July 7th 2013

Dear All,
Greetings from Manila and Los Angeles! What an incredible two weeks the Lord has given to His movement! Last week in the City of Angels Church, with a 20X Missions Contribution Goal of $500,000, the Lord blessed us with an amazing $630,000! During this two week period, the Spirit added 17 to our number – 9 baptisms, 2 restorations and 6 place memberships!

While that sacrificial collection was being made in all of the LA Regions, I was in Manila for a “spying out the land trip” with Jake & Jen Ramsier. On Sunday, in the midst of a “Signal #2 Storm,” God gave the Metro Manila Remnant Group of 19 disciples an astonishing attendance of 45 with one baptism and one restoration!

Jake, Jen and little Kaia (center) are greeted by
the Metro Manila Remnant Group Leaders –
Gina (left), Anna & John!

The baptism was Kitty – the daughter of Manny & Beth Ong! Manny & Beth were waiting for the new movement for three years and joined us when the Metro Manila Remnant Group was officially formed last November!

Manny & Beth baptize their precious daugther – Kitty!

The restoration was Ronnie Gonzalez – once fulltime in the Metro Manila ICOC and the brother that orchestrated the largest gathering in our former movement’s history as 100,000 people came together for a HOPEworldwide rally in Luneta Grandstand which flowed into Rizal Park! Praise God, Ronnie humbly accepted our offer to become the new MERCYworldwide Director for the Philippines!

Ronnie Gonzalez will serve as our MERCYworldwide
Director for the Philippines!

Now more detailed reports from around LA…

Joe Willis: Greetings from a very excited North Region! It has been a wonderful couple of weeks of fun and celebration! Last week on Friday, the AMS and North Regions shared a 70’s Disco Night bringing many hilarious moments! It also included the baptism of an exceptional young lady, Audriana Webster! She was met by the leader of our newly formed Tarzana Bible Talk, Fred Batson!

Then on Sunday June 30th, we saw our 70’s theme continue as we all came dressed for church in our very funky clothes! I was very proud of the North Region disciples as they collectively gave not 20 times their regular contribution for Special Missions, but over 40 times! This was followed up by a great Park Service this week, where we are gaining great momentum in the ministry with many people studying the Bible to become Christians!

The North Region Disciples asked all their
visitors on Sunday, “Can you dig it?”

Tyler Sears: “How good and pleasant it is when brothers live together in unity! It is like precious oil poured on the head, running down on the beard, running down on Aaron’s beard, down upon the collar of his robes. It is as if the dew of Hermon were falling on Mount Zion. For there the Lord bestows His blessing, even life forevermore.” (Psalm 133:1-3) Greetings from the West Region! We feel as though God has been blessing the unity and faith of the disciples in the West – the times have certainly been “good and pleasant!” With a goal of $92,000 for Special Missions, we saw the Lord deliver an incredible miracle of over $102,000! That means, on average, every disciple in the West gave over $1,000!

As well, this was a very special Sunday for many in the West as Ken Zindler shared his heart for communion, apologizing for having pulled his heart back and asking for forgiveness from the church and pledging before God his “100% loyalty” to the McKeans, the Kirchners and the West Region Leadership. We truly believe that God is going to once again use Ken powerfully to not only win souls to Jesus, but to bring many of our remnant brothers and sisters into God’s movement, “for there the Lord bestows His blessing, even life forevermore.”

Please pray for Shay & me as we leave with the McKeans to initiate the Dallas-Ft. Worth (DFW) Remnant Group! Lord-willing, in June 2014, we will lead the mission team to officially plant the DFW International Christian Church!

Tyler & Shay have inspired the West
Region to new heights!

Jason Woody of the IE Region: “Surely God is good to Israel to those who are pure in heart!” (Psalm 73:1) Greetings from the Inland Empire with four million lost souls and geographically the largest region in the City of Angels Church! God has truly been good to us here in the Inland Empire, as last week we had another addition to our Teen Ministry! Savannah, a dynamic seventeen year old shows wisdom beyond her years, as last Sunday she “called of the name of [‘her’] Lord” at baptism! As a young charismatic, athlete with great potential, I’m confident God is going to use her in a powerful way!

The IE Sisters welcome Savannah to God’s family!

We are also rejoicing as God blessed our efforts for Missions in the IE! The disciples were working, praying, sacrificing, “tagging” and having a garage sales for several months. Together with help from the Stockholm Remnant Group, we more than surpassed our goal of 20X Contribution! 11 awesome brothers and sisters from Stockholm, Sweden decided to send their Special Contribution to the IE Region to show their appreciation and to be united in the mission with the movement. God blessed us with more than 35X our weekly contribution – 75% above our goal! To God be the glory!

