July 21st 2013

Dear All,
Greetings from Los Angeles! Saturday was the concluding session for the first six months of the International College of Christian Ministries! During this time, the ICCM students have not only read the entire Bible, but they have diligently memorized detailed facts, key dates and the general content of all 66 Books of the Bible! The two highest averages from the exams are Nikki Williams (96.25%) and Joel Parlour (93.25%)! Congratulations to them and to all 40 of our students who have completed this very rigorous Bible Survey Session!

For the Bible Survey Sessions, the Valedictorian of
the ICCM is Nikki and the Salutatorian is Joel! 

The ICCM Students complete the sixth exam
of the Bible Survey Series!

On Sunday, Elena & I were privileged to worship with the Antelope Valley Sector, and as Lou Jack & Cathi Martinez would say, “It was another BAD DAY for the Devil!” On behalf of the City of Angels Church, we welcomed from Honolulu to LA our new AV Sector Leaders – Jake & Jen Ramsier, as well as three incredible “unpaid interns” – RJ Castro, Zack Shields and Shauna Edwards! Jake blew out his sermon, and RJ and Zack “almost” made the AV Sector stop missing Lou Jack’s incredible song-leading! Both Jen and Shauna reminded everyone of Cathi’s gracious and charming ways! To close the service, God blessed the AV with an awesome restoration and a glorious baptism!

The “Honolulu Five” – RJ, Shauna with the Ramsier’s
daughter Kaia, Jake, Jen and Zack!

This week the Spirit gave the City of Angels Church an amazing summer harvest of 18 additions – 11 baptisms, 1 restorations and 6 place memberships! To God be all the glory!

And now more detailed reports from LA…

Jake Ramsier of the AV Sector of the Central Region: Greetings from the High Desert! Our first Sunday service in the Antelope Valley was incredible with an attendance of 110, a loving welcome from the AV Church Family for the Honolulu Team, the restoration of Daryle, and the baptism of the Antelope Valley College student Bernard! A special thank you to Kip & Elena for driving up to be with us and introduce us to the church!

I was so encouraged by the entire service but of course the best moments were witnessing the two precious souls saved – Daryle and Bernard! Daryle served the Lord for years as a disciple in the AV ICOC, but when he went through a difficult time financially and fell into sin, he stopped attending church. Sadly, when he reached out to the church leaders a few months later hoping for restoration, no one responded. But Daryle’s heart for God was still alive when the Spirit blew Clay into his life to bring Daryle back home! Daryle inspired us all at service promising, “I’m with you 100%!”

Big Ed and Clay restore their dear
brother Daryle to the Lord!

I was especially excited about the baptism of Bernard, because he represents the first of many souls to be won this year at Antelope Valley College! Bernard’s joy was obvious as he told us all, “I could barely sleep last night! I’m so excited!” Already having an impact on his friends and family, Bernard is ready to get to work for his new Lord! A final special thank you to Lou Jack & Cathi Martinez for all their hard work in planting a strong “foundation of sold-out disciples” here in the AV! It’s a joy and privilege to be able to “water” such a dedicated team of disciples!

After an anxious night before his baptism, now
Bernard is at peace because “God grants
sleep to those He loves!”

Jason Woody: “Swarms of living creatures will live wherever the river flows. There will be large numbers of fish, because this water flows there and makes the salt water fresh; so where the river flows everything will live.” (Ezekiel 47:8-9) The River of God is the very Spirit of God and this divine river is truly flowing here in the Inland Empire! Today was amazing as we had a “blow away service” with a“large number of fish” as we had a packed house filled with excitement and many tears! The lesson centered on The River Of God from Ezekiel 47. Many shared afterward how they now realize that they have been only “ankle deep, knee deep, or waist deep” in their commitment, but now they are ready to go into the river “over their heads and not touching bottom” thus becoming totally surrendered to God – “ALL IN!”

The River of God flowed through our new brother Mark as he made Jesus Lord! Mark is a student at RCC and he was on his way to the US Army. After realizing that God had a greater purpose for him, he decided to give that up and join God’s army! We also started a new Bible Talk in the “IE” and are looking to expand our efforts even more knowing that“where the river flows everything will live!”

Jason, Mark and Garrett proclaim,
“You will be next!”

