February 24th 2013

Dear All,
Greetings from “Santiago de Chile,” Sao Paulo and Los Angeles! The past two weeks have been absolutely remarkable! As I traveled to Santiago, I “stopped off” in Dallas to see my daughter’s & and her awesome husband’s new daughter! Yes, I’m “Abuelo (Grandpa) Kip” again! “Abuela” (Elena) stayed to help take care of our precious granddaughter, but I then flew to Santiago to participate in the First Annual Central & South American Missions Conference on February 14-17, 2013!

“Abuela Elena!”

Though several mature disciples came from the States, for the disciples from Santiago, Sao Paulo and Mexico City, this was the first time they met disciples from other churches except for guest speakers! The absolutely incredible singing and preaching – in Spanish, Portuguese and English – caused most of us “remnant disciples” (veterans!) to cry! Sunday we had 191 in attendance! Not only did Carlos & Lucy Mejia do an amazing job directing the conference, but they have built on the foundation of the Morenos, Sullivans and Gonzalezes to make the Santiago Church one of the most vibrant congregations in God’s new movement!

Guided by the hand of God, Carlos & Lucy have
built the Santiago Church into one of the
most vibrant in the SoldOut Movement!

Then it was on to Sao Paulo, Brazil! Though Raul & Lynda and I spent time together in Santiago reminiscing about how God brought us together there in 2005, in Sao Paulo, we walked side-by-side for three days full of Bible studies, preaching and reaching out to so many awesome “remnant brothers and sisters!” I believe that in the next few weeks, scores of Brazilian remnant disciples will join the new movement of our Savior and Lord!

Wednesday evening, the Bible Talk Leaders
and the USP students gathered at Raul
& Lynda’s apartment for a lesson!

On Saturday, February 23rd, the following night after my return home, Elena & I hosted the second session of the International College of Christian Ministries (ICCM)… where almost 40 students took their first ICCM exam! Then on Sunday, we were blessed to worship in our beloved South Central Region and hear a tremendous sermon from Cory Blackwell on Daniel 3 – Faith In The Face Of Fire! Later on Sunday, it was exciting to hear from Chris & Theresa Broom – who did an outstanding job leading the City of Angels Church in our absence – that during the past two weeks, “the Lord [has] added to [our] number” 23 – 14 baptisms, 7 restorations and 2 place memberships! To God be the glory!

Now more detailed reports from around Los Angeles…

Tyler Sears: “See, I am doing a new thing! Now it springs up; do you not perceive it?” (Isaiah 43:18) Greetings from the North Region of the City of Angels Church! The last several weeks have been amazing and full of “new things!” To start, we were able to witness the very first baptism of the North Region – Dahshanique! She made her good confession and was welcomed warmly into the Kingdom as we baptized her in the hot tub of the sisters’ apartment complex. She is a student at CSUN and has already brought out her roommate who is currently studying the Bible!

Secondly, we watched David Caldwell “spring up” the question to Ashley Sanders to be his girlfriend! And, she said, “Yes!” Shay & I are very excited to see how God uses their “new” dating relationship to honor the Father and bring many more into the Kingdom. Lastly, we are so honored to have Ronnie & Leyda Garcia join us in the North! We“perceive” that they were sent by the Spirit from the awesome AMS Region, because already they’ve been such a joy amongst the fellowship with their maturity and hearts to serve! Thank you everyone for your prayers!

Theresa Broom of the OC Region: “[Barnabas] saw the evidence of the grace of God…” (Acts 11:23) God has been moving powerfully in Orange County as Mario and Tony were baptized last Sunday! Monique also shared powerfully how God worked to restore her to God and His Kingdom through the efforts of Loidy, Vanessa, Blair and other sisters. Sadly, Monique had been playing with fire when she fell away and went back to her old friends, boyfriend and drug addictions. Since repenting, God has blessed Monique with several guests to the firstOrange County & Inland Empire Regions Women’s Day, where 80 sisters had an attendance of 240! Now many new women are studying the Bible and will soon follow the examples of Mario, Tony and Monique! Pray for the “OC” harvest.

Sonja Chloupek preaching at the
OC & IE Regions Women’s Day!