Capil Marhatta of the South Region: Last Sunday, Eugen & Julia Sobolov, the leaders of the Kiev Remnant Group, placed membership with their two daughters! The Holy Spirit and the sacrifice of the Kiev disciples allowed them to come to the South Region to be trained for two months with Oleg & Aliona – the Moscow Mission Team Leaders! We appreciate the Sobolovs’ sacrifice and heart in being willing to learn a new language and culture, while training to become better church builders!

In coming to the South Region, Eugen & Julia reunite
as partners in the gospel with Oleg & Aliona Sirotkin!

Also, three brothers from the Orlando Church placed membership and will serve in the Campus Ministry – Allen Copper, Johnny Cortez and Chris Jones! Another highlight of the week was the restoration of an incredible young man named – Jordan Wilson last Friday! His sister Kharace just placed membership with us from the AMS Region! What a great delight to see physical family become a spiritual family in God’s Kingdom! Amazingly, since the Spirit sent off from the South Region the 12 dynamic disciples of the Las Vegas Mission Team in mid-April, God has added 18 souls to our now 55 disciples – more than “replacing” our sacrifice! Please continue to pray for us!

Chris Chloupek: “How ya do’in?” from the AMS Region! This week we sent out Jake & Dada Tuason to the Central Region to be with Kyle & Joan Bartholomew as they will be part of the Manila Mission Team! They are the 59th and 60th disciples the AMS has sent out in the last three years to assist in building up God’s Kingdom!

The Manila Mission Team is blessed to add two
“veteran” disciples – Jake & Dada!

Last Sunday EVE WAS BAPTIZED – SHE IS A GRADUATE OF AMDA! And THIS Sunday, we baptized an awesome woman named Shirley James, who is the Executive Director of Dress For Success in Los Angeles, a non-profit organization that helps women build self-esteem to get back into the work force. Her life experiences bring a rich wisdom that will be used to train the younger women in the AMS.

The AMS Sisters embrace God’s new daughter – Eve!

Lastly,  the GNN Film, produced by the AMS, entitled EYES WIDE OPEN was one of the films selected to be screened in the 168 Film Festival at the Glendale Performing Arts Center on August 9th. Only one third of the films entered are selected! We are even more excited to show this Film at the GLC this year! There’s no business like “soul” business!

Luke Speckman of the Ventura Region: Greetings from San Buenaventura!! This past week, God has blessed us with three incredible additions! First of all, Kyle Swann & Samantha Ramnath (soon-to-be Swann) placed membership in our region. We are very grateful for the West Region, specifically the Onekeas, who have truly poured their hearts into both Kyle & Samantha.

Then on Wednesday, we witnessed an incredible woman make Jesus Lord and was baptized into Christ! Erin, who was met by Eileen Mengis via a mutual friend, began studying February 2012 with Amy Ciaramella and the Ventura Region sisters. Sadly, she walked away a few months later after going through all of the First Principles Studies. God continued to stir in her heart and she returned because she remembered how much love she felt by the disciples. After three months of Bible studies and the love of the fellowship, Erin is now your sister in Christ! To God be all the glory!

Clay Erickson of the AV Sector of the Central Region: Today was another great adventure in God’s Movement at the Antelope Valley ICC as Tim & Lianne Kernan traveled all the way up from Long Beach to love up on and preach the Word to a welcoming group of caring brothers and sisters in the High Desert! We were inspired by a lesson Tim has been preparing for the upcoming Global Leadership Conference and boy are you all in for a surprise!

I was personally moved as well as inspired by the congregation as each member “stepped it up” in a great way! God was honored by all as the worship service was “as great as ever” despite our beloved leaders, Lou Jack & Cathi Martinez, leaving the Antelope Valley to relocate to Honolulu where the Lord has blown them to do “even greater things!”We will deeply miss them, but trust that our fellowship in Hawaii will love the Martinez Family with the amazing “love of the Lord!”

As a “going away present” from God, Robert
Coleman was baptized 
on Lou Jack & Cathi
Martinez’s last Sunday in the AV!

Despite a time of transition, we await with great anticipation our new ministry team led by Jake & Jen Ramsier! They are scheduled to arrive on Monday, July 15th! The Antelope Valley disciples are continuing to advance the gospel of Christ with many new studies and several on the brink of restoration or baptism! To God be all the glory!

Jake & Jen – pictured here at the University of the
Philippines – will be assuming the leadership of
the very fruitful AV Sector where they will
train for the Manila Mission Team!

Chris Adams of the OC Region: In Luke 12:31, Jesus says, “But seek His Kingdom, and these things will be given to you as well.” Here Jesus doesn’t say to seek God’s Kingdom “first,” but rather, just seek it! Implied is that there is NOTHING else to seek! We are finding out how refreshing those words can be in the OC! The miracles that we saw in the Missions Contribution as we gave close to $140,000, helped our faith to grow in what God can do through us! We just had to get our sole focus back on building up His Kingdom!