Capil Marhatta of the South Region: Greetings from the Mighty South Tribe! What a glorious week this has been – two weddings in one week! On Friday July 19th, our dear brother Tim “The Bear” Kernan, married Andrew & Mika Johnson, an amazing couple who Tim had met through Junior at his son’s Jiu-Jitsu Academy! (Incidentally, one of the Johnson’s sons is the Gold Medalist of California in Jiu-Jitsu for his and Junior’s age division!)

As Andrew & Mika studied and drew closer to baptism, they sought to honor God by becoming officially married! Then on Saturday, we had another wedding as this same couple entered the waters and were married to Christ through baptism!

On Saturday in the Underhills’ backyard, Tim baptizes
Andrew who in turn baptizes his “new” wife Mika!

The Kernans and the Johnsons are now
one big happy family!

Also, the South Region “MONSTERED” tagging this week for the GLC and registered four more disciples! Please continue to pray for our tagging efforts as we don’t want leave a single disciple in the region unregistered! “No disciple left behind!” Jesus is Lord!



God’s sovereignty was on display as Verena – who will
return to Paris – was baptized on the day that
Heidi and the Kernans of the Paris Mission
Team were visiting the AMS!

Kyle Bartholomew: Greetings from the Central Region! The Campus Ministry at ELAC has struck again with another late night baptism! On Monday night, Pedro made Jesus Lord of his life! Please continue to pray for our efforts as many more are studying and close to being baptized!

Chris Broom: “Give thanks to the Lord for He is good; His love endures forever!” (Psalm 107:1) There is so much to be thankful for in the Orange County Region! Service today was “standing room only” as we had 174 at the English Service alone, not to mention another 75 at the Spanish Service! We were incredibly inspired as our five teens and three interns who went to the IGNITE Teen Leadership Retreat all shared what they learned and loved about their time there. Again, we would like to thank Ricky & Coleen Challinor and the entire Portland Church for hosting this year’s event! Our disciples came back “ON FIRE” and had almost 30 at the Orange County Teen Devotional last Friday night!

Austin Broom dynamically leading the
singing at IGNITE!

Another highlight of the service was hearing Joel Parlour preach his last sermon to the OC Region before leaving for Syracuse to lead the church there with his wonderful wife Courtney! Joel gave an amazing lesson full of zeal, deep insights from the Scriptures, personal stories that made the points clear, and a faith-filled vision of what we can all become if we will but give our whole heart to God and to each other! Joel & Courtney both shared powerfully and vulnerably about their love for the Orange County Disciples! Many tears were shed at the service and later at the OC Staff Meeting as we shared our gratitude with Joel & Courtney on a more personal level.

Joel & Courtney are looking ahead to their future
in the Northeastern USA in Syracuse!

Finally, another zealous college student from FJC named Jenny was baptized at the Women’s Night Out! See you in two weeks!

Jenny’s baptism was the highlight of
Women’s Night Out!

Victor Gonzalez: Greetings from the Mighty East Region! This week has truly been something special! On Wednesday, we saw Avery, a teenager, get baptized into Christ! This now puts us on four high school campuses in the East Region!

Also this week, David Green placed membership! I still remember when David moved to Portland when he was just a teenager, seeking revival as the ICOC had drifted from the truth by adopting Mainline Church of Christ theology. His dad and mom (Ted & Kathy) have been faithful disciples for many years and David was just recently restored by Matt Sullivan in the incredible Orlando International Christian Church! 

The sermon was given by one of our “unpaid interns” – Gabe Reed. The title of his sermon was the same as the title of this year’s Global Leadership Conference: Prophets and Kings: They Longed To See What “We” See! It was one of the finest sermons I’ve ever heard about the Kingdom of God! We learned that so many prophets and kings gave up so much and went through many trials because they were looking forward to what we have: The Kingdom of God! It helped us realized how precious the Kingdom is, and by the way he navigated through the Old Testament, I can tell that he and the rest of the interns are benefiting from the ICCM!

For Leader’s Meeting, we all went over our plans to get everyone to the GLC! So far 32% of the region is registered! To close out our night, we had a send-off celebration for Jonny Lovo, as he will be a part of the Santa Barbara Mission Team!

Victor & Sonia have baptized and raised up many
new leaders especially of Latin descent!

