August 11th 2013

Dear All,
Greetings from Los Angeles! The prophetic words of Jesus echoed in our hearts and minds throughout the historic 2013 Global Leadership Conference (GLC)“Blessed are the eyes that see what ‘we’ see! For I tell you that many prophets and kings wanted to see what ‘we’ see and did not see it, and to hear what ‘we’ hear but did not hear it!” 

Almost 2,000 gathered for the Sunday Service of
the 2013 Global Leadership Conference!

The Pre-GLC Events on Wednesday July 31st and Thursday August 1st included the meetings of the SoldOut Movement Central Leadership Council and the Crown of Thorns Council. During these sessions, stirring Bible lessons were delivered calling us to be a leadership that pleases the Lord. There were heartfelt d-groups, where sin was confessed and differences resolved. Also, the SoldOut Movement’s future plans and present challenges were discussed and then prayed over.

The Central Leadership Council – Tim & Lianne
Kernan, Andrew & Patrique Smellie, Tony &
Therese Untalan, Chris & Theresa Broom,
Kip & Elena McKean, Nick & Denise
Bordieri, Michael & Sharon Kirchner,
and Matt & Helen Sullivan!

On Friday was the Church Builders Workshop where this year the emphasis was Kids Kingdom and the Teen Ministry. Jim & Donna Fenton alongside Luke & Brandyn Speckman gave outstanding lessons for all of our movement’s church leaders!

Jim & Donna Fenton and their amazing four children!

Then on Friday evening, Nick & Denise Bordieri hosted a special MERCYworldwide Dinner for our MERCY Leaders from every church around the world to celebrate the extraordinary victories of this past year as well as to plan for an even more exciting next year!

Nick & Denise Bordieri – Global Directors
of MERCYworldwide!

Saturday was the very bonding Women’s Ministry Training Session with Elena, the unifying Shepherds Fellowship hosted by the Untalans, and the fun-filled Pure Dance for the Singles and Campus!

The Pure Dance crowd enthusiastically receives
the message in Carl Buckner’s rap!

Then on Sunday morning, August 4, 2013 almost 2,000 gathered at the Anaheim Convention Center for the official opening of the GLC! From the welcoming video to the closing song (Lou Jack Martinez’s Glory Song), it was a service that all who participated will never forget! The many highlights included Communion by Joe & Kerry Willis, Contribution by Carlos & Lucy Mejia, the sermon – Samuel And Saul by Andrew Smellie, the first GNN (Good News Network) Dramatic Short Film –EYES WIDE OPEN, and of course, the historic and first Graduation Commencement of the International College of Christian Ministries!

Joe & Kerry’s heart-wrenching communion!

The GLC audience was moved by the Mejias’ call
to sacrifice financially for world missions!

Andrew’s powerful sermon entitled SAMUEL AND
SAUL warned everyone against the
deceitfulness of pride!

Bryan J sings Nothing Is Impossible!

At the Graduation, 90 Bachelor of Arts in Ministry Degrees, three Masters in Ministry Degrees, and one Doctorate in Ministry (D.Min.) were conferred! The Explanation of the European Degree System by Tim Kernan was quite informative and concluded with the concept that the ICCM is in essence the “seminary” of the SoldOut Movement.

Each ICCM Diploma was signed by Kip McKean
(President), Chris Adams (Vice President),
Elena McKean (Dean of Women), and
Michael Kirchner (Chairman of the
Board of Regents)!

Michael Kirchner introduces the Processional for
the historic First ICCM Graduation!

As the Processional begins Wagner’s Ride of
the Valkyries 
is played!

Every appointed Evangelist and Women’s
Ministry Leader qualifies to receive
a BA of Ministry Degree!

“Our mouths were filled with laughter… The Lord has
done great things for us, and we are
filled with joy!” 
(Psalm 126:2-3)

“We were like men AND WOMEN who
 (Psalm 126:1)


Tim Kernan explains the European Degree System
(EDS) and its roots in the early church when the
term “Doctor” referred to the Apostles, Church
Fathers and other Christian authorities
who taught and interpreted the Bible!



Tim writes, “To found a college with the EDS, there
must be at it’s head an individual holding the
Doctorate Degree. Therefore, Kip was awarded
the Doctorate Degree (D.Min.) for his years of
preaching, training Evangelists, building
churches and his writings as a
scholar and theologian.”


In turn, Kip conferred 90 BA of Ministry Degrees!



Then each recipient of the BA Degree
received personal congratulations
and their diploma!


Many tears of joy were wept!