Our super-fruitful sister Anayeli brought yet another co-worker out to church named Brian! Jason McNeill, Ryan Williams and a whole host of other married brothers studied the Scriptures constantly with Brian until“he ordered the chariot to stop” so he could get baptized! His humble apologies to his family for past sins, inspired his mom and sister to come out to his baptism this evening, and his mom now wants to know how her son could change so much in such a short time, and his sister is excited to check out the Teen Ministry!

Brian’s baptism inspires his mother
and sister to seek God!

Speaking of the Teen Ministry, our teen brother Kevin recently invited one of his friends, Julissa, who was baptized tonight as wellOn a personal note, I was greatly encouraged because for a year and a half, I’ve been prayer-walking past this pool near ours and the Broom’s houses, praying that God would allow us to baptize some friends in these waters. Well, tonight we received the honor of baptizing two sold-out disciples in those waters! Truly there is the Kingdom and there’s nothing else!

And now more news from around the globe… 

NEWS FLASH – Tim Kernan, the Director of the 2013 Global Leadership Conference: Greetings in the Lord! Our theme for this year’s GLC is Prophets And Kings… They Longed To See What “We” See! 

The 2013 Global Leadership Conference will be a
life-changing experience for every participant!

With 27 days till our opening session, already 223 have registered! From the States (201): Boston (9), Chicago (18), Dallas (2), Denver (5), Eugene (3), Hilo (5), Honolulu (1), Las Vegas (4), Los Angeles (59), NYC (15), Orlando (6), Phoenix (12), Portland (10), San Diego (4), San Francisco (11), Syracuse (7), Washington DC (24), Other (6). From our International Churches (22): Chennai (2), Kiev (2), London (3), Santiago (7), Sao Paulo (4), Sydney (2), Paris (1) and Mexico City (1). Pray that we can more than double this total by next week!

NEWS FLASH – Jason Dimitry: Good news from Las Vegas! This week, Sin City is a little less sinful as we have seen five more get their sins forgiven in the waters of baptism! We started out the week witnessing an incredible couple, Brandon & Brandi Hill, get baptized Monday evening!

I have never seen Acts 17:26-27 so clearly at work! They were first met by Mason who didn’t get their number… But the Hills prayed they would run into Mason again. Instead of Mason, God used Daniela to reach out to them, and when they finally came to Bible Talk they were amazed to see both Mason and Daniela there! The Hills were attending a denominational church and were boldly trying to preach against its false teachings and lukewarmness! They had deep convictions about sin but came to realize through the Scriptures that they never became true disciples. It was amazing to see people with deep convictions still be humble to the Scriptures.

With a common love for the truth, Brandon &
Brandi are now united in Christ
through baptism!

Then on the Fourth of July, we had Farrahn, another incredible UNLV student (who my awesome wife met), get baptized and find true freedom! Her sharing beforehand was some of the most raw and powerful sharing I’ve ever heard!

Born again on the Fourth of July, Farrahn rejoices
in her new-found freedom in Christ!

To close out the week, we saw Tiffany and Jennifer, who are biological sisters become spiritual sisters by being “plunged into the stream of living water!” It has been so encouraging to see God open so many hearts in Sin City! We are excited to see you all very soon at the GLC!

NEWS FLASH – Jeremiah Clark of Denver: “The people living in darkness have seen a great light; on those living in the land of the shadow of death a light has dawned.” (Matthew 4:16) It has been so amazing and inspiring to watch the Denver Mission Team light up this great city! In just one week’s time, God has moved in so many ways! Last week, the team courageously “spied out the land” together and dreamed of taking this “Mile High City” for God. We visited the famous Red Rocks Amphitheater that holds 10,000 people and there we dreamed together of one day filling this amphitheater with disciples!

We also visited two incredible campuses in the Denver Metropolitan Area: the University of Colorado Boulder and the Auraria Campus where students from three different colleges all attend. These two amazing campuses hold nearly 85,000 students, where now a “great light has dawned” through the mighty Denver Campus Ministry! At each location, the team firmly planted their feet and prayed to “take the land” for the Lord!

During the Denver Mission Team’s “spying out the
land trip,” they gather around the UC Boulder
mascot – Ralphie the Buffalo!

Over the last two Sunday services and with a team of 20 sold-out disciples, we have averaged 50 in attendance! On Saturday, the team gathered on the streets of Thornton in order to “tag” to raise money to get every disciple to the GLC! In only four hours, God blessed us with $1,400!

Mike & Dena Sanicola spearhead the Denver Church’s
tagging and raised $1,400 in just four hours!

Today, our service was extra encouraging as we were able to have Keith Jefferson place membership with us from our former fellowship! Incredibly, Keith is the brother of James Jefferson who is the husband of Consett Jefferson, an amazing disciple in the Washington DC Church! Thank-you for all of your prayers and to God be the glory!

John Malnegro of Manila: Mabuhay! As John 10:10 reads, “I [Jesus] have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.” There’s no other life than living a life for Jesus! The MMICC disciples experienced “life to the full” when Kip, Jake and Jen came to visit us last week in preparation for the Metro Manila Church planting in June 2014!