Stephanie Pollard – Intern in the East Region: Greetings from the Cal Poly Ministry! God has been working powerfully through the campus women because of their perseverance and unity! We originally started with four women this January, and God has doubled us by adding four more – three baptisms and one restoration! Last week, we had two baptism miracles from Cal Poly – Rosa Marie and Esther! And then Genesis was baptized on Friday! Interestingly, our fourth addition is our newly restored sister Liz Gonzalez, who poured out her heart during her restoration as she profoundly apologized to her physical and spiritual families! Amazingly, as Liz was studying to be restored, she invited Genesis to church. Genesis loved it from the moment she came! Dulce and Bryanna – my two “armor bearers” – studied everyday with her! And on Friday, she said, “Jesus is Lord!”

Rosa (Cal Poly student baptized last week), Stephanie
(East Region Intern), Bryanna (disciple in the
Cal Poly Ministry) and Esther (Cal Poly
student baptized two weeks ago)!

God is not only working powerfully with the women, but the men also! My awesome boyfriend Gabe Reed, the leader of the Cal Poly Ministry, has been working diligently with our brother Jonny, who sadly was taken out by his sin. But through the love, faith and determination of the Cal Poly disciples, Jonny returned last Sunday to the Lord and all the angels in Heaven were rejoicing! (Luke 15:7)

Another miracle happened this week in our Teen Ministry! Jonathan, who was met on the bus by our Mexico City missionary Andrew Lopez, also declared Jesus as his Lord at baptism! I’m so grateful for all the hard work of the disciples in the East Region and their conviction about taking the gospel everywhere! (Matthew 28:18-20)

DJ Comisford of the West Region: The Lord has blessed the West Region the past three weeks with three baptisms and a place membership! Angel, a UCLA freshman was baptized two weeks ago; Eugene, from the SMC Ministry and Aurielle from the singles, were baptized last week! Then this week, Tina, who valiantly went on the Mission Team to Paris, placed membership with us! She will be helping in the West Region with our incredible team of administrators!

Argo Arneson of the Inland Empire Region and overseeing Evangelist for Scandinavia and Russia: It has been a great start of the year 2013 for the saints of Inland Empire! We began with 27 disciples and during the past eight weeks, God has blessed us with eight additions – one place membership and seven baptisms! At the first Sunday in February at our Congregational Service, our RCC student Renee and UCR student Oly were baptized into Christ! On the second week of February, another student Courtney from UCR hit the waters of baptism! Then a week ago, a great woman Jeanne was baptized in our Marrieds Ministry, and today at our Sunday Service still another UCR student Evelyn made Jesus her Lord and was baptized!

“Once more a remnant of the Kingdom of Judah will take root below and bear fruit above. For out of Jerusalem will come a remnant, and out of Mount Zion a band of survivors.” (2 King 19:30-31) I want to share with you some great news from Novosibirsk, Russia – literally in the heart of Siberia! On Sunday, February 24th, an awesome sister Lali was restored into God’s Kingdom! Lali, who is Georgian by nationality, was baptized in 1997 in our former fellowship in Novosibirsk. She was one of the most fired-up sisters making disciples and baptizing many women! Sadly, she left God in 2001 full of disappointment and bitterness. During 12 years without God, her life became a nightmare. The man she was living with was abusing her mentally and physically. She was living in constant fear and started to lose hope that she could ever become independent, because of her two young children… But the dream to come back to God never left her!

Finally, about one year ago, she began to attend our former fellowship where she was baptized 15 years ago trying to get restored. She was shocked by their lack of faith and lack of caring for the lost. At the same time she heard “rumors” about “a new movement” and our remnant group in Novosibirsk! After coming to Sunday Service and seeing real disciples again, she started to study the Bible with the sisters. Right away persecution started from her family and Lali didn’t have enough faith to face it.

Almost a year later she returned, this time with the firm decision to change her life. She was severely beaten up by the father of her children again, but she realized that she couldn’t go on without God anymore. After living for years in these terrible circumstances, she was even considering taking her own life. Then after getting with the sisters again, finally she had the conviction that only God can help her to bring changes to her life. During the next one-and-a-half months as she studied the Bible, Lali radically changed her life! Then God helped her miraculously with finding a new place to live and a job! Once again, Lali is walking with God and dreaming about winning the whole world to Christ in one generation! Please pray for her and for her children’s safety!

The Novosibirsk Remnant Group!

On to more refreshing news from around the globe…

Carlos Mejia of Santiago: “After Jesus said this, He looked toward heaven and prayed: ‘Father, THE TIME HAS COME. Glorify your Son, that your Son may glorify you.'” (John 17:1) Greetings from Santiago de Chile! The Lord has worked so powerfully in these past few weeks making our First Annual Central & South American Missions Conference a totally unforgettable and life changing event! Our theme was The Time Has Come!