Three Master’s Degrees were awarded: Chris Adams, Tim Kernan and Elena McKean! Of note, any Evangelist that has earned his Master’s in Ministry Degree will be allowed “to open” an ICCM Extension Campus in his city! So for example, since Tim Kernan received his Master’s Degree he will be able to establish the ICCM – Chennai or the ICCM – Paris depending on which city the Spirit chooses for the Kernan Family to serve long term!

Chris Adams is congratulated after receiving his Master’s Degree!

Tim is honored with the ICCM’s Master’s Degree!

Congratulations to Elena in earning the Master’s
of Ministry Degree from the ICCM where she also serves as a Professor!

Near the conclusion of the service, we fell to our knees as the Movement Shepherds – Nick Bordieri, Michael Kirchner, Tony Untalan – prayed over all those whom the Spirit was sending off: the Denver Mission Team; Tim & Lianne Kernan to Chennai; Miriam Rojas, Gina Rutter, James Pak, Joel & Courtney Parlour to Syracuse; Monica Vasquez to Paris; Bryanna Villarreal to Mexico City; and Kirill & Leysa Karasov to Moscow! (Not wanting to forget anyone, we sent off Nate Reed to Hilo by prayer on Sunday night!)

As is our custom in the SoldOut Movement, each
member of a mission team receives an upside-
down globe. The Denver Mission Team
receives this treasured gift!

Immediately following the historic four hour service, there were 10 baptisms and three restorations conducted in small groups!

Heidi (second from the left) – the sister of Jen
Ramsier and Joan Bartholomew – is
restored at the GLC!

A few days later on Wednesday, Alexis Turgeau was baptized! Alexis came from Haiti where he has served as a fulltime minister in the Mainline Church of Christ since the 90’s. He first reached out to me through our City of Angels Church Website in October 2012. We have dialogued for months back and forth, so I invited Alexis to the GLC and our awesome Lord gave him a visa!

So wanting to know more about the amazing multiplication of disciples in the SoldOut Movement, Alexis studied the Scriptures with our French-speaking Evangelists – Blaise Feumba of London, Amadou Sountoura of Abidjan, Tim Kernan of Chennai – and saw that when he was originally baptized, he was not baptized as a disciple! So, much like Apollos who“spoke with great fervor and taught about Jesus accurately,” Alexis learned “the way of God more accurately” and was “baptized [as a disciple] for the remission of sins to receive the gift of the Holy Spirit!”

Tim and Blaise embrace Alexis immediately
following his baptism into Christ!

His “home congregation” is in Port au Prince but he also ministers to another four congregations in Haiti varying from 25 to 125 in membership! Alexis is returning to Haiti accompanied by Blaise to teach all those that he influences the Biblical truth about salvation! Pray for Alexis and Blaise on their exciting missionary journey that will open up another nation for God’s new movement!

Our French-speaking Evangelists – Tim, Blaise and
Amadou – studied with Alexis who has become
a modern day Apollos!

On Sunday evening of the GLC was the “Great Banquet” where the 1,133 paid registrants filled-up the Grand Ballroom of the Hyatt! A delicious meal was served and the fellowship was rich in depth and spiced with laughter!

The Great Banquet!

At the Great Banquet was Philippe & Prisca
Scheidecker – our Paris Church Leaders!

Feasting at the GLC Banquet for the very first time
were our Moscow Remnant Church
Leaders – Fred & Alya Muratov!

Other incredible highlights throughout the GLC were the 21 Kingdom Appointments and Reinstatements! Recognized as Evangelists in the movement are: Alfredo Anuch, Argo Arneson, Jeremiah Clark, Jason Dimitry, Jared McGee, Joel Parlour, Mike Patterson, Sal Velasco and Joe Willis!

Matt Sullivan appoints Mike Patterson an
Evangelist in the Kingdom of God!

And now serving the Lord as Women’s Ministry Leaders are: Alejandra Anuch, Anu Arneson, Joan Bartholomew, Julie Clark, Sarah Dimitry, Megan Mathews, Rachel McGee, Courtney Parlour, Chenelle Patterson, Mandee Rohn, Barb Shelbrack and Kerry Willis!

Lianne Kernan appoints Sarah Dimitry as a Women’s
Ministry Leader because of her love for God and
planting the incredible Las Vegas Church!

Surrounding the GLC were three incredible weddings! On the Sunday before the GLC, Cory & Jeraldine Blackwell were married giving hope to many older disciples! Then on Wednesday the day after the GLC officially ended, Kyle & Sam Swann became husband and wife with many in attendance from New York City – the church in which they first met! And then on Saturday, two of our newest ICCM students – Javier & Jessica Ochoa – tied the knot!