On their “spying out the land trip” to Manila, the first
place that Jake & Jen prayed and “set their feet”
was at the world famous Ateneo University!

Jake delivered a very powerful sermon during our Friday Devotional with an attendance of 34 entitled The Living Stones. It stirred my soul to get to know Jake & Jen during their four day “spying out the land visit!” All of us have fallen in love with the Ramsiers already, because of their amazing hearts for the Filipinos!

Jake, Jen and Kaia so enjoyed their first Jeepney ride!

Then came a very stormy Sunday, where Brother Kip preached up a storm! The highlights of the service were: the baptism of Kitty (now called Kate!) and the restoration of “Kuya (Big brother) Ronnie” Gonzalez! Ronnie was one of the early converts in our former movement!

Gen. Douglas MacArthur is a hero in the Philippines!
Jake is behind the his desk with a fake corncob
pipe made famous by the General, but  wearing
MacArthur’s real officer’s cap!

The inspiration of the Ramsiers’ and Kip’s visit brought so much encouragement to every one of us! As a result, we now have a new Bible Talk for the Intramuros Campuses of Manila! At our first one, with just three “workers” (Kuya Ronnie – a former Professor there, Alvin – our Administrator and me) the Lord gave us 17 visitors! Both of Kuya Ronnie’s children are studying in these campuses: Ronrich is in Mapua Institute of Technology, and Charice is in Lyceum of the Philippines University. They are both committed to helping us build a strong Campus Ministry! Truly, Jesus’ promise of having “life to the full” can be claimed if we firmly hold on and live out His precious words!

John Malnegro, Alvin Panililo and “Kuya Ronnie”
had 17 visitors at their first Bible Talk at “MIT!”

Raul Moreno of Sao Paulo: “You have loved righteousness and hated wickedness; therefore God, your God, has set you above your companions by anointing you with the oil of joy.” (Hebrews 1:9) Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ was anointed with the “oil of joy”because of his amazing righteousness. Likewise, Caio was anointed with Christ’s righteousness which was accredited to him through the saving waters of baptism!

Caio is finishing his Master’s Degree in Physics from USP University and is already putting his intellect to work by deeply studying the scientific evidences of the existence of God and the divine inspiration and inerrancy of God’s Word. Largely because of him, we will start an “Apologetics Section” on our website! Caio is a great source of joy for the church here in Sao Paulo!

Caio’s conversion to Christ has inspired
the entire Sao Paulo Church!

Lou Jack Martinez of Honolulu: GREETINGS FROM THE SAINTS IN THE SOUTH PACIFIC!!! With 14 disciples out of town for vacation, the Honolulu Church still had a great attendance of 121, set up several studies for this week, and gave almost $4,000 for this week’s regular contribution!!! Much thanks, admiration and love to Jake & Jen Ramsier who have placed in our care an awesome and healthy ministry, poised for BIBLICAL growth!!!

We kicked-off our worship service with some STIRRING singing, led by yours truly, Jerry Holi, Jay Chon, Jazzy Yogi, Liz Okuno, Zach Shields, Ethan Salii, Blayne Rivera and RJ Castro, who my best friend from college, Mark Forman, affectionately called “The Christian Bruno Mars!”It was so awesome that Mark made it to our first service!!! We played football together at Pomona-Pitzer College in Claremont and we’ve kept in touch over the years – and he LOVED the service!!!

Ethan leads the Honolulu worship with
triumphant singing!

Joe & Mary Santos did a joy-filled Welcome; Scott and Terra Utter presided over an amazing communion; Jeremy Beck delivered a convicting contribution; and Chris “The Closer” Teves brought it all home and helped us to set up studies with his powerful closing response!!!

Along with Kyle & Joan Bartholomew, we also said “Aloha” to the Ramsiers as they’re heading off to the Antelope Valley, where they’ll strive to make EVERY day a Bad Day for the Devil, especially at Antelope Valley College and Cal State Bakersfield!!! Please keep praying for all the saints in the South Pacific!!!

God has given Lou Jack & Cathi the charge to
evangelize the Hawaiian Islands!

Jay Hernandez of Hilo: Greetings from the Waterdogs! This weekend the Hilo Church had an awesome camping trip near the active Kilauea Volcano! The weekend was filled with so many amazing adventures, and yet the best of all was to finish the weekend with the Waterdogs dipping into the beautiful Pacific Ocean!

This year one of my challenges to our young ministry staff here in Hilo has been to find “someone like themselves” to baptize. Two weeks ago, Marley Depew did just that as he reached out to a fellow computer science major, Richard! Richard went to the retreat and today at his baptism shared that the retreat changed his life. It truly is amazing to see what God can do when we step out on faith! We look forward to seeing all of you soon!

The Waterdogs strike again in baptizing Richard!