Carlos welcoming all of us to the Leadership Seminar
before the CSA Missions Conference!

From the opening song on Friday night, we knew right away that our God was with us, and He was celebrating! The singing and the fellowship were blazing hot! It’s hard to put into words just how ecstatic all the disciples really were, to praise our God, and to relish all of the sweet fellowship with the visiting brothers and sisters! We were so blessed to have Kip McKean, Raul & Lynda Moreno, Ron & Tracy Harding, and Matt & Helen Sullivan, not to mention a flood of other disciples who sacrificed so much to be with us, all the way from LA, DC, Orlando, and nearly half of the church in Sao Paulo!!! We are truly grateful!

“Partners in the gospel” – Ron Harding,
Matt Sullivan and Raul Moreno!

We all learned so much, and all the lessons called us to make radical decisions for Jesus! The “Great Banquet” on Saturday evening was a scrumptious feast! During our meal, beautiful Chilean songs were performed and folk dancing in “cultural attire” entertained us! Highlighting the evening was the inspirational lesson by our dear brother and leader, Kip McKean.

Saturday Night’s Great Banquet!

Sunday, we were inspired by the appointing of Abelardo & Elida Flores as a Congregational Shepherding Couple! They have served tirelessly in the churches in DC, Los Angeles and now in Santiago! Also, a packed house and record attendance of 191 stood witness, as two incredible women – Elizabeth and Angela – made Jesus Lord and were baptized at the end of service! Then, this Wednesday, Maria was baptized! A very special thanks to all the brothers and sisters here in Chile who served tirelessly with all their hearts to make this an awesome conference!

Abelardo & Elida (Lucy’s Uncle & Aunt) were
appointed a Shepherding Couple for
the Santiago Church by the Mejias!

We are very encouraged to announce that our Second Annual Central & South American Missions Conference will be held on February 14-16, 2014! Please save the date! In other news, with so many Americans and English speakers moving here to Santiago, we are preparing and praying to launch an International (English-speaking) Ministry! There are many American companies here in Chile: Kimberly-Clark, H&M, Google, Coca-Cola, Microsoft, KPMG, Mars, 3M, Cheesecake Factory, P. F. Chang’s, and Equifax! We are desperately in need of brothers and sisters who can work for any of these companies and/or be willing to move your business here and be part of the International Ministry. Please be praying for this, as we are also in need of a couple that can come from the States and “take the helm” of this ministry as a non-paid ministry couple! Please contact me Carlos Mejia – carlos@usd21.org – if you are interested! We love you all with the love of the Lord!

The Chilean disciples and their children entertained
us during the Great Banquet!

Raul Moreno of Sao Paulo: “…which agrees with what I teach everywhere in every church.”(1 Corinthians 4:17) There is a lot good news here in Brazil! First of all, 16 of us traveled to the First Central & South American Missions Conference in Santiago, Chile. All the Brazilian disciples were amazed by the excellence, preparation, forethought and love displayed by the Santiago Church! Carlos & Lucy Mejia did a magnificent job planning and organizing the conference. The disciples were greeted at the airport by many disciples and loved deeply. They felt and understood that we are one church around the world, as they saw the same convictions and zeal as in Sao Paulo! They all said that they felt as if they were “home!” It was great to see and reconnect with fellow “partners in the gospel” and great friends as Carlos & Lucy, Matt & Helen Sullivan, Ron & Tracy Harding, and of course, Kip.

 Lynda Moreno is reunited with her beloved Chilean
disciples, while the Brazilian disciples are
enjoying the fellowship behind them!

After the conference, we had the privilege and honor to have Kip for three days with us in Sao Paulo. Kip loves the remnant very much as he spent most of his time trying to win them. (1 Corinthians 9:19) There were quite a few remnant disciples that came to hear him preach on both Wednesday and Thursday nights, and they are in the process of making decisions to join God’s new movement! I must admit, it was a little humorous to see Kip “adapt” to the concept of “personal space” (or should I say a lack of personal space) in Sao Paulo as it is “a little different” from Los Angeles! Kip was compressed like a sardine in the subway here! I would venture to say that sardines may have more “personal space” than people in the Sao Paulo subways! But, amen! Kip survived! And finally, we had Tania baptized today who is doing her Masters in Physics at USP University!

