August 25th 2013

Dear All,
Greetings from Orlando! Last week, Elena & I flew to Florida to spend a few days with our dear parents, as well as to relax together where we spent a day at Epcot of Disney World! During this delightful week, we were honored to worship with the awesome Orlando International Christian Church – God’s “Magic Kingdom!” Matt & Helen Sullivan, Anthony & Elizabeth Eckels, and Mike & Chenelle Patterson have built a glorious congregation in the very heart of our beloved Central Florida!

The McKeans were greatly inspired by their visit
to God’s “Magic Kingdom” – the Mighty
Orlando Church!

Then so great to come home to LA and share in the awesome wedding of two of our most capable ICCM students – Gabe & Stephanie Reed! Congratulations to them and their precious families!

Gabe vows to Stephanie to always be faithful
to God and to get her to Heaven!

Lastly, our thanks to Chris & Theresa Broom who have overseen the City of Angels Church in our absence! God has truly blessed their labors for in the first 25 days of August, the Lord has added 36 to our number – 22 baptisms, 8 restorations and 6 place memberships! And to God be the glory!

And now more detailed reports from around Los Angeles…

Chris Broom of the OC Region: In Acts 20:35, Paul reminds us of the very words of Jesus, “It is more blessed to give than to receive.” This Scripture came to life for us over the past couple of weeks in Orange County as we have had the opportunity to send out three more of our most dynamic sisters!

First, Jennifer will be joining Luke & Brandyn Speckman, who lead the dynamic Ventura Region! This very fruitful region has sent out so many incredible disciples to spread the Gospel that we are thrilled to now send Jen to encourage them!

Best of friends, Krystal (right) helps to send
off Jen to the Ventura Region!

Also, Engracia and Lily are going to be a part of the new Santa Barbara Sector led by Richie & Elizabeth McDonnell, which will become the Santa Barbara Church Planting in January 2014!

Engracia and Lilly are sent by the Spirit to help
plant the Santa Barbara Church!

In turn, since our last good news report right before the GLC, God has blessed the OC with five baptisms – four from the English Ministry (Patricia, Jake, Glen and Edimar), and one from the Spanish Ministry (Tony)!

Patricia, Jake, Glen and Edimar!

I am sure you have read in previous Good News Emails how my mother-in-law Lucy Vazquez baptized her friend Maria Teresa in the Orlando Church! Since that time, Tony (who was baptized today) is one of seven friends and relatives of Maria Teresa who have begun to attend church here in Orange County!

Cesar Limon: “I pray that out of His glorious riches He may strengthen you with power through His Spirit in your inner being.” (Ephesians 3:16) Greetings from the Inland Empire Region where we are all being strengthened with God’s power and so we decided to not call our times with God “quiet times” but “POWER TIMES!”

The Arneson Family – Argo, Anu and Ann Cathrine –
have been a tremendous blessing to the IE Region!

We are just beginning to understand how great the power of God is! With our pursuit to grow closer to Him, God has been blessing us with record “non-push” Sunday attendances for the past two weeks! Today with 47 disciples we had a total of 74 adults at church to worship the King!

God has also blessed us by adding two incredible disciples to our number through the waters of baptism! The first baptism was from our Campus Ministry! Michael, a student at UCR, was baptized Wednesday night as a sold-out disciple of Christ! He has already opened up his home for “disciple parties!”

 Michael – moments after his baptism – and the IE
Brothers give the challenge,
“You will be next!”

Our second baptism was from our Teen Ministry! It was inspiring to see Johnny, a high school student, radically repent and make Jesus Lord at such a young age! His brother Chris, a disciple in the East Region, shared how awesome it is to have your blood brother become your real blood brother… that is with Jesus’s blood! We pray that God may continue to “strengthen you with power through His Spirit in your inner being.”

Joe Willis of the North Region: Greeting from the Sydney Mission Team! With only 17 weeks to go before we set off on December 15, 2013, we all had a bonding feast together to diligently prepare for lift off! Thank you for all your prayers as there is much to work through!

Amazingly, over half the team have their visas! However, the latest challenge we have found out about is that all the singles on the team are required by the Australian Government to have $5,000 each in their bank account in order to enter the country to prove they can support themselves! Help us pray for miracles in this area and please feel free to send any support via the email: And be praying for the wedding of two of our Interns going with us to Australia – Mason & Nathalie, which Lord willing will happen in just two weeks!