Luke Speckman: “The Word of the Lord spread through the whole region.” (Acts 13:49) Greetings from Ventura! What an honor and privilege it is to be a part of the rapid numerical growth and geographic expansion of God’s Word in metropolitan Los Angeles! One year ago this week, we moved to Ventura from the Phoenix Church. At the time, the Ventura Region was meeting in Thousand Oaks, about 40 miles outside of Downtown Los Angeles and numbered 17 disciples. We now currently meet in the City of Ventura about 25 miles further out and have the new Santa Barbara Sector as a part of our region – boldly led by Richie & Elizabeth McDonnell, which meets about 106 miles outside of Los Angeles! Over the past year, God has graciously multiplied the disciples and we currently number 46 in the Ventura Region!

On Friday, Richie and I drove up to Pismo Beach to do a Bible study with Eric, a remnant disciple who wants to join the Santa Barbara Sector! Pismo Beach is about 180 miles outside of Los Angeles! Truly the beacon of light cast by the LA Church shines brightly all over Southern California and even up the Central Coast! We had a great Bible study and an incredible prayer overlooking the Pacific Ocean. During our prayer, a pod of whales slowly swam by about 100 yards off shore! They repeatedly spouted as they swam by and one whale “waved” to us as he lifted his entire fin out of the water! It was an amazing, memorable moment!

While living in Pismo Beach, Eric (left) travels great
lengths for his relationship with God!

And best of all, we closed out the week with the baptism of Thomas, a single brother! Please pray for the Word of God to continue to spread throughout Ventura County, Santa Barbara County, and even into San Luis Obispo County!

Richie & Elizabeth McDonnell have partnered with
Luke & Brandyn Speckman to evangelize Ventura,
Santa Barbara and San Luis Obispo Counties!

Tyler Sears: “And you, my child, will be called a prophet of the Most High; for you will go on before the Lord to prepare the way for Him, to give His people the knowledge of salvation through the forgiveness of their sins.” (Luke 1:76-77) Greetings from the West Region! We have been continuing our campaign, How The “West Region” Was Won which is based off the 1962 film, How The West Was Won!

Today’s theme was Unforgiven and it was such a joy celebrating the forgiveness of our sins through Jesus Christ! We had a Park Service with food, fun and fellowship that didn’t end until almost 4:00PM! Also, the Lord blessed us with two baptisms – James and Astari! No longer do they hold the title of “Unforgiven” but they are now celebrating that their sins having been washed away! They are both amazing Single Professionals and have changed radically as they’ve put the Word of God into practice.

The West Women’s Singles Ministry welcomes Astari
(third from the right) into God’s Family!

Shay & I feel so blessed to have Rob & Burgandie Onekea leading our Singles Ministry as they’ve been incredibly fruitful in the last several months. Their faith, perseverance and hard work are an example in the West Region for all to imitate! Keep praying for “the West to be won” as we continue to give people “the knowledge of salvation through the forgiveness of their sins” which of course, miraculously occurs in the saving waters of baptism!

Rob (right) and Gabe – who invited James to church –
make James into a disciple of Jesus Christ!

And now more refreshing reports from around the world…

NEWS FLASH – Jason Dimitry of Las Vegas: “Fight for your brothers, your sons and your daughters, your wives and your homes!” (Nehemiah 4:14) Good news from “Sin City” where like all of you we’re fighting hard for our families and there’s nothing sweeter than when we are able to save one of them! Over the last couple of weeks, we had the privilege of studying the Bible with Mark, who is the father of our amazing City of Angels Church AMS Intern – Princeton George! Helping to unite this father and son in Christ has been one of the greatest moments of my Christian life! I can’t wait to see how God is going to use this “father son combo” to forcefully advance God’s eternal Kingdom!

Mark is baptized by his awesome son Princeton
and the incredible Las Vegas Brothers!

Praise God, since landing in Las Vegas in late April, the Lord has blessed our mission team of 16 disciples with 14 additions – 11 baptisms and 3 restorations!

NEWS FLASH – Jeremiah Clark: “The people walking in darkness have seen a great light; on those living in the land of deep darkness a light has dawned!” (Isaiah 9:2) Greetings from the Mighty Denver Church – the light of the Rocky Mountains! It has been such a powerful week here in the Denver Church as God has moved in incredible ways! Sunday was very powerful from start to finish as God blessed us with 50 in attendance yet again! Encouragingly, Cornell & Tia Buckner, the final two members of the Denver Mission Team, were able to be here from San Francisco to worship with the church!