Cory & Jeraldine Blackwell’s wedding has
inspired heart-broken disciples
around the world!

Kyle & Samantha Swann share a special moment!

Javier & Jessica Ochoa’s wedding was a “family
affair,” as Jessica led her dad & mom (left) and
her sister Vanessa and her brother
Adam (right) to Christ!

During these five days after the GLC, the Lord added another 10 souls to the City of Angels Church – 7 baptisms, 2 restorations and 3 place memberships! And to God be all the glory!

And now more detailed reports from around Los Angeles…

Luke Speckman of the Ventura Region: With the GLC sandwiched in the middle of these incredible last two weeks, we have seen amazing miracles throughout Ventura! Two weeks ago, Michael & Sharon Kirchner, Jodwin & Geline Surio, Maika Carbonell, Yelena Astanin and Joji Surio drove up from the West Region to Brandyn’s & my house where we had a giant sushi making date! After dinner, we all went to a hill overlooking Ventura where my brother David asked Joji to be his girlfriend! It was an incredible night! The next day, we sent David off to the Central Region where he will join the Garridos to prepare for the Guam Planting. We also sent Scotty Kendrick off to join the DFW Remnant Group!

The Kirchners celebrate with David & Joji their new
dating relationship in the Lord!

Today, Tomas Gonzalez placed membership in the Santa Barbara Sector, moving from the Portland Church. Also, in Ventura, we witnessed the tearful restoration of our dear brother Marcel Turner. His restoration was very healing for our ministry and for me personally, as he has been a son in the faith to me! For all of these miracles, we stand in awe of God!

Russ Preston – CR Ministry Leader of the SoldOut Movement:“When the Lord brought back the captives to Zion, we were like men (and women) who dreamed.” (Psalm 126:1) It was amazing to see God’s grace and mercy throughout the 2013 GLC Chemical Recovery Luncheon with nearly 100 in attendance! Tears were shed as brothers and sisters shared vulnerably how addiction had ruined their lives and yet God had mercy on them releasing them from captivity! (Psalm 107) CR Leaders gathered from Chicago, Las Vegas, Los Angles, New York, Phoenix and San Francisco in complete unity to evangelize the nations in our generation! To God be all the glory!

Debby Bosch of the IE Region: “Repent, then, and turn to God, so that your sins may be wiped out, that times of refreshing may come from the Lord.” (Acts 3:19) “Refreshment” has truly been brought to the dry desert in the Inland Empire as we have seen six baptisms in the past 20 days, four of which were this week – Shawn, Stevie, Lily and Mishelle! God has been gracious as He has taken the IE Campus Ministry from 12 to 31 disciples in the first half of the year, and He has added five incredible disciples to our Singles Ministry as well!

The IE Sisters welcome Mishelle into God’s Family!

Our global perspective has really expanded as we have been privileged to host our brothers and sisters from Stockholm, Moscow and London for the GLC in our homes! We have been learning so much from them! God is also powerfully working in the hearts of the men and women in the IE as those who have been recently baptized are already expressing a “noble ambition” to rise up and work hard for the Lord. The result has been two new Campus Ministry Bible Talks, new Singles Ministry Leaders, and we have officially launched the first Inland Empire Teen Bible Talk! And to God be all the glory!!!

And now more good news from around the globe…

NEWS FLASH – Raul Moreno: “Like cold water to a weary soul is good news from a distant land.” (Proverbs 25:25) We bring you good news from the distant land of São Paulo, Brazil! It was great for Lynda & me and four other Brazilian disciples to attend the GLC and to see all the miracles that the Lord is doing around the world! Here in São Paulo, the Spirit continues to move quite powerfully as six courageous souls were added to our number in the past two weeks! Five were added through baptism: Rodrigo, Leia, Sandra, Luis and Fabia; and Fernanda placed membership from the Mighty New York Church where she was graciously taken care for six months as she was doing an Internship for Physics in Long Island! 

Renato gives last minute instructions to Rodrigo &
Leia before they are baptized into the Kingdom!

Renato & Maria Jose Tria have done an outstanding job leading the church while we were in the States for the last two weeks! In fact, the Lord blessed us with 105 at service today! Though it was an incredible “mountain top experience” to be at the GLC, it is so good to be “home” with “our family in São Paulo!”

NEWS FLASH – Jason Dimitry of Las Vegas: Good news from “Sin City!” The last couple weeks have been nothing short of phenomenal! With the baptisms of Jonathan & Nita on Sunday at the GLC, the Lord has blessed the 15 disciples on the Las Vegas Mission Team with 16 additions – 13 baptisms and three restorations! All of this in a little more than three months since we arrived in LV in late April!