Interns on the Sydney Mission Team, Mason &
Nathalie are so looking forward to their
wedding in two weeks!


NEWS FLASH Evan Bartholomew of San Diego: “The Kingdom of Heaven is like treasure hidden in a field. When a man found it, he hid it again, and then in his joy went and sold all he had and bought that field. Again, the Kingdom of Heaven is like a merchant looking for fine pearls. When he found one of great value, he went away and sold everything he had and bought it.”  (Matthew 13:44-46) One of the nicknames for SD is the “City in Motion!” And that we are!

I’m very excited to announce that the Kingdom of God has reached the NFL! Devan, a rookie linebacker on the San Diego Chargers, was baptized this past Tuesday! Devan and I met at our MERCYworldwide’s Day of MERCY, where a good portion of the Chargers Football Team showed up unexpectedly! The disciples were quick to share with them, and Devan and I were able to exchange numbers. We began studying the Bible that very same week! I’m so proud of him for his determination to persevere through repentance, and literally giving up everything for the Kingdom! Please pray for Devan as he is currently listed on injury reserve because of an injury to his right knee. Pray that he may recover to full strength and return to the team so he may use his great influence to win many to Christ!

Devan – our new brother on
the San Diego Chargers!

NEWS FLASH Matt Sullivan of Orlando: “Once more a remnant of the house of Judah will take root below and bear fruit above. For out of Jerusalem will come a remnant, and out of Mount Zion a band of survivors. The zeal of the Lord Almighty will accomplish this!” (2 Kings 19:30-31) The Lord has accomplished much since the planting of Orlando just one year ago!

The awesome remnant group faithfully started by Anthony & Elizabeth Eckels grew to 29 in just about four years. Then the Spirit blew in the mission team sent out from the GLC last year with 16 faithful disciples from LA, DC and Charlotte! With an amazing 33 move ins, 5 restorations and 58 baptisms for a total of 96 additions, we celebrated our First Anniversary Service on August 11, 2013 so fired-up about what the zeal of the Lord can do!

Matt & Helen Sullivan oversee the evangelization
of the Southeastern United States!

The last two weeks have also been a demonstration of the Lord’s zeal as “Dr. Kip McKean” & Elena spoke at our worship service on August 18th! Elena shared vulnerably and powerfully for our time of communion. Kip preached an incredible sermon calling the Orlando disciples to not rest on past victories but to stay AWAKE as we move forward into our second year!

Then at Staff on Tuesday our brother Kip preached what I would say was his most radical, inspiring and challenging sermon I have ever heard him preach! It was on Ezekiel 47 and all 30 of us were in awe as Kip painted the picture of The River Of God flowing out of His sanctuary and filling the earth! Kip then challenged the Orlando leadership to “do something that would make the angels say wow!” We were fired-up to take on the challenge and yet greatly humbled at what it would take to “wow” an angel! The Lord helped us start our second year with power as we had our highest attendance ever of 157 last week when the McKeans were here!

It was so encouraging to have Kip’s parents – Admiral Tom & Kim McKean visiting! Ted & Kathy Green (our Shepherds-in-Training) graciously presented a gorgeous bouquet of roses to Kip’s Mom during our announcements… It was a special moment! Then the Lord added two more to our number as Adrienne Richardson was powerfully restored and then Vanessa Flores gave her good confession and was promptly baptized!

The Orlando Church – after 96 additions their first
year – has a record attendance of 157 for
the first Sunday of their second year!

This week has been equally awe inspiring as our Campus Ministries at both Valencia College and the University of Central Florida (UCF) began their Fall Campaign. Amazingly they committed to sharing their faith with 50 people a day and the Patterson’s led the charge sharing with 100 a day! By Friday, everyone was tired but not worn out! As a matter of fact, they were so fired-up because 24 disciples had 24 visitors out to Devo at the Student Union!

Yesterday, we had another awesome attendance of 152! We closed out the service with a fantastic baptism of a UCF engineering student named Ahekim! What an amazing way to start our second year with three amazing additions in our first two weeks! God is awesome!

The Orlando Church will send out the Gainesville
Mission Team in December – whose field will
include the 50,000 students at the
University of Florida!