Evan Bartholomew: “I put no trust in MY bow, MY sword does not bring me victory; but YOU give us victory over our enemies.”(Psalm 44:6-7) God has given the disciples in San Diego an amazing week of victory! Last week, we collected our new pledges after a month of preaching on sacrificial giving and working through each disciple’s financial situation. Our goal was to raise our pledges $300/week, which equates to a 20% increase in our weekly giving. I was so proud of the congregation as they collectively raised their weekly contribution $500/week, which is over 30% of what they were giving!

Then on Tuesday, we were able to see Rachel get baptized in the wee hours of the morning! Rachel moved down to San Diego for the summer though she is a student at UC Riverside, because she is originally from San Diego. She was met by disciples in the Inland Empire who studied with her before she moved down. It was awesome to see the teamwork between churches to “gang tackle” Rachel into the water! She courageously took on every challenge the Scriptures gave her, and made Jesus Lord in a fountain at 1:00AM in the morning!

Since the Los Angeles and San Diego Churches are
in a unified movement, Rachel is now
our sister in Christ!

Last, but certainly not the least, since the Global Leadership Conference is approaching, I challenged the church to have every disciple at the conference. Though financially challenging for some, I preached that we have it so much easier than so many who are not as fortunate to be as close to LA as we are in San Diego. We quickly came up with fundraising ideas, and then got to work.

On July 4th, one of the beaches in San Diego hosts a fireworks display and then a gigantic marshmallow fight! So we headed down to the beach among thousands of others, and brought 70 bags of marshmallows with us to sell. Through God’s power, and because all the surrounding stores were sold out of marshmallows, we sold every bag! Also, on Saturday, we all came together and went “tagging” for the first time in San Diego! The collective amount raised from both fundraisers was just under $1,000! To add to it all, we also received a check from one of Kelly’s and my close friends that lives in San Diego for another $1,000! God is good, and it is He that gives the victory!

Mandee Rohn of Boston: “The wind blows where it chooses, and you hear the sound of it, but you do not know where it comes from or where it goes. So it is with everyone who is born of the Spirit.” (John 3:8) Last week, the Spirit blew three amazing disciples from Boston to fight the spiritual battle in two other cities – Washington DC and Dallas! One of these disciples, Tim Power is an amazing “veteran in the faith” who will lead the DFW Remnant Group, and the other two – Kevin Carr and Naomi Guteng – are less than a year old spiritually, yet God has already raised them up to do “even greater things!”

Though the Boston Church already misses these three incredible disciples, God has greatly encouraged us as three other disciples placed membership today! Melissa Sullivan who placed membership today from Orlando is attending a six week summer program at Boston University. We are grateful to have her with us even if it is only for a short, but sweet six weeks! Additionally, God blessed us as Sharon and Sherry Greene also placed membership today from Washington DC!

Melissa, Sharon and Sherry place membership with
the mighty Boston Church!

Truly today was a celebration, as we had a “graduation ceremony” for our song leaders! Sal DiFusco taught a seven week Songleaders Class for the disciples at the prestigious Berklee College of Music, where he serves as a Professor! Today at service “Professor Sal” presented those who completed the course and passed the final with a certificate of accomplishment!

“Professor Sal” encourages the Boston Church
with the Songleaders Class Graduation!

Last but not least, I was very encouraged as both my parents who are visiting from Idaho were at church today! After hearing today’s message, my Dad had tears in his eyes and my Mom is now open to begin reading the Bible on the phone with Sheila Karonis! The Spirit is working! Please keep us in your prayers!

Lola Lof: Greetings from Kinshasa in the Democratic Republic of Congo – the country where people experience God’s miracles daily! As we announced before June 30th is our country’s 53rd National Anniversary; sadly there was no official party because of multitudes of Congolese citizens who are dying in the Eastern part of our nation so we ought to sympathize with them.

Despite all, we were happy to gather 370 people in our Sunday service with an electric atmosphere as Micky preached an amazing sermon entitled Love One Another! Of special note, the miracle of transformation happened in the life of two guys who stirred the waters of baptism: Nathan and Mathy! Also, transformation occurred at the restoration of our dear friend Papy Tondele, who decided to return “home” and be reconciled with the Heavenly Father. Welcome home, Papy!

Ron Harding of Washington DC: Greetings from America’s Capital! Though I was in Orlando to encourage the church, Bill Hamilton stepped in and stepped up to lead a powerful service! Included in that service was one of those “once-in-a-lifetime miracles” of God. Earlier in the year, the Paris Church graciously sent home one of their young Christians – Deanna Thomas. As the nearly 50 disciples greeted her at the airport, we reached out to her mother – Chloe – and her brother Justin. Justin in just a couple of weeks studied the Bible and was baptized! Chloe kept coming periodically and eventually right after our International Dayreally began to engage and study the Bible. Today, the conversion of this entire family was completed as Chloe became your sister in Christ! Mother, daughter and brother are now united in Christ!

Deanna and Justin have their many prayers answered
when they baptize their Mom – Chloe!

