April 21st 2013

Dear All,
Greetings from Los Angeles! This has been a “full weekend” in the City of Angels Church, as Jim & Donna Fenton conducted a New Parents Seminar; the International College of Christian Ministries held their fourth session at UCLA; Joe & Kerry Willis and Tyler & Shay Sears began to lead their new charges of the North Region and West Region respectively; the City of Angels Church Basketball League crowned their first champion; and six precious souls were baptized into Christ!

On Saturday at 10AM at Crenshaw High School, the Three Point Championship was held as the prelude to the Championship Game. All eight of the participants were amazing, yet the “sharp-shooting” Brian Jackson of the Lakers (AMS, North & Ventura Regions) emerged victorious!

Brian Jackson wins the Three Point Contest!

Then in perhaps the best game of the year (at least from one fan’s perspective), the heavily favored Knicks (OC & IE Regions) faced the electrifying Lakers! Inspired by the play of Robbie Robinson, the Knicks led ALMOST the entire game. In fact with three minutes to go in the game, the Knicks had a comfortable 13 point lead! Then the Lakers rallied inspired by their incredible fans, relentless defense, and the “wiles” of their captain Tyler Sears!

The ardent Laker fans inspire their team to
come back from a 13 point deficit!

The Lakers hit key free throws down the stretch, and with 50 seconds left in the game, Brian was fouled on a three point shot that miraculously went in! Then he made the free throw for a rare four point play! The score was now Lakers 57 – Knicks 58!

Then with about 20 seconds remaining in the game, the Knicks inadvertently committed an offensive foul turning the ball back over to the Lakers! The Lakers dribbled down the clock, and with just three seconds left, Brian hits a twenty foot jumper for the lead! Pandemonium breaks out in the stands! The Knicks are unable to get the ball up the floor and the Lakers stunned the Knicks to win 59 – 58!

The Lakers stun the Knicks 59 – 58!
The Lakers hoist the CAICC Basketball
League Trophy!

Cory Blackwell presents Tyler Sears with the MVP
Award for the entire CAICC Basketball Season!

And now more detailed reports from around Los Angeles…


The Laker fans storm the court congratulating
their victorious players!



Joe Willis: “A New Beginning” has been initiated with an inspiring victory in the North Region of the LA Church! The service began with the addition of 11 wonderful disciples from the AMS and West Regions – many of whom are the basis of the Sydney Mission Team to be sent-out in December. These 11 – now side-by-side “partners in the gospel”with the noble foundation of disciples laid by Tyler & Shay Sears – responded “wholeheartedly” to a great rally last week in order to bring in their Special Contribution early for funding this year’s mission teams! Amazingly, with 10 weeks to go before the call to give on June 30th, we are so proud of the North Region as they already SURPASSED their Missions Contribution Goal by almost $2,000 with much more to come!

The new partners in the gospel for the North
Region from the AMS and West Regions!

Tyler Sears: “I will give you a new heart and put a new spirit in you; I will remove from you your heart of stone and give you a heart of flesh.” (Ezekiel 36:26) Greetings from the West Region! Shay & I feel so honored and privileged to serve our God as the Region Leaders of such a wonderful group of disciples! We would like to say a special “thank you” to Michael & Sharon Kirchner and Rob & Burgandie Onekea, who helped welcome us with love and support.

What an incredible service we had in Santa Monica, as we worshiped together and witnessed the baptism of Bryant – a young man who is studying at West LA College! He has been working at Coldstone Creamery, but today made Jesus his Lord and no longer has a “cold, stone heart,” but one ready to do God’s will! God is preparing a great harvest, as He is changing many hearts and turning them back to the true, living God! Please keep us in your prayers!

Gabe Reed: Greetings from the Mighty East Region! This was a glorious week as God added two more souls to the Kingdom! The first baptism was a young man named Moses. Moses is the younger brother of Esther, who was baptized in our Cal Poly Campus Ministry just three months ago! Today was truly incredible as Moses – who is only 14 years old – made Jesus Lord of his life! A big part of Moses’ conversion was Andrew Puc, who is also 14 year! Andrew’s prayers were answered as he was fasting to baptize someone before his first spiritual birthday next month!