Lou Jack Martinez of Honolulu: IT WAS A BAD TWO WEEKS FOR THE DEVIL IN HONOLULU!!! First of all, we finally KICKED OFF OUR “KINGDOM SONGLEADERS” Facebook PageRIGHT HERE IN HONOLULU – where Kingdom Songleaders from around the world can come to get INSPIRATION, ENCOURAGEMENT and SPECIFIC INSTRUCTION to become the BEST SONGLEADERS THEY CAN POSSIBLY BE!!! It’s like a DAILY WORKSHOP where Songleaders can go to learn new ways of singing old songs, old ways of singing new songs, and to also learn all kinds of new songs written by our very own brothers and sisters in Christ!!!

Additionally, our SINGLES MINISTRY – led powerfully and humbly by our brother and sister Scott & Terra Utter – did a “DOUBLE-TAP” to the Kingdom of the air, and baptized both Misty Aielo and Simi Fruean, Jr., a Samoan-Portuguese “MAN-O-WAR FOR THE KINGDOM” met by our brother Chaz Schmidt!

The Honolulu Singles Ministry welcomes
Misty to God’s Family!

This young brother Simi (pronounced SIM-ee) has all the raw materials for a full-time worker for the LORD, and with the right heart and attitude, God is going to do GREAT THINGS through him; and, like ALL Samoans, HE CAN SING, TOO!!!

Our newest worker for the Lord in Honolulu,
Simi – the “Singing Samoan!”

Today we had the FIRST PERFORMANCE of our Honolulu ICC CHOIR, beautifully led by our amazing Samoan sister Sina Holi!!! They did an incredible job with the song Refiner’s Fire and inspired the entire congregation!!!

Finally, we had 120 and 113 at church last Sunday and this Sunday, respectively, and welcomed back our dear brother – and another “evangelist-in-the-making” – RJ Jackson, who just BAPTIZED BOTH HIS BEST FRIEND RYAN EHNEY and his dad, RANDALL JACKSON while he was in Texas!!! And his mom has been studying the Bible this past week!!!

While in San Antonio for the summer, RJ (right) not
only baptized his father, but his best friend Ryan!


Jacob Beas of Eugene: Greetings from Track Town, USA! Here in Eugene, the disciples are fired-up to be “running the race marked out for us!” Today was a huge victory for God and His church as we saw God add two more to his wonderful Kingdom at our Park Service!

Not even the extra dose of Oregon’s famous “liquid sunshine” could dampen our spirits as we saw Alex Reitmann be restored to Lord and Tyler Jongsma baptized! There were many tears shed as we saw Alex apologize to God and His church and pledge to honor her promise to the Lord. Equally moving was witnessing Tyler make Jesus Lord and share vulnerably about the biggest challenge he had in becoming a disciple – to give up a five year relationship in which he was previously planning to be married this month! His sincere sharing that “Jesus’ love is enough for him” was incredibly powerful to both the disciples and also his many family members who were moved to tears. His father shared with me after service that this was the second time he felt the power of God in 20 years!

The Lord graciously adds two dynamic young
people to the Eugene Church –
Tyler (left) and Alex!

Jay Hernandez of Hilo: Aloha from the Big Island of Hawaii! “When the Lord brought back the captives to Zion, we were like men who dreamed. Our mouths were filled with laughter, our tongues with songs of joy. Then it was said among the nations, ‘The Lord has done great things for them.’ The Lord has done great things for us, and we are filled with joy!” (Psalm 126:1-3) The last two weeks have been incredible here in Hilo!

First the “Waterdogz” struck again as Maurice Smith was baptized, doubling the size of our Teen Ministry! His younger brother Tyrese was the first one in his family to actually come to church. Since then, his Mom, Dad, older brother, and Lord willing soon his older sister Whitney will have all been baptized! This next week we will start a High School Bible Talk where Maurice, his sister Whitney, and our other teen disciple Savannah all attend school.

The baptism of Maurice (second from the right) has
inspired not only the Teen Ministry,
but the entire Hilo Church!

Our other good news is that today we had an incredible Iron Chef Sunday! The 47 disciples of the Hilo ICC had an attendance of 115 at our Sunday Service! This is by far our greatest attendance ever, as God completely blew out our prayer goal of 100! There were many first time visitors, and school hasn’t even begun yet! We love you and are praying for you. PS: Keep your eyes open for upcoming “Waterdogz designed apparel!”

Joel Parlour: Greetings from Syracuse! We had an incredible weekend reunion with the Smellies and O’Donnells from NYC, Roger & Kama Parlour (my parents!) from Boston, the Boeas from LA, and a few others! Friday night, Andrew preached a powerful lesson to the whole church simply entitled, Spiritual Drifting. Then on Saturday, we gathered with the leaders and heard some inspiring charges on shepherding, discipling and evangelism! After many tears and much rejuvenation, we sang Hallelujah to start a new chapter in the church!

