July 14th 2013

Dear All,
Greetings from Dallas Fort-Worth (DFW) and Portland! The three day DFW “spying out the land trip” with Tyler & Shay Sears (DFW Mission Team Leaders), Tim Power (DFW Remnant Group Leader) and Elena can be summed-up in one word: HOT – 109° F Wednesday, 109° F Thursday, and a lot cooler 106° F on Friday!

Tim Power and Tyler & Shay Sears – the “cool
leaders” of our “HOT” DFW efforts!

We arrived Wednesday a little after noon and following a devotional on Joshua 1, we prayed and “set our feet” claiming the Downtown of Dallas, the Uptown, the Katy Trail, and Southern Methodist University (SMU) for the Lord!

Tim and Tyler envision scores of baptisms at SMU’s
Campus of over 12,000 students!

Thursday, after traveling 25 miles from the heart of Dallas to the heart of Fort Worth, we claimed for the Lord the gorgeous Water Gardens of Fort Worth, the Fort Worth Stock Yards, and Texas Christian University (TCU)!

The spectacular Fort Worth Water Gardens!

All of us began to be transformed
into Texans at the Stock Yard!

While praying over TCU, a campus of 10,000, we met
Laurel an open student who shared with us that
TCU is indeed a “Disciples of Christ” (Restor-
ation Movement) Campus!

Next we headed to the midpoint between Fort Worth and Dallas and prayed over the beautiful University of Texas – Arlington and the majestic Cowboy Stadium!

UT – Arlington is a campus of over 33,000 lost souls!

Tyler prayed that one day the SoldOut Movement
Texas Disciples would fill the Dallas Cowboy’s
Stadium with a capacity of 80,000!

Following this we headed northeast to North Lake College, where Pedro Ramirez – a brother from the Washington DC Church – will be a professor and of course we claimed this campus for the Lord!

Our brother Pedro Ramirez will be a Professor
at North Lake College this Fall!

We continued to the suburbs just north of Downtown Dallas praying for many baptisms at the University of Texas – Dallas, as well as in the cities of Plano and Richardson!

We prayed and “set our feet” on the UT – Dallas
Campus of 14,000 students claiming
it for the Lord!

On Friday, Eileen Mengis (Women’s Leader for the DFW Remnant Group) and fellow ICCM Intern Deunte Ford joined us having driven in from LA in the middle of the night and then staying with our UCLA sister Anna Rather! All of us gathered at Perry’s for the famous $11.95 Pork Lunch Special! Then after the brothers had studied with Tony Rivero – a Dallas remnant brother who wants to join us, we headed to the West End’s Sixth Floor Museum which commemorates the shooting of John F. Kennedy on November 22, 1963. After one last prayer together, Tyler & Shay and Tim and Eileen began to make the preparations for Sunday’s first meeting of the DFW International Christian Church!

Tony (left) joins the DFW Remnant Group
for a life-changing lunch!

Elena & I then flew to Portland on Saturday! We had an incredible meal with Ricky & Colleen Challinor that evening! On Sunday, we worshiped with the awesome Portland and Eugene Churches – just three days after our Tenth Anniversary of the Spirit carrying us to Portland in 2003!

While in the Portland Rose Garden, Elena & I
reminisced about the 10 years after we
first came there to pray about
moving to Portland!

Sunday in Portland was of course IGNITE Sunday, where the 27IGNITE Teens from around the world conducted every facet of the worship service! The Challinors and the six IGNITE Interns are to be highly commended for this glorious celebration of Jesus’ resurrection from the dead!

The Directors of IGNITE – Ricky & Coleen Challinor!

This week in the City of Angels Church, the Lord added four to our number – three baptisms and one restoration! And to God be the glory!

And now more detailed reports from around Los Angeles…

Kyle Bartholomew: Greetings from the Central Region! This was a special two weeks for both Joan & me as we introduced Lou Jack & Cathi Martinez to the Honolulu Church as their new Church Leaders! As well, all four of us traveled to Hilo on the Big Island where we similarly introduced the Martinezes as their new overseeing Evangelist and Women’s Ministry Leader! Both groups welcomed the Martinezes with open hearts and are ecstatic about the incredible things they will do for God together!