The lost masses in the crowded
subways of Sao Paulo!

Jay Hernandez of Hilo: “What, after all, is Apollos? And what is Paul? Only servants, through whom you came to believe — as the Lord has assigned to each his task. I planted the seed, Apollos watered it, but God made it grow. So neither he who plants nor he who waters is anything, but only God, who makes things grow.” (1 Corinthians 3:5-7) Greetings from your brothers and sisters in Hilo, Hawaii AND Boise, Idaho! What an incredible God we serve, one who truly “makes things grow.” Over the past month, I have been able to witness God’s true power displayed in creating a new remnant group that has come out of Boise, Idaho!

In late January, Rob Hart contacted Kip and began to make efforts to be restored to God’s Kingdom. Kip then referred Rob to me, as I had the pleasure of studying with Rob back in Portland in 2003! He was baptized and yet because of pride, he fell away after only a few months. Rob then ran from God leaving his wife of the time, their child and God’s Kingdom. He wandered through the deepest of darkness until recently humbling himself before God. Rob remarried some time ago and after returning to God studied the Bible with his wife Rachel and baptized her!

After officially “joining the new movement,” they began to study the Bible with some friends from their previous denominational church, and on Thursday February 14th, Randy & Barbie were baptized into the love of God and His Kingdom. A week later, God continued to make this small group grow as Barbie was able to baptize her fired-up 84 year old mom Mary! It truly is amazing to see “the Word of God increase [numerically] and spread [geographically]” just like it did in the first century! (Acts 12:24)

Our new Boise Remnant Group!

Lola Lof of Kinshasa: Greetings from the Democratic Republic of Congo! The warriors of the King of Kings were happy for the great Day of the Lord which gathered 370 in attendance this Sunday! Despite the sunshine that burns our heads just early in the morning and regular power-cut and no water supply for almost a week in most of our areas, brothers and sisters are still fired-up for God’s work!

We opened our service with super welcome words and a powerful prayer by our brother Arman! Then the Lord’s supper was led by John Itetsi. He humbly challenged us with James 5:16, “Therefore confess your sins to each other and pray for each other so that you may be healed. The prayer of a righteous man is powerful and effective.”Just after that I preached a sermon entitled, God Is Interested In Our Offerings from the inspirational account of the poor widow in Luke 21. Lastly, two more awesome ladies were plunged into the waters of baptism – Getride and Charlène, and two other ladies were restored – Blanche and Laurette, who are physical sisters! To God be the glory!

Laurette, Blanche (physical sisters) and Mamie,
who helped them to be restored!

Michael Williamson: Greetings from the London saints! The last three weeks have been inspirational, as the Holy Spirit has been building, pruning and strengthening the disciples here. Three weeks ago, we saw a single professional internet business man be baptized amidst 125 in attendance! Alex was very religious and when confronted on his salvation, he responded in true business fashion by saying, “Okay, that’s challenging! What’s the next step?”

Alex (on the far left) shares about his
decision to make Jesus his Lord!

The following week was our Bring Your Neighbour Day, where I was so proud of the church, as we had 165 in attendance despite freezing temperatures! I was so encouraged by Christine Alamu who brought out 13 guests, and our recent convert Paul Busari who had 12 out! This week was powerful as we finally moved to a larger space and heard one of the most powerful communion messages from James Morgan, whose father passed away days prior.

Also, Kia Pope is officially fulltime alongside our newest intern, who at one point had no belief in God and was homeless, Jamal Raoul! Lastly, all those who attended the 2012 European Missions Conference, will be encouraged by the beautiful waterfront venue on Canary Wharf for the 2013 European Missions Conference to be held on November 7-10! Keep us in your prayers.

Jay Shelbrack of Chicago: “…and all nations will stream to it.”(Isaiah 2:2) This weekend, we were truly in awe as God blessed ourInternational Bring Your Neighbor Day as we had a record attendance of 407! We witnessed amazing presentations sung in Mongolian, Tagalog, French and Spanish, accompanied by a “silent” dramatic performance by our Latin Ministry! We concluded with an international meal with food from all of the world’s six populated continents!

In the last three weeks, God has blessed us with seven additions. Originally from Alabama, Sonia & Jocobo first “found us” on the web! Sonia was looking on her phone and it wasn’t working, so she put it down and our website appeared! When they attended and saw our“love for one another,” they knew they had “found” God’s church and became very aggressive to make Jesus Lord of their lives and be baptized!