The 20th Anniversary Weekend was a glorious
reunion for the Roger Parlours, the Boeas,
the Joel Parlours, the Smellies
and the O’Donnells!

Then this morning at Sunday Service, we came together in joyous celebration for our 20th Year Anniversary Service! Incredibly, 64 disciples (not including the out-of-towners) had over 40 visitors! We also continued to sacrifice as the church gave 20% over budget for the third week in a row! Please pray for us as tomorrow is the start of the semester for Syracuse University! Also, please check out the special article on our website that highlights many miracles that God has done over the past 20 years through the “little church that could, does, and continues to do!”

Andrew Smellie of NYC: What a weekend! The NYC Church was inspired by the powerful preaching of Josh Koralek on having a Spiritual Revolution, while the Lord also encouraged Patrique & me along with 13 other disciples of the NYC Church who made the five hour trip north to celebrate the 20th Anniversary of the Syracuse Church! This was a special trip for Patrique & me as we vividly remember representing the Syracuse Church at the First Portland World Missions Jubilee with Chris & Theresa Broom back in 2004! Since that time the Lord has “blown” almost 50 disciples of Syracuse throughout the world to become Missions Evangelists, Evangelists, Women’s Ministry Leaders, Shepherds, Administrators, Interns, Bible Talk Leaders, Songleaders and any servant role that is needed in our SoldOut Movement of churches!

The 20th Anniversary Service of the “Little church
that could” – and did!

When we arrived in the beauty of Upstate New York, the church in Syracuse welcomed us like we never left! The fellowship was full of joy and laughter! Patrique & I were very proud of Joel & Courtney, the new Evangelist & Women’s Ministry Leader of the church, as they have worked tirelessly to make a seamless transition since Steve & Kithy Ranga moved to Washington DC for further training. With poise & maturity, Joel led the church starting with a convicting Congregational Devotional on Friday and concluding with an inspirational Worship Service on Sunday! It is a privilege for Patrique & me to oversee this church and a joy to disciple the hearts and ministry of the Parlours, as their love for God and His people will surely bring Syracuse to even greater heights!

Andrew, the proud father in the faith to Joel, is
excited to be partners in the gospel once
more as Lord willing they will co-lead
the Johannesburg Mission Team!

Mike Underhill of San Francisco: In 1848, gold was discovered near the San Francisco Bay Area! Today something “of greater worth than gold” was discovered, as Bannuar Bergado found salvation in the waters of baptism! Bannuar is the father of Charlton Bergado, a dear friend, brother, and the first baptism in the New York City Church in 2008! Today was amazing as Charlton, Brian Carr from the Boston Church, and the disciples from SF teamed together to see this miracle take place! Especially amazing was that Bannuar had persecuted his son’s Christianity for many years up until now! Pray for our “greater than gold” rush in San Francisco!

After his baptism, Bannaur, his son Charlton and the
San Francisco Brothers are jubilant in the Lord!

Jason Dimitry of Las Vegas: Good news from Sin City! These last two weeks have been so super encouraging that we’re considering a name change to SAINT CITY!

Last week, we welcomed the Brooms, Untalans, Soboleffs and Sirotkins to the Las Vegas Church! Chris preached a powerful and inspirational sermon titled, Nothing Is Impossible With God! At the end of his sermon, he presented the church with the “Possible With God Prayer Challenge!”

Before going back to Kiev, the Soboleff Family was
encouraged on their last weekend in the States
by the Dimitrys and the Las Vegas Church!

Eugene of Kiev later shared his life for communion, which moved many as they remembered the cross. Tony, too, moved many to rebuild God’s Kingdom through his contribution message! We’re so grateful for each of their powerful messages backed by their equally powerful lives in Christ!

To add, this weekend for Campus Devo, we welcomed the Challinors, who sent out the “Portland 4” to be part of the LV Mission Team! Ricky motivated many as he preached about Men Who Dream and Coleen reminded us of God’s grace for communion. The Challinors also hosted a Dating Devo titled Cookies And Dragons for our Leaders Meeting this Sunday! We feel very taken care of by our God here for sending us so many incredible leaders to spur us on in the Lord!

Ricky & Coleen are given a “SoldOut Movement
Welcome” by the Las Vegas Disciples!