Special thanks to Mark Garrido for leading our region powerfully while we were gone. In our absence, God added to our number another college student from the ELAC campus named Marcel, who was baptized late Thursday night! Pray for us as many more are on the way!

Jason Woody: “The Spirit you received brought about your adoption to sonship. And by Him we cry, ‘Abba, Father.'” (Romans 8:15) Greetings from God’s sons and daughters in the Inland Empire! Today, we were reminded how incredible it is to have been adopted by our Father in Heaven! Kristofer, a Biochemistry student at UCR, shared before his baptism how his biological father abandoned him before he was born and how his three step dads had all abused him! Yet today, Kristofer was so fired-up to finally be adopted by our Father in Heaven in the waters of baptism! Please pray for the Arnesons as they will take off to encourage the church in Stockholm on Tuesday!

The IE Brothers warmly welcome
Kristofer into God’s Family!


Aleyah’s “unfading beauty of a gentle and quiet
spirit is of great worth in God’s sight!”


Chris Broom of the OC Region: 1 Thessalonians 2:8 states, “Because we loved you so much, we were delighted to share with you not only the gospel of God, but our lives as well.” This truly expresses how Theresa & I felt as we traveled to our sister churches in New York City and Chicago over the past 10 days! Theresa & I were so encouraged by the zeal and warmth we felt in both churches! Our relationships with the Smellies (the New York City Church Leaders) and the Shelbracks (the Chicago Church Leaders) are priceless! They, along with the amazing disciples that surround them, are doing an outstanding job building God’s church in their respective cities!

Upon returning to the OC, we were equally encouraged to find that Bryan (Singles Ministry) and Julissa (Teen Ministry) had been baptized while we were away! Then today, Jocelyn was baptized from the Spanish Campus Ministry! We are looking forward to seeing so many of you at the GLC in just a couple of weeks!

The Spirit continues to dynamically grow the OC
Latin Campus Ministry with the addition
of Jocelyn (in blue)!

Lastly, Carl Buckner’s new music video is out! It’s a powerful song about the lost and it’s the first video for his album – No Turning Back! Have fun and be inspired by watching this video! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hRsG2USbw9c

Carl uses his amazing talents not only in the OC
Teen Ministry, but also in writing and
singing “Kingdom tunes!”

And now more reports from around the globe…

NEWS FLASH – Tyler Sears from Dallas-Ft. Worth: “We are therefore Christ’s ambassadors, as though God were making His appeal through us. We implore you on Christ’s behalf: Be reconciled to God. God made Him who had no sin to be sin for us, so that in Him we might become the righteousness of God.” (2 Corinthians 5:20-21) Greetings from “Christ’s ambassadors” in the DFW International Christian Church! Shay & I had an amazing time as the Lord blessed the first meeting of the DFW Remnant Group with 18 people in attendance! We sang songs, dug deep in the Word, and shared a meal together in what will become “the famous living room of Tim Power on Daniel Avenue” just a block away from SMU!

The first service of the DFW International
Christian Church!

The most inspiring and moving part of service was hearing our dear brother Tony Rivero “be reconciled to God!” Tony was baptized in the LA ICOC (South Central Region) and later moved with his wife to the city of Allen, just outside of Dallas. Sadly, as the old church drifted in their convictions, so did Tony as he walked away from the Lord. Today was by far the most amazing restoration I’ve ever seen! I don’t think there was a dry eye in the room as Tony apologized to God, the church and his physical family! I was equally proud of Tim Power, the DFW Remnant Group Leader, as he led our hearts back to the cross and called us to sacrifice with a creative, yet convicting contribution. What an awesome service!

Shay strives to “rustle” the remnant
into the DFW Church!

The names of the original 12 disciples who are initiating the DFW Remnant Group are: Tim Power (Boston), Eileen Mengis (LA), Kevin Carr (Boston), Deunte Ford (LA), Scotty Kendrick (LA), Wayne & Lynne Oulette (DC), Pedro & Debbie Ramirez (DC), their daughter Mackenzie (DC), Anna Rather (LA), and Bernard Sewell (DC)!

