January 13, 2013

Happy New Year from all of the disciples in the City of Angels Church! As we enter 2013, let’s be grateful to our God that in the SoldOut Movement’s short six year history, He has advanced His new movement to now become 38 churches in 19 nations on all six populated continents of the world!

In Australia, just a few days ago, a new remnant group was formed in Sydney under the leadership of Ian & Margot Clague – a former fulltime ministry couple in the ICOC in New Zealand! Lord willing, in December, the Crown of Thorns Sydney Mission Team will arrive from LA under the courageous leadership of Joe & Kerry Willis and nobly assisted by Mason Fetelika & Nathalie Moningka!

Joe & Kerry Willis – the Sydney Mission Team Leaders!

In Africa, powerful remnant group churches are thriving in Abidjan and Hire, Ivory Coast; Addis Ababa, Ethiopia; and in Kikwit and Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo! Amazingly, in September 2012, the Spirit led 151 disciples from our former fellowship to join the already 51 disciples of the Kinshasa International Christian Church!

Lola, Tim, Amadou and Micky unite bringing 151
disciples from our former fellowship to join
the 51 disciples of the Kinshasa ICC!

In Europe, the Lord has initiated dynamic remnant groups in Stockholm, Madrid, Kiev and Moscow! Also, there is another remnant group in “Asiatic Russia,” which is located in the middle of Siberia in the city of Novosibirsk! The Crown of Thorns Church plantings of London and Paris are pillar churches for all of these remnant groups. So encouraging to the London Church are two gifted remnant couples. The Scotts moved from Ireland to London during the awesome European Missions Conference (EMC) in November, and later, the Harts moved from our Curacao Remnant Church in the Caribbean to London in late December!

Michael & Michele welcome Martin & Theresa Scott
of Ireland to the European Missions Conference!

In Paris, the 11 on the mission team more than doubled to 23 in just three months in this beautiful but atheistic city! Similar to Paul in Acts 16:6-7, the Kernans were “not allowed by the Spirit of Jesus” to returnto Paris after the EMC as they did not receive a permanent French visa. However, the Lord was working in guiding their steps, as they spent several weeks in Syracuse, New York vitally strengthening “the little church that could… and did!” Tim & Lianne are now in LA working on a new visa application to France. Pray for God to open the door! In the meantime, Philippe & Prisca Scheidecker – a former fulltime Campus Ministry Couple for the ICOC in Paris – have stepped-up to lead this great congregation!

Philippe & Prisca Scheidecker have stepped-up
to lead the Paris Church!

In Asia, the Metro Manila International Christian Church began in November 2012! This exciting remnant group is growing weekly with the hope that another remnant group will soon begin in the Philippines in Davao! The Chennai Church is shining brightly in the darkness of India along with our sister church in New Delhi! In Chennai, for their NovemberBring Your Neighbor Day, their “then” 50 disciples had 167 in attendance! Also, be praying for our precious Guam Remnant Group!

Raja & Debs Rajan rallied the Chennai disciples
to have 167 at their Bring Your Neighbor Day!

In South America, we now have our three Crown of Thorns Churches planted – Santiago, Sao Paulo, and just this past October, Mexico City! Santiago has grown by 40 in the last six months and is now over 100 disciples! Sao Paulo has converted several students at the number one college in Brazil – the University of Sao Paulo (USP)! And Mexico City has likewise converted students from the prestigious Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (UNAM) which has 269,000 students! Lord willing, in the next few months, new remnant groups will begin in Caracas, Venezuela and Guatemala City!

God has used Carlos & Lucy Mejia to inspire the Santiago
Church to add 40 disciples in the last six months!

In North America, as on all of the other continents, “the Word of God continues to increase (numerically) and spread (geographically)!”(Acts 12:24) Spurred on by the dynamic 2012 new plantings of Boston, Orlando and San Francisco, all of our churches are growing dynamically! Also in 2012, the Lord added to His SoldOut Movement a new remnant group in Alakanuk, Alaska! Let us praise God for all of our American congregations as they have long sacrificed our movement’s two key resources – disciples and finances – to collectively plant each of our churches around the world! To be commended are the American SoldOut Movement Churches in: Chicago, Eugene, Hilo, Honolulu, Los Angeles, New York City, Phoenix, Portland, San Diego, Syracuse and Washington DC!

Of special note, the City of Angels International Christian Church started the year with 485 disciples and was blessed by God with 424 additions: 272 baptisms, 50 restorations and 102 place memberships – about half of whom came directly to us from our former fellowship seeking revival! And to God be all the glory!