A few months ago, I traveled to Nashville, Tennessee alongside one of the mighty campus brothers on the Denver Mission Team – Richard Enyi. We were able to spend several days with the Sanicola Family on that trip. We laughed together, cried together and dreamed together as we in faith put together a plan to include the Sanicola Family on the Denver Mission Team! This plan is now fulfilled, as Mike & Dena are back in the fulltime ministry!

On that trip, Mike & Dena’s sons Michael and Giovanni began studying the Bible and stepped out in faith on the amazing journey God had in store for both of them! It was so incredible today to see both of these amazing young men baptized by their parents and added to the Kingdom of God! However, the story does not end there! While playing basketball two weeks ago, the Sanicola Brothers and the Campus Brothers reached out to a young dynamic man by the name of Reggie. Amazingly today Reggie made Jesus his Lord in the waters of baptism and was added to the family of God marking our fourth addition in only 3 ½ weeks of being in Denver! We want to thank you for all of your prayers as the Denver International Christian Church continues to light up this dark city for the Lord!

As Christian parents, Mike & Dena’s many prayers for
their sons Michael & Giovanni are answered
resoundingly by God on the same day!

NEWS FLASH – Ricky Challinor of Portland: Greetings from the City of Bridges! God has been blessing us in truly miraculous ways! Today was a blow away service as the Spirit preached a message entitled, The Lord WILL Provide! We learned from our text in Genesis 22 that God blessed Abraham only when he was willing to sacrifice Isaac. Today disciples must be willing to do the same, for God expects each disciple to sacrifice and prioritize our relationship with Him, and then and only then, will God bless us!

This morning, we were able to witness two amazing women receive the ultimate gift of the Lord – salvation! Marisol is an incredible single Latina woman who has four children! It was phenomenal to see her faith grow through the studies and finally be baptized!

The second woman was my very own mother – Gidget Challinor!!!! I have been a disciple for almost seven years and almost every day I have been earnestly praying for my family to all become true Christians! My mom grew up having a faith in God and has been living a religious life but it wasn’t until she studied the Bible did she realize that her faith was incomplete. She has been to multiple Women’s Days and services, but it was not until our Women’s Day on June 1st did she truly understand what she was missing – discipleship and accountability!

In time, Mom gave up her position serving Children’s Ministry at her old church and then shared with many there why she was leaving – she wanted her heart to be shepherded! It has been such a joy to watch her give her heart to the Portland Church and build spiritual friendships that she prayed and longed for.

My whole immediate family was present at her baptism and she shared boldly about her lack of true understanding of the Scriptures and baptism. It brought tears to my eyes seeing this impossible prayer answered! I truly believe her salvation including many others is why Coleen & I were sent by the Spirit to Portland! I’m so excited to see what God will continue to do in her life and how our relationship will change to a “partnership in the gospel” to rescue the rest of our family! We will see you very soon at the GLC!!!!

Rallying around Gidget after her baptism is the entire
“Challinor Clan” – Grandma Pat, daughter Sam,
Ricky and her husband Rick!

NEWS FLASH – Ron Harding of Washington DC: Greetings from the Capital of the United States of America! Today was a day filled with laughter, hope and great joy as we celebrated the family that God has created here in DC! To kick-off our service, a very well-known remnant disciple on Facebook – Hitesh Garach – was restored to the Lord and our incredible fellowship!

Hitesh receives encouraging instruction
during his restoration!

Then we joyfully sent out six of our most serving and mature disciples to the great state of Texas! Pedro & Debra Ramirez with their five children, Wayne & Lynne Ouelette with their three children, and Bernard Sewell! At our Bible Talk Leaders/Going Away Party everyone was moved to tears during the sharing! As one brother who’s been a disciple for 34 years said, “You know you are in the right place when you hear sharing like this!”

The Texas Round-up of the DC Disciples!

Then to top it all off, my wife Tracy’s sharing just brought the house down as she cried for her hometown which she has prayed for since the beginning of the new movement! We all know that we make our plans, but the Lord determines our steps! (Proverbs 16:9) Nowhere in the movement’s plans was a mission team to be sent out to any metropolitan areas in Texas other than Dallas-Ft. Worth!

But our brother Wayne – who won the “Top Scientist of the Year” for the United States Navy – could not get his job moved to Dallas as we all “planned.” However, since Wayne has been a strong disciple for over 20 years, this led us to support them in starting a remnant group in Houston!