Though only five of these 12 disciples from our sister churches had arrived by Sunday, we had several remnant disciples from Dallas, San Antonio and Houston join us for this service! Prayerfully, they will see that God is “making His appeal through us” to save the over 7,000,000 lost souls of the DFW Area (fourth most populous metropolitan area in the USA) and the 27,000,000 lost souls of Texas! Pray for all God is doing here and for the disciples who will be moving to the DFW Metro Area soon from our sister churches!

Though the DFW Remnant Group has been initiated,
Tyler will bring the Mission Team to Dallas –
Fort Worth in June 2014!

NEWS FLASH – Jeremiah Clark: “How good and pleasant it is when God’s people live together in unity!” (Psalm 133:1) Greetings from the Mighty Denver Church! It has been so inspiring watching God assemble and bring together such an amazing mission team! God has moved in so many ways over the last couple of weeks as He has helped disciples secure jobs and housing!

The team has been powerfully working together in our evangelism and fundraising. On Saturday, we again met together and “tagged” for the Lord! Inspiringly, over the last two Saturdays, we have raised enough money through our efforts and God’s grace that we will be able to register every single member of the mission team for the GLC this week!

Jeremiah & Julie are building towards the Denver
Inaugral Service on September 15, 2013!

On Sunday, God blessed our evangelistic outreach as we had more friends come out to this week’s Park Service than we have ever had before as we had about 50 in attendance! After worship, we had many studying the Bible throughout the park! Currently, we are praying for four baptisms this week! Very encouraging, Mike & Dena Sanicola’s two sons Michael and Giovanni are both on the Cross Study and are very close to making Jesus their Lord! Please pray for the plentiful harvest in Denver!

NEWS FLASH – Ricky Challinor, Director of IGNITE: Good news from Portland, Oregon!!!! Co & I were blessed to have had the privilege of overseeing IGNITE! During these eight days of spiritual leadership training for some of the most outstanding teen disciples in the SoldOut Movement, we taught from the Scriptures crucial concepts and convictions necessary for them to become great leaders in the future… and NOW! The first half of this momentous week was spent at Waldport, Oregon! Then the second half, we stayed in Downtown Portland on the Waterfront. It was so impactful to see the teens grow in every way: serving, building friendships with those unlike them, waking-up early for quiet times, and encouraging each other daily!

The IGNITE Teens hit the beach on
the scenic Oregon Coast!

On Sunday, the IGNITE Teens absolutely BLEW OUT the Sunday service! Dylan Young (LA) and Simone Thomas (London) welcomed us enthusiastically! Josh Lopez (Portland), Ann Cathrin Arneson (LA), Bree Rodriguez (LA), and Jesse Bonilla (LA) shared what impacted them most from IGNITE. All of the teens did the “famed IGNITE Stomp” which has become a legacy of the program!

Interns – Mason and Adam – direct the
“famed IGNITE Stomp!”

Osa Odighizuwa (Portland), Kevin Hernandez (LA), and Justin Picciano (San Francisco) were able to preach on the topic IGNITE Your Life! Kevyn Chin (New York City) introduced Candice Shelbrack (Chicago) who shared powerfully for communion about Jesus being her trust. Simone Thomas, Avrie Blackwell (LA) and Mackenzie Murdock of the new DFW Church sang an incredible trio version of Poor Wayfaring Stranger! Lonnie Esser (Portland) led contribution and Austin Broom (LA) sang Jesus is Lord while Kevyn Chin played the flute! For the entire service, Austin and Nate Carey (LA) led a fabulous song service! Truly these teens have a wide range of talents!

By participating in IGNITE Sunday, Elena
encouraged Lizbeth another “Latina”
to rise up into leadership in
God’s Mighty Movement!

It was especially encouraging for us that Kip & Elena came and supported IGNITE by closing-out our service! We ended Sunday with a special dinner in which we gave each IGNITE participant a customized Bible based on their favorite colors and with their names engraved on it! Truly we had the most incredible time!

Ricky and Jacob – the respective leaders of the
Portland and Eugene Churches – bring their
congregations together for
IGNITE Sunday!

Thank you to the parents and leaders who helped us make this year’s program so special! A huge thanks to Adam Zepeda, Kiana Lindsey, Mason Fetelika, Tracy Shelbrack, Gordo Esparza and Erin Corbin who selflessly served as the IGNITE Interns! Lastly, we’re excited to announce that the 2014 IGNITE Program will be in Orlando, Florida!!!!