The second baptism was a young woman named Lauren! After coming to church last week she studied the Bible everyday until she was ready to be baptized! Lauren is also 19 weeks pregnant, so we all look forward to the birth of the East Region’s newest “Kingdom Kid.” Both Lauren and Moses’ families were present to support their decisions to become disciples, and were definitely impacted by the service! Pray as we strive to do more and more for the Lord!

Lauren celebrates her baptism with the very
fruitful East Region Sisters!

Jason Woody of the IE Region: “Now to Him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to His power that is at work within us, to Him be glory in the church and in Christ Jesus throughout all generations, for ever and ever amen!” (Ephesians 3:20-21) Our God is truly doing “immeasurably more than we could have imagined” as we’ve had 15 baptisms in the last 10 weeks! Most have come from our dynamic Campus Ministry! Today was especially exciting for me, because Kendayce was baptized into Christ!

She is an incredible student at Riverside Community College and I am sure she will add a “surge of energy” to the Campus Ministry! At the end of our service, we witnessed an incredible miracle as we saw the heart of the great church family that has been formed here in the IE. During the baptism, the whole congregation gathered around while a young brother was playing his guitar and singing Amazing Grace! The love and family of our church was evident as Kendayce’s mom in tears was the first to embrace her after her baptism.

Kendayce finds a “peace that surpasses
all understanding!”

After church, the whole region partied at Shakey’s (to eat some pizza) and Kandayce’s mom got together with Anu, our amazing Women’s Ministry Leader. She has agreed to come to Bible Talk this week! Please be praying for us as we fight for the four million lost souls in the Inland Empire! And to God be all the glory!

In tears, Kendayce’s mom lovingly
embraces her daughter!

Luke Speckman: Greetings from Ventura! This week we witnessed an awesome single brother baptized in the ocean late Wednesday night! Miguel Munoz began studying four years ago with Carlos Mejia and Dave Swann, but sadly he felt the costs were “too much.” Fortunately, God continued to press upon Miguel’s heart and he returned to face his fears, repent and be baptized!! Please pray for the Ventura Region as we are working hard for a harvest in the upcoming weeks!

The Ventura Brothers give a “thumbs up” for
Miguel’s decision to pay the price
to be a disciple!

Joel Parlour: “The Lord made His people very fruitful.” (Psalm 105:24) Greetings from the OC Campus Ministry! Today we celebrated as another FJC student Alan was added to the Kingdom! He came out for the first time two weeks ago with his ex-girlfriend. After doing two personal Bible studies, he was extremely skeptical. As his ex-girlfriend started studying the Bible, Alan began persecuting her!

However, the Spirit was at work! After Alan watched the second FJC guy baptized last Sunday at 11:30 PM, Alan couldn’t deny the sense of family and asked to do another Bible study on the spot! So Kirk ledDiscipleship and Alan loved it! He studied daily after that, usually late into the night. After “counting the cost” Saturday night until 1:30 AM, he fought back tears of joy and anticipation knowing today was going to change his life. So in front of the OC Region, he burst out in tears and boldly proclaimed, “Jesus is Lord” and then was baptized! Alan is the twelfth baptism of the OC Campus Ministry in the last seven weeks! To God be ALL the glory!

Alan is the 12th baptism of the OC Campus
Ministry in the last seven weeks!

NEWS FLASH! Here’s an incredible announcement from Tim Kernan – the Director of the 2013 Global Leadership Conference: The plans for this year’s GLC are almost complete! Here are the highlights!

Prophets & KingsThey Longed To See What We See!

2013 Global Leadership Conference
Garden Grove, CA – Hyatt Regency Hotel
August 4-6, 2013

“Blessed are the eyes that see what you see. For I tell you that many prophets and kings wanted to see what you see but did not see it, and to hear what you hear but did not hear it.” (Luke 10: 23-24)

The Global Leadership Conference is an annual gathering for the leadership of the SoldOut Discipling Movement. We are a unified family of committed disciples of Christ who seek to evangelize the whole world in this generation. The GLC, hosted by the City of Angels International Christian Church, is a unique opportunity to build the relationships, convictions and unity of our global leadership team! This year’s conference theme is entitled Prophets & Kings: They Longed to See What We See! As the Bible says in Romans 15:4“For everything that was written in the past was written to teach us, so that through the endurance taught in the Scriptures and the encouragement they provide we might have hope.” Focusing on the historical books of 1 & 2 Samuel, 1 & 2 Kings as well as 1 & 2 Chronicles, we will experience the Scriptures and learn many of the amazing lessons of the Kingdom of Israel!