Today, Derrick – who plays basketball for Loyola University and was met by our campus minister, Dustin Miller – was baptized! Vicky was baptized by her husband Fabian, who was converted in September 2012, and was reached out to by his sister Marlyn, who was baptized in April 2011, and who was met by our campus intern Sabrina! This same Marlyn reached out to Vanessa from Morton College, who was also baptized today!

We also had Brittany place membership last week, who was baptized by our sister church in Santiago, Chile! Finally, Pilar was restored! She fell away from our former fellowship years ago, but was so grateful to find God’s church once again! Of special note is that her daughter and her daughter’s husband lead the church in Honduras for the ICOC and are very supportive of her decision! Please pray for us as next weekend is our “March Madness” Campus Weekend which will run from Friday to Sunday, concluding with an “all campus led” worship service!

Coltin Rohn of Boston: “Andrew, Simon Peter’s brother, was one of the two who heard what John had said and who had followed Jesus. The first thing Andrew did was to find his brother Simon and tell him, ‘We have found the Messiah’ (that is, the Christ). And he brought him to Jesus.” (John 1:40-42) This Scripture was similarly reenacted this month at one of our House Church Services! Our dear brother Brian Carr received the honor of baptizing his older brother Kevin in the refreshing water trough in our living room! (You know you’re a preacher when you have a baptismal in your living room!)

Kevin is a “great-hearted” man from Louisiana and came to visit Boston on Saturday, initially for only one week. However, after seeing the love of the disciples, their daily life and their love for God, Kevin decided to study the Bible every day for the week that he was visiting. At the end of the week, he informed us that he already cancelled his flight “home,” because he is here to stay! February 10th Kevin was baptized, and already has a job at an historic hotel! What a great testimony to God about His desire for “physical brothers” to become “spiritual brothers” in His Kingdom! Also this month, we had a record attendance of 56 and are close to services having a ratio of one-to-one disciples to visitors!

Now Kevin and Brian are “double brothers!”

Blaise Feumba – the overseeing Evangelist of French Africa: “During the night Paul had a vision of a man of Macedonia standing and begging him, ‘Come over to Macedonia and help us.'” (Acts 16:9) The “Macedonian call” has been experienced over the past weeks in Abidjan and French Africa! First of all from our sister church in Abidjan: Kipre’, a disciple in the military, was relocated with his family after the civil war in Issia – a city four hours outside of Abidjan! After realizing how dry and empty their lives had become, he called Amadou – our leader in Abidjan – for help just like the Macedonian in Paul’s dream! Immediately, Amadou realized that was a call from God to start a ministry in that town! He sent Koualou – our leader of the North Region – to help them. Kipre’ was restored after a couple of days and organized their first service in the city of Issia last week! They had two baptisms last Sunday, Carole and Philippe! God gave them 33 in attendance with just four disciples – Kipre’, Koualou and the two new disciples!

Meanwhile in Abidjan, a former ICOC sister who was restored, told Amadou about a soldier she knew who was in a coma. They all prayed for him begging God to spare his life so he could study the Bible. After he recovered, Amadou & Angele took him into their house to care and serve him while studying the Bible with him. Amazingly, Tai was baptized this Sunday!

Amadou also received a “Macedonian call” for the Campus Ministry after the campuses have just been re-opened after almost a two years closure because of the civil war! Though “a bit of an older man,” Amadou went onto the campus with boldness and alone he did a Bible Talk having 15 guests! Interestingly, a man named Ahmed from a Muslim background who had been disfellowshipped by his family because of his beliefs in Christ came and was yearning to really know his Bible and be trained to serve Christ “more accurately.” (Acts 18:26) God directed him to Amadou – a former Muslim himself – who studied with him. He was baptized at last week’s Sunday service, where 108 disciples had 61 visitors! He is now serving as Amadou’s assistant on the campus. At their second campus Bible Talk this week, they had 18 visitors!

Similar to Apollos, Ahmed after having Amadou
explain “to him the way of God more
 is baptized into Christ!

Many thanks to all the saints all around the movement for all the challenging and inspiring news we read about every week, highlighting the “movement of God’s Spirit” in our midst! To our Almighty God be all the glory!