Please, continue to pray as we have many hot studies this week and have started our “Back to the Bible” Bring Your Neighbor Day Campaign! As always, to God be all the glory!

Pray for the Las Vegas Bring Your Neighbor Day!

Tim Power of Dallas-Ft. Worth (DFW): “The wind blows where it wants to… that’s the way it is with everyone born of the Spirit.” (John 3:8) Hey y’all from God’s country! The great “Texodus” continued last Sunday as Randy Jackson (not that one… not yet!) was baptized into Christ! Randy is the father of our dear brother RJ Jackson (Honolulu Church) who, while home in San Antonio this summer, has been sharing his life and doctrine with his hearers! Ryan Ehney, was one of those friends baptized in Houston just three weeks ago!

Randy (center), RJ’s Dad, is baptized through the
efforts of the DFW and Houston
Remnant Groups!

Not only RJ’s father Randy has been impacted, but also Ryan’s dad was blown away by the Houston service and has now been coming with his wife to church faithfully! Pedro Ramirez’s Dad, who literally died earlier this year and came back to life, attended as well and wants to study and be baptized! Randy and his wife promise to be a pillar couple in San Antonio!

The disciples here in DFW have been just blowing my mind by their sold-out hearts for God! Every person on the team has challenges going on and yet they refuse to be selfish. We’ve literally traveled some 1,000 miles to help support and establish Houston and now we have a “mircro remnant group” in San Antonio as well!!!

I’m so proud of Scotty Kendrick who landed a cranking job his first week in Dallas! Kevin Carr is becoming a new creation as well! Lastly, we went tagging in 104° F (40° C) weather yesterday and raised $275 in 1.5 hours! So many people have been contacting us with family and friends in Texas – as there is a true hunger for the Word and for the truth as God is moving through the South! Please keep praying for us to be loving and bold!

Tim Power has been “rounding up” the Texas
Remnant Disciples in DFW, Houston
and San Antonio!

Sandy Lunde of Phoenix: “And the God of all grace, who called you to His eternal glory in Christ, after you have suffered a little while, will Himself restore you and make you strong, firm and steadfast.” (1 Peter 5:10) God restores! It was incredible to hear Laura Barrett share during her restoration how God has worked in her heart and life to bring her back to the Kingdom! She shared very vulnerably how the sin of bitterness and ingratitude had destroyed her relationships with God, her son, husband and the church, but God has given her a new heart of humility and gratitude. Later Sunday evening, we held a small intimate restoration dinner where her husband Dan shared about the changes he sees in Laura which have now inspired him to repent and go after getting restored to the fellowship!

There was an aura of light and joy around
Laura (second from the left) after
her restoration!

With much discipling, encouragement and training, the weekly pledges of the Phoenix Church have risen from $35 per member to being among the most sacrificial in the movement at $51 per member! This Sunday was also our largest contribution in 2013 of $4,657! To God be the glory that we see His people giving generously to Him and He’s blessing the family here with fruit!

Ron Harding of Washington DC: Greetings from the Capital of the United States! God blessed us with our largest service since the sending of the disciples to Denver, Dallas and Houston! The Lord is also moving powerfully to give us geographic expansion, numeric increase, and racial diversity as He has blessed us with five additions in two weeks – 3 baptisms and 2 restorations! Muoki (an African American) blew us away with his openness and our brothers just happened to call him right before he got himself into horrific sins!

Then, Judith Ramirez baptized her sister Annie (Latin)! In turn, Brenda (Caucasian) was restored after leaving our former fellowship, and the Northern Virginia group partnered with Nasanjargal Radnaabazar from Chicago to convert a couple from Mongolia that she met in dental school – Enkee & Tserrma! Jack & Jeanne McGee – who are excitingly moving to Santiago to support Jared & Rachel and the Mejias – faithfully reached out to this couple for two years!

The incredible DC Church rejoices over the baptisms
of Annie, Enkee and Tserrma!

The disciples have also been sacrificing with all of their hearts! Surprisingly, after sending 25% of our church and $2,000 in weekly contribution, the church is giving more now than before we sent people out, as we are now giving over $6,900 each week! Please pray for our upcoming planting of our Baltimore House Church and our Latin Ministry, which met for the first time this week and is slated to its first service in three weeks!

Steve & Kithy Ranga enthusiastically join the college
disciples in tagging for missions!