Also, I was so proud of the DC disciples after having 19 disciples be sent out (who are now generously donating $1,200/week in Denver) still gave an incredible $6,538 in contribution today! These so dear brothers and sisters never ceased to amaze me with their faith, zeal and commitment to the mission of “evangelizing the nations in our generation!” We cannot wait to see all of you in three weeks at the GLC!

Mike Underhill: Greetings from San Francisco! The church was so excited this past Thursday to see two fired-up disciples start dating! Aaron Viscichini asked Sharmayne Villarino to be his girlfriend after singing a song to her while she was on a balcony during the Fourth of July fireworks! Also, God has blessed us with an incredible sister from our former fellowship in Colorado staying with us in the Bay Area for an “eBay Internship” – Kelsey Campbell! She was an Olympian in Wrestling representing America last year in London! Kelsey has already become a great friend to so many here and it’s exciting to have her with us!

Michael Williamson encourages our sister Kelsey
at the London Olympics!

Michael Williamson of London: In the last two weeks, God has blessed us with four incredible baptisms! Two Sundays ago, our second married couple in a month, Ayo and his lovely wife Fran were both baptized immediately after the service! Ayo is a professional driver on the “London Underground” train system, and Fran is a registered nurse with an incredible heart for those suffering mental illness. Of note, Fran’s mother drove from Birmingham (over 100 miles) to see her daughter’s baptism!

Ayo & Fran – in love with God and each other!

Later that evening we hosted our Open Mic Night renamed, Talent Showcase, organized by our own AMS brother George Grima! Thanks to the hard work of George, we are now meeting in an incredible new venue walking distance from the BBC! In fact, the BBC shoots many music videos at this location. We are definitely excited as we believe fruit will soon be born from this phenomenal ministry!

James Morgan performs at the Talent Showcase!

On Wednesday night, we saw another great addition immediately after finishing the First Principles Study on Miraculous Gifts. Our new brother Robert (Rob) had to make radical changes, as his anger towards God – as a result of his past abuse – drove him to the occult where he became a Satanist. Thankfully after studying the Bible and seeing that true power is only found in a relationship with God, Rob allowed God’s Spirit to break off these evil strongholds. It’s astonishing to see how radical a transformation Rob has undergone, as he is now so incredibly loving, humble and committed! He also understands the Spirit may call him to go back to his homeland (Ireland) on a mission team! Please pray for his wife Lillian as she is studying as well.

This last weekend, “Murray Mania” was in the air at Andy’s thrilling win over the world number one Novac Djokovich in straight sets! The “Daily Mail” Newspaper described it as, “The sound of his name, chanted by 16,000 voices and more outside the arena, filled the heavy air! History was his to make or break. Murray was no longer dealing with 77 years of hope, but one crystalized moment of overwhelming expectation! Not just theirs but his!”

The church capitalized on the carnival of emotion and Rio-like weather by hosting our own International Sunday! With over 24 countries represented, the Spirit spoke through Blaise Feumba in his sermon entitled, Our Hope In Christ. Immediately after service, we had a wedding banquet style feast with Jalefrezzi Rice, Mexican Enchiladas, Jamaican Plantain’s, Italian Pizzas, Strawberries and Cream, Mocha Chocolate Cake and good ol’ “Amerrrican” BBQ!

London’s International Sunday!

We capped the day off with the baptism of a second year theater student Suzanne. It was powerful to see Suzanne’s hard-line stance on the Scriptures despite the fact that her father (who was in attendance with his young apprentice) is a preacher in another congregation! Afterward the church enjoyed playing football, basketball and other games while listening to music and “enjoying the favor of all the people!”

The compassion of the London Sisters strengthens
Suzanne’s resolve to become a sold-out disciple!

Andrew Smellie of New York City: “Their descendants will be known among the nations and their offspring among the peoples. All who see them will acknowledge that they are a people the Lord has blessed.” (Isaiah 61:9) Greetings from the “city that never sleeps!” We truly feel “blessed” by the Lord over these past couple of weeks as we have celebrated several miracles! On June 30th, we had the privilege to witness Dania Gonzalez (the mother of Maria Hart from our sister congregation in London) place membership from the Miami ICOC! She shared powerfully about the love of the Kingdom and her desire “to hold to the truth” by joining God’s new movement!

The mother of Maria Hart in London joins
God’s new movement in New York City!

At the end of that service, we witnessed another powerful miracle as a former atheist and campus student, Johnny Tavera, was joyfully baptized into Christ!

After being an atheist, Johnny counts the cost to
follow Jesus and pays the price to be baptized!

After our Leader’s Meeting, we celebrated the 49th birthday of Kenneth Chin (one of our Congregational Shepherds) at a Japanese sushi restaurant – only for flowers to be delivered at the party by Kwaku Sarkodie (our Campus Ministry Intern), who eloquently asked Maria Garcia (our Latin Women’s Ministry Leader) to join him on his “spiritual journey” to be his girlfriend! She joyfully said, “Yes!” This is a miracle that was heard around the Kingdom!