Ricky & Coleen and the incredible IGNITE Interns!

John Malnegro of Manila: I’m so fired-up doing the Lord’s work! Thanks Kip for the precise instructions and discipling that you gave to me on your recent visit! In the mornings, I’m at the Far Eastern University in Makati to help Clark and Manny have a daily Bible Talk that fits their schedule. Then in the afternoons, I’m at the Intramuros Campuses with “Kuya Ronnie” and Alvin. Then on every Tuesday and Thursday evening, I help out the Ortigas Bible Talk with Anna, Jason, Rose and Melvin!

Albert of Adamson University and Rose Anne
of Lyceum of the Philippines University
study Seeking God with John!

Every Wednesday and Friday evening, I help in the Makati Bible Talk with Gina, Ronnie and Toni. On Saturdays, Alvin, Marilen, Manny, Beth, Kate and Kim will now have their Bible Talk at “U.P.” Quezon City. The MMICC is praying hard for Anna (my wife) and Gina to be fulltime very soon! All of us see the desperate need for them to help me out with the women in both the campus and professional ministries!

Anna shares about her conversion at the
University of Santo Tomas!

Excitingly, today in our worship service, God gave us 39 in attendance! After the service, Ronrich (Kuya Ronnie’s son), studied Seeking God! And finally, today, Alvin and Jason worshipped with the Davao Remnant Group, and they studied the Bible with my son Nico (a college student in the University of Mindanao), alongside with Michael (Nimrod’s son), and RC (Rod’s son)! God is moving powerfully not only in Metro Manila, but also in Davao! Surely, our Savior will bless those who are not lax in doing the Lord’s work! And to God be the glory!

Nimrod, Vis and Rod of the extraordinary
Davao Remnant Group!

Lou Jack Martinez of Honolulu: GREETINGS FROM THE SAINTS IN THE SOUTH PACIFIC!!! The Kingdom of God is poised for AWESOME VICTORY IN THE ISLANDS!!! We had our second week in a row of 120+ in attendance and set up a TON of studies!

Of special note: the Hilo Church (on the Big Island) and the Honolulu Church (on the Island of Oahu) have united in being “fully committed”to our brand new Island Prayer Goal: “ONE HUNDRED FOR HAWAII!!!” Following the awesome example and inspiration of Matt & Helen Sullivan and the Orlando ICC, the Family of God in the Hawaiian Islands has decided to pray for and work toward adding 100 DISCIPLES over the next 12 MONTHS through baptisms, restorations and placed memberships!!! This is gonna take A LOT of prayer, fasting and hard work, but the disciples in the Islands are committed to glorifying God, fully confident that “the harvest is plentiful” even though “the workers are few!”

Already God is moving in this quest as after two inspiring Midweek Services and two awesome Sunday Services, the Honolulu disciples have incredibly added 68 studies and set-ups to happen over the next two weeks! Please keep those prayers coming over the Pacific Ocean to your brothers and sisters in Hawaii!!!

Lou Jack & Cathi Martinez are building on the
awesome foundation of Christ laid by Kyle &
Joan Bartholomew and Jake & Jen Ramsier!

Michele Williamson: Greetings from London! “For we are God’s handiwork, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do.” (Ephesians 2:10) Due to the fantastic weather, we met this Sunday for service and a picnic in the park! We had many new visitors out including Raphique – a friend of Martin Scott! Raphique who was born in India was baptized in 1998 in Dublin, but sadly after the collapse of our former fellowship in 2003, soon fell away. Raphique was visiting London due to two job offers here, and after service (and seeing the Kingdom again!) said he wants to move here and be restored back to God!

Encouragingly, God blessed us with the miracle of our new brother David! David was met by our campus brother Daniel Adjai only three weeks ago, but amazingly David had studied with our former fellowship eight years ago back in his native country of Hungary! In spite of meeting disciples again, David initially didn’t believe he could overcome his struggles. However, he committed to studying the Bible again and to coming to every meeting of the body. The campus brothers also persevered with much prayer, fasting and love to encourage David along the way, and after service he made Jesus Lord! God is amazing! We can’t wait to see all of you soon at the GLC!