Maria Franklin of Chicago: “I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.” (John 10:10) What a fun-filled two weeks we have had in the Windy City! Last week, on Saturday we held our First Annual Women’s Retreat masterfully hosted by Kacie Comisford and Denise Chiappetta! Not only were there powerful, convicting lessons from the Word, but “teams” were organized by regions: Central, West, North and Downtown. There were competitions like: High Heel Races, Multi-tasking Mommy Mayhem Races, Eloquent Excellence Interview, Push-ups, Preach-offs, Bakes offs… So much laughter and more! The great reward, a purple sash reminiscent of Lydia in Acts 16 who was an exemplary convert and a dealer of purple cloth, was awarded to the mighty North Region! Truly, so much fun and depth of fellowship is found only in the Kingdom!

Chicago’s North Region wins the coveted
“Purple Sash of Lydia!”

This week, God blessed us with two additions! On Thursday evening, Daniel was baptized through the efforts of the Central Region! Daniel was originally reached out to by Victor Montano, our new Central Region Leader and Intern at Morton College! Interestingly, as Daniel was studying the Bible and seeking the Kingdom, he soon found out that his uncle Victor Robles is in the same church and the very same region! Daniel’s mother and brother are also close to the waters of baptism!

What a surprise Daniel (third from the left) had when
he found that his Uncle Victor (center)
was a disciple!

Another incredible story… Yesterday morning, Ashley was baptized in the beautiful waters of Lake Michigan as the sun was rising! Several months ago, Ashley moved to Chicago from Florida and while at Starbucks, saw two men reading their Bibles. She approached the brothers, Henry and Corderol, and asked them what they were reading. They invited her to church and since then she has given her heart to learn what she needed to do to be saved! She shared with gratitude before the congregation today that she will no longer live a life of lukewarmness as she has decided to be a committed disciple of Jesus! To God be all the glory!

HEADLINE NEWS – International

NEWS FLASH Michael Williamson: Greetings from London! God’s Spirit has been moving powerfully in Europe these past two weeks! In an answer to many, many prayers, four brave souls have joined God’s new movement and will be hosting the first official service of the Amsterdam International Christian Church next Sunday! (Nehemiah 1:9)

Two weeks ago, we were visited by an incredible couple from Amsterdam, Renee & Anita Vermaat! Renee is from Holland and is a mathematician, working as an actuary. He has been a faithful disciple for the past 18 years, and his wife Anita who is mixed race (Dutch and Indonesian) works part time as a school teacher. Prior to joining God’s movement, they were serving as “Shepherds” over what is left of the ICOC in Amsterdam.

Michael & Michele and our new Shepherding
Couple for the Amsterdam International
Christian Church – Renee &
Anita Vermaat!

Renee grew weary over the years as he saw his congregation become lukewarm and autonomous, as well as abandoning convictions on discipling, dating and baptizing disciples only. Michele & I were so humbled by their sharing that they had never had a “marrieds discipling time” in their ten years of marriage, and we were honoured to be asked by them to have their first one with us!

This weekend, the lead couple for our new church in Amsterdam – Menno & Yuklin Zoutendijk – attended the worship service in London! Menno is Dutch and was met 17 years ago. At the time his girlfriend had already been secretly studying the Bible and they broke up and became sold-out disciples! Coincidently, the sister who originally met his girlfriend lives underneath Menno and his wife Yuklin, and is thinking of attending this week’s service! His lovely wife Yuklin is Trinadagonian – from the islands of Trinidad and Tobago! She was met 18 years ago on a red double-decker bus in South London, and later, inspired by God’s vision for Europe, moved to Amsterdam to build God’s church there!

They loved service and it was encouraging for Yuklin to join in on The Church Study Friday night of Lillian who was baptized this Sunday! Lillian is the wife of Robert, who was baptized a few months ago, and it was so encouraging to see Lillian make Jesus Lord after confessing publicly she had been jealous of her husband’s radical love for God! (Luke 14:26)

Robert & Lillian are now joyfully united in Christ!

Excitingly, disciples from everywhere are joining our evangelism blitz in the great city of Amsterdam this weekend! Philippe Scheidecker from France, Kaspar Tambaur from Sweden, brothers and sisters from Moscow, and several disciples from London, including Michele & me will be there! I’m reminded of Solomon’s words, “Rescue the perishing; don’t hesitate to step in and help.” (Proverbs 24:11 The Message) For those in Amsterdam truly, A GREAT LIGHT HAS DAWNED… AGAIN!