The following Monday morning, 16 members of the NYC Church were fired-up to arrive at the JFK Airport at 5:30AM to welcome Chris & Theresa Broom and their children Austin and Maria on their visit to New York City! Chris & Theresa are dear friends, as Patrique & I have known them for well over a decade! It was remarkable to see Austin and Maria as well, as we remember that they were the approximate ages of our own children (Naomi – 2.5 years & Isaiah – 6 months) when we first met them! As the Brooms walked down the long hallway of the JFK Arrival Terminal, Mike O’Donnell & I masqueraded as the “advance” welcome team as the other 14 disciples sneaked up behind them and surprised them with some NYC hospitality! They were blown away!

On Wednesday, Chris preached powerfully to a crowded Congregational Devotional and Austin Broom sang like a seasoned songleader! At the end of the devotional, a “mock” skit was performed to supposedly encourage the Brooms, only for Viral Seth (one of our Campus Bible Talk Leaders) to ask Ashley Corgelas to be his girlfriend! Love is in the air!

NYC’s newest dating couples – Viral & Ashley
and Kwaku & Maria!

After an enjoyable Fourth of July breakfast at IHOP with the House Church Leaders, Chris gave another message from the Book of Numbers that inspired us to lead by faith in order to save our own souls! Our week with the Brooms ended on Friday as Chris, Mike, Austin and I celebrated a comeback victory at a Yankees game that put an exclamation point on a “blessed” week! What a refreshing time of miracles and blessings from the Lord!

This past week, Chris Broom powerfully preached
the Word in NYC and Chicago!

Maria Franklin of Chicago: “‘As for me, this is my covenant with them,’ says the Lord. ‘My Spirit, who is on you, will not depart from you, and my words that I have put in your mouth will always be on your lips, on the lips of your children and on the lips of their descendants – from this time on and forever,’ says the Lord.”(Isaiah 59:21) What an incredible past two weeks in the Chicago Church! Last week on Sunday, we held House Church Services with a picnic afterward! It was such a great time of fun and fellowship!

Following the service and meal, the phenomenal day concluded with two heart-felt baptisms! First, Bulmaro was baptized! Bulmaro, also known as “Bull,” is the son of our sister Maria in the Latin Ministry! God fervently sought after him, as his mom became a disciple last September. Then Maria De Barras “coincidentally” shared with him at another time, and finally, he worked with our brother Mario! When he first came to church, Bull realized both his mother Maria and Maria, the sister who shared with him, were serving together in Kids Kingdom! Immediately before Bull was baptized, he shared with tears his gratitude for God, the Kingdom and his mother for all the labor in bringing him to the waters of salvation!

After Bulmaro, Amber was baptized! Amber is the grand-daughter of our sister Eileen Martinez! Interestingly, Amber grew up in our former fellowship yet was never baptized. It warmed our hearts as she tearfully read a poem she had written to God, just moments before she was baptized! On a special note, while tagging for the GLC, God encouraged us all, especially Eileen Martinez as a generous donor handed her $479 in cash!

Today, we celebrated the Chicago International Christian Church’s Seventh Anniversary! Our hearts were lifted with the presence of our father and mother in the faith – Chris & Theresa Broom! As Chris spoke, we took a stroll down memory lane. Tears were shed as many of God’s past miracles in Chicago were recounted. Chris challenged our faith by calling us to believe that Nothing Is Impossible For God! He specifically called each of us to take on “the hour prayer challenge” thus leading us to rely on God to see so many more miracles!

Chris & Theresa Broom and Jay & Barb Shelbrack
celebrate Chicago’s Seventh Anniversary!

So encouraging to all, we had a video presentation of our last seven years where the leaders who at one time were serving here in Chicago (but now are scattered throughout the States) shared fond memories! Following, we had a dance performance, a musical interpretation, and to conclude the uplifting service, Irma was baptized into the Latin Ministry! Irma is the mother of our sister Vanessa from the newly established Central Region Campus Ministry! The good news does not end there however. At the end of Leaders Meeting, the Latinos headed to the waters of Lake Michigan to baptize Eric! Eric is the husband of our dear sister Nelly! How faith-building it is to see families being brought together by Jesus’ blood! And to God be all the glory!

Vanessa shares as her mom Irma is
about to get baptized!

Anthony Olmos of Paris: “From one man he made all the nations, that they should inhabit the whole earth; and He marked out their appointed times in history and the boundaries of their lands. God did this so that they would seek Him and perhaps reach out for Him and find Him, though He is not far from any one of us.” (Acts 17:26-27) Last week was kicked-off with a bang as we saw Bernard baptized into Christ!