Indeed, 2012 was a fantastic year, and we are praying that the Lord will multiply His movement even more rapidly in 2013! This prayer is already being answered, as last weekend’s City of Angels Church Winter Workshop was one of the most impacting in recent memory! The theme was the song about God’s modern day movement, Great Among The Nations, and each lesson’s title was taken from a line in this stirring anthem! Almost all of our church leaders around the world were able to participate! Most vital – and so different than the “autonomous theology” that Satan used to decimate our former fellowship – is the unparalleled unity that continues to be forged among leadership couples on the Crown of Thorns Council!

For the conclusion of the workshop on Sunday, almost 1,000 were in attendance, as Jim & Donna Fenton were appointed the Congregational Deacon Couple for our Kids Kingdom Program; eight were welcomed into our congregational family by the Sisters of Encouragement; three disciples were sent from LA to strengthen the San Diego Church; George & Angelica Grima were sent out to become the Shepherding Couple for the Paris Church; and 18 disciples – led by Tyler & Shay Sears of Sao Paulo – were charged to begin City of Angels Church’s new North Region! However, for me, the highlight was the keynote sermon by Chris Broom – the Director of the Winter Workshop! His two points – memorably illustrated by song clips were: I’m A Believer and We Are Family!

Our new Deacon Couple – Jim & Donna
Fenton and their awesome kids!

To close out the service, three were baptized into Christ! So, for the first thirteen days of 2013, the Lord has added 18 to our number – 9 baptisms and 9 place memberships!

The South Region Sisters joyfully baptize Rosa at
our Winter Workshop Congregational Service!

Also announced on Sunday were five engagements: Kristen & Josiah Smith, Javier Ochoa & Jessica Zepeda, Robbie Craddock & Ashley Godwin, Cornell Buckner & Tia Larae, and Luis Sierra & Adrianna Cabrera! And then to top-off the weekend on late Sunday afternoon, Derion & Dena Onekea were married in a gorgeous outdoor ceremony in the midst of the Santa Monica Mountains!

Congratulations to Derion & Dena Onekea!

Now more good news from LA…

Lou Jack Martinez of the AV Sector of the Central Region:ANOTHER BAD DAY FOR THE DEVIL IN THE ANTELOPE VALLEY AS RAY MONKS, FORMER LEADER OF THE CATHOLIC KNIGHTS OF COLUMBUS COUNCIL in ANTELOPE VALLEY, IS BAPTIZED INTO CHRIST!!! When Ray & Lola Monks first came to church, we KNEW they were something special! Ray & Lola are a couple of fun-loving, Harley Davidson motorcycle-riding, leadership-level disciples in the making!!! Ray even served as a leader on the Catholic Council of Antelope Valley… but after their very first Sunday Service, Ray & Lola decided to drive from Lake Los Angeles all the way to Lancaster – a round trip of about 50 miles each way – EVERY Sunday, EVERY Midweek and EVERY Bible Talk – just to start “seeking FIRST God’s Kingdom and His righteousness!” (Matthew 6:33)

They’ve been studying the Bible diligently for the past two months, and Ray finally called Big Ed Aguirre this past Thursday and asked humbly, “Hey can I get baptized tonight?” So we all got together Thursday night to share about Ray and his heart to do what is right, no matter what the cost, and he was BORN AGAIN in the waters of baptism!!! Please be praying for Lola, as she continues to wrestle with God to make the biggest decision of her life!!!

Ray & Lola!

Chris Adams: Greetings from the Irvine Sector of Orange County! Erika and Donna, two sisters from the UC Irvine Campus Ministry, met Angela at the library last summer. Angela started to learn about God, but then in her own convicting words during today’s sharing at church, she “fell away” from studying the Bible! Nevertheless, the girls stayed in contact with her and persisted in loving this zealous student from China, and challenged her simply to read her Bible MORE! In December, Angela again started studying the Bible and found her own faith growing! In answer to Erika’s prayers, Angela was baptized in the Zepeda’s swimming pool on January 1st at the Campus/Teen New Year’s Eve party!

Joel Parlour of the Fullerton Sector in the OC Region: God has really blessed our Fullerton Ministry in the first two weeks of 2013! Last weekend after our Winter Workshop, we were honored to send two incredible men Tyrone and Justin to San Diego to strengthen their Campus Ministry. But before moving to San Diego, Tyrone prayed to be personally fruitful. So to start off the new year, just minutes after midnight, Gregory who was met by Tyrone last semester was baptized! Gregory is a dynamic civil engineering student at FJC and had both his mother and sister with him at church today!