Wayne & Lynne are the new leaders for the
Houston Remnant Group!

As unbelievable as it sounds, Tracy & I had already planned to drive to the GLC and visit her family there in Houston this next weekend! Given how close it is to our hearts, Tracy & I are so excited to announce that next Sunday July 28, 2013 will be the first Sunday Service of the Houston International Christian Church! I couldn’t think of a better way to spend three days of vacation than to stop off, see our family, and then start a new congregation of sold-out disciples! See you all at the GLC!

Lou Jack Martinez of Honolulu: Greetings from the brothers and sisters on the Hawaiian Island of Oahu!!! HE LA MAIKA’I ‘OLE NO KAKANA!!! (Translation: IT’S A BAD DAY FOR THE DEVIL IN HONOLULU!!!) God continues to add to His Kingdom as JIM LAM, a Chinese-American businessman from Oakland, California was baptized into Christ!!! Jim was brought to church by his daughter, Sarah, who was reached out to by RJ Castro and Keiko Uchida!

The Lams were on their vacation, so Jim came to church with Sarah and decided to study the Bible with Jeremy Beck! Jim got so convicted during the Discipleship Study by the equation Disciple=Christian=Saved that he decided to extend his vacation another week so he could finish his studies and get baptized! And that’s EXACTLY what he did!!! This past Tuesday, in “Ethiopian eunuch style,” Jim Lam was baptized into Christ!!!

After extending his vacation to become a disciple,
Jim receives a “Hawaiian hug” from his
beloved daughter, Sarah!

This coming Tuesday, he goes back to the Bay Area to be part of the San Francisco ICC!!! The brothers and sisters there have already called him and are planning a warm “Kingdom greeting” at the airport!!! In addition JAKE SILVA was restored to the LORD, and the “Honolulu Taggers” raised OVER $1,000 yesterday for the GLC!!! The MIRACLES are continuing to happen here in God’s Modern Day Garden of Eden!!!

John Malnegro of Manila: Nothing compares to the joy of being with like-minded disciples, whose ultimate purpose in life is to make Jesus’ dream of evangelizing a generation become reality as it did in the first century! (Colossians 1:23) For our Sunday sermon, Kuya Ronnie did an amazing job preaching the Word on Hope Beyond Suffering!

Kuya Ronnie inspires the Metro Manila Church
with his in depth preaching!

After our worship today, we enjoyed homemade food served by the Panlilios – the Filipinos all-time favorite “Chicken Adobo!” Then follows in every corner EVERY DISCIPLE was in a Bible study with visitors including our youngest one Katy! Today, God gave the 19 disciples of the Manila Remnant Group an attendance of 37! Please pray as we’re super looking forward to restoring Sonny & Juliet this coming Sunday and then the next week Scarlet and Nina will (Lord willing) be baptized!

Alvin & Marilen Panlilio served the entire
Metro Manila Church a feast of
“Chicken Adobo!”

Curtis White: Greetings from the Awesome Orlando Church! “If you remain in me and my words remain in you, ask whatever you wish, and it will be done for you. This is to my Father’s glory, that you bear much fruit, showing yourselves to be my disciples.” (John 15:7-8) I am so humbled by God’s grace and mighty power! God is truly like a gardener pruning a vine, pruning us so that we can grow even stronger and better this “second time around!”

I came to Orlando five months ago with a heart filled with gratitude after spending a considerable amount of time in the desert. God and His church here allowed me to lead a Bible Talk. Now, mind you, I am 59 years old, and if I may boast in the Lord, I feel just as zealous for God as I was when I was baptized in San Francisco some 23 years ago! Needless to say, I was not given a team of “campus evangelists!” In fact, if you were playing “choose-up basketball,” absolutely none of us would have been picked! But inside every faithful and true disciple lies the heart of a lion!

I was blessed to have Paula Harpole as a co-leader, a true Kingdom “veteran” who has weathered through the tough times! Paula “rolled the dice” and bought a house in Downtown Orlando to serve as a “Kingdom Meeting Place!” People were spread out all over the outskirts of Orlando, and our objective, was to pull them in and build family. We instituted “Friday Night Dinner and Bible Talk” and we quickly came to know and love each other. We threw parties, singles events and game nights. We prayed, fasted and evangelized the neighborhood and everywhere we went. But what? No FRUIT??? Oh, we had visitors, but seemingly no one was open!