From July 31st to August 3rd there will be meetings (by invite only) of the Central Leadership Council, the Crown of Thorns Council, a Church Builders Workshop, a MERCY Dinner, Special Training Session for Sisters by Elena McKean, and a Shepherding Couples Fellowship! Saturday night will also include a Dance for Campus and Singles! Sunday will be the moving combined Worship Service with the City of Angels, San Francisco, San Diego and the newly planted Las Vegas Churches! The service will also include the first Commencement Ceremony for the International College of Christian Ministries (ICCM)! This is a historical event in our movement as our first Bachelor’s, Master’s and Doctoral degrees will be conferred! Of special note: Due to the expected attendance of perhaps close to 1,500, the service will be held at the Anaheim Convention Center, which is located at 800 West Katella Avenue in Anaheim!

At the Sunday Morning Worship Service of
the 2013 GLC, the ICCM will confer
its first Bachelor’s, Master’s
and Doctoral Degrees!

The actual conference will include powerful General Sessions with moving preaching from our inspirational leaders Kip & Elena McKean, as well as Chris & Theresa Broom, Andrew & Patrique Smellie, and many more! We will enjoy a presentation by MERCYworldwide, a scrumptious banquet, and separate tracks for Men, Women, Leaders, Interns and those who aspire to leadership. Also, there will be workshops for Administrators, Song Leaders, the CyberMinistry, the AMS, and Chemical Recovery!

Not only that but we will also rejoice together as many new Evangelists and Women’s Ministry Leaders are appointed to service in the Kingdom of God! On top of everything else we will get to see firsthand the Spirit sending-out of the Denver Mission Team! Truly an amazing conference is planned for this year! All this within one mile of Disneyland and amazing recreational opportunities for the whole family!

Registration for the conference couldn’t be easier! Simply clickhttp://2013glc.eventbrite.com and fill out all of the information! This year’s conference fee is $160, which includes your seat at the banquet, a t-shirt and a conference folder. Please book your hotel rooms athttps://resweb.passkey.com/go/2013glc in order to secure the special rate of $125 per night while rooms are available. Also, please let us know about your coming on the GLC Facebook Pagehttps://www.facebook.com/events/142503995912652!

Pray for the 2013 GLC as disciples will be traveling
from the four corners of the globe in order to
participate in this momentous event!

We strongly recommend that all attendees book flights to the John Wayne Airport in Orange County and not LAX. Also, we kindly ask that everyone book their own transportation to and from the airport throughsupershuttle.com or another provider as it has now become impossible for the City of Angels Church to usher in the hundreds of attendees coming in from around the world! (Now that’s a good problem to have!) No doubt we have an amazing conference to which we look forward to with great anticipation! Can’t wait to see you at this year’s GLC!

And now more refreshing news from around the globe…

Maria Franklin of Chicago: “The promise is for you and your children and for all who are far off – for all whom the Lord our God will call.” (Acts 2:39) Good news from the H-Y-P-E-R (High Powered Youth Preaching an Eternal Revolution) Teen Ministry in Chicago! What an awe-inspiring week God has given us! On Monday night, we all gathered to see a young and mighty man, Kerry baptized into Christ! Kerry is a zealous junior at Morton West High School who has stolen our hearts as well as picked up the dream to evangelize his high school and see many teens added to God’s precious Kingdom! He is an incredible addition to the Teen Ministry!

Then on Tuesday, we saw God answer 18 years worth of the Shelbracks’ prayers, as we saw Candice Shelbrack declare, “Jesus is Lord!” It was an incredibly moving time as we witnessed Jay & Barb share with many tears and gratitude to God for the miracle of seeing their dream come true! The Shelbracks sacrificed so much to move to Chicago and help start this incredible church seven years ago! They faithfully gave-up everything sacrificing their business clientele, as well as all their properties and comfort. It brings joy and faith to our hearts to see all of their sacrifice rewarded in now being heavenly bound with their precious daughter, as well as with their daughter Tracy (currently an intern in LA) who became a disciple back in 2007 as a teen!