Jonathan is baptized at the GLC!

Service today was electric! We had all our new Christians share what they learned from the conference and one after another they expressed how it absolutely changed their lives and solidified their faiths! We’re so grateful to the City of Angels Church for year after year laying the“costly stone” (1 Corinthians 3:12) of the GLC to help solidify the foundation of the Soldout Movement!

Nita is the 16th addition to the 15 member
Las Vegas Mission Team!

NEWS FLASH – Vic Gonzalez: Greetings from the plentiful harvest field of Mexico City! I am so fired-up that my friend Killian has been baptized after a year of reaching out to him! Killian first came down to Mexico City to help document the church as he is a professional photographer and cine-photographer. After deep talks and then great studies and much repentance, Killian decided to make Jesus Lord and be baptized!

After a year of studying the Bible and seeing the
lives of the disciples, Killian becomes a
believer and is baptized!

The Lord also blessed us with two other baptisms – Roberto and Juan! Also, Bryanna placed membership from the awesome East Region of the LA Church!

Bryanna, whose father is Mexican, leaves to
become an Intern in Mexico City!

Lastly, let me humbly express my gratitude to all the churches for the Missions Contribution! Simply put, we would not have a SoldOut Congregation in Mexico (my homeland) without your continued financial sacrifice for my wife & me as well as for the daily operation of the Mexico City Church!

NEWS FLASH  Ron Harding: Greetings from DC! After stopping off in Houston and starting a new remnant church that baptized an awesome young man in its very first service, exactly half of the DC Church – 48 disciples – attended the most impacting Leadership Conference to date!

Ryan is baptized in the Gulf of Mexico after the very
first Sunday Service of the Houston
Remnant Group!

More inspired and motivated than ever, each of our five house church services had those who attended share how the conference impacted them and what changed in their life because they went. It never ceases to amaze me that no matter how well we build our churches the young Christians never fully understand exactly what they are a part of until attending one of our conferences! The sense of worldwide unity in the preaching, teaching, discipling, singing, fellowship, purpose and mission can only be seen in a movement of churches who all teach EXACTLY the “same thing everywhere in every church.” (1 Corinthians 4:17)

As the church historian and the one who spear-headed the formation of the remnant group for the great City of Angels Church, I literally stopped in my tracks as I entered the room for the GLC’s Sunday service! I stood there blocking at least 20 people from entering the room as I just cried at the awesomeness of what God has done! Just as He did in the 80’s, He is building something that lukewarm leaders around the world are unable to build in their quest to build “their own Kingdoms” with man’s wisdom and focus!

The highlight of the GLC for Ron was
the ICCM Commencement!

For me personally, the ICCM Graduation Ceremony is what moved my heart the most! There was such a sense of honor, integrity and humility in the air as Michael Kirchner awarded the first Doctorate Degree to a kneeling and humble Kip. Then watching Kip turn to honor the brothers and sisters by conferring upon them their Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees marked a new era in Christianity in our day! Now our curriculum and our leaders are not only recognized by God but also recognized by men as true ordained ministers, but with the most radical of teachings and commitment! (2 Corinthians 8:21)

Tim Power of Dallas–Ft. Worth: “But if the wicked person turns from all his sins, which he did and keeps my statutes, then he’ll live. He won’t die. None of the transgressions that he had committed will be held against him.” (Ezekiel 18:21-22) Hey Ya’ll from God’s Country! The Lord roped in another soul today as John Belfrey was officially restored to the Kingdom! John was originally baptized in the Cross & Switchblade Ministry with our big brother Cory Blackwell in 1993! He is living proof that events like the GLC have the power to change hearts!

Most impacting though was that Tony Rivero (DFW Survivor) helped restore John today! 20 years ago John baptized Tony in LA, and now today Tony restored John! In the words of Winston Churchill, when it comes to those exiled in the world, “NEVER, NEVER, NEVER GIVE-UP” on our fallen brothers and sisters! Tony’s entire family came to church today (all six of them!) and we are studying with his son on Tuesday! To God be the glory from the DFW ICC!

The DFW Remnant Church Leader – Tim Power!

Joel Parlour: Greetings from my hometown – Syracuse, New York! After a beautiful four day cross-country road trip, we (James, Gina, Miriam, Courtney & I) arrived to a dozen disciples at our new home who were ready to serve us and unpack our moving truck! We have felt nothing but love and appreciation from this amazing church – “the little church that could!” Today, I preached my first message as their Lead Evangelist! I based the sermon on Romans 8:11 and assured the church that we will be “Spirit led!” Pray for the Syracuse Church to evangelize Central New York State for God!