Interestingly, Bernard was introduced to our Campus Ministry by our “dear friend” Kevin, who is an atheist! Kevin has been so moved by the love of the Paris disciples that he told his friend Bernard that he had to meet us! After five days of studies, as well as much prayer and fasting, Bernard made Jesus Lord! Bernard, a French national, is an English major at the prestigious Sorbonne University – a true Aaron in the making! Bernard and our newest Intern Omarr traveled this week to visit the great London Church! 

In the City of Lights, Bernard’s baptism
shines even brighter!

Mike Patterson: God’s Kingdom is forcefully advancing in Orlando! Last week, we had three additions! Tommy Smith placed membership from our former fellowship in Nashville, Tennessee. Tommy has been seeking revival and found it in God’s new movement! Amazingly, after Tommy decided to “give-up everything” and move, God gave him a job immediately!

Also, another UCF student Megan was baptized, who is top ranked in track and field! Immediately after her baptism, the Spirit has blown her to Denver where she will join our new church adding another awesome disciple to the Denver Mission Team!

Megan, a track star at UCF, is already impacting
many for Christ!

Last week as well, God also warmed the heart of our congregation as He continues to fulfill Malachi 4:5-6, “See, I will send the prophet Elijah to you before that great and dreadful day of the Lord comes. He will turn the hearts of the parents to their children, and the hearts of the children to their parents; or else I will come and strike the land with total destruction.” Excitingly last Sunday, David – the son of Ted & Cathy Green, our new Shepherding Couple for the Orlando Church – has “returned home” as David was restored to God and His church! Then today, their other son Joe Green placed membership as well!

Joe Green is welcomed by Matt Sullivan into
the Orlando Church Family!

Especially awe-inspiring this weekend was the visit of Ron Harding (Lead Evangelist of the Washington DC Church) who discipled our church on our finances! The weekend started out Friday evening as Ron taught the Bible Talk Leaders on Biblical Principles On Money helping us learn how to talk openly and honestly with our congregation on sacrificial giving. The momentum carried on Saturday night as the congregation gathered to hear Ron preach The Truth About God And Money. He helped us see that money is just another area of our life that must be in the light like any other aspect of our Christianity.

Finally, Ron brought us to the cross at Sunday church as he preached a moving sermon entitled, Unlimited Grace. When we understand how much God has forgiven us, we can’t help but give our whole heart to God and His people! We can’t wait to see everyone at the GLC! 

Debs Rajan of Chennai: Greetings from the “Land of the Multitudes” – 1.2 billion lost souls! Sometimes when we go through pain we cannot fully comprehend why at the moment. During these times, I believe that God is always trying to point us to something. “And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love Him, who have been called according to His purpose!” (Romans 8:28)

Sharon was praying to God to show her the right partner in life. At that time, Raja was admitted in the hospital, and so he was sharing about the Bible to another therapist and Sharon was listening to it! The next day, Sharon was treating Raja and she opened up about her life to him. She wanted a “God fearing man” to marry and so Raja challenged her to become a “God fearing woman!” Since then she has gone through many hurdles to stand up for the truth and was baptized! Sharon came to know the truth ONLY because God allowed Raja to be in great pain so that he had to be admitted to “her” hospital!

While in excruciating pain in the hospital, Raja shares
with Sharon the joy found only in Christ and
she is baptized!

This Sunday was amazing as the whole church was encouraged to see my husband back who preached a powerful message titled, Black Or White? The Chennai Church and Raja & I want to thank the disciples around the world for their powerful prayers for Raja to be healed! We had the best attendance for a non-push Sunday – 116! This past week, we had three souls added – Pradeep, Chidambaram and Peter!

Chidambaram, Peter and Pradeep proudly wear
their new MERCY shirts!

Seeing Peter’s radical change, his brother Bhaskar came to church and experienced the power of God’s Word to transform a life! He was baptized this Sunday! At least for the moment, God’s Spirit working through our tearful prayers has dethroned Satan and kicked him out of Chennai! To God be all power and glory!

After seeing the radical change in his brother
Peter, Bhaskar seeks God
and is baptized!

Dear Brothers and Sisters: Let’s continue to register for the GLC, as we pray for our Lord to give us a great summer harvest of souls! Please pray especially for Tyler & Shay Sears (the DFW Mission Team Leaders), Tim Power and Eileen Mengis (the DFW Remnant Group Leaders), and Elena & me as we will be “spying out” the USA’s fourth largest metropolis of Dallas – Ft. Worth later this week! Then, on Sunday, July 14th will be the first meeting of the DFW Remnant Group! By the end of July, 12 sold-out disciples from our family of churches will have moved to Texas for the Spirit to initiate this effort!

Also, on Sunday, Elena & I will be in Portland, Oregon participating in theIGNITE Worship Service! We are so looking forward to Sunday, July 14th with the incredible Portland Church, as July 11th marks the 10th Anniversary of our coming to Portland! One just has to wonder what will God do in the next 10 years? And to our Father in Heaven be all the glory, honor and praise! Amen!
Much love,