Now a word from Jay & Barb Shelbrack: On a very personal note, we are so grateful to God as we saw a total transformation of Candice as she made the decision to make Jesus Lord. We are so grateful to the Kingdom as so many have played an important role in her life. At a Teen Devotional, Anthony Franklin shared, “If you’re not for God or against God what’s holding you back?” This challenged Candice’s heart and she started to face the reality of what she was living for. We are so grateful for how the Teen Ministry won her trust and God won her heart!

Candace is surrounded by her adoring parents and
the disciples that persevered in studying
the Bible with her!

The miracles continued with Alex being baptized on Wednesday night at Men’s Midweek! Alex is an engineering Chinese student at UIC! Amazingly in the last seven days, we have had daily additions! Praise God, as He has added a total of 35 additions for the year – 34 baptisms and one place membership!

Lastly, with our preparation to blow-out Special Missions Contribution, yesterday we collected close to $5,000 in “tagging!” Keep us in your prayers as we gear up for our Missions Contribution this Sunday April 28th!

Raul Moreno of Sao Paulo: “He will turn the hearts of the parents to their children, and the hearts of the children to their parents.”(Malachi 4:6) Once again, the Lord is re-uniting a family spiritually! Today was glorious as Lee Te Cheng was baptized! He is the father of Mi Che Li Lee who became a disciple about a year ago. A little after that, her brother Willy became a disciple and her ex-boyfriend Ricardo became a disciple as well! Lee is originally from Taiwan and moved to Brazil when he was three years old. He is an amazing man who speaks five languages: Mandarin, Taiwanese, Hakka, English, and of course, Portuguese. The Lord will use him powerfully!

With Sao Paulo in the background, Lee Te Cheng – a
man of five languages – is baptized and is looking
forward to becoming a powerful
servant of the Lord!

On a special note, it gave me great joy to see Malcolm Abbott & Alexa Manco start a dating relationship in God’s Kingdom! They are both missionaries and fulltime interns for the Lord! They have both been really fruitful and it is great to see how God brings kindred spirits together!

Malcolm was converted in the Amazing LA Church and came here as a missionary from day one of the Sao Paulo Church Planting sacrificing being close to his physical family. Alexa was converted by the efforts of the Incredible London Church. When she had to leave, instead of moving to her native Colombia where we don’t have a sister congregation yet, Alexa sacrificed being with her family and her university studies to be a missionary in Chile for a year, and now in Brazil! Indeed, when we are faithful, God will give us “the desire of our hearts!” (Psalm 37:4)

Malcom & Alexa are building their new dating
relationship on the Word of God!

Helen Sullivan of Orlando: We had an amazing service again today! Matt preached an incredibly fiery sermon entitled, Zeal For Your House Will Consume Me to 122 people! Worshiping with us from the inspiring Boston ICC was Lana Douglas, one of the “original 30 would-be-disciples in the Gempel’s living room!”

Additionally, two people were added to the church. Christine, a young Filipino student from UCF who brought her whole family to church with her, was baptized into Christ! And on Friday night after the Campus Devotional, Aaron, another UCF student, was added to our number! Also, God continues to bless our finances as just two weeks after our Special Missions Contribution, the church gave $3,199… that’s $350 over our weekly pledges!

Ricky Challinor of Portland: Good news from the City of Bridges!!! It was great to have Vic Jr. here this week, as it was of personal encouragement to me! He inspired and challenged all of us at midweek with the lesson entitled, Who Are You?

Sunday, we had a great service with the lesson Holy Portlanders! The best part of service was to be able to see an incredible couple baptized from the Westside Marrieds Bible Talk in the Latin Ministry – Felix & Marintia Chacon! Felix was a friend of Omar Salmeron before he became a disciple, as they were in their words, “party buddies!” Yet now after studying the Bible, they’re “spiritual buddies!” Felix & Marintia have a few children, but were not married! So they made the commitment to get married at their Bible Talk this last Friday and they will be having a reception with the congregation next Sunday! Pray that God continues to bless His church with more awesome miracles!

Felix & Marintia are married to Christ in baptism,
and next week, they will be married
to each other!