I couldn’t understand it! What was I doing wrong? So I went to one of my “heroes in the faith” – Matt Sullivan. I said, “Matt! No one has run up to me, fallen on their knees, and cried, ‘What must I do to be saved?’ as of yet! I am starting to get concerned.” Matt simply said, “Stay close to Jesus! God wants your Bible Talk to be fruitful more than you do!” So we decided, no matter what, we would continue to persevere, to love, to build family, and reach out. Well today, God blessed us with our first baptism! Maria Teresa (an amazing woman from Puerto Rico) was met by Lucy Vasquez (Theresa Broom’s mother) at their exercise class! Lord willing, two more souls will be saved over the next week or two! People are coming out of the woodwork! 

Peggie, Melina, Lucy (Theresa Broom’s mother) and
Paula rejoice in their long-awaited fruit – Maria!

As I looked around the room Friday night at the 18 people gathered in the living room as they introduced themselves and their place of birth, I heard Guyana, Surinam, Haiti, Puerto Rico, New Zealand, and Peru! (I am from NYC, and Paula is from Indiana… Go figure?) It brings tears to my eyes, to see that the Word of God is going out from Orlando, and being preached to all nations once again! I am so very blessed to be a part of this! All glory to God Almighty!!

Coltin Rohn: GOD is being glorified here in Boston! With myself being “Missing In Action” due to “Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease” we all can still praise His holy name! Starting at Women’s Midweek, Brittany Underhill (the courageous Women’s Ministry Leader of the San Francisco Bay ICC) was visiting and shared her heart for a powerful lesson before Fiorella (“Fio”) became our first addition to our “up and coming Latin Ministry!”

Brittany shares at communion while Roger, her proud
father and a Shepherd of the Boston
Church, listens intently!

Fiorella is a general doctor in Peru and is currently studying to make her degree compatible with USA standards! Thanks to Mercedes (our intern at Boston University) who met Fiorella and of course Lillian (our fulltime Spanish speaker) with the help of “the Melissas” (Melissa Jerez and Melissa Sullivan) for getting Fio into the waters of baptism! Then Friday night at devotional, Mahleek Grant preached amazingly before Jenelle was baptized in the sparkling blue waters of the Atlantic Ocean! Thanks to Cydnee Hines and Mandee for wrestling her into the waters! Jenelle is currently enrolled at Massachusetts Maritime Academy and is a reserve for the United States Coast Guard

Our newest Boston Sisters – Fio and Jenelle!

And of course today we had a worship service for our Lord! Encouragingly for me, I was healed enough to be there! We heard Mike Underhill preach the Word before Roodelin (“Woodland”) was baptized in the refreshing waters of salvation! Thanks to Frank Hines and Jibriel Graham who was influential in turning Roodelin’s heart towards God.

The Boston Brothers rejoice with Roodelin
in his new-found salvation!

Roodelin is from the long line of disciples starting with Shauna Edwards, who grew up in Cape Cod (just south of Boston) and was converted in Hawaii! She then reached out to Preston Inkly who reached out to Mike Belmore who reached out to Peter Markarian, who then spoke with Jackie (and also brought Jenelle), who then helped Roodelin get baptized today! And with that all glory goes to our awesome God!

Carlos Mejia: Greetings from Santiago! What an incredible week it has been for the church! There is no better reason to have a party, than to celebrate a Kingdom wedding! We are thrilled to announce that the union made between Jose Otero and his lovely bride Daniella, was officially sealed before the eyes of God yesterday, and the church jubilantly danced the night away in honor of God and of this awesome couple!

God brings Jose & Daniella together in the
holy estate of matrimony!

On Sunday, our hearts were healed as a precious daughter in the faith to so many has returned to her Lord – Inger! To God be the glory!

Andrew Smellie: Greetings from the saints in New York City! The Lord has once again added to our number as Audrey, a campus student at the City College of New York, was baptized into Christ today! Audrey is a sophomore pre-med major who is originally from Cameroon (West Africa), and was overjoyed to hear the news about the future planting of the Johannesburg (South Africa) Church!

Since Audrey is from Cameroon, God continues to
build many mission teams simultaneously
to evangelize Africa!