Angela and Gregory immediately after their baptisms
minutes after midnight on January 1st!

Also very encouraging to us was the place membership of Sara Oros who has returned to LA from spending the past five months on the mission field of Mexico City! Also, thanks to our incredible brother Joe Willis who continues to inspire us for Missions Contribution and is running a marathon to raise money… Following his example, I too have decided to run a marathon! I have never ran more than three miles straight before, but I am praying for lots of sponsors! So far my wife & I through family donations have already turned in $2,000! Pray for us as we set our minds to blow out the Bring Your Neighbor Day in two weeks.

Luke Speckman: Greetings from the Ventura Region! What an incredible start to the new year we have had! In the first week of January, we witnessed two souls being saved through the waters of baptism! Bonyta and Glenn were both added to our Singles Ministry! Since theWinter Workshop, the disciples here in Ventura are inspired and excited to be about our purpose in “seeking and saving the lost!”Please pray for us as we have several Bible studies and have as one of our Regional Prayer Goals to start a new sector in Santa Barbara this summer!

Following is more refreshing news from around the globe…

Krista Cameron: Bonjour de Paris! We are so grateful to receive a modern day Aquila & Priscilla in George & Angelica Grima! They have come from LA to Paris to serve as self-supported missionaries for six months! From the moment they arrived, they opened their home and hearts to the disciples! God always “sets the times and places” as the Grimas’ apartment “just happens” to be in the middle of Paris’ university district, and in the same neighborhood as the Sorbonne! We are looking forward to working side by side with this amazing couple to win many souls for God in Paris!

Also, last Monday, we had our first baptism of the new year as Carole proclaimed, “Jésus est Seigneur!” Please keep us in your prayers as we have several studies, with a couple more people who are close to being baptized! Thank you all for your continued prayers and incredible sacrifice that make it possible for all of the interns to remain on this mission field. It truly is a blessing to be a part of a worldwide movement! A Dieu soit la gloire!

Ricky Challinor of Portland: Greetings from the City of Bridges!!! God has allowed us to start out the new year with a bang! Last week, we had a woman baptized, and today, we had two more added to God’s Kingdom! The coolest thing about the two who were baptized today is that the first was Rogelio – the husband of Mareaya, who was our first baptism of the year last week! He shared powerfully in tears, because they had studied with Alfredo & Rosy Alaniz before, but due to their sin, Rogelio & Mareaya decided not to make Jesus their Lord. However, in Rogelio’s own words, “Life just kept getting worse for Mareaya and me, and then we knew we needed God!” Glory to God as today Rogelio professed “Jesus is Lord!” The other baptism was Maria, Alonso’s mom! Both Alonso & his wife Jessie were baptized a few weeks ago. It all started with Joaquina who reached out to her daughter Jessie… and it spread like wildfire from there!

Michael Williamson of London: Happy New Year! God’s church in London is set to forcefully advance God’s Kingdom in 2013! Friday Night’s Campus Devotional – simply entitled, Your Ministry from 2 Timothy 4:5 – was incredible! We opened the night by asking a packed room what they would love to see in “their ministry.” Of course, the first campus disciple to speak offers the most predictable answer – FOOD! Next followed an array of shouts: Baptisms! Friendship! Love! Ok …ok guys! We get it! Next we asked what they would hate to see in “their ministry.” “Lukewarmness!”

We then split the entire Devo into four groups of ten, and “Played Church” by appointing a “mock evangelist” to each group and giving them ten minutes to organize their “church service.” Each evangelist did incredible in their five minute “sermonettes” leaving the room buzzing till late night! The next day, Ebenezer – a first year film editing student from Ethiopia (nicknamed the Ethiopian Eunuch given his persistence to be baptized) –counted the cost and Sunday amidst our largest service yet of 120, was baptized into Christ!

Sunday’s attendance was incredibly diverse, including an American denominational “missionary couple” from Alaska, visitors from Malta, Italy, Portugal, a Harvard exchange student from Boston (who’s now studying), and several Spanish speakers! (Thank God for the Harts!) In the short few weeks after their arrival, Michael & Maria Hart have added an incredible amount of faith and maturity to the church, not to mention being amazing friends to Michele & me! We are also happy to announce the successful birth of little Sandro Baker in late December and Josiah Greenwood born on Christmas day! Please pray for our 2013 Winter Workshop this week entitled, SEEK FIRST HIS KINGDOM! Love and miss you all!