Chris Broom first met Joel in Syracuse when Joel was
12 years old! At the GLC, Chris appointed
Joel an Evangelist!

Matt Sullivan of Orlando: “This is the Word of the Lord to Zerubbabel: ‘Not by might nor by power, but by my Spirit,’ says the LORD Almighty.” (Zechariah 4:6) The Lord has done great things for us by the power of His Spirit and we are so encouraged! With the baptism of Jackie today, in our first year since the arrival of the mission team, the Lord has added 95 to our number: 5 restorations, 32 place memberships and 58 baptisms!

Jackie is the 95th addition of the Orlando Church,
which was planted just one year ago!

The GLC was incredible for all of us who were able to go! So on Sunday, August 11th (our First Year Anniversary Service), we showed the opening video clip about all the churches around the world during the first point of my sermon From One To 3000 Jesuses inspiring the congregation what God has done in just six years!

Then we had five awesome disciples share about what impacted each of them from the GLC! Zach Shahan a newly baptized disciple went first. He shared that once he was back in Orlando from the GLC, he and Justin Powe were so inspired that they took a trip up to Jacksonville where Justin preached to a Baptist church! It caused quite a stir and now Justin’s mother wants to study the Bible! Secondly, Airielle shared how moved she was to have such a blast on several Kingdom dates and the impact of Kip’s sermon about the heart of David.

Thirdly, Jedediah Sweetser shared that his mind exploded with the seeing of hundreds of sold-out disciples, truly loving one another! He was also blown away by the unity of all of the Evangelists, Women’s Ministry Leaders and Shepherding Couples! Having been a minister in a denominational church – Jedediah knows more than ever that he had never seen the Kingdom!

Finally, we closed with the sharing of OJ & Jalisa Nduka. Amazingly, OJ had shared with a young lady, named Rahnesha White several years ago in DC but she was not open at the time. He then saw her in LA and was blown away that not only had she become a disciple, but she is now going on the mission team to Sydney! The Spirit clearly moves hearts… not our might our power… but the Lord’s!

Maria Franklin: What an astonishing amount of miracles the Lord has performed for us in Chicago! On Thursday, August 1st, we reached the 102nd addition since the 18 disciples on the San Francisco Mission Team left 13 months ago! Then, in the last two weeks, we had four more baptisms: Bror, Laquisha, Jose and Jack!

Bror explodes into the Kingdom!

Jack (second from the left) is baptized in the
refreshing waters of Lake Michigan!

What can be said of this year’s Global Leadership Conference? What an excellent and momentous event in the lives of all 90 from Chicago that attended! The speakers were all filled with the Spirit and God was clearly present directing every moment to inspire His saints! It was so exciting to see so many exemplary men and women of God appointed as Evangelists and Women’s Ministry Leaders along with our very own Barb Shelbrack who was appointed as a Women’s Ministry Leader! Also, what a joy to watch our three ICCM Graduates – Jay, Barb and Kacie – be presented their diplomas!

Jay & Barb are fired-up to receive their
diplomas from the ICCM!

An enormous thank you to the City of Angels Church and everyone who labored tirelessly to inspire and encourage disciples from all over the world! We are beyond excited to apply what we learned and “to see what Prophets and Kings longed to see!”

Carlos Mejia of Santiago: The GLC was an incredible and life changing event as we had 19 disciples attend, two Evangelists and two Women’s Ministry Leaders appointed, and three couples receive BA Degrees from the ICCM!

We are so grateful to God for allowing us to be a part of the movement given to us by His amazing grace! Meanwhile the church in Santiago, in our absence under the leadership of Job & Erin Sterling, were busy making disciples as two more souls were added to God’s Kingdom by baptism – Nilton and Ellie! To God be all the glory!

The Santiago Church continues to multiply with the
baptism of Nilton even though 18 of the
congregation’s leaders
were at the GLC!

Mike Underhill of San Francisco: “You are the God who performs miracles; you display your power among the peoples.” (Psalm 77:14) God has brought some incredibly talented people into the Kingdom these past few weeks up in SF! A few weeks ago, Kelsey Campbell placed membership with us from our former fellowship! She is an awesome Olympic wrestler, eBay Intern and a powerful woman for God! She’s already very special to Brittany & me as we see God working in San Jose especially through her!

Last week, Chio Saetern and Robert Smith were baptized and restored respectively at the GLC! Chio is a gifted artist and singer, and Robert is a “steeled veteran” with deep Bible knowledge and conviction dating all the way back to the “Crossroads era” of our movement!