Lauren Marfo, a sister who studied the Bible with Patrique and was baptized six years ago during our tenure in Syracuse, also came to place membership today! Lauren is a graduate of Syracuse University and is now working as a teacher in New York City! Lauren’s heritage is originally from Ghana! As Patrique & my plans to gather a mission team for J’burg move forward, we are so encouraged that the Lord is preparing our hearts for Africa by bringing the African nationals to us!

Lauren promises to be a very hard working
sister for the Great NYC Church!

After a powerful service today, we held a bittersweet Good-bye Party and sharing for Fernanda Gomes, who has been a joy to our Long Island Ministry and the entire church since she placed membership back in February of this year from Sao Paolo, Brazil! While here for academic study, she quickly won the hearts of the disciples as a baby Christian with her incredible heart to serve and with her skill as a talented photographer! Our thanks go out to the mighty Sao Paulo Church who entrusted us with such an incredible sister! She will be sorely missed!

Special prayers are needed for Jake & Megan Studer, who are pregnant and planning to welcome Rylee Elizabeth Studer into the world this week! Also pray for several more souls who are on track to be added by next Sunday! To God be the glory!

Michael Williamson: Greetings from London! God is blessing us with the most spectacular weather! This past weekend, the UK experienced the warmest weather in seven years and is on pace to break a 200 year record for July! The heat has increased the joy in the city and brought out several new studies which makes it all the better! Additionally, it’s been hard to contain the excitement in the church as this year we have not 17, but 19 (and counting) headed to the GLC!

This Sunday Service was exemplary of the “international flavor” of London as we welcomed Ashley Robinson from Chicago, Rosalind Richardson from Curacao, and our lovely Simone McNichol’s back buzzing from the IGNITE Teen Camp in Portland, Oregon! A huge thank you to the Challinors and the teen workers for taking such great care of Simone and our future Kingdom leaders!

Simone shares enthusiastically about how
IGNITE changed her life!

I also shared with the church that this year for the European Missions Conference (EMC), London will host guest speakers Chris & Sonja Chloupek, Tim & Lianne Kernan, Carlos & Lucy Mejia, Andrew & Patrique Smellie, Joe & Kerry Willis, Susan & Jason Bond, alongside Kip & Elena McKean! We are so grateful to God for the incredible sacrifice of the movement’s top leaders and look forward to many more of you joining us! Truly our God Almighty Reigns!


Pray for Michele & I as we will be traveling this week to LA to be a part of our dear friends Cory Blackwell’s & Jeraldine Luque’s wedding this Sunday! Love you all! See you soon!

Early congratulations are due as on Sunday
July 28th, Cory & Jeraldine will become
Mr. & Mrs. Blackwell!

Aaron Viscichini of San Francisco: God blessed “the Bay” with an inspiring Sunday for disciples everywhere who long to see their moms brought into the Kingdom of God! We kicked off the morning with a sunrise baptism by the Golden Gate Bridge where our brother from Washington DC, James Haynes, baptized his mother – Christina!

What moved me most about the baptism was the Scripture that James shared for his mom, “‘Who are my mother and my brothers?’ Jesus asked. Then He looked at those seated in a circle around Him and said, ‘Here are my mother and my brothers! Whoever does God’s will is my brother and sister and mother.'” (Mark 3:33-35) James knew that his mother’s salvation was only possible because of his faith to be sold-out for Jesus and never put his physical family before God & God’s people! God rewarded that faith by transforming Christina – changing her from a “physical mother” into a “spiritual baby sister” – truly uniting mother & son for the rest of eternity!

With a profound warmth in her heart toward God,
Christina is ushered out of the cold SF Bay
waters by her new sisters and
her son – James!

After the baptism, my own physical mother (visiting the church in San Francisco for the very first time!) decided it was time for her to study the Bible, as well! God proved His providence once more as I then had the opportunity to preach my very first sermon since Mike & Brittany were visiting the Boston Church! The lesson was entitled Under His Wings, which was a continuation of our Judges/Ruth Series. The sermon brought my mom (and then me) to tears! Thank God for His incredible modern-day movement!

Maria Franklin of Chicago: What a faith-building week God has given us! Monday night our hearts were filled with joy as Maria Cortez was baptized! Maria is Victor Montano’s physical sister! Victor is an intern and leads our Central Region!

Victor is so fired-up that his sister Maria
became his sister in Christ!