Michael & Maria Hart move from Curacao and
refresh the hearts of the London saints!

Mike Underhill: The entire San Francisco Church is so grateful to have been in LA for the Winter Workshop! God also gave us great help to go and visit Los Angeles, because a new bus service – Megabus – provided promotional tickets for everyone averaging around four dollars for a round-trip ticket! Now that we are back, all of the San Fran disciples have a burning fire in our hearts to glorify our God by boldly preaching the Word to the almost eight million lost souls in the Bay Area!

Over the past few weeks we’ve also seen two of the dating couples here in the church get engaged! Robbie Craddock & Ashley Godwin were engaged a few weeks ago. Robbie sang a song for Ashley in a downtown San Francisco restaurant, while she was watching a video he had made for her which was playing on the restaurant’s huge projector screen! Also, Cornel proposed to his girlfriend Tia during the LA Winter Workshop in a beautiful gazebo in the middle of a lake in Orange County! It’s so awesome to see God working in so many different ways! Now we are “rousing the warriors” for an incredible harvest this month! (Joel 3:9)

Ron Harding of Washington DC: Happy New Year from America’s Capital! “DC” has come out of the gates on fire for the Lord! In the first two weeks, the Lord has graciously blessed us with two baptisms and three place memberships!

At the end of December, we saw a young engaged woman named Chyna, break-up with her fiancé, and asked him to move out… Then Chyna was baptized! In my meeting with her former fiancé Chez shortly afterward, his frustration mounted as he said that if I told him that he wasn’t good enough for Chyna and that he and his family weren’t saved, then he would “punch me in the mouth!” I simply challenged him to read the Scriptures and then obey them… On New Year’s Eve, Chez called Afa and me. He said that he had taken our challenge and the more he read and obeyed, the more God was making everything clear to him! He insisted that he wanted to be baptized by Sunday. Not only did he get baptized, but he did it a day early, becoming our first baptism of the year!

Also last month, 42 disciples gathered at the airport to greet our dear sister Deanna from Paris! There all of us met Deanna’s mother and her brother Justin. Justin was so blown away by the love that he saw that he began studying the Bible, and today, he became your brother in the Lord!

Our 2013 Winter Workshop’s theme of Entrusted To The Saintsis taken from Jude 3. All of the events were “Jubilee-worthy!” In fact, all of the speakers did the best presentations I’ve seen each of them give! In today’s worship service we began with the placing of membership by Sean Dobbins from Portland and Bill & Lisa Hamilton from Charlotte! Then we had four historic appointments: We appointed Jason Reali our Singles Professional Intern; we appointed (LA style) two Congregational Shepherding Couples – Jack & Jeanne McGee and Eric & Jacklin Chapman; and finally, Lee & Muthoni (Noni) Pullen were recognized as Deacon and Deaconess of our Children’s Ministry!

As Ron appoints Lee & Muthoni Pullen as the Deacon Couple
for the Children’s Ministry, the newly appointed
Shepherding Couples – the McGees and
the Chapmans – look on approvingly!

I know the Bible says that there is “nothing new under the sun”(Ecclesiastes 1:9)… but, my congregation challenged that concept because in almost 20 years as a disciple, I’ve never seen anything like the close of our life-changing workshop! Tracy (my awesome wife) and her back-up singers began performing Ain’t No Stoppin’ Us Now… then spontaneously our Campus Ministry, then our Singles, then our Marrieds (including our most mature Shepherd – Jack McGee) all began singing the song and doing the electric slide! Watching everyone sing AND DANCE with all their hearts was breath-taking and brought me to tears… Well, come to think of it, “David danced before the Lord with all his might,” so the Scriptures are true that there is “nothing new under the sun…” But that was 3,000 years ago! As people left the fellowship, the words used to describe today were: “Service was electrifying;” “This was exactly like when I first visited to the City of Angels Church in LA and saw the truth;” “I’ve never in my life seen anything like that before;” and “That was mind-blowing!” You would be missing out if you don’t take a moment to watch the close of our workshop! (http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=OTzNy85-MHQ#!)