Ricky Challinor of Portland: Good news from the City of Bridges!!! First of all, we had an amazing young campus woman named “Stevey” baptized! The incredible story with this fiery young woman is that Gordo Esparza –  who leads the Teen Ministry – shared with a young man Silas over two years ago! Silas’ girlfriend Joenisha (who will prayerfully get baptized soon) shared with Stevey who started studying! Now she is our sister in Christ!

Next, we had a talented young man Mason restored! It was astounding to see the radical change in his character and life! A big thanks to Ted Green who spearheaded his studies! This last week, Mason led the PCC Bible Talk and had 11 visitors! Glory to God as Mason will be one of the “Vegas 5” – as five disciples from Portland will be on the Las Vegas Mission Team with the 10 from Los Angeles! The Vegas Mission Team leaves in April!

Lastly, we had a tremendous athletic victory in the church in my favorite sport – wrestling! Iho – the son of “AB,” the younger brother of Owa (who plays football at UCLA) and Iggy (who leads LA’s IE Region Campus Bible Talk at CSUSB) was able to go to “State” for wrestling! Long story short, he demolished his opponents and is the 195lb State Champion of Oregon! So, it’s on to wrestle at Nationals!!! Pray that God opens the hearts of the people as we have MANY studying to proclaim,“Jesus is Lord!”

Iho and his mom “AB” embrace after he
becomes Oregon State Champion!

Matt Sullivan of Orlando: “You should not be surprised at my saying, ‘You must be born again.’ The wind blows wherever it pleases. You hear its sound, but you cannot tell where it comes from or where it is going. So it is with everyone born of the Spirit.”The last three weeks have been super encouraging, as God has added three more to our number – literally “blowing them in” from all over the world!

We were able to receive Brady Vaughn from the Hawaiian Islands, as he is ending his time in the military and will begin college here in Orlando. We now have several ex-military disciples with us who are so fired-up as they are now able to be with the church every day! They are all so grateful!

The same weekend, we received Curtis White who “blew in” from New Orleans! He survived the hurricanes and a lost fellowship, and yet made his way to Orlando after visiting just five days before! Curtis had contacted Kip and was directed to me. We realized that we both knew tons of disciples from the “old days” in what once was the San Francisco ICOC Church… back in the 80’s! Curtis is an incredible addition as he brings years of experience and at 58 a fiery heart… a self-described (and I agree) “Caleb,” as he often asks for the “hill country” after my sermons!

Lastly, Helen & I were privileged to see the Lord working in South America at the Central & South American Missions Conference! His Spirit also “blew into” Orlando an amazing young lady named Daniela from Columbia! Daniela is a student at UCF studying International Business. She was met a few weeks ago, and although she lives about 1 1/2 hours away, she decided to stay late each day after classes to study the Bible. She has received persecution from her family yet continues to stand firm and was baptized last Sunday while Helen & I were in Santiago! Thanks for your partnership in the gospel!

The Sullivans so enjoyed their return to Santiago! In
the future, they will serve as the Associate Director
of the CSA Missions Conference. Their main
responsibility is to register Americans
for this momentous event!

Mike Underhill of San Francisco: Last week, we had the privilege of seeing Delaney, a freshman at San Francisco State University, get baptized! Delaney was met last semester by several sisters, who had decided to evangelize in the dorms by door-knocking. When the sisters knocked on Delaney’s door, contrary to all her friends in the room, Delaney came to the door and accepted the invitation to study the Bible! Although the Bible studies were difficult for her to accept, she still took the sisters’ challenges regarding daily personal Bible study and prayer over the Winter Break as she went home to be with her family. When she returned to school for the Spring Semester, God had softened Delaney’s heart to humbly and joyfully obey the Scriptures, and now, she is your sister in Christ!

Delaney enters the Kingdom through the icy
waters of the San Francisco Bay!

Today was a great service as Kama Parlour (my awesome mother-in-law) and Janah Cook joined us from the Boston Church! Janah sang a beautiful song for communion and Kama shared her heart for contribution. Everyone was inspired as both shared about the great miracles God is performing in Boston!

Andrew Smellie of New York City: “The Lord’s hand was with them, and a great number of people believed and turned to the Lord.”(Acts 11:21) Greetings from The Big Apple! It has been incredible to see“the evidence of the grace of God,” as SEVEN SOULS have been baptized into Christ in just TWO WEEKS! 