The San Francisco Brothers are on fire for the
Lord as they baptize Chio!

Then yesterday, we had the pleasure of seeing Ed & Alexis Greigg restored to their “first love” before the church! Ed is an awesome film maker and music producer and Alexis is a powerful neo-soul singer, among other things! Amazingly, Alexis and I both worked side-by-side in Hong Kong in 2002 for our former fellowship’s Hope Youth Corps! After all is said and done, talented disciples are only effective with God so please pray we walk with God in the SF Bay Area! We love you!

Ed & Alexis are a welcomed addition to
the SF Marrieds Ministry!

Andrew Smellie of New York City: “Your love has given me great joy and encouragement, because you (the City of Angels Church and GLC Attendees) have refreshed the hearts of the saints.”(Philemon 1:7 emphasis added) Greetings from “the city that never sleeps!” The fellowship today was electric as the 60 NYC disciples who attended the Global Leadership Conference returned with “refreshedhearts” as they shared their faith and vision with the rest of the church!

A large amount of visitors were in attendance, including the disciples who were baptized and restored from the previous week – Joseph Lee, a campus student in the Bronx; Mirline Nilzy, a campus student in Queens; and Ruth Swift, a remnant sister who was baptized as part of the NYC ICOC in 1995! At Ruth’s restoration her gratitude was evident as she shared boldly, “There is nothing else out there!”

At her restoration, Ruth shares, “There is
nothing else out there!”

Today was powerful as the church cheered watching the GLC Welcome Video, and were inspired to study the historical account of the “reluctant prophet” – Jonah! The disciples were blown away by pictures displaying the enormous body and toothless mouth of a blue whale, as well as the fact that it has four to six stomachs and a nasal cavity (air storage chamber) that is seven feet wide, seven feet high and 14 feet long – plenty of space for a swallowed man to have a choice of “rooms” to stay in!

Joseph brings a spirit of gratitude into
the Bronx Campus Ministry!

Pray for us to be zealous prophets as we reject the worthless idols of “respect” and “entitlement” and remember the grace and compassion that God has given us to evangelize this great city! On behalf of the church, we want to thank the City of Angels Church for hosting the best GLC ever!

Jacob Beas of Eugene: Greetings from the Emerald City! Today’s service was electric after returning from the fabulous GLC! Thank you so much to the LA Church for putting on such a life changing event!

Today, the church was so grateful as we were able to welcome five disciples into the family through their placing membership! The incredible Rios Family came from the Central Region in LA and two sisters from NYC left everything to come encourage us in Eugene – Shermel James and Martha Fevrier! THANK YOU NYC for sacrificing these special sisters! Truly, it is amazing to be a part of a unified movement that shares everything!

Shermel and Martha are welcomed into the Eugene
Church which is also known as “the Shire!

We were also blessed to have the newly appointed Evangelist and Women’s Ministry Leader – Jeremiah & Julie Clark – “back home” to preach a powerful message to the church before heading to their new ministry in Denver! God is continuing to move powerfully here in the Pacific Northwest! Keep us in your prayers.

Coltin Rohn: Greetings from Boston! We just wanted to thank LA for hosting an amazing Global Leadership Conference! Since I was baptized on February 12, 2008, I have longed for my father from Ohio to visit and see a church in God’s SoldOut Movement.

This longing was fulfilled at this year’s GLC as Earl “Big E” Rohn came to worship God with us all day Sunday and Monday! After seeing me graduate with an ICCM BA Degree and hearing me preach, my dad responded by saying he was very proud of me! He went on to say that I reminded him of Samuel, because Samuel’s  parents “gave him up” to become Israel’s prophet! Now my dad is expressing to everyone that he has “given me up” to God to “preach the Word” in the great city of Boston!

“Big E” encourages his dear son Coltin after
his graduation from the ICCM!

Michael Williamson: Greetings from London! What a historic time to be in God’s Kingdom! A huge thank you to Kip & Elena and the LA Church for hosting an incredible conference unmatched thus far in God’s modern day movement! Michele & I are so grateful for the incredible discipling and inspiration we received over the past two weeks! Each lesson was filled with deep conviction, faith and humility. Our motives were refined, our vision was expanded, and our hearts were touched by the worldwide love! What an honor to be a disciple and “to see what we see!”

We are also so grateful to Michael & Maria Hart for their excellent job shepherding the London Church in our absence. Michael’s witty sermon entitled What On Earth Are You Doing? had us all laughing while being convicted! God blessed us this Sunday with two baptisms! The first being Charles, a law student from Middlesex University in North London!

The entire London Church rejoiced when
Charles was baptized!