Service today was electric! First, the three teens, Janette, Amana and Candice that attended the momentous IGNITE Camp shared powerfully about what inspired them the most! It is amazing to see how much all three of them have grown in the past 10 days through the impact thatIGNITE has had on them! A very special thank you to the Challinors and interns for directing such a life changing event!

Candice, Amana and Janette are “welcomed home”
from IGNITE by the Chicago Disciples!

Then, the church was encouraged to see two beloved disciples graduate from the Chemical Recovery Ministry – Tedros and Jocelyn! We are so grateful for Theo Jr. and Doris Kankunda’s leadership in this powerful ministry that “breaks down gates of bronze and cuts through bars of iron.” (Psalm 107:16) To close off a wonderful day, Elizabeth was baptized through the combined efforts of the Central Region and the UIC Campus Ministry! Elizabeth was reached out to by our brother, Umberto. She was heavily persecuted by her family, but stood firm through it all with dauntless courage, and we all witnessed her proclaim “Jesus is Lord” today! Keep us in your prayers as we diligently prepare for this year’s GLC! So excited to see all of you!

Debs Rajan of Chennai: Greetings from the “Land of Temples!” The state of Tamil Nadu, whose capital is Chennai, has around 33,000 temples! But our God, who lives in faithful disciples as His temple, has been powerfully working in the Chennai Church as He added three more souls this week!

The first was Malini! She is doing her Bachelor’s Degree in Software Application. After studying, Malini decided to walk by and with “the Truth,” and at her baptism her mom and younger sister were present!

Kalai and Pam rejoice with Malini as she firmly
believes that Jesus is “the way, the
truth and the life!”

Our second baptism was Sana! She was invited by Deborrah, a campus student. Sana used to run away (literally) from Deborrah every time they crossed paths! One day, Deborrah just shared her life on the spot and asked her to come for a Bible study.  Deborrah took Yassa and they went to her place and started studying the Bible with her! The Bible studies opened “the eyes of her heart” and she was baptized today!

Many of the people in Northeast India look very
similar to the Chinese; so too do our lovely
Indian Sisters Deborrah, Sana and Yassa!

Our third baptism was Vishnu! He came to Chennai to do his higher degree and to be with his older brother Vignesh, who is a disciple! Meeting the brothers and being in the brothers flat, Vishnu was impacted by the brothers’ love, life and God’s Word! When Vishnu and Vignesh called their parents to announce about Vishnu’s decision to get baptized, their parents were extremely upset and exclaimed, “We have lost both our sons!” However, Vignesh and Vishnu are clear about their next mission, “We are going to baptize our parents!” We now call them the“Sons of Thunder!” To God be the glory!

Our Indian “Sons of Thunder” –
Vignesh and Vishnu!

Dear Brothers and Sisters: The last prophecy in the Old Testament about the coming of the Kingdom was Malachi 4:6, “The hearts of the fathers [will turn] to their children, and the hearts of the children to their fathers!” This weekend, we saw this prophecy become reality as Ricky Challinor baptized his Mom (Gidget); James Haynes baptized his Mom (Christina); Princeton baptized his Father (Mark); Sarah saw her Father (Jim) baptized; and Michael & Dena baptized their sons (Michael and Giovanni)! Indeed “the Word of God is increasing [numerically] and spreading [geographically]” bringing hope for all our families to be reached for the Lord no matter which city or which country that they reside!

As for the 2013 Global Leadership Conference, presently we have 469 registered! We really need around 1,050 to financially break even! Let’s continue to pray and work for this goal, so that when we come together as leaders of God’s modern day movement and lay plans to send out more mission teams, then we will “know by faith” that even more dads, moms, grandpas, grandmas, sons, daughters, brothers, sisters, husbands and wives will come into the Kingdom and make our God their “very great reward!” (Genesis 15:1)

Register today as the 2013 GLC is less
than two weeks away!

So with the “GLC festivities” about to begin, as well as three LA weddings the week of the GLC – Cory & Jeraldine, Kyle & Sam, Javier & Jessica, there will not be another Good News Email until after the GLC on Sunday August 11, 2013! Thanks in a special way to Rebecca Rico who has become an incredible co-editor for the SoldOut Movement’s Good News Email!

Elena & I so respect Rebecca’s joyful disposition,
hard work ethic, and her zeal for excellence!

See you at the GLC and “grace to all who love our Lord Jesus Christ with an undying love!” (Ephesians 6:24)
Much love,