With David’s baptism, a new nation comes into
the SoldOut Movement – Hungary!

Brian Carr: “I tell you, now is the time of God’s favor, now is the day of salvation!” (2 Corinthians 6:2) Greetings from the faithful Boston Church! It truly is the time of “God’s favor” here in Boston as our summer campaign of Fun, Fellowship And Fruit has been full of “fun, fellowship and fruit!” From the “Summer Olympic” activities for Friday Night Devotionals, to the “Revolutionary Leaders Meetings” early Saturday mornings in the Rohn’s living room, to our new dating couple – Mahleek Grant & Corinne Corgelas, to the souls being added to our number, it certainly is “through God’s mercy that we have this ministry!” (2 Corinthians 4:1)

Mahleek & Corinne!

Most encouraging were the two campus baptisms of Jovanni (“Jo”) and Jackie this past Sunday! Jo is a senior majoring in Film and Television at Boston University and a former member of the Rowing Team. She was reached out to by Mercedes Bonilla last year on campus and after months of studying the Scriptures and being around the fellowship, she was baptized today as a sold-out disciple of Jesus!

Jo revels in the first moments of her salvation!

Jackie, an Energy Systems Engineering Major at Massachusetts Maritime Academy in Cape Cod, was reached out to a few months ago by our inspiring brother Mike Belmore. This past week, after working nights from 12 midnight to 6AM, Jackie met with Frank, Mike and Coltin at 7AM every day to have a “Jesus week!” “Cut to the heart,” Jackie was baptized and became our newest brother in Christ!

Jackie boldly enters the Kingdom of Light!

Sunday, Frank Hines preached an incredible message entitled Christ’s Love encouraging the whole congregation to live a life of purpose motivated by “the love of Christ.” Please pray for the health of Coltin and Hailee to be restored as they have been very ill for the past couple days. We’re so grateful for all that Coltin & Mandee do and are very blessed by God to have them as the Boston Church Leaders!

Blaise Feumba – overseeing Evangelist of French-speaking Africa:“Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptize them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit teaching them to observe all that I have commanded you…”(Matthew 28:19-20) The Lord has blessed the efforts of our Abidjan disciples with nine baptisms this week! Of special note are Alex a mining engineer and Guy-Charles a fourth year medical student! The great Abidjan Church also had 230 in attendance for a “normal Sunday!” To God be all the glory!

In Abidjan, nine souls shared in “Christ’s death,
burial and resurrection!”

Bob Thomas: “Since, then, you have been raised with Christ, set your hearts on things above, where Christ is, seated at the right hand of God. Set your minds on things above, not on earthly things.” (Colossians 3:1-2) Greetings and good wishes from the Syracuse Church! For the second week in a row, the disciples in Syracuse received powerful sermons from strong men who have “set their hearts and minds on things above” and thus made decisions to leave our city in order to help advance the gospel in other cities!

Last week, Steve Ranga delivered his final sermon before he and his wife Kithy and their three boys packed up and headed out to Washington DC to join the Hardings to continue in the ministry there. For three years, they have led the church here with much love and sacrifice and it was difficult for many of us to say goodbye!

Today, our dear brother Dave Fergot led our service with a heartfelt message about all that Syracuse has meant to him and his wife Ticia. Dave was on the original team to plant the church here in 1993, and Ticia was one of the first to be baptized here! Dave encouraged us all by his own personal examples of what it means to “seek first the Kingdom” and “look to the interests of others above your own.”(Philippians 2:4) Dave, Ticia and their two sons will be packing soon and moving to San Francisco to join the disciples there and continue to serve God with all their hearts, just as they have been doing here! They are a “pillar couple” whose loss will be deeply felt.

It was very exciting to see Henderson added to God’s Kingdom today! His baptism was an inspiring time for the church to help us all focus “on things above” and to once again see God’s Word in action! Henderson was a school principal in Liberia before a horrible civil war broke out there in 1994. By 1999, he had relocated to Ghana to teach refugee children. Eventually, he entered the USA and earned his citizenship in 2010! His love for God is refreshing and evident to all! Please keep us in your many prayers!

After many hours of labor in the Lord by the
Syracuse Brothers, Henderson (center) is
added to God’s glorious Kingdom!