Secondly, many of us are aware of the genocide that has occurred in Rwanda, and the facts that thousands of Africans (Tutsis) tried to escape the slaughter by hiding in churches, hospitals, schools and government offices. These places, which historically have been places of refuge, tragically were turned into places of mass murder during the Rwanda Genocide.

Escaping this type of horror makes the story of our newest brother Innocent so powerful and touching. After witnessing the death of several family members, he was determined to move his brother and sister out of Rwanda. Heroically, he raised the money to move himself and his family to London and began to work on his Master’s Degree in Business! By God’s grace and timing, within a few weeks of his arrival, he was met by Vic Komo of the Abbey Road Bible Talk in St. Johns Wood. Innocent has been studying the Bible over the past month and even broke off ties with his girlfriend. And so today, he was baptized thus finding “true freedom” in Christ!

Innocent finds “true freedom” in Christ!

Jeremy Ciaramella of Phoenix: Greetings from the Valley of the “Son!” – “This is to my Father’s glory, that you bear much fruit, showing yourselves to be my disciples.” (John 15:8) We are so grateful that God has brought us three “glorious” baptisms –  Jackson Berry, Paulina Rivera and Marina Holder! Marina is the dear sister of our brother Marvell who is a Bible Talk Leader in the ASU Campus Ministry. Marvell persuaded her to move here to Phoenix and to study the Bible and find out what it means to be a real Christian! That’s just what Marina did! Now she is our sister and Marvell’s “daughter” in the faith through the gospel!

Marvell rejoices that his dear sister Marina is now
his daughter in the faith!

The Phoenix Sisters studied the Scriptures with
Paulina giving her the strength to be baptized!

It is also a great encouragement to share that Marvell is now dating Monica Wilson and that Johnnah Baker is dating Freddy Yond! It is to God’s honor when brothers and sisters date purely!

God has further shown his faithfulness and kindness by sending to us a mature and very loving couple – the Hamblins! Robb & Teresa placed membership this Sunday returning to Phoenix from their time in the AMS Region in LA. They were members of the original Phoenix Mission Team led by the Sullivans! Their solid faith and depth of wisdom was again shown today during Teresa’s testimony for communion!

It was a labor of love for all the brothers to help
Jackson to come to know God!

Thank you so much to the City of Angels Church as the GLC was inspiring, unifying and a definitive moment for the 54 who attended the whole conference from Phoenix! There are several who have decided to “step up” and start participating in our Leaders Meetings! Thanks for your love and prayers and to God be the glory!

Lou Jack Martinez of Honolulu: JUST ANOTHER BAD DAY FOR THE DEVIL IN PARADISE!!! We had an AMAZING service at UH-Manoa as ALL 20 of the disciples who went to the GLC shared for one minute each about what impacted them most! Collectively, they reaffirmed our prayer goal of 100 FOR HAWAII over the next 12 months!

And not only did we have a crowd of 110 in the building, but Jim & Deana Blowe – along with their beautiful daughters Eleanor & Michaela – joined us for worship via Skype from Alakanuk, Alaska!!! This amazing family is fighting the good fight all by themselves there in Alaska, but TODAY they met all the disciples in the Honolulu Church!!!

Ironically, the Martinezes and the Honolulu Church
will now disciple the Blowes in Alakanuk, Alaska!

It was sooo awesome to include the Blowes (pronounced Blows) and “love-bomb” them! And thanks to Ricky & Coleen Challinor, Cathi & I now have the pleasure of discipling them from Honolulu! This is such an amazing family, and we actually met them via Facebook as we were praying for the money necessary to send our disciples to the GLC!!! Deana saw our GoFundMe Donation page – set up by our Deaconess of Fundraising, Joy Nansen – and the LORD moved Jim & Deana to grant us a very generous donation that enabled us to fly more disciples out to the GLC than we had planned!!!

Please continue to pray for your hard-working brothers and sisters in the Islands!!! Our “study count” has just zoomed past the 70 mark, and it looks like we’ll get a few baptisms before the end of the week!!! We love you with the love of the LORD!!! “ONE HUNDRED FOR HAWAII!!!”

Jay Hernandez: Aloha from Hilo, Hawaii – home of the “Waterdogs!” Inspired and encouraged we have returned home from the GLC to see the amazing miracles of God! Today was an exceptional day as God brought us two additions! First, of course was the place membership of Nathan “the Prophet” Reed from the Central Region of the LA Church! Secondly, we were able to witness the baptism of a young lady named Paty Miller-Ho! (She is the grand-niece of famous Hawaiian singer Don Ho!)

Felicia and Megan welcome Paty into the
dynamic Hilo Church!