Ricky Challinor of Portland: This weekend we were able to have ourNorthwest Winter Workshop, Thy Will Be Done. It was amazing to have the great Eugene Church with us, as the Lord blessed us with an amazing attendance of 232!!! Chris & Theresa Broom were a breath of fresh air to Co & me as well as the congregation! Encouragingly, we had Vic & Aurora Gonzales in town for our Winter Workshop. What a treat of faith and fire indeed, as we felt the blessing of God having both amazing couples with us!

Finally, we were all inspired and yet convicted by our brother Ted Green, our Shepherd-in-training, as in the contribution he poignantly asked the question, “Are you sacrificing money to save souls, or sacrificing souls to save money?” Please pray for us as we have many goals that we will by faith blow out this year!

Coltin Rohn: Greetings from Boston! Mandee & I are so grateful to have participated in this year’s LA Winter Workshop – Great Among The Nations! We had an amazing time with all the disciples, and were so encouraged by the great lessons we’ve heard. Thanks LA for making the workshop awesome!

While we were gone Roger & Kama Parlour oversaw the church and kept the spirit going. Thanks to the Parlours for taking such great care of the church in our absence. Today we had 45 in attendance! This year’s theme for the Boston Church is Called To The Mountain! We started today’s sermon with the well-known prophecy in Isaiah 2! It’s great to see this prophecy fulfilled in the first century as the church evangelized the world in one generation, and Lord willing, we will see it again in the 21st century! The fellowship was HOT and vibrant and many were dreaming for 2013! Lastly, I want to share about an answer to prayer: This past week 50 applicants applied for a job with the Lexus dealership… Only 20 got phone interviews! 7 were trained…. And only 3 were hired. Our dear brother, Stephen Rydstedt, was one of those three!!! To God be all the glory!

Kithy Ranga: Greetings from snowy Syracuse! The saints rejoiced as Robert, a junior at Cornell University majoring in Human Development, was baptized today! Robert shared his reasons for his commitment boldly in front of the congregation and in the presence of his entire physical family, who are also studying the Bible! His mother was very emotional and showed her gratitude to God and His church through a song. This family has gone through a lot as they escaped with their lives from Liberia. Please pray that Robert’s family will follow him into the waters of baptism in the next couple of weeks.

We are also excited that 54 out of our 62 disciples in Syracuse and around eight of our friends are gearing up to drive FIVE hours to our own2013 Northeast Winter Workshop – Entrusted To The Saints! We will gather with the NYC and Boston disciples on Friday, January 18th to Sunday, January 20th. We are looking forward to meeting our many new brothers and sisters from these two churches and to God be all this glory!

Jay Shelbrack from Chicago: It was great to be back in Chicago from LA and back in the battle! In imitating LA, our Winter Workshop – Great Among The Nations – was incredibly inspiring and a ton of fun as we united ourselves by agreeing “to seek the Lord with all our hearts.” This was highlighted by three baptisms!

Darnel, a Master’s student at the Illinois Institute of Technology for Animation, shared how fear had controlled his life. He came to understand that “perfect love drives out [all] fear” and God’s desire for him is to be free of Satan’s controlling shackles! (1 John 4:18) Maria, who was converted in our awesome Latin Ministry, lived in the same building as Melania, who was baptized in October! She was amazed at all the changes in Melania and wanted what she has!

Finally, we had a special baptism as we saw Roslyn, the mother of Jason, make Jesus her Lord! It is always awesome when family members are brought together! Roslyn had given Jason up for adoption at a very young age and they hadn’t known each other his whole life until last year when she decided to look for him and they were reconnected. When Roslyn saw what Jason had become, as well as the love of the church, she decided she would have the relationship back, but this time much more than a son, but now also as a brother in the Lord! Tears were shed as she shared her incredible joy!

We also were honored today as Jeremy Mandley, who recently left Chicago to go on the San Francisco Bay Mission Team and is now a paid staff intern there, shared his life story for our communion message. We once again are so encouraged to hear all that the San Francisco Church is doing! We will always have fond memories and grateful hearts for all that Mike & Brittany Underhill have done for us.

Finally join us in praying for boldness in spreading the Word around Chicago-land! Last year, we had 78 additions and ended with a membership of 168 on December 31st. Please pray that the Lord will grant the Chicago Church 115 additions for 2013! And to God be the glory!

Evan Bartholomew of San Diego: Greetings from the Mission Bay International Christian Church! We are so excited to be back in San Diego after one week of vacation in Washington, and then the 2013 Winter Workshop in LA. It was such an encouragement to be with all the disciples in LA, and to have our congregation participate in such an amazing Sunday Worship Service!