Carlos Mejia: “For ‘you were like sheep going astray,’ but now you have returned to the Shepherd and Overseer of your souls.” (1 Peter 2:25) Greetings from the Lord’s church in Santiago de Chile! Today’s service was incredible as three more “souls” were added to our number!

So inspiring was the return of our brother Carlos Vargas! Carlos was baptized in 2003, but sadly walked away from the “Shepherd and Overseer” of his soul in 2007! Amazingly, his physical sister, and our dear spiritual sister Pilar, never quit reaching-out to Carlos, but his heart was too hard to hear the Shepherd’s voice in his life! In the world, Carlos was married to a young woman named Sara, whom, due to the efforts of Pilar, was baptized last October! Slowly but surely, the zeal and love of his wife began to take effect and Carlos’ heart started to soften! For the last two weeks, he’s been studying with the brothers every morning at 8AM and today he was restored to God! Perseverance pays off!

Equally exciting was the baptism of a very dynamic couple! Married just months ago, these amazing young people left everything behind in their home country of Venezuela for a job offer that Anthony had received here in Santiago! Being devout lovers of God, the first thing Anthony & Alejandra did was look-up a “Christian church,” and of course, not by chance, La Iglesia Cristiana Internacional de Santiago was first on Google’s list!

That next week, they traveled almost two hours by bus to one of our Marrieds Devo and have been studying the Bible since! This couple is very talented, and have led in a great capacity in their former denominational church! Seeing clearly from the Scriptures that the teachings of their former church are misguided and false, Anthony and his wife are desperate to go back to Venezuela, sooner rather than later, to proclaim the “full message” of Jesus! To God be the glory!

Together, Anthony & Alejandra rejoice
in their salvation!

Coltin Rohn of Boston: This past week has been one that will be remembered in this great city for a very long time! Sadly, on Monday at the Boston Marathon, two bombs exploded wounding 180 people and killing three! The entire city was locked-down with a 24 hour curfew on Friday in order for the police to apprehend the second suspect. Our hearts go out to everyone who has been affected by this catastrophe.

The disciples had an all-night prayer for the souls of Boston from Friday night to Saturday morning. This week, we reached out to many as we invited them to come to Sunday church, as well as to our Men’s Forum which will take place this coming Saturday at 10AM at 40 Trinity Place room 303 as Cory Blackwell of LA will be our guest speaker! Please pray for our boldness, as many more hearts have been opened to seek God!

Though the city of Boston was gripped in fear, the
disciples held fast to their God and
to one another!

Blaise Feumba – overseeing Evangelist of French-speaking Africa:The Lord gave me the privilege of serving the saints in Abidjan, Ivory Coast this past week! I am back in London “a bit” exhausted, but full of gratitude and inspiration! The Lord empowered me to preach eight sermons in seven days in very hot and humid weather! (35 degrees Celsius/95 degrees Fahrenheit!)

In the midst of their material poverty and hardships, the disciples have not lost “the joy of their salvation” (Psalms 51:12) and their zeal “to seek and save the lost!” (Luke 19:10) Our new born fellowship of 11 disciples (four hours outside of Abidjan) attended the conference and went back to share the good news of Jesus in their neighborhood! This Sunday, they had an absolutely amazing 59 in attendance – 30 women, 25 men and 5 children… and over 20 people are moving closer to the waters of baptism!

With this incredible growth of the church, there is a need to raise more leaders. I have found two incredible couples qualified to “fill the gap” of being appointed Shepherding Couples for the Abidjan Church! The first couple, Paul & Odile Bekoin were baptized in 1991. They have six children and are tirelessly helping Amadou & Angele (Abidjan’s Lead Ministry Couple) by serving the poor, strengthening the weak, and generously giving their lives and finances to help those in need. I had a talk with Paul who agreed to save in order to attend the GLC in August to meet the whole movement and get some training from the Movement Shepherds.

The second couple, Patrice & Esther Don were baptized also in 1991 and are leading the West Region of the church with fulltime jobs and three children! They are praying for God to provide for their tickets to attend the GLC as well. I believe with these great “Shepherding Couples-in-training” around them, Amadou & Angele will now lead the church to reach new heights! One last piece of encouraging news: God blessed our Campus Bible Talk last Friday with 23 visitors for just three disciples! Pray for the abundant harvest in West Africa!