Last week, history was made in the NYC Church as four men were baptized at one time: Angel (a medical student from Brooklyn); Stanley (a married brother from the Bronx); Alex (a single dad from Queens); and Rashad (a single professional from Manhattan)! Alex’s baptism was especially moving, as he is from a family of disciples – the brother of Anais and the son of Juana Veras! Alex’s father, who sadly had been very critical of the church but was present at his baptism, remarked, “I never believed that he could change… It’s a miracle! It’s time I studied the Bible as well!” Of special note last Sunday was the place membership of our sister Fernanda from Sao Paulo, Brazil! Her six month internship in physics at Stony Brook University has joined her with New York City’s very own Nina Rivera who also speaks Portuguese and works at the same research facility!

Today we continued to rejoice as three more campus students braved the storms of persecution to be baptized: Brianna (a freshman at the Parson New School of Design in Manhattan); as well as Gerald and Gerard (twin students at Lehman College in the Bronx)! Please pray for God to continue to forcefully advance His Kingdom here in NYC! And to God be all the glory!

Gerald, Brianna and Gerard are spiritual triplets!

Ron Harding: Greetings from the MIGHTY DC Church! The last three weeks have been nothing short of miraculous! As we await the arrival of the last three disciples to arrive from the Charlotte Remnant Group’s transition into DC, the Scripture which most appropriately describes what we are witnessing here in the Capital of the United States is Acts 6:7,“So the Word of God spread. The number of disciples in Jerusalem increased rapidly, and a large number of priests became obedient to the faith!” The week of Valentine’s Dinner was a week of joyful tears. It began with two baptisms during the week. Then at our Valentine’s Dinner, we all looked around the tables and realized that we had five Evangelist/Church Leaders (“priests”) and four Women’s Ministry Leader/Church Leaders among our number – five of whom are moving to DC, visiting DC to “check us out,” or are in the process of joining our movement! It was a glorious event!

Then, we had one of the most incredible services to date! So special was the visit of our dear brother and sister Mike & Dena Sanicola – who are “heroes in the faith” for Tracy, myself, and hundreds of others around the world! They formerly served God’s movement with diligence and incredible fruitfulness as Geographic Sector Leaders, moving 45 times for the mission in almost 20 years of ministry in the US and South America!

Mike & Dena traveled all the way from Nashville, Tennessee to worship with us and “experience” the new movement! Because of Mike’s deep convictions about what God’s movement should “look like” and “feel like,” his intense, Berean-like study of the Scriptures, and his diligent reading of the SoldOut Movement’s defining articles before his arrival in DC, I graciously allowed Mike to preach to God’s people for the first time in nearly 10 years! He preached an incredible lesson entitled, Freedom Requires Faith, which especially touched the hearts of our older remnant disciples!

After Mike’s lesson, we saw two more campus students from the University of Maryland be baptized! Then another woman was baptized that evening! So in one week we saw five baptisms! Therefore, in the first eight weeks of 2013, the Lord has blessed us with “weekly baptisms” adding 13 to our number – 8 by baptism and 5 by place membership! He’s also blessed us with a sacrificial congregation who is now averaging over $6,000 per week! We look forward to another amazing week, as I am filled with faith that our mighty church will power through the 100 member barrier this week! Of all the amazing miracles God has allowed us to see, we humbly give Him all the honor, glory and praise! Pray for us as we continue to pray for all of you and this very lost world!

Debs Rajan of Chennai: Greetings from the nation of over one billion lost souls! That said, God has been moving powerfully in India! So far this month, the Lord has blessed us with three amazing baptisms: Srilekha – who is a professional – took a radical stand to follow Jesus; Deepak – who is a student studying Japanese – gave up his worldly dream to go to Japan to make money; and Yesuraj – a soccer player and a freshman from the prestigious Madras Christian College! Since January 1, 2013 we have seen God add ten souls to His “visible Kingdom” in Chennai!

Meanwhile, Lalit & Alveena are doing a great job fighting the battle in Northern India in the great city of New Delhi! After a lot of perseverance and prayer by Lalit, we are now registered and can start a church in any part of India! To God be all the glory!

Our New Delhi Remnant Group
Leaders – Lalit & Alveena!

Dearest Brothers and Sisters, Truly Jesus’ words ring true, “Blessed are the eyes that see what you see. For I tell you that many prophets and kings wanted to see what you see but did not see it, and to hear what you hear but did not hear it!” (Luke 10:23-24) Thank you Father for your incredible grace and mercy! To you be all the glory! Amen!
Much love,