The Mission Bay International Christian Church
Leaders – Evan & Kelly Bartholomew!

Special thanks to Chris & Theresa Broom, Joel & Courtney Parlour, DJ & Kacie Comisford, and the Orange County and West Regions of the LA Church for sending us three awesome disciples! Justin Tucker and Tyrone White placed membership at today’s service, and we are looking forward to receiving Kensey Perkins very soon! Justin and Tyrone have already refreshed the hearts of the saints, and have added so much! Please be praying for us as this week we will be having our 2013 Winter Workshop themed, The Dream. Much love to all of you from your on-the-border brothers and sisters!

Matt Sullivan of Orlando: We had an incredible time in LA for theWinter Workshop! A huge THANK YOU TO THE CITY OF ANGELS CHURCH!! And while we were gone, Victoria (the wife of Jose who was baptized a few weeks ago) was baptized Sunday, January 6th! Then Monday, January 7th, the day we returned to Orlando, an amazing woman named Lacresha, who was met by Tiffany Taylor, was baptized! Her husband, Lance continued to study the Bible with John Hurey, Kris Taylor and myself and made radical changes. This man has an awe and reverence for the Scriptures and showed it today at service, as he was also baptized! He was so fired-up that he literally sang Jesus Is Lordduring his good confession! We were also privileged to see Michael baptized today! So in just the first two weeks of 2013, God has blessed us with four amazing baptized disciples!

Our New Year’s Workshop was also blow-away and entitled, Even Greater Things. (John 14:12) We focused on what God can do rather than what man can do and dreamed together for this new year to be“even greater” than last year! So many of our brothers and sisters shared powerfully… I was blown away by the unity, conviction and faith… So encouraging! Please keep us in your prayers as we have all of you in ours! To God be the glory! (1 Samuel 17:45-47)

Debs Rajan of Chennai: Greetings from the land of a billion souls! In the month of December, we had our very own Jubilee! The whole church was charged with the theme, Ablaze For God. We had our first campus student from the Women’s Christian College named Mishal get baptized! Like the Apostles in the book of Acts, Mishal was locked-up in her house by her parents, was given milk that was drugged which put her to sleep, but she stood up strong and is now a fired-up, totally committed disciple! We had Franklin from the Teen Ministry get baptized at theJubilee along with Christopher, who has done his Master’s in Commerce.

On January 1st, Maheshwari, a nurse, was baptized! Also, Mahesh, a teen who came for the Jubilee along with his aunt Mercy, saw the love of the disciples, was inspired by the messages, and was baptized last Sunday! Subash, an Engineering Graduate in Computer Science, who was initially confused about our doctrine finally decided to make Jesus his Lord yesterday! We are so grateful for the disciples of the Ventura Region of Los Angeles for their sacrifice of money and for sending us a special Christmas gift! God has been pouring His mercy upon us as we are now 57 sold-out disciples as of January 1, 2013!

Suresh and Roger – Interns for the Chennai
Church – “sandwich” our new brothers
Christopher and Franklin!

Dearest Brothers and Sisters around the world: Let us be praying for more and more hurting remnant disciples to join God’s new movement. Almost every day, I receive a message on Facebook similar to the one I received today: “Kip, I want to be a part of the church that I used to be with some 16 years ago in 1997. I believe that you are the man of God and I believe in the Bible convictions [of the SoldOut Movement]. So the problem is, that the Metro Manila [ICOC] Church is now cold. I’m not used to it and I feel sad that I am not a part of a movement. One thing, I am blessed because God is always here with me. Please Kip, help me to be part of your group. My name is ________.” As is my custom, I wrote her back immediately to get her in contact with our dear sister, Gina Dela Pena – our Women’s Ministry Leader in Metro Manila.

Be praying for the International College of Christian Ministry (ICCM) which officially opens in late January 2013, when we will welcome from the City of Angels Church our newly selected 25 “unpaid interns” by giving each of them full scholarships worth $2,000 per trimester! Then on February 3, 2013, the City of Angels Church Bulletin will formally introduce the college and detail the reasons for its founding. Amazingly, the ICCM will be allowed by the State of California to grant Bachelor’s, Master’s and Doctoral degrees that comply with our Biblical convictions! After February 3rd, we will be accepting more applications for the ICCM. The applications will be submitted online at the City of Angels International Christian Church website. (www.caicc.net) Again, a Happy New Year and to God be all the glory, honor and praise! Amen!
Much love,