Jeremy Ciaramella of Phoenix: Greetings from the “Valley of the ‘Son!'” We are so very grateful to the Orlando Church who has sent to us two amazing hearts for God in John Smoot & Brittany Miller! They are great servants and have added so much already since placing membership the other week! We are also very encouraged with the newest “volunteer interns” here – Rico and Janelle! They spearheaded our “tagging efforts” for our GLC fundraising! Altogether this weekend, we were able to raise over $1,600 to sponsor disciples attending from Phoenix! Grateful for your prayers and for being in a movement – and looking forward to powerful fellowship at this year’s GLC with all of you!

Mike Patterson of Orlando: “But our citizenship is in Heaven. And we eagerly await a Savior from there, the Lord Jesus Christ!”(Philippians 3:20) Greetings from the real “Magic Kingdom!” The church here has been working hard to raise money to send people to the GLC. God blessed us with selling $14,000 worth of fireworks at our firework stand and the church gets a large percentage of the profits! There were only three boxes left and so many brothers and sisters volunteered as the stand needed to be watched 24/7! Also, we raised just a little over $700 tagging Saturday! One lady even put in a 10 carat gold ring into my wife’s bucket!

Curtis and Airielle getting ready to make
money for the GLC

After so much hard work, I wanted to remind the church that their efforts are being rewarded, so I preached about Heaven – our future home! When our minds and hearts are set on eternity, we realize that our labor is rewarded and our sacrifices pale in comparison! After talking about the nature of Heaven, I shared the sobering fact that there is one thing we won’t be able to do in Heaven… that is sharing our faith! Evangelism is the one blessing that we only get to do here and now! Pray for us in Orlando as we are currently involved in a sharing campaign so that we can bring “as many as possible” to Heaven with us! “Therefore, my dear brothers and sisters, stand firm. Let nothing move you. Always give yourselves fully to the work of the Lord, because you know that your labor in the Lord is not in vain.” (1 Corinthians 15:58)

Raul Moreno of Sao Paulo: This Sunday was glorious as the church joyfully welcomed back two of the Lord’s lost sheep into God’s incredible Kingdom! Fernando & Elisangela were restored from our former fellowship after coming to church for about two months! They are fired-up to be back in God’s Kingdom not only because of their personal salvation, but also because they now see hope in saving their four children! Excitingly, Cesar, one of their children, has already begun to study the Bible! Please keep praying for us as we are praying for you!We love you with the love of the Lord!

Ron Harding of Washington DC: Greetings from the hard working DC Church! Sunday was a day of celebration and thanksgiving for being a part of a worldwide movement as we had Steve & Kithy Ranga from Syracuse and Naomi Guteng from Boston place membership!

Naomi moves to DC to reach out to her family!

“The two of them, sent on their way by the Holy Spirit, went down to Seleucia and sailed from there to Cyprus. When they arrived at Salamis, they proclaimed the Word of God…” (Acts 13:4-5) Just as Paul and Barnabas were sent out to Cyprus, so these disciples were sent out from Syracuse and Boston to DC to proclaim the Word of God! Likewise, the DC Church sent out 18 members to Denver! With the addition of these three incredible disciples, the DC Church has once again grown to over 100 disciples!

The Ranga Family will become partners in the
gospel with the Harding Family in DC!

Since I have the privilege of serving as the Lead CyberEvangelist of our movement, I was personally encouraged by two women who attended our service. After a year of going from church-to-church they searched Google for a non-denominational Christian church and in searching through the hundreds of churches in DC saw the historic International Day in front of the Capital Building! After seeing the power of that service online, they decided to join us for worship! Immediately following the service both of them studied the Bible with our amazing DC Singles Ministry and are excited to have found the kind of church they were looking for! Keep praying for us as we are in the process of sending out six more Christians to help with the DFW Remnant Group!