Paty’s past was truly a horrific story, and is the great evidence that God is searching for His lost sheep. Our young intern Marley met Paty as he tutored her in school. Interestingly, Marley’s two prayers this year were to baptize a fellow computer science major, and as well to baptize a student that he tutors! God blessed him earlier this year with a computer science major, and now God has blessed his second prayer as the sisters in Marley’s Bible Talk baptized Paty! We are so fired-up with the mercy and grace of God! A Hui Hoa!

Debs Rajan of Chennai: Greetings from India – the nation of 1.2 billion lost souls, which is the equivalent of four USA’s! The disciples were overjoyed to meet the Kernan Family at the airport! We had a great Sunday service with Tim preaching a powerful message titled, One More River To Cross! Because of Raja’s dire illness, we missed the GLC, but we were so very grateful to receive the ICCM diplomas from Tim & Lianne on Sunday! We are so encouraged that Kip sent the Kernans to lead the Chennai Church for three months as Raja recovers!

The Kernans are given a “SoldOut Movement
Welcome” at their arrival into Chennai!

The Lord added three more souls through baptism: Mythili, a teen and the top student of her school, was brought by her sister Malini; John, a great guitarist, was invited by Pradeep, our fired-up teen; and Vennila, who received her Master’s Degree in Commerce, was invited by Fredrick! Thanks for all your prayers for Raja, as he is doing better!

Mythili and Malini are now double sisters in the Lord!

Dear Brothers & Sisters, Most agree that this year’s GLC was our best one… YET! Indeed, David’s words are on many of our lips, “Who am I, O Sovereign Lord, and what is my family that you have brought me this far?” The GLC became “extra special” because my 85 year old Father flew from Orlando and our son Eric & his awesome wife Tiffany drove down from San Francisco to encourage Elena & me as we received our degrees! Following this joyous family celebration on Sunday, then on Thursday, August 8, 2013, Elena & I celebrated an even greater accomplishment – her 40th Spiritual Birthday!

Kip’s father – Admiral Tom McKean – and Kip &
Elena’s son Eric and his wife Tiffany cheered
on Kip & Elena as they received
their degrees!

As I reflect on the “two weeks” surrounding the “three day GLC,” I think about Haggai’s message to the remnant in 520 BC, “‘The glory of this present house will be greater than the glory of my former house,’ says the Lord Almighty!” Of course, in this verse’s primary application, Haggai taught that the humble hearts of the remnant people of the “Second Temple” (which as a building was not outwardly impressive) are more pleasing to God than the jaded hearts of the Israelite people during the time of the “First Temple” (which was a gorgeous structure built by Solomon and essentially “baptized in gold!”)

Most realize that this Scripture’s prophetic application is that the present covenant of “Christianity” is greater than the former covenant of “Judaism!” Yet, for me this passage continues to speak today. It presents the hope that the glory of God’s new SoldOut Movement will exceed even the incredibly awesome miracles of the Boston Movement (ICOC) which reached 171 nations in 22 years!

Perhaps the biggest indication that this hope is becoming a reality is the founding of the International College of Christian Ministries! In the early 80’s in the Boston Movement, we established the “Boston School of World Missions.” However, since we still had “autonomy” as our “church governance doctrine,” we could never be unified on what was necessary for a degree. Then in the early 90’s, we tried again as we founded the “LA School of World Missions.” But alas, this too ended with no degrees granted as “autonomy” had not been purged from many leaders’ hearts, which later hastened the ICOC’s worldwide demise beginning in 2002. Picture

The ICCM Commencement Program and Diploma!

However, being in God’s new movement which is totally united in “both life and doctrine” and thus believing that “autonomy is sin,” God has blessed this “uncommon harmony” with the founding of the ICCM which the State of California allows to grant degrees according to our Biblical convictions! Truly, “prophets and kings, [and church leaders throughout the ages] have longed to what ‘we’ see!”

The ICCM Faculty – Kip, Elena, Chris and Tim – and
the ICCM Board of Regents – Michael,
Andrew and Helen!

Thanks be to God who moved the humble hearts of so many disciples in all of our congregations to make the necessary sacrifices to travel to LA to make this year’s GLC an event that we will still talk about in Heaven!“Finally, Brothers [and Sisters], pray that the message of the Lord may spread rapidly and be honored, just as it was with you… The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you all!” (2 Thessalonians 3:1, 18)
Much love,

PS There will not be a Good News Email next week, as Elena & I will be in Florida preaching at the Orlando Church on Sunday, August 18th, and then visiting with our parents who live in Gainesville and Orlando respectively!