Blaise (center) and two other disciples
have 23 visitors at Bible Talk!

Andrew Smellie: “A new command I give you: Love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another. All men will know that you are my disciples if you love one another.” (John 13:34-35) Greetings from the saints in New York City! Today we rejoiced as Chris Moll was officially restored to the Kingdom of God! Chris was first baptized as a member of the New York City ICOC over 17 years ago in 1996! Sadly, due in part to the ICOC’s return to a more Mainline theology and the abandonment of discipling which Chris saw as a lack of love, Chris allowed his heart to drift and gave into wicked sins that held him captive despite his ritualistic attendance at church.

Therefore, Chris decided to look for another church because he wasn’t being spiritually fed and discovered us on the Internet and came to our Men’s Forum! Chris is now grateful to continue to “repent and do the things (he) did at first” as we work together to see NYC and the world won for the Lord! (Revelation 2:5) Let us all pray for God to continue to bring in remnant disciples! And to Him be all the glory!

Chris (center) finds revival for his faith
at the NYC Men’s Forum!

Jeremy Ciaramella of Phoenix: Greetings from the Valley of “The Son!” “To the faithful you show yourself faithful… With your help I can advance against a troop; with my God I can scale a wall. As for God, His way is perfect; the Word of the Lord is flawless. He is a shield  for all who take refuge in Him.” (Psalm 18:25; 29-30) This past Saturday, the Campus Ministry was victoriously tagging for the first time this year and “with [God’s] help” raised over $415 in only three hours! We are excited to “scale a wall” this coming weekend with more tagging and car-washing for Special Missions!

Also, we are very encouraged to announce another dating couple, Janelle Rushen & Rico Jones are now dating according to God’s standards in His Kingdom, and “His way is perfect!”

We are so inspired by our dear brother and sister Scott & Sandy Lunde who valiantly lead the Southwest House Church! Both of them work full time, have three younger boys and their teenage daughter Mia, as well as lead the CR Ministry of which Janelle graduated from just this past week! God has shown himself “faithful” to these “faithful” disciples by blessing them with fruit, as Leanna was baptized Wednesday night! We are grateful for your prayers and may our “shield” in whom we “take refuge in” be with you alland to Him whose “Word… is flawless” be all the glory!

Raja Rajan: Greetings from India! God continues to bless the efforts of the brothers and sisters here in Chennai! Yesterday, we had another brother Pradeep get baptized!

Pradeep is a teen who had a very rough upbringing. He is only seventeen and was engaged in drugs and gang fights. When he decided to follow Jesus, his mother and aunty locked him up in a room and beat him up. Pradeep stood strong! Finally his mother, seeing the love of the disciples and perseverance of Pradeep, consented for him to be baptized! Pradeep is now fired-up to be part of God’s Kingdom! All glory to God!

Christophen and Mahesh welcome Pradeep
to the Kingdom of God!

Ron Harding of Washington DC: To close-out the service, we saw the baptism of a fiery young man named Solomon, who was met by our Congregational Shepherdess Jeanne McGee and our incredible addition from Charlotte, Melanie Eisenshmidt! Solomon had a “jaw-dropping” testimony of being raised Muslim, having his mother convert, and starting to seek the teachings of Christianity immediately following his father’s death. His convictions were again being shaped by the Lord after his brother was killed by Muslims in Nigeria. His response was to diligently search for the truths in Christianity even more. He search in Malaysia, Japan, Singapore and finally to DC where he finally found the truth just two weeks ago!

This modern day “Apollos” gave up his girlfriend and his contract to do “IT” work for the military, costing him a $7,000 signing bonus so he could stay in DC and become a true disciple of Jesus! Today, he literally“preached the Word” challenging all of us to take these truths to “ends of the earth” and vowed to see his home country won for Jesus! Solomon’s baptism marks the 18th baptism this year, not to mention 1 restoration, and 8 place memberships, giving the DC Church 27 additions in the 17 weeks of 2013!

Michael Williamson of London: Greetings from the UK! 36,000 runners and spectators fell silent for 30 seconds at the start of the London Marathon to honor the victims of the Boston tragedy, while the London Church was praying for the world to accept this as one of many “wake-up calls” sent by God! God blessed us with a glorious “Sun”day service this week, as two more souls were added to our number – six so far this month!