Maria Franklin of Chicago: “All this is for your benefit, so that the grace that is reaching more and more people may cause thanksgiving to overflow to the glory of God.” (2 Corinthians 4:15) A couple of months ago, through shepherding and discipling efforts, we called each disciple to re-evaluate their financial giving to the Lord. As of February, our weekly contribution averaged $5,467/week. Now to God’s glory, we now are averaging $6,700/week in the last month – an increase of over 22%! Today, our hearts were strengthened as a record contribution for a regular Sunday of $7,109 was collected! It is amazing to see the hearts of the disciples willing to sacrifice so much so that the“grace that is reaching more and more” will continue to spread like a wild-fire!

Yesterday, the men held their Second Annual Men’s Retreat! Reports from the inspiring, fun-filled event overflowed, as the men shared about the competitions by region, the juicy steaks, and the incredible preaching! In the games, the men were teamed by region: North, Downtown, Central, Latin and West! Games consisted of pie eating contests, arm wrestling, push-ups, soccer, a “preach-off,” football throwing contests, and notably “La Via Dolorosa” where a man from each team had to carry a modestly heavy log across their shoulders for about 600 yards – the fastest! Once again, the champions were awarded the “Diotrephes Trophy” [because they “love to be first” (3 John 9)] to the mighty men of the Downtown Region! We are so grateful for the family that has been created here and look forward to the GLC to once again be united with our worldwide family!

“La Via Dolorosa” Challenge!

Andrew Smellie: Greetings from New York City! God seems to have opened the “floodgates of love” as a third couple in three weeks has begun steady-dating! First, it was Kwaku & Maria, then Viral & Ashley, and last night, as a surprise during our New Christian Fellowship, Vladimir Antoine & Nicole Garland began dating! Each of these couples have set an example of righteousness by building pure relationships in the Lord and seeking godly input and wisdom!

Vladimir & Nicole!

Today, Kwaku Sarkodie preached his first sermon entitled, God’s Divine Tapestry! Kwaku’s eloquent illustration described how God has constructed a “tapestry of souls” through the many “threads” of people in the Apostle Matthew’s genealogy of Jesus – including five remarkable women – to construct the image of Christ! Through the righteousness of Tamar, the faith of Rahab, the loyalty of Ruth, the humility of Bathsheba, and the love of Mary, we are able to see God’s divine tapestry come to fruition in revealing the heart of God! Please pray for God to use us powerfully by opening the “floodgates of the Harvest” so we can add many more souls to God’s divine tapestry! And to Him be all the glory!

Kwaku weaves his first “full length” sermon
entitled, God’s Divine Tapestry!

Carlos Mejia: Greetings from Santiago de Chile! This past three weeks have been nothing short of awe-inspiring as the Lord has added five souls to our number – Diego, Jenny, Daniel, Marcela and Naty! Very moving was the restoration of Daniel and the tear-filled baptism of his wife Marcela last week! What a dynamic couple they are!

With Daniel’s restoration and Marcela’s baptism,
the Picas are united in Christ!

Diego, a young campus student, was baptized in the icy waters of a roof-top pool on the 24th floor of an apartment building on a wintry Santiago night, and Jenny was baptized in the temperature-controlled waters of the indoor pool at the beautiful Hotel Neruda, where we are privileged to gather every Sunday! Both are equally zealous for the Lord!

Today at service, Naty was baptized! She was added to our International Bible Talk that now consists of eight disciples, representing six different nations! Naty was met by Jose Otero, who made a goal to be personally fruitful before his wedding! The wedding is this Saturday! God is awesome!

The International Bible Talk adds another soul
to the Santiago Church Family – Naty!

Also encouraging is the addition of Felipe Rodriguez as our new Campus Intern! Felipe has had an incredible impact on the church and has certainly “earned the right” to lead! God is good, and we are so excited to see you all very soon at the GLC!

John Zamora – Shepherd-in-training for the San Francisco Bay Church: At last year’s Marrieds Retreat, we were challenged to dream and “write an adventure list as though God was writing it for you!” My wife Laura & I went to a restaurant afterwards to write the list… with reluctant hearts. We feared being let down again by dreaming for God’s Kingdom. My attitude was similar to Peter’s when Jesus encouraged him to go back and fish but he responded, “Because you say so, I will let down the nets.” (Luke 5:5)

Anyways, we wrote out God’s adventure list of 22 items – some of them were to go to Europe, write a book, go to Hawaii, etc. Amazingly, the number one thing on the list was to lead the first Spanish-speaking Bible Talk in San Francisco! Because of everything we had gone through before, we did not want to put out our “Spanish Ministry nets” again!

