen a group like yours! They’ve been so helpful! They don’t ask for any breaks and they are very focused on doing the tasks they were asked to do!” She is currently connected with the sisters, and prayerfully will be doing Bible studies very soon!

MERCY San Diego partners with Shoot To Cure!

Amazingly about half of the San Diego Chargers Football Team showed up to support the event! This was very refreshing to our group as several of them are avid San Diego Charger fans. I was so proud of the disciples, however, because instead of going after autographs from the players, they instead sought after phone numbers! I personally was able to get three different players’ numbers after inviting them to church and talking to them about doing Bible Studies! Please pray that some of these opinion leaders will become your brothers shortly!

The San Diego Disciples share with many
on the Charger Football Team!

Michael Williamson: “Two are better than one, because they have a good return for their labor: If either of them falls down, one can help the other up. A cord of three strands is not quickly broken.” (Ecclesiastes 4:9, 12) Greeting’s dear brothers and sisters from London! Our great God blessed the church this weekend not only with a gloriousDay of MERCY, but with the baptism of Niluh the wife of our new Slovakian brother Daniel who was baptized a few weeks ago!

MERCY is unleashed in the great city of London!

Niluh is originally from Indonesia and grew-up Hindu. She “converted” to Christianity a few years ago and was even baptized. After studying the Bible and wrestling with the Scriptures, Niluh decided to put her emotions aside and went over all the studies on her own, coming to the conviction that her first baptism was invalid! We are so proud of the “One Direction” Bible Talk named after the popular British pop group and led valiantly by Ola & Denise Kukoyi. With additions from Slovakia, Indonesia and Hong Kong this month, God is truly leading them in “triumphal procession!” (2 Corinthians 2:14)

Denise from the Caribbean Islands disciples
Niluh from the Indonesian Islands
into the Kingdom of God!

We are also very happy to announce registration has commenced for this year’s European Missions Conference on November 7-10, 2013 entitled, God Almighty Reigns. The cost of the conference is £100 or $155 USD, and you can register at https://europeanchristianmission.eventbrite.com/. There is an additional fee of £20 ($30 USD) for those attending The Leadership Workshop slated for Friday morning. Your registration includes the two and a half day event, a t-shirt, conference supplies and a delicious Saturday night banquet! We are encouraging participants to secure your hotel space quickly as rooms are limited. Please contact the London Marriott West India Quay Hotel and Executive Apartments directly to reserve your room. The cost is £115 per night ($173 USD). And to God be the glory!

Dearest Brothers and Sisters: Let’s all be registering for the 2013 Global Leadership Conference! Most of the sessions for this life-changing event will be held on August 4-6, 2013 at the beautiful Hyatt Regency Hotel in Garden Grove, California! However, the Sunday morning worship service will be at the Anaheim Convention Center as the City of Angels Church in LA will be joined by all of our sister churches from San Francisco, San Diego, Phoenix and our newly planted congregation in Las Vegas! Please register at CAICC.net!

The 2013 Global Leadership Conference is
entitled, Prophets and Kings – They
Long To See What “We” See!

Sadly, this Good News Email is the last one that our dear sister Nathalie Moningka will co-edit. She is joining her awesome fiancé Mason Fetelika to lead the North Region Campus Ministry, as they will be married in September! Then Lord willing in December, “the Fetelikas” will be sent-off by the Spirit on the Sydney Mission Team! I will miss Nathalie’s quest for excellence during her two years of serving in this crucial role, but even more so, she will be missed by Elena & me as she has become a precious daughter in the faith!

Kip & Elena’s dear daughter in the faith – Nathalie!

Though Nathalie could never really be “replaced,” Elena & I believe that the Lord has selected another awesome future Women’s Ministry Leader to serve as our Administrative Assistant! Please welcome the City of Angels Church’s newest full-time Intern and co-editor of the Good News Email – Rebecca Rico!

Rebecca will put into the Good News
Email her “own style and charm!”

As we close this edition, let us praise God for the many phenomenal ways that He is working through the churches of the SoldOut Movement and thus through the individual lives of all the MERCY Ambassadors of MERCYworldwide! “May the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ, and the love of God, and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit be with all of you!” (2 Corinthians 13:14)
Much love,