Dami is a first year Biomedical Science student at UEL. Raised believing she was a “Christian” all her life, Dami comes from a prestigious family in Nigeria. (Her mother owns a school and is a respected politician in Nigeria.) It was powerful seeing the sisters use the Scriptures to heal Dami of painful abuse in her past producing that new joy that comes only from the Lord! (Psalm 34:5)

Having found the truth, Dami is radiant
in the Kingdom of Light!

It was also so amazing to see Paul “never lacking in zeal” Tunbridge be restored to the Lord and His church! Sadly, many brothers and sisters from our former fellowship tried talking him out of his decision. Shockingly, one of the leaders showed-up at his home one hour before he was scheduled to “count the cost” and began to aggressively assert that Paul was making the wrong decision. Paul’s response was, “Bro, I haven’t spoken to you in over 15 years, and now you are concerned for my soul? I’m sorry, but the Spirit is compelling me to join the sold-out disciples!” Later at his restoration, Paul shared how grateful he was for the example of Tim Kernan, Kip & Elena, and James Morgan’s faithful diligence in going after him!

Like his namesake, Paul takes His stand
for Jesus and His movement!

Please pray for our brother David, who traveled down from Edinburgh, Scotland! (He is an awesome remnant brother and business professional baptized in 1999 in the city of Manchester.) On Wednesday, at our Midweek Service, David tearfully shared, “Being here is more inspiring than when I was baptized! I know what I have to do. I’m getting rid of my home, updating my CV (resume), and moving to London!”

Dave makes the decision to move from Edinburgh
to London when he once again sees
the Kingdom!

NEWS FLASH – Claudia Rivas de Escobedo: Greetings from the Guatemala International Christian Church! Visiting the Los Angeles Church last weekend helped Gustavo & me so much! Our hearts are encouraged to do God’s will no matter the cost!

Today (just five days after our return home), we had our first service! We were apprehensive of what would happen… but at 10:20AM, our neighbors came, and at the same time a sister from the ICOC! The amazing thing is that tomorrow this couple is going to start studying the Bible!

The first service of the Guatemala
City Remnant Group!

And we have another couple that Tuesday is going to start studying as well! God is really moving with this second couple, as they are part of the leadership of a denominational church of 100 that is “looking for a minister!” With so much happening so quickly, there are simply no words to describe our joy! (2 Chronicles 29:36) God bless you and thank you for everything!

Jason Dimitry of Las Vegas: “You answer us with awesome and righteous deeds, God our Savior, the hope of all the ends of the earth!” (Psalm 65:5) Good news from the Las Vegas International Christian Church! What an amazing first week our awesome God has given us in “Sin City!” After an electrifying service today with just 14 disciples, God blessed us with an attendance of 34!

The Las Vegas Mission Team arrives in the
desert of Sin City to build a righteous
oasis of hope!

Going into our second week, the Lord has given us eight Bible studies and prayerfully, we will have three restorations soon! Also encouraging is that there are only four people on the mission team left to get jobs, and by May 1st we will have a “brothers’ and sisters’ household” set-up just minutes away from UNLV! It’s amazing to see how our awesome God builds momentum so quickly! Please keep praying for God for ourInaugural Service on May 19, 2013!

Dearest Brothers and Sisters, The “awesome news” from our two new SoldOut Movement Churches in Guatemala City and Las Vegas is so encouraging! That said, prayer remains the need of the hour! Pray for the 5th Annual Day of MERCY on June 15 as it is fast approaching – just eight weeks away! Pray that all the USA Missions Contributions can be “brought to completion!” Pray for the 2013 Global Leadership Conference! Pray for more and more remnant disciples to “wake-up,”“see” the Spirit moving in God’s new movement, and wholeheartedly join us in Jesus’ modern crusade to change the world!

In closing, there will be no Good News Email next week as Kyle & Joan Bartholomew and Elena & I leave Wednesday for Manila, Philippines! So, please keep us in your prayers! Inspired by your “faith, hope and love,” my prayer for all of you is to “grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. To Him be glory both now and forever! Amen!” (2 Peter 3:18)
Much love,