John & Laura dream again in the New Movement!

I had completely forgotten about that list until I accidentally came across it this past week! I am absolutely blown away and humbled by God, as this past week we led the first Spanish-speaking Bible Talk at our new house owned by a Latin disciple who used to be part of our former fellowship in Nicaragua! We had a spiritual fiesta with six disciples having 12 visitors in attendance! And the second thing on our God’s adventure list? To lead a Spanish-speaking sector!” So thus it would seem that God’s adventure has begun… and I sit here weeping as I write this! I am fearful and faithful at the same time! Thank you, Mike, for entrusting us with God’s dream! What a huge responsibility!

Kelly Bartholomew of San Diego: “The Lord is [next] to all who call on Him, to all who call on Him in truth.” (Psalm 145:18) This was our theme Scripture for our Women’s Day entitled Next To Me. It was a night to be remembered, as 14 disciple sisters had 58 in attendance! Brandyn Speckman of LA was our keynote speaker and did such an amazing job as she described the relationship between Jesus and Mary, the sister of Martha! The women who attended had the following things to say: “Awesome!” “Amazing!” “Touching!” “Beautiful!” “This was the most uplifting and amazing Women’s Day I’ve ever attended!” “The testimonies were very inspiring. I also really like the message about being next to God!” And my personal favorite, “‘Love one another’ was here!” I was so proud of the women – and brothers too – who poured themselves out to make Women’s Day so successful!

To cap everything off at the end of the night, we were able to witness the inspiring baptism of Pamela! Pamela is a former corporate business woman who recently retired to become a motivational speaker and life coach. It was so moving to see her choosing to be “next to Jesus” instead of “money, fame, power or greed” – from the Next To Me lyrics sang by Emeli Sande! She is truly a modern day Lydia, and I look forward to seeing how God uses her many talents for His Kingdom and His glory! Please keep us in your prayers as we look forward to seeing you all very soon at the Global Leadership Conference! 

Pam’s baptism was one of the many highlights
of the San Diego Women’s Day!

Debs Rajan of Chennai: Greetings from the city where the Apostle Thomas preached and was martyred for the cause! “A father to the fatherless, a defender of widows, is God in His holy dwelling.”(Psalm 68:5) Just as the Scripture promises, our newest sister had this fulfilled in her life!

Mary was only eight years old and her parents would leave her while they would go looking for jobs. Mary’s job was to take care of her younger brother and sister. At that young age, Mary would go to school, come back, cook and take care of her siblings. Being left all alone, her relatives and neighbors took advantage of her. At the age of 15, her parents had her married; by 16, she had a daughter; and by 17, she lost her husband who died of kidney failure!

Consequently, Mary had to work hard to pay off the medical bills. She trusted many men who promised to marry her and give her security but was cheated. She had lost all hope and decided to end her life. It was at this point in Mary’s life that Maria met her on the road and invited her to church! (Acts 17:26-27) Mary thought of “checking out this place” as a last resort! Mary came, studied the Bible, and was quickly baptized! She now has God as her Father and a big family who loves her dearly!

Mary (in her new MERCY shirt) and Maria
give “two thumbs up” to Mary’s new life!

Dearest Brothers and Sisters: Our immediate challenge remains registering for August’s Global Leadership Conference! As of Sunday night, 310 have registered – 85 from LA! Please be urgent in this endeavor as we have only 20 more days till the opening Sunday on August 4, 2013!

Please register for the 2013 GLC today!

In closing, I’m always moved when I visit Dallas’ Sixth Floor Museum and I am greatly inspired by what JFK accomplished in his just 1,000 days in office! I will never forget when JFK was shot – I was in fifth grade in Boston!

At the Sixth Floor Museum, Tyler & Shay dream of
the evangelization of not only Dallas and
Ft. Worth, but of the entire world! 

As one of my secular heroes, his martyrdom – 50 years ago this November – reminds me of the ultimate price of world-changing “dreams and visions.” Let every SoldOut Movement disciple – from our teens to our most veteran – be “men [and women] who dream” for theevangelization of the nations in this generation! And to God be all the glory! Amen!
Much love,