Lastly, hotel rooms are at a discount as we’re only 75 days away from the 2013 European Missions Conference! God is gathering His people! Please register at the link:

Raul Moreno: Greetings from São Paulo! “Paul and Barnabas spoke so effectively that they won many people for our Lord Jesus Christ.” (Acts 14:1) Part of speaking effectively for the Evangelists on the mission field, is mastering the foreign language where God sends them. At the GLC, everyone was encouraged and discipled including the leaders! As an evangelist on the mission field, Kip strongly admonished us not to be “good at our foreign language for a foreigner,” but to excel and become among the most eloquent speakers in the country! Wow!

With his pursuit of perfecting his Portuguese,
Raul continues to be “a learner” even after
receiving his ICCM BA Degree!

What a challenge for excellence as I was deceived about my proficiency in Portuguese because after all, it is my third language and I thought I was pretty good at it! (Hebrews 3:12-13) I’m happy to say that I already have the school where I will start my Portuguese lessons next week! Thank God for discipling! Like the Psalmist says, “May the godly strike me in love and correct me! May my head not refuse choice oil.” (Psalm 141:5 NET) I love extra virgin olive oil because of its health benefits, but this is the best oil of all!

Also, it was super encouraging this Sunday to see the restoration of Gabriel who sadly fell away ten years ago from our former fellowship! He is truly restored to Jesus, as for the past few Sundays, he has had five visitors at church with him and his wife is studying the Bible to be baptized soon! God is good!

The Tria Family welcomes back Gabriel
to the Kingdom!

John Malnegro of Metro Manila: Mabuhay! Since beginning the Metro Manila Remnant Group in November during the McKeans’ first visit to the Philippines in 10 years, we are now averaging 40 in attendance every Sunday!

The initial leaders of the Metro Manila Remnant
Group – Gina, Anna & John and Alvin!

As Matthew 12:33 states, “Make a tree good and its fruit will be good.” Truly, this Scripture was fulfilled in our dear sister Rose Sobrino! Rose was our first baptism as a remnant church! And last Sunday, we baptized her friend Scarlet in the middle of a storm! According to Scarlet, it’s completely God, who led her to live in that same apartment where Rose is staying, so that she would become a true Christian! (Acts 17:26-27) Rose and Gina truly made Scarlet into a disciple as two of Scarlet’s closest friends (Mark and Maya) are studying the Bible and want to be baptized! To God be the glory!

Rose and her best friend Scarlet are now
“best sisters” in the Lord!

Carlos Mejia: “I am not ashamed of the gospel, because it is the power of God for the salvation of everyone who believes.” (Romans 1:16) This week has been EXPLOSIVE here in Santiago de Chile! We were privileged to host the incredible Higgins Family from Venezuela, who came to us with high hopes and a deep faith that God would not only firmly establish their efforts in forming a remnant group in Caracas, but also bring healing and restoration to their family!

And they would not be disappointed! They were impacted by the reception they received upon their arrival as about 25 disciples were at the airport to greet them! The restoration of Gerson & Alexandra and the baptism of their two children has been an “all-church effort!” The marrieds wrapped their arms around this hurting couple and helped them see that they had become lukewarm and had “forsaken their first love.” The singles and campus worked diligently to help Gerson Jr. and his sister Alexandrita fall in love with Christ, giving up EVERTYTHING to make Jesus Lord of their lives. It is incredible to see this once hurting family united in Christ!

The Higgins Family – Gerson  Jr. (baptized), Gerson Sr.
(restored), Alexandra (restored), and
Alexandrita (baptized)!

We are also very thrilled as Alexandrita has made the decision to stay in Santiago for six months and serve as a self-supported Campus Intern! God worked another miracle as our brother Luis Norambuena was also restored to the Lord after months of wrestling! Please continue to keep us in your prayers, and to our Mighty God be the glory!

Luis’ restoration brought rejoicing from the angels,
his wife Inez, and his best friend Jose!

Blaise Feumba – the overseeing Evangelist of French-speaking Africa: Our dear brother Amadou went back home to the Ivory Coast after the GLC and challenged and inspired this great church to dream bigger for the harvest in Abidjan! Amadou shared that the disciples welcomed him back with excitement and heard with great delight all the phenomenal news about what the Lord is doing all around the world in God’s movement! Excitingly, the Lord has added to their number five baptisms this weekend – four brothers and one sister!

Vic Gonzalez Jr.: Greetings from the plentiful harvest field of Mexico City! Last week was incredible as we witnessed Sergio, a paramedic who works for the government in the Civil Protection Force, baptized into Christ! He is the fruit of our “metro evangelizing mania!”

Rich, Zeke, Sergio and Victor are now an
unstoppable “band of brothers!”

He came to us in shambles but God has pieced him together and given him a purpose – to not just save civilians’ physical lives, but to spiritually rescue the lost in Latin America! A special thanks to my brother Ezequiel who partnered with me in converting this incredible man! Please pray for the harvest in “El DF!”

NEWS FLASH Tim Kernan: Vanakum (Greetings!) from the bustling and balmy city of Chennai in steamy South East India on the Bay of Bengal! Lianne, Junior, David and I have been having an incredible time with the amazing disciples here! Raja & Debs have built an incredible church and we are so grateful for their friendship and partnership in the gospel!

The Dynamic Duo – Raja and Tim!

Two weeks ago Raja, Debs, Lianne and I along with a few other select leaders developed a preliminary “Road Map” to powerfully advance the Chennai Church in this city of 10,000,000 lost souls! After prayer and consultation, we then presented the plan to the leaders last week for input and prayer. This week with complete unity of purpose, we unveiled the plan to the whole church to peals of excitement!

Debs and her daughter Isheeta are showing
Lianne “the ropes” of shopping in Chennai!

As of today, we have rolled out a brand new Campus Ministry which will meet at my house every Friday; an AMS Ministry (which we will ask the Chloupeks of LA to advise!); 14 reorganized Bible Talks in four House Churches including a Campus House Church! Each Bible Talk was given the solemn charge today with the “prayer goal” of a soul restored or baptized every month! Also, each House Church has been given the charge of a key part of the city to evangelize. These powerful House Churches will become the first regions of the church as it grows!

Not only that but we have now officially launched the CyberMinistry in South Asia! Get ready to see a revamped Chennai International Christian Church Website rolled out soon with video and devastatingly effective appeals for the gospel on Youtube, Facebook and Twitter in multiple languages! In short, we aren’t reinventing the wheel, but we are imitating what the McKeans have built in our beloved LA Church!

With the building of the Chennai Web Ministry, Raja’s
“devastatingly effective” messages will be heard
around the world!

Yet even with all the planning and reorganization, we’ve had three baptisms in the past two weeks! This is a testimony to the faith, hope and love instilled by the Rajans over the past years! In particular, I must say Rajas preaching has been one of the big treasures found in the church here! I encourage everyone to listen to his lessons on MP3! He’s a preacher’s preacher!

Radeep and Samuel are so fired-up after Yathish’s
baptism in the Indian Ocean!

I want to say that the true surprise card for me during this trip is my own wife Lianne! She was very concerned about how the children would handle the trip, the change, etc. However, her prayers to be a “frontline go anywhere missionary” have been answered! Her ability to adapt, learning a new culture, and getting down to work is amazing! She is already studying with a delightful young student as well as one of Junior’s kick-boxing coaches!

Junior is “at home” in Chennai as he continues
his kick-boxing lessons!

We love you all so much, keep praying for all of us here in India! The battle is on!

Though Canadian and one of the planters of the
Paris Church, Lianne has risen to the
challenge in India to become “all
things to all women!”

Dearest Brothers and Sisters: So exciting to witness the Spirit forming so many new remnant groups in the past few weeks – Caracas, Venezuela; Guatemala City, Guatemala; Port-au-Prince, Haiti; DFW, Houston, and San Antonio, Texas; and now Amsterdam, Netherlands! Truly, like the first century movement, “The Word is increasing (numerically) and spreading (geographically)!” (Acts 12:24)

The Amsterdam ICC will be the hope for the almost
2,000,000 lost souls of this gorgeous city!

On that note, Lance Underhill, our courageous Shepherd for the South Region of the City of Angels Church, has asked me to share about the first remnant group meeting in South Florida in West Palm Beach on Saturday evening September 14, 2013. If anyone is interested they can contact Lance at 714-463-0025 or Matt Sullivan will be coming from Orlando to preach! Pray for God to continue to glorify His name by gathering “the (remnant) from the farthest horizons!” (Nehemiah 1:9)

Well, the Lord blessed us with an incredible Global Leadership Conference, as well as an abundant Summer Harvest, which is concluding… but an even greater Autumn Harvest awaits! Let’s praise our Father in Heaven for all the miracles now taking place on all six populated continents of the world! Grace and peace